Urban Decay: Naked Palette

This palette has to be one of my FAVES so thought I'd do a review. It is very sleek looking, great quality and most importantly affordable. I think it is £27 and it comes with 12 eye shadows. Considering MAC eye shadows are around £12 each it is such a good deal.

Although i don't think the quality is quite as good as MAC i find myself using this palette a lot, mostly every day as the colours are great neutrals. I'm not very adventurous when it comes to colour on the eye so this was a must-have for me. I also LOVE the packaging and name of this. The palette has a velvet feel to it, comes with a mirror and is all very cute and compact.

As well as getting 12 eyeshadows, you also get an eyeshadow brush. Personally, I think the brush is NAFF. I tend to stick with MAC brushes as I think they are unbeatable in terms of quality. The palette used to come with a double ended 24-hour eye liner which was much better but hey ho, it is still one of my best beauty buys to date. My fave colours in the palette are Sin, Half-Baked, Smog and Dark Horse. They all work great together to create a gold and brown smoky eye.

As you can see my palette is a total mess .....

Half Baked is my FAVE. Pretty and gold.

I highly recommend this, it is a great buy if you are just getting into make-up and need a range of colours. You can create SO many different looks with this.

Is the NAKED palette one of your favourites too?

Kisses, Kayleigh.


Update on my photoshoot

My photoshoot went amazingly.... I had soooo much FUN! Anna was amazing, made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. we went for the 'Rock Chick' look. Originally we were meant to do classy lingerie shots but we couldn't get hold of any underwear we thought was appropriate in time! Ahh well, theres always a next time!

Here are some of the finished pictures .....

My make-up was smokey eyes and nude lips! Perfect combo!

MAC Holiday Collection: Glitter & Ice

Ahhhhhh so its that time of the year again .... MAC HOLIDAY COLLECTIONS are out and i cannot wait to unwrap some little gems on xmas day!
The collection this year is called 'glitter & ice' and it is BEAUT. The packaging is all white, sparkly and generally pretty.

There is the standard colour collection, gift sets and also 'dazzlespheres' which is 4 lipglosses/pigments or nail polishes that come in a clear sphere. SO COOL

Dazzlesphere in the shade 'Neutral'

I have definitely got one of the lipgloss dazzlespheres and one of the Lip bags which consists of a Lipstick, Lipgloss & Lip Liner. I chose the shade 'Wintercool'. The white lipstick are so gorgeous, makes a nice change from MAC's standard black packaging.

Lip bag in the shade 'Wintercool'

If you want to check this out or anymore of this collection, visit www.maccosmetics.co.uk. 
I am going to do a full review on all the products i get at Christmas. Excited.

Do you have anything from the MAC Holiday Collection that's worth a try?!

Kayleigh ...



So i have a photoshoot tomorrow and I am TOTALLY EXCITED.

The photographer is Anna Vasylonok and she is Amazing. Check out her pictures online! I need to get my thinking cap on and come up with some cool make-up/fashion looks for the photos.

I am definitely going to post the final pictures on here! Hopefully they'll be nice. 

Anna has done shoots with some beautiful girls so the pressure is ON. She often works with real models so I'm hoping she can work her magic and make me look as fabulouuuus as them!

Chow for Noooww, Kayleigh.


Review: Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal

I've been using Crest Whitestrips for a few days now and wanted to do a quick review :)
So far i think they are FAB! Totally working. My teeth are gradually getting whiter and i still have ten days to go.
I had braces when i was younger for 2 and a half years so my teeth are pretty straight. Not as straight as i'd like but we can't all afford Vaneers at £700 a tooth, yikkeees!
I ordered the 'Advanced Seal' strips as they stay on your teeth far better than the original ones.

Inside the box you get 14 days worth of strips. In each pack there is one strip for your upper teeth and one strip for your lower teeth. All you do is peel them off and stick them onto your teeth. The bottom strip is slightly too small which is the only bad thing i have to say about these. Most people show their top teeth more though so it's all good :) ...                           

I ordered them from www.crestwhitestrips.co.uk. The website had a deal on at the time so i got 20% off which meant they were £36 including delivery instead of £40. Obviously, to some people £40 is a lot of money to spend on something if it doesn't work which is why i thought i'd do a review.

A lot of reviews i read online before ordering the product said that they experienced horrendous tooth sensitivity to the point they were in tears. I have had NOTHING in terms of pain, and i have pretty sensitive teeth. I have been using Sensodyne every day though which i think has stopped me from feeling any pain. 

This is my teeth after only 4 days! Pretty Impressed.

I am going to update again when i have finished the whole box. I have used two today .. I am SO impatient. I think having white teeth will make me feel so much better about myself. I'd love to think they are going to be Simon Cowell style but i highly doubt that haha 8)

Hopefully this will be me in a weeks time haha :)

Thanks for reading .....



My first ever blog post

Sooooo …. here goes.
Welcome to my blog, x-CoutureGirl-x.
Me :)
I have been wanting to set up my own beauty blog for AGES now, and have finally taken the plunge. I have a massive passion for all things beauty! As my collection of pretty products develops over time, so does my love for it!
I am beyond obsessed with trying out new products and sharing my thoughts with my friends, family and anyone who will listen to me blabbering on really. I have been inspired by various beauty bloggers and you tube beauty gurus who have made a huge success for themselves. I look at their blogs & videos and think “i could do that” so i thought what the heck.
Although i have a fairly large amount of make-up, i don’t have a HUGE collection. I want to start this blog based on the products i have been fortunate enough to try already, my favourite products so far, tips and tricks i’ve picked up along the way and the products i can’t wait to get my hands on. Although my blog will be mainly beauty based I am also interested in Fashion and Hair care so I plan to write about these things too!
I love a lot of different brands and am always willing to try something new and share what I think with other people. Perfect reason for me to start a blog.
Anyway, thats enough from me for now! I hope you will enjoy my reviews, pictures and thoughts on all things beauty!
Kisses, Kayleigh .. xo
© Couture Girl

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