NOTD: Rainbow Tips

My first ever NOTD, yey! This is quite a simple nail look and didn't take me very long at all. I got OPI's infamous 'Rainbow Connection' nail polish for Christmas and wanted to give it a whirl. I already had my nails painted in a lovely red OPI colour (not sure of the name sorry guys!) as I'd been to get my nails in-filled and painted just before Christmas. I opted for red as obviously nothing says Christmas like Red does. 

I've been itching to try the 'Rainbow Connection' but obviously I didn't want to spoil my pretty red nails so I decided I would just try it out on the tips and I LOVED the effect it gave. I think it looks so Christmassy and would be perfect for New Years Eve on Saturday. I only tested it out on both of my ring fingers but I think I'm going to do it on all of them soon.

Also, I just thought I'd quickly add, I got a new camera off my dad for Christmas and it is BRILLIANT. I totally love it, the quality is amazing and I got some really good close-up shots of this nail polish. I can't wait to start taking more pictures for my blog with it. It is a Cannon IXUS 115 HS. That doesn't really mean anything to me but I am going to do a review on it soon with some pictures of the camera itself and some pictures I've taken with it.

Anyway..... Back to Rainbow Connection ....

Sorry for the monstrous amount of pictures I was just really impressed with the quality of them and wanted to share. These were all took without a flash too. I think this nail look is really pretty and simple  and an easy way to use OPI's Rainbow Connection nail polish.

Lots of Love, Kayleigh..



I saw this Tag on another blog and I thought I'd do it myself as my first ever tag. As MAC is one of my most used and favourite beauty brands it seemed like an appropriate one for me to do so I hope you enjoy reading and feel free to do this Tag aswell .....

How long have you been using Mac?

I first started using MAC products around 2 years ago. My main Christmas present from my mum 2 years ago was a LOAD of MAC products. Since then.. It's safe to say the obsession has spiraled out of control.

What was your first Mac product?

I didn't have just one first as like I say, I got a selection of things for Christmas. Primer, foundation, powder, bronzer, highlighter, eye-shadow, lipstick and a lipgloss. The girl in MAC told me these were the 'basics' .. Pretty extreme and untrue looking back.

What is your favourite MAC product?

I'd have to say the Studio Fix Fluid foundation just because I use it every single day or Woodwinked eyeshadow.

What's your least favourite Mac product?

It would have to be the primer I tried once. 'Prep & Prime' I think it was called. I don't think it made any difference what-so-ever and it was really expensive.

Do you own a Pro Card?

I don't but I would love to own one.. I think you get discount anda larger range of products? Or am I making that up? 8).

Your Mac foundation shade:

I use the shade NC25 in the Studio Fix Fluid at the minute but I think it might be wrong so I'm going to go and get matched up again soon.


As I said before it would have to be Woodwinked but I also love Carbon as it is such a classic matte black that can be used with any make-up look to add definition and perfect for a Smokey Eye. I have to say a recent purchase and a new favourite would be Cranberry, as it looks gorgeous with blue eyes.


I have 14 MAC Lipsticks now so it would be hard to choose a favourite. I love Girl About Town for a night out, a gorgeous deep purpley pink and I like Hue/Creme de Nude which are both nudes for an everyday look.


I like the Lipglass and Cremesheen lip glosses the most. My favourites would have to be Florabundance Lipglass and Boy Bait Cremesheen. Both nude/pale pink lipglosses that go with everything.


I  use  Smolder black pencil eyeliner by MAC every day. I LOVE it and am currently on my seceond pencil of this. A lot of people say it smudges really easily as it's so creamy but I love the creaminess and don't find that it smudges on me at all.


All time favourite brush from MAC has to be the 139 eye-shadow shader brush. I've done a review on this and it just works wonders. Great for packing on the colour. I haven't tried that many MAC brushes though to be fair so I will have to invest in some more and see what I think.

Nail Lacquer:

Never used MAC nail polish. I'd rather spend my money on the make-up from MAC and stick with OPI or drugstore nail polishes as there are so many good quality ones out there that aremuch cheaper than MAC.

Pro Product:

The only pro product I've ever bought are the pro palette refill eyeshadows to make my own palette with the 15-pan pro palette. I love this though as they are cheaper than the normal eyeshdows in the pot and you can keep them all together neat and tidy in a palette.

Comment on the following Mac product; Have you used them? If so, give feedback.

Prep + Prime Skin:

Yes, as I said before, disliked it.

Studio Sculpt Foundation:

Never used this. Read some pretty bad reviews so always steered clear of it.
Never used this either, for some reason I wouldn't feel right using a 'body foundation' .. That's just one step too far for me.

Mineralize Satin Finish:

Never used this either. I do quite like the look of it though so I may try it out in the future.

Studio Fix Fluid:

Yey! Studio Fix Fluid is my favourite foundation EVER! I know it can break a lot of people out and can be quite heavy butit works great for my skin. I have had no break-outs and I only need a small amount to get the coverage I need.

Studio Tech Foundation:

I have tried this and I didn't like it. I found it didn't have a brilliant coverage and almost looked patchy. It came with a naff sponge to apply it with and it dried out really quickly. I wouldn't recommend this.

Studio Fix Powder:

LOVE THIS! I use this powder along side my Studio Fix Fluid and it works wonders. It has a really nice smooth texture, applies to the skin lovely and I only need a dusting of it to get the effect I want.

Beauty Powder:

Never used these. Don't see the point? What do they actually do? I have used the Studio Careblend powder though and I HATED it. I think it's pretty similar to the beauty powders. Silly and Pointless.

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural:

Ahh good old MSF. These are absoloutely gorgeous. I have used a few of these in the shade 'Medium Plus' and need to actually buy myself a new one as I hit pan (yet again) ages ago and have just never got round to re-purchasing. That is the only problem with this beauty, they run out SO fast. They are in a domed shape pan so you don't get much product at all.

Mineralize Skin Finish:

Again, LOVE. I currently have two of these from the standard line. Soft & Gentle and Gold Deposit. I got Soft & Gentle 2 years ago and it only ran out about a week ago. SO worth the money. I just got Gold Deposit this Christmas as I fancied a change and had been eyeing it up for AGES. Hopefully I will love it just as much as my S&G.

Bronzing Powder:

I have used a fair few of these since I began using MAC. I have used the shades Refined Golden and Matte Bronze. I preferred the Matte Bronze as it was slightly darker and matched my skintone better. Although I do like these, I found NARS Laguna Bronzer about a year ago and it blows this out of the water. SO much nicer.

Powder Blush:

I'm not a blush person if I'm honest. I prefer the bronzed look with a nice highlight along the top of the cheekbones. I do have a few of the blushes but to be honest, they never get used. They just sit there barely touched so I've decided I'm not wasting my money on them anymore.


Again, bought one of these. Didn't like it, it looked patchy to me. Used it once and never used it again. Dislike.

Mineralize Blush:

Bought one of these once too in the shade Dainty and it was far too pale for my skin so I gave it to my friend. I do prefer these to the regular blushes though and I may be tempted to try a darker shade one day. They certainly look pretty. I love the marbled effect going through them and that they have a shimmer too them to add highlight.

Cream Color Base:

I have one of these too in the shade Hush. I do quite like this but again I barely ever touch it. I have decided I much prefer powder highlighters. I don't like doing my foundation then powder and powder bronzer then adding a cream over the top of it. I don't think it blends very well into my powder. The colour is gorgeous though and this is lovely placed along the collarbone.

Studio Sculpt Concealer:

Never tried it.

Select Cover Up Concealer:

I have used this and it's probably my favourite MAC concealer for under the eyes. It isn't too heavy and brightens dark circles nicely.

Studio Finish Concealer:

Always wanted to try it but never have. I am pretty lucky and don't suffer with blemishes and I think this is a really thick concealer that is used mainly for covering spots and not for under-eye circles.

Tinted Lip Conditioner:

Never used. Don't see the point. Why spend so much money on something that really is just the same as a tub of Vaseline?


Love them. One of MAC's best products and my collection is growing nicely. My favourites are the ones I mentioned earlier on. 


Florabundance. A lovely creamy beige colour that goes over any lipstick nicely.

I find these a bit too sticky. I do love how glittery they are but going out in the wind when wearing one of these is a nightmare. Hair stuck to my lips. Not an attractive look. I do own a few of these though from Holiday Collection sets and thing and they are pretty.

Cremesheen Glass:

As I said earlier Boy Bait is my favourite cremesheen glass but I haven't tried many. It is a gorgeous baby pink colour.

Lip Gelee:

I got bought one of these as a present once and they are my least favourite type of lipgloss. I don't rate the packaging for the price of them either. Pretty cheap looking compared to the others and the range of colours isn't great.

Lip Pencil:

Again, only tried these when I have received them in Holiday Collection sets. They seem OK, as nice as a Lip Liner can be but I have used cheaper branded liners and the MAC ones don't seem any better in comparison and I would never spend my money on a full size one.

Nail Lacquer:

Don't see the point in spending so much money on MAC when there are cheaper versions from brands like GOSH, Barry M or Models Own.


Never used these. Probably won't ever try one of these either. They've just never appealed to me.


Only tried a glitter pigment from MAC which was rubbish but I do really want to try the Vanilla pigment as I've heard great things about it.

Eye Kohl:

Smolder eye pencil. My fave. Use it every day.


Not tried it. I was deciding between this and Bobbi Brown's gel liner and opted for Bobbi Brown over the MAC. Upto now I don't really like the Bobbi so I may have to try the Fluidline.

Liquid Last Liner:

Never tried.

Lustre Drops:

Never tried them. They do look gorgeous for giving the body a glow but they are far too over-priced and a lot of drugstore products do the same job.

False Lashes:

I'm not a fan of the MAC eyelashes. EYELURE for me all the way.

ProLash Mascara, Zoom Lash Mascara, Plush Lash Mascara, Dazzle Lash Mascara:

I think I tried the Zoom Lash mascara once and I didn't actually mind it. It gets a lot of bad reviews but it isn't too bad. I don't really see the point in buying high-end mascaras though when there are so many good ones for half the price by cheaper brands like Loreal, Maybelline and Rimmel.

What has been your favourite Mac collection to date?

I have only ever purchased from three collections. A Tartan Tale last Christmas, Wonderwoman in the summer and Glitter & Ice this Christmas. My favourite Holiday Collection product would have to be the A Tartan Tale eyeshadow palette I got as I use it all the time. It was my least favourite packaged collection though, I'm not into Tartan. I love the white packaging of the new Glitter & Ice collection though.

Which of the MAC collections have you found disappointing?

I've enjoyed using all products from the collections I've owned so far.

What products do you think Mac are missing?

I can't think of anything. I think they cover it all. They have a HUGE amount of products.

Hope you enjoyed reading this TAG and if any of you would like to do the same one, please link it in the comments below so I can have a read! I love reading what other people think!!

Lots of Love, Kayleigh..


OOTN: Boxing Night

So every year me and my friends meet up on Boxing Day for a night out. This year was no different and I decided I needed a dress that was Christmasy and GLAM. Being a sucker for sparkly things, I opted for a verrryy sparkly, pretty dress. I actually received it as part of my Christmas present from my mum. It's from River Island and it was love at first look. I saw it on their website and ordered it straight away, waayyy before Christmas. 

I wasn't disappointed either, it arrived in the post and looked gorgeous! The PERFECT festive Christmas dress in my opinion. It cost £65.00 which I didn't think was too bad for a sparkly sequin dress. It kind of reminds me of the ones in All Saints apart from the ridiculous £300.00 price tag they have. I was slightly gutted though, I went into River Island a couple of weeks later and it was in the sale half price. *sob* It also comes in black which was lovely too but I just have some weird gold obsession so had to have the gold! 

I teamed it with a pair of tan shoe boots from Garage Shoes (also a Christmas present) .. They were only £25.00 and I also think they looked much more expensive! 

Hope everyone had a lovely Boxing Day/Night!



Chrismas Clothes Haul

Thought I'd share with you some of the clothes I got for Christmas .. I usually get a mix of beauty products & clothes (my two faves). I love seeing what other people got and reading these type of posts so I thought I'd do my own ..... Enjoy!

Black Shirt - Topshop

Fringed Cardigan - River Island
Blazer - Topshop

Aztec Print Jumper - River Island

Burn Out Tee - Miss Selfridge

I got a few more bits that I will show in my next post OOTN! 

Lots of Love..





Merry Christmas Everyone

How cute is this tag my Auntie got me? Love It!
I know I'm a day late but I would just like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas! I was SO busy yesterday I didn't even have five minutes to go on the laptop and blog! I travelled home to the Lake District on Christmas Eve with my boyfriend ready for the big day and I was SO excited. I absolutely LOVE Christmas and I'm always like a big kid the night before, getting all excited and not being able to sleep.

Anyway, the anticipation and excitement for the big day was so worth it... I had the BEST Christmas day I have had in a long time. My family are mad about Christmas so it's always a real big occasion in my house. Everyone makes a fuss and gets in the Christmas spirit.

My 12 year old little sister woke me up at 6.45 *yawn* so we could open all our presents! We started with out stockings then made our way downstairs for the main presents. I can't believe how much I got, I am so so so lucky! After pressies we had yummy bacon & egg sarnies and then started getting ready to go to my nannas house for our Christmas dinner. Our dinner was gorgeous, Turkey with all the trimmings. Can't go wrong. YUM. We had such a lovely family afternoon, drinking Champers and pulling Christmas crackers. I loved every minute of it.

In the evening we then came back to my house and had all the family and my boyfriend round for a big party. My mum made a gorgeous buffet, the Christmas songs were blasting and the alcohol was flowing. We had the biggest laugh EVER. I have to say,  my very drunken Uncle was the highlight of my night.

Overall, I had an AMAZING Christmas and I hope you all did too! I thought I'd share some of the beauty products I got with you. I got well and truly spoilt and obviously with me being addicted to all things beauty I got lots of pretty things that I can't wait to review on my blog and share with you all.

I was so spoilt, lucky girl!
My GORGE new beauty products!

Add caption

Viva La Juicy, FAVE Perfume :)

Did anyone else get lots of beauty products from Santa? I look forward to seeing what everyone else got! Leave a comment below :)

Lots of Love & Best Wishes,



Silver Shampoo

This is for all the blonde girls out there ..... I thought I'd do a quick review on my favourite silver shampoo, 'PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver shampoo' for grey, white or platinum blonde hair. I always call it purple shampoo, as it does comes out of the bottle purple after all. I guess they call it silver as it adds a silver tint to grey hair. The reason it is purple is due to the violet pigment it contains. The pigment counteracts any yellow tinging the hair might have. 

Quite often, blonde hair that has been bleached (like mine) can go yellow, brassy and dull if you don't use this type of product regularly. I like my hair to look a really light, white blonde. In my opinion there is nothing worse than yellow hair as it can look cheap and tacky. I don't want to spend a fortune on highlights for it to fade a week later and end up looking like a home-dye job. This product stops this from happening, genius! My nanna has also used this kind of product on her grey hair and it works just as well, adding a real white vibrant shine to the grey.

I absolutely love this product, I have tried more expensive shampoos that are said to achieve the same results including Lee Stafford & Clynol. I personally think this beats all the other brands I have tried and is the most affordable of the bunch. At only £2.99 it is a real bargain and it lasts for ages so I probably only use one bottle every 3 or 4 weeks. The recommended usage on the back of the bottle is to NOT use this product every day as you may get colour build-up. I tend to use it about twice a week as my hair doesn't need washing every day. This is the only product I need to keep my hair looking bright which is ideal for me and easy. 

One thing I would say if you have never tried this product and are thinking of trying it, don't leave it on the hair for longer than the recommended 5 minutes. I have left mine on slightly longer before and it can leave the hair with a purple tinge which isn't what this shampoo is meant to be used for and it can leave your hair in bad condition if over-used. This product should only be used if you want your hair brighter and blonder. Also, it is quite messy and turns bath water VERY purple, be warned. Overall though, I highly recommend this if you have blonde or grey hair and want to brighten it up. I usually buy mine from T J Hughes as it is the only place near me that stocks it, however I do know is is sold in selected chemists and it is available from various websites.

Wrinkly hand after my bath haha :)

Purple Bath!

Has anyone else tried this product or a product similar?!



A HUGE thankyou

So I haven't been online much for the past two days as I have been absolutely swamped with work and last minute Christmas shopping. I have only been checking my blog on my Blackberry when someone has commented on a post. My phone is so slow it decides not to load up my followers so I didn't know how many I actually had!

I have just come on the laptop now and have 122 followers, I can't believe it! It was only 6 days ago I was over the moon for reaching 50! It really means a lot to me that people are interested in what I have to say and enjoy reading my blog! I know how hard it can be to become an established beauty blogger as there are SO many out there! 

I love reading everyones blogs, getting ideas and inspiration for my own blog and generally seeing what people around the world have been getting up to! It is something I thoroughly enjoy doing and I am glad I have had a positive response, it makes it all worth the while!

I have decided I am going to do my first ever giveaway when I reach 200 followers, I need to get thinking of a good prize! If you have any ideas please post in the comments below!

Thankyou again to every single 122 of you that have followed me! I really do appreciate it!

Lots of Love, 


Barry M Fine glitter dust

I recently bought the Barry M glitter dust in number 4. It's a gorgeous Christmassy, sparkly silver and I thought it was perfect for the festive season. It certainly didn't disappoint, it is so sparkly and looks beautiful! 

As you can see from my last post, I was going out dressed up as Miss Santa and I originally bought this to swipe across the tops of my cheekbones so my cheeks would sparkle when they caught the light. I did this and it looked lovely but I realised there are so many different uses for these little beauties! They can be used on top of eyeshadow, along the cheekbone, on the body or even mixed into nail polishes.

Barry M sell a MASSIVE range of these, pretty much every colour you can think of! I opted for silver as I thought it was a pretty classic colour that would go with all make-up looks and it seemed to be more bright and vivid than the gold. I plan to do a eyeshadow look over Christmas with this on top so I will do an update then. They only bad thing about these are they are VERY messy, be warned! Overall though, I highly recommend.


Has anyone else tried the Barry M glitter dust?



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