Cheryl Cole Shoes . . .

Geordie superstar Cheryl Cole has launched her own range of footwear and the collection was launched yesterday. I was sooooo excited to see the pictures to see it there were any I'd like to get my hands on. Unfortunately I was pretty disappointed.

Cheryl sporting the 'Ri Ri' Boots.

Launched today on, are 12 styles named by Cheryl, including 'Your Royal Hotness', an ankle-strap court shoe with a studded heel that she describes as her "signature shoe", to flat biker boots named Byker Groove (get it?).

In an interview with Cheryl, she admits to having 2,000 pairs of shoes already. I suppose as  the saying goes, a girl can never have have many shoes.
I had a look on today and have to admit i wasn't overly impressed. I'd expect something AMAZING from Cheryl Cole and she always looks stunning.

If I'm honest, I thought a lot of the shoes were quite cheap looking and I have seen nicer pairs all over the high street. The two pairs below were my favourites of the bunch, but still didn't blow me away.

The 'Ri Ri' Boot
'Your Royal Hotness'

Some of the other designs in the collection I found slightly odd. They don't look to me like anything i've seen Cheryl Cole wearing. Then again, I suppose she usually has stylists helping her out. The two pairs below were probably my least favourite out of all the designs i've seen and something i personally would never wear. Everyone has their own tastes though and I'm pretty sure Cheryl would pull off any of these shoes. Unfortunately, we're not all Cheryl Cole. (I can dream).

'Hot to Trot'
'Freak Le Chic'

In terms of price, they seem to range from £79.90 - £119.85 (pretty random) but pretty reasonable in my eyes compared to some other celebrities collection that are RIDICULOUSLY overpriced. At least with this collection their is hope of us 'normal' people being able to afford them if we fancy treating ourselves. Personally, I wouldn't pay these kind of prices for these particular shoes as they aren't my style but i imagine many girls out there will be snapping these up straight away because they have Cheryl's name on them.

What do you think of Cheryl's new shoe collection? Agree/Disagree?




  1. I did a post on these a while back, and have to agree with you on this one, If I'm spending that much on shoes, they are going to last forever and look amazing, which they don't. Disappointing.

  2. I know, they don't look any better than the shoes you see on the high-street. Would expect something a bit more WOW from Cheryl Cole! The price isn't bad but I have a lot of shoes far nicer than these ones!



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