Comparison: MAC & Nars Bronzer

A lot of people seem to have messaged me on Facebook lately asking me what bronzer i use so i thought i'd do a review of the two I use.
The bronzers I've been using lately are NARS Laguna Bronzer & MAC matte bronze bronzer.
I do like them both but I have one clear favourite. NARS beats the MAC by a mile for me personally.

As you can see from the picture, the MAC bronzer is darker than the NARS Laguna. I wear foundation shade Studio Fix fluid NC25 by MAC and I find that the MAC bronzer can look slightly too orange toned and dark on my skin. Both bronzers are finely milled powders and apply to the skin well. I used the MAC powder for a while before i received the NARS as a christmas present last year. 

When I received the NARS bronzer, it instantly became my new favourite. Compared to the MAC bronzer, it has a much more golden, tanned finish instead of matte brown/orange which i feel is the finish of the MAC. I'm not a huge fan of shimmery cheeks which is why i opted for the matte bronzer from MAC. However, i find it slightly too matte.  Laguna doesn't have shimmer in it, I would describe it more as a 'sheen'. It gives your cheeks/face a lovely glow and you hardly need any to get this desired effect. I have only had to buy a second NARS after a full year and I was using it almost every day whereas the MAC i needed 3 or 4 a year.

Both bronzers come in a black packaging, the MAC being circular and NARS in a rectangular shape. I personally prefer the NARS packaging, I love the big letters on the front and it is quite sleek and cool compared to the plain MAC packaging. NARS also makes their products with an almost rubbery outer so if you drop it it tends not to shatter. I know how annoying that can be, especially if you are carrying it around in your bag or taking make-up on nights out. I have shattered many MAC items before. 

The NARS is also quite a lot larger than the MAC, meaning it will last you longer, however it is more pricey. The NARS bronzer costs £24.00 and the MAC costs £17.50. So a £6.50 difference, but like I say, the NARS will definitely last longer so its worth it in the long run. I know price puts a lot of people off buying expensive make-up but it really is worth it. I think i have tried every rimmel/maybelline/collection 2000 bronzer under the sun and they just don't come close in terms of quality and they don't last even half as long which means you'll probably spend the same amount on cheap bronzers over time as you would on a more high-end product.

One thing i would say is that MAC do a bronzer called 'Refined Golden' which i used to have and is more comparable to NARS Laguna. I decided to buy the bronze as I wanted something a little darker for my cheekbones but Refined Golden is slightly lighter and also has shimmer. I do prefer it to the bronze but haven't bothered buying it again since I ran out as i love the NARS Laguna so don't have a need for it anymore.  

I hope this has helped anyone who might be interested in either of these bronzers! They are both good quality but the NARS just has the edge for me.
You can find both of these products at and

Kayleigh. xXx.

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  1. Great Comparison, I've never tried the Laguna one because I always noticed it had a slight shimmer which will never work for me ha. The Matt Bronze has always worked so well for me :)


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