A HUGE thankyou

So I haven't been online much for the past two days as I have been absolutely swamped with work and last minute Christmas shopping. I have only been checking my blog on my Blackberry when someone has commented on a post. My phone is so slow it decides not to load up my followers so I didn't know how many I actually had!

I have just come on the laptop now and have 122 followers, I can't believe it! It was only 6 days ago I was over the moon for reaching 50! It really means a lot to me that people are interested in what I have to say and enjoy reading my blog! I know how hard it can be to become an established beauty blogger as there are SO many out there! 

I love reading everyones blogs, getting ideas and inspiration for my own blog and generally seeing what people around the world have been getting up to! It is something I thoroughly enjoy doing and I am glad I have had a positive response, it makes it all worth the while!

I have decided I am going to do my first ever giveaway when I reach 200 followers, I need to get thinking of a good prize! If you have any ideas please post in the comments below!

Thankyou again to every single 122 of you that have followed me! I really do appreciate it!

Lots of Love, 



  1. Hello Lovely,

    Feel Free to check out and enter my Christmas blog giveaway at: http://naturezfinest.blogspot.com/2011/12/giveaway_06.html

    Have a lovely Christmas and ever sparkling New Year. Love your blog btw =)

    -Mia xoxo

  2. Hiya!
    Thank you so much for following my blog :)
    I just had a look at yours and it's lovely!
    I think I will die out of happiness if I ever hit 100 followers but I hope this day will come at some point :)

  3. Hey! No problem at all :) your blog is lovely too!
    I'm sure you will reach 100 followers soon enough, I was over the moon when I got to 100, it feels like such an achievement.

    Kayleigh xXx.


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