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A few years back I decided to make the stupid decision of getting a bob. ew BIG mistake. I thought it would be one of those really cool & stylish graduated bobs but that wasn't the case and i just hated it! Since then i've been searching for products that will help keep my hair in good condition.

'Schwarzkopf GLISS Hair Repair' has to be the one hair product I could not be without. I LOVE it. Firstly, it smells amazing unlike some hair products .. Who wants to smell some gross chemical pong on their hair? No thanks. This is a much more appealing smell.

I literally use this EVERY day, morning & night. It's a leave-in conditioner and it can be used any time on dry or wet hair. I tend to give my hair a good spray with this whenever its feeling a tad dry! As my hair is highlighted with bleach it does get pretty dry if I don't consistently use a product that conditions and gives it some much needed moisture! This product does both. 

I love the way the bottle and product itself looks.. PINK&SHIMMERY *ideal*. I also love how it is described on the bottle 'liquid silk express-repair conditioner' .. Sounds so luxurious!
Most importantly, this is so CHEAP. I don't know the exact amount but I'm pretty sure this is left than £5.00 and it lasts ages. I've never been one for spending a fortune on hair care as I think you can get cheap products that work just as well as the high-end brands. Since using this religiously I feel like my hair is in good shape for a bleached-blondie. 

Has anyone else tried the Schwarzcopf GLISS hair repair?




  1. I've got this product!! :D i thought no one else had really tried it, but it is really good and i picked mine up from Body Care for about £2.99 and i must admit it is far better than many other higher branded hair repair sprays, brilliant product i would also highly recommend it

  2. been looking at your blog to see if you had any advice on products for bleached hair... my naturally really dark brown but i bleach and dye it so its a mixture of light and caramel blonde and i have to look after it so much to maintain it and it's SO EXPENSIVE! i can't bring myself to dye it brown though because im so scared i will regret it (same feeling you had with your bob haha) but really glad i found your review i'm going to buy this tomorrow! thanks! xx


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