Review: Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara

I have been using this mascara for a couple of months now and have to say I LOVE it. It really does work. I think I have tried pretty much every mascara going, I usually buy a different one every time my current one runs out. I love trying new ones out but have never really found one i love. I usually go for mascaras with huge wands too as I thought they would work better and make my lashes look thicker but this mascara comes with a really thin wand. I am on my second tube of this mascara now which is a pretty rare occurrence for me.

My eyelashes have always been a bit dodge due to the fact when I was 15 i decided to use eyelash curlers while I had mascara on and rip a huge clump of my lashes out. NOT an attractive look by the way. Since then they have obviously grown back but they never returned to the nice long lashes they once were. That was until I started using this. 

Rimmel describe this mascara like this - "A mascara and lash treatment in one. Works both instantly, for up to 80% longer lashes and over time to promote natural lash growth. For beautifully long and remarkable strong lashes".

My lashes after using the Mascara :)
They also claim that the mascara has been clinically tested and lashes will be 117% longer in only 30 days. Now, I'm not sure if that claim is accurate but i have definitely seen a difference in my lashes since i started using this. Plus, if they were 117% longer surely they would be bigger than my whole face? Strange. Regardless, my lashes seem thicker and fuller when wearing the mascara and definitely longer. This could just be a very good mascara fooling me into thinking my lashes are growing but either way when wearing this my lashes look fab. I don't even really need falsies.

I would strongly recommend this if you want a mascara that doesn't clump lashes, makes them appear longer and thicker and that could also be helping them to grow along the way.

Kayleigh xXx.

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