Topshop Rio Rio

I'm usually all for MAC lipsticks and don't tend to try any others, I know that's pretty bad but I am trying to get a more varied collection of brands.

A while ago I bought a lipstick from the Topshop make-up collection called 'Rio-Rio' and absolutely love it. I was totally drawn in by all the make-up stands in Topshop. It all looked so nicely presented and pretty. The packaging is super duper nice too. It is white with black stripes or polka-dots. I am obsessed with their clothes and can now feel an obsession beginning with their make-up. Great ... Just another addiction to add to my list.

They have such a HUGE range of products, I didn't know what I wanted to try out first. My friend was coming to visit me for a night out and the outfit I was wearing was pretty colourful so I wanted a vivid lipstick that would match my outfit. I was instantly attracted to 'rio rio' as it is a bright orangey red colour.

I am going to do a review on more of the Topshop products in the new year as I know my mum has bought me a few Topshop treats for my christmas stocking! yey.
Anyway, back to 'Rio Rio', the colour is beautiful. It's unlike any of my MAC lipsticks and really bright and vibrant! I love bright lipsticks, they are so much prettier than boring nude colours but that's just my personal opinion. It looks red at first glance but when it is swatched on the hand or put on the lips it has a gorgeous bright orange under-tone.

The formula is really nice too, it goes onto the lips nice and smoothly and it is a pretty matte colour. I prefer these type of lipsticks to really glossy ones. If i want glossy lips I'll just buy a lipgloss. It also has really good staying power. Theres nothing more annoying than having to touch up a lipstick every five minutes or it transferring all over your face every time you have a sip of your drink. It stays on really well and it doesn't need touching up much throughout the day/night.

I also love how the Topshop brand puts the colour of the product on the bottom of the packaging. With a lot of other brands they tend to put a name on the bottom but no colour so when it comes to looking for the colour lipstick you want to wear, you have to search through taking all the lids off to find it.

'Rio Rio'

Pretty Packaging

Swatched on my hand

Topshop make-up in store


Me wearing 'Rio Rio'. I Love it. <3

Overall, this definitely gets a thumbs up from me, do you have any Topshop make-up you recommend?!




  1. The colour looks lovely on you!
    Ps I LOVE your top in the last picture xx

  2. Aww thankyou! I love the colour! My tops from Warehouse :) xxx.

  3. you look very pretty... the lipstick looks like a lovely colour =) xx

  4. Aw thankyou very much :) it is a lovely colour!

    Follow & I'll follow back?!


  5. Gorgeous colour :-) youve made me want to go buy it now ha! xxx

  6. woot!! BOMB shade! ;D i love!! also, where'd you get your blog background from? it's super pretty~

  7. @Lindsay Frances - You need to buy it, if you like bright lips you'll love this! Only £8.00 too which isn't bad for a nice lippie!

    @sgrmse - Thankyou, it is gorge! I'm unsure where my backgrounds from I just searched 'free blogger backgrounds' and loads of websites come up with different ones! x x x.

  8. BABE you are stunning :D thank you for following my blog - im definitely following yours back now. GREAT posts. definitely on my wave length xxxxx

  9. Aww thankyou honey! Love your blog! Glad you like mine too!



  10. i love your hair in this picture! :)


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