Weekend Lash Extensions

Thought I'd do a quick review on Weekend eyelash extensions. I am an absolute SUCKER for false eyelashes. I'm not one for wearing them on a day to day basis, I like to give my eyes a break but when it comes to the weekend BOOM the Eyelure pack is out! I think they completely transform any look from day to night and give such a glamorous, pretty look. Anyway, I'm rambling.

Basically, my auntie has trained to do eyelash extensions and fortunately for me she offered to test them out on me for FREE. Yes, Free. *Big Grin*.
She trained to do two types of lashes, the semi-permanent ones that last for weeks and need infills every so often to keep them looking full and then the 'weekend lashes' which basically are thicker bundles of lashes instead of the individual ones. They are also applied with a weaker glue so they last just for the weekend. This option was perfect for me as I love to have dramatic eyes when I'm going out for the night.

My Auntie's Eyelash Set-up at her house..
Anyway, I went to her house and she was very professional about the whole process. Very nervous as well might I add. She had a professional bed for me to lay on and all the tools she needed to do the lashes. She explained what she was going to do, asked how long/thick I wanted them to be and got to work. Me being me, I obviously went for the 'long' option over the 'small' and 'medium' options. It only took about 45 minutes for her to apply the lashes and it was quite therapeutic and relaxing. As they are applied in the bundles instead of individually it definitely speeds up the process.

The Finished Result :)
When I looked in the mirror I absolutely LOVED them. They looked so full and long, yet very natural at the same time. Sometimes strip lashes can look pretty false as they are so 'perfect' looking. These lashes looked more natural due to the way they sat on my natural lash. Some went at different angles and some were slightly longer or shorter but it just added to the overall look.

As you can see from the pictures they are very dramatic, thick, full and gorgeooouuss. Highly recommend these if you want lush lashes for a big night out. Obviously, I didn't pay for mine but I believe they are pretty reasonably priced in salons. :)

This is me wearing the lashes ready for my night out.. Very full & Glam!


  1. I have never heard of weekend lashes before but they look good! <3

  2. Yeah, they are really nice! Ideal if you want to give them a try but don't want permanent lashes! x x.

  3. LOVE the blog! You are GORGEOUS!
    How long do the lashes last ? Id love to try them out!

    Follow eachother?



  4. Thankyou Jasmine! They last about 2-3 days, just for a weekend! Really good though :)! Yeah sure I will follow your blog now!!

    Kayleigh xXx.

  5. WOW! They look amazing! :D love your hair! xxx


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