Happy New Year . . 2012 Plans & Aspirations

Firstly, I would just like to wish all of my lovely followers a very happy New Year & all the best for 2012.

Can you believe it's 2012? 2011 seems like a little blur that was over in a flash but when I actually look back I did so much. I turned 21, graduated with a 2:1 in Journalism, went on holiday and moved into a new flat. It all seems two minutes ago, I can't believe six months have passed since the summer of 2011. 

I hope everyone has exciting plans for 2012. I'm determined to finally get my dreaded driving test passed. I started to learn before I moved to Newcastle for uni but when I got here, living in the city centre didn't require a car so all that money spent on lessons and my hard work learning went completely down the drain. Woops. 

I also hope to find a job I love this year, preferably something Journalism related but if not, at least something well paid. I'm working as a receptionist on minimum wage at the minute and it just doesn't cut it. I also think, if I had a well-paid job, I would have more money to spend on products to review on my blog. Ahhhhh I can only dream.

The thing I am most excited for this year is going to Australia in the summer. My dad lives over there and I absolutely LOVE IT. I've been four times already and had the time of my life each and every time. Me and my boyfriend plan to go for around 7 weeks which will be bliss. (So expect some blogging from Down Under this summer!)

As well as all this I am very excited about continuing to write my blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed doing it so far and can't quite believe how much amazing feedback I have had in such a short space of time. I hope to continue enjoying and improving it in any way I can. 

NYE Cocktails

Midnight Champers

Me :)
What are your plans, dreams and aspirations for the new year?

 I hope everyone had a FANTASTIC New Year's Eve and has an even better 2012.

Lots of Love,




  1. You look LOVELY! So pretty! Good luck with driving and job hunting this year! :) xx

  2. Australia how exciting! Happy New Year :)

  3. Mine are similar too...Need a new, better paid job please!! xx


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