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So I know Christmas is over now which I am absolutely GUTTED about by the way. Back to work, back to reality. ergh. NOT fun. Anyway, this is another Christmas pressies related post. Yes, I know I keep going on about Christmas and the things I got but I was so lucky to get so many pretty things and I want to share them with you all. I think you will appreciate seeing it more than my boyfriend does!

As well as my love for beauty products and clothes, I am a big accessories kind of girl. Bags, shoes, belts, jewellery, you name it.. I LOVE it. I think accessories can completely transform an outfit and give it that added wow factor. Accessories in my opinion tie an outfit together to give it a more polished and stylish look.

My mum know this, so she tends to over-load my Christmas stocking with Jewellery to keep me going throughout the year. I also got bits and bobs off other family members so I ended up with what looked like a jewellery shop on Christmas morning. I thought I would do a haul post to show you what I got and where each piece is from. It also gave me a good excuse to use my new camera for some close-up shots.

From Top to Bottom:

Gold Earrings - Warehouse
Matching gold Necklace - Warehouse
Gold Braclets - Matalan
2 sets of Braclets - Matalan
Knot Necklace - Oasis
Square Braclets - Matalan
Heart and Feather Necklace - Matalan
Locket Necklace - Topshop
Jewel Ring - Matalan
Long, jewelled Ring - Topshop

As you can see a lot of this Jewellery is from Matalan. I absolutely love their jewellery, it is a total bargain and is actually designed by the same people who design the Freedom for Topshop jewellery. Obviously, it is a lot cheaper than Topshop, around half the price. Can't go wrong.

Sorry for the HUGE amount of pictures, I love seeing posts with lots of pictures. Pictures speak a thousand words and all that. I hope you didn't find it too boring ...

Lots of love,




  1. some lovely bits in here hun, i especially love the locket necklace xx

  2. Absolutely stunning jewels !!! Love all of them !
    Happy New Year, may 2012 bring you all you wish - love, happiness and luck !!! Let's follow each other if you like my blog !

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  3. hey im a new follower :) I love the heart and feather necklace! Please check out my blog and follow if you like it :) Thanks xx

  4. Gorgeous post.
    I abso' love your photo's,
    there so clear and big!

  5. Thankyou all!! Appreciate the nice comments!!! I am really happy with how these photos turned out Madison, I love that my new camera picks up all the detail on the jewellery!! Xx.

  6. In LOVE with that peace sign love heart necklace! Really lovely blog, defiantly now a regular reader :) xx

  7. You got some lovely new jewellery :)
    What camera have you got? It takes great pictures!
    Carissa xx


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