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My long overdue FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY has finally arrived! Yey. I have been so excited to do a giveaway but I have had zero money to be able to buy a half decent prize. Anyway, now I have a bit more cash I thought it was the perfect opportunity for me to say a big thank-you to all my lovely followers with a little treat. It's nothing huge as I'm on a rubbish wage and have lots of bills to pay for but it is a prize I would love to win and I hope you will too. I can't believe 352 people who actually like my blog, I never thought I'd get 1 follower if I'm honest.

So moving onto the exciting bit. As my all time favourite make-up brand is MAC I thought the prize just had to be a couple of MAC goodies. Therefore, the prize is going to be: A MAC lipstick & a MAC Lipglass of your choice.

I know this doesn't sound like much but I would personally love to win some free MAC products and as I said, I don't have loads of money and MAC isn't the cheapest brand. I would LOVE to be able to give more but until I win the lottery or land myself an amazing job, that will have to wait. 

As this is my first Giveaway, it is only open to UK followers. I will do an international Giveaway next time.

So, moving on to how you can enter my giveaway. There are two things that you MUST do in order to enter:


You MUST follow my blog via Google Friend Connect.

You MUST leave a comment below with your all time favourite beauty product and why. It will make for a more interesting read than the usual 'Enter Me' comments and I'd love to know your faves. This will get you 1 entry.

Optional entries:

For additional entries and a higher chance of winning, you can:

Follow me on Twitter here and leave the name of your Twitter with your comment (+ 1 entry)
Tweet about my Giveaway and leave a link with your comment (+ 1 entry)
Follow me via Bloglovin' (+ 2 entries)
Do a blog post about my Giveaway and leave the link with your comment (+ 2 entries)

That's a possible 7 entries in total. Please tell me which of the above you have done in your comment along with your email address so I can contact you if you are the winner. I will ask you which colour lipstick/lipglass you would like via email if you win.

The Giveaway will end at midnight on the 28th February. The winner will be chose at random via and contacted on the 29th February.


Once again, a HUGE thanks to everyone who takes the time to read and comment on my blog. It means a lot!!!

Lots of Love,




  1. Ahh lovely giveaway! This is a tough one.. I'd say my all time favourite beauty product is MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, sets my make-up perfectly and keeps it lasting all day :)

    Am a follower of your blog of course! Just followed you on twitter too (I'm @stephanieex_ on there) :)

    Thank you xox

  2. Ooh I'd love to win! A great blog and great giveaway. My favourite product has to be argan oil as it keeps my sensitive skin balanced, brightened and under control!

    I already follow on GFC, and now on Twitter (@HEmbleton) and Bloglovin (don't know how to prove this!)

    Pop over for my giveaway as well!


  3. 1. My favourite all time beauty product has to be MAC Studio Fix Fluid because no other foundation compares to the finish it gives :)

    2. Twitter: lindsayfrancesx

    3. Tweet about the give away..!/LindsayFrancesx
    "Amazing give away on @k_leexjx blog www.x-couturegirl-x.blogspot.con check it out :-)"

    4. 5. Following you on blog loving!

    6. My post :-)

    :) xxxxx

  4. hiya babes! :)
    thanks so much for such a great giveaway!
    to do my bit to help & to enter (of course)..
    i already follow you on here and on twitter <3
    i gave you and your blog a twitter shout out over at @hannahhindmarsh
    i posted about your giveaway on my own blog:

    email address:


  5. my alll time favourite thing is probably the naked palette cosmetics wise because I can use it with so many different looks...other products I tend to switch around and have new favourites all the time.. e-mail : xxx

  6. ah nice giveaway! my fave beauty product atm is collection 2000 concealer.. cheap & cheerful haha! already a follower :)
    email: x

  7. Great giveaway !!!
    my all time fave product has to be my barry m lipstick in 'pink ribbon'
    i cant live without it !!!

    im a follower via GFC


  8. Great giveaway hun. My fave would have to be Nars Laguna Bronzer as I find its the best bronzer i've used and gives your skin a great glow and is great for contouring also x

    twitter: sunshinesprkle and shout out on there


  9. Thanks for doing this giveaway! I am following you on Twitter and have tweeted about your giveaway. My username is exitshikari.

    My favourite beauty product is MAC's Creme Cup lipstick - it goes with everything and is just gorgeous in general :D

  10. My fave beauty product ever would have to be nivea cream which i use as a sort of lip mask! softens them right up!
    GFC harry!
    thanks! :)

  11. I'd love to be entered into the giveaway!
    My favourite ever beauty product has got to be Bourjois' volume clubbing eyeliner,
    ive tried all the alternatives, from mac to no7, nothing gives as true a black or as lasting a finish!

    My GFC is Romina Masood :)
    [you can also contact me on my twitter @ignitingbones)

  12. Please enter me into your giveaway, I love MAC :)

    My favourite beauty product is MAC Nicki Minaj 'Pink Friday' lipstick, it is one of the prettiest pink lipsticks, ever! Great finish and last and I always get compliments about it :)


    Well done on all the followers you have :)

  13. Hey--I'm not entering (I'm in the US), but I just wanted to thank you for leaving a lovely comment on my blog. I followed yours and I look forward to reading your future posts :) <3

  14. It's so lovely of you to do a giveaway :)
    I'm already a follower :)
    My favourite beauty product had to be Elizabeth Arden skin ceramide smoothing concealer. It is a little expensive for such a tiny qauntity but it is A.mazing.


  15. Hi,

    Great giveaway, excited for this one.

    My favourite beauty product has got to be moisturiser, I know it's boring but my makeup just wouldn't look the same without it. As i have normal/dry skin my skin just needs this before I apply my foundation.

    I follow you on GFC +1
    I follow you on twitter, I'm @danziesbitsof +1
    I have tweeted about your giveaway (!/danziesbitsof/status/164438741405011969) +1
    I also follow you via BlogLovin +2

    Good Luck everyone Danielle x:)

    1. Sorry I've also blogged about your give away so have got the max 7 enteries. Link is

      Thanks Danielle x :)

    2. My email is or


  16. I have to say that my all time favourite beauty product is the Urban Decay Naked Palette, it's just gorgeous and so versatile! So tempted to buy the Naked palette 2. I follow with GFC and on twitter (meldaviesx), my email is Such a good giveaway! xxx

  17. This giveaway is amazing! I'm a follower of your blog now:-)
    My favourite beauty product has got to be bareminerals pretty amazing lipgloss. I'm not usually a fan of lip glosses but this is soso good! xxx

  18. I've never had any MAC products before but I've had my eye on the lipsticks for a while now!
    Would be amazed if I won haha!
    I follow ya and my email's

  19. Well I must say my foundation :) I use revlon colorstay. It always gives me great coverage and hides all my flaws ;) Plus foundation gives a great put together look as well :) Please enter me! I would love to win! I dont even own a mac product yet :( sad huh.. well hopefully I will win and can finally have one hehe. Im following your blog now.. name is PINKGLAMXOXO and Im following on twitter and did a tweet :)!/JillAnderson81

  20. Eeeep mac lippy..divine :) my favourite beauty product has to be vaseline, has so many different uses and its so cheap!
    Following you on twitter already (mine is _ChelseyStrode_ ) and my email is

  21. Following on GFC, i Love your blog!!

    My all time fave product has to be Chanel Soliel Tan De Chanel. It is the best bronzer ever! Not only a brozer but really illuminates your skin. I had to wait 7 months to get mine as Chanel couldnt get hold hold of an ingrediant that was in but soo worth the wait, check out my full review of it - x

  22. forgot to leave my twitter name @lovelola_x :o) following on twitter to x

  23. Ooooo exciting give away! :D
    I follow via GFC- Dragon Mommy
    Twitter- @Dragon_Mommy
    I tweeted...!/Dragon_Mommy/status/164691944767893505
    My all time favourite beauty product has got to be Niveas Tinted moisturiser, Even with no makeup on it makes me look fresh faced :)

    Holli x

  24. Lovely giveaway! My fave beauty product would be benefits hoola bronzer.. had it for so long and i still love it! Already a follower! email - :) xx

  25. first giveaway, awesome!
    I follow on GCF
    Twitter - @EnchantedMakeup
    Tweeted -!/EnchantedMakeup/status/164738271539249152

    Favourite beauty product would have to be my Lucas PawPaw ointment from Australia! It makes everything so smooth... haha perfect for lips or dry spots on your skin, instantly makes it look better and lips soo much healthier!!
    my email is...

  26. Lovely give away
    I followed you on twitter (@hans_ell)
    and tweeted:!/hans_ell/status/164751262594777088

    thanks xo

  27. Hey Kayleigh! Great giveaway!

    GFC: MissShiv
    Twitter: MissShivX
    Followed via Bloglovin':

    My all time favorite beauty product has to be the Revlon Matte lipstick in Fabulous Fig. Amazing stuff!

    Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  28. i am in LOVE with mac makeup!
    my faveourite product is MAC prep and prime face primer! its amazingg!
    GFC: sunjunkie
    twitter: claud_sororityG


  29. my favourite product ever is moroccan oil because it leaves my hair so soft and shiney and i followed you with bloglovin

  30. An amazing give away! my favourite product of all time is coconut oil, because I use it for so many things, hair,moisturiser,exfoliator, make-up remover and cooking oil!
    I have followed you on twitter,bloglovin, and also tweeted about your giveaway which will be in your '@s'. my username is katiealicexo.


  31. Thanks for all the entries guys! Keep them coming! Don't forget to leave your email address!! Xxxx.

  32. Ahh this is a great prize!! I follow via GFC - Carissa
    My all time fave beauty product..ah that's so hard but I would have to say the naked pallette ♥
    I follow on twitter @Vanillacrush1
    I tweeted about your comp
    I follow via blog lovin (not sure how to prove)
    Carissa xxx

  33. Heyaa! This is such a FAB giveaway!

    My all time favourate product would probably be Illimasqua skin base foundatiion! I love it.

    I am following your blog via google too..
    I am also following your twitter.. My twitter is ( BeautyGeek_ )
    My email is -

    Michelle xxx

  34. I love clinique quickliner for eyes! following your blog via google.
    would love my first ever mac lippy! xo

  35. My all time favorite beauty product right now would have to be Nars Orgasm blush!! Love the stuff.

    Great blog too!


  36. Following via GFC, twitter - kirc91, and on bloglovin!

    My all time fave beauty product is probably my bourjouis volumizer mascara, best one ive used so far makes my lashes look amazing! :)

    love your blog!


  37. I'm still a bit of a novice with Beauty tbh (as you can see from my blog intro!) I'm all over the shop with favourite brands and products as I haven't found my 'ship' yet. (as in relationship/love; eg I ship Mac)

    I've recently discovered 4 favourite products...
    1) Mac lipstick in Politely Pink as I've always wanted a nude/pink lippy but never thought I'd find one as cute as that one! I get so many compliments when I wear it out. *sigh* :)
    2) Mac's Studiofinish Concealer (NW20) which I bought on a whim and it seemed to be the one that best fit me. I have yet to be matched for foundation as I find Mac store staff seem to completely ignore me instore! I shall be going to take one on very soon, wish me luck ;)
    3) No7 Beautiful Skin Purifing Exfoliator - again a new thing because I felt at my age I really need to be feeling feminine. This stuff made a difference after the first use, I kept stroking my face it was so soft! (good thing I live myself so no one noticed haha.) I got it for £3 as I had a £5 voucher. Bargain. Would definitely purchase full price.
    4) Urban Decay Naked Palette. This needs no explanation, it CHANGED MY LIFE.

    Woah, essay.
    I'm now following you on FriendConnect, sent a Twitter request (I'm @dudeshesamazing) and tweeted about your giveaway. My email is

  38. What a great giveaway!!

    My fave beauty product has to be Clinique Repairwear foundation. It has a FULL coverage yet still leaves my face looking dewy.

    I follow you on twitter, @Lolaa_loves

    I twitted about this giveaway here, - @k_leexjx is having an amazing Mac giveaway, you should defo check it out!

    Love Lola xx

  39. My all time lovee are false eyelashes! Eylure 205's for a night out. Really don't know what I did before I discovered them lol, my eyes look naked without them!

    Really nice of you to do a giveaway! :) still loving the blog xx

    1. i've followed you on twitter aswell and mine is @HayleyPeacock :)! xxx

    2. ahh and me being ditzy!! email is x

  40. My fave beauty product without a doubt would have to be mascara but at the mo, my fave thing is my MAC MSF in Soft & Gentle.. Lovin' it!

    Brilliant giveaway and congrats on all your followers :]

    Email: beentheredonethatgotthelipstick[at]


  41. Awesome giveaway :)I follow GFC - Marvelle Email - Blogofshadows and following via Bloglovin also Marvelle I think??? I have no idea how to get the username up but im pretty sure its Marvelle :)

    Favourite beauty product... hmmm probably my MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick/gloss. I absolutely love this lipstick, its the perfect pink !

    Thanks for the giveaway and good luck everyone! :)

    1. woops didn't put my full email haha! Oopsie :D

  42. would love to be entered! My favourite beauty product has to be MAC studio fix in NW20.. or a more interesting one- benefit's bella bamba blush!
    I follow your blog with GFC and Blog lovin'
    I also requested to follow you on twitter (@rosielizziebeth) and tweeted about your give away >>>

    rosielizziebeth Rosie Crompton
    Just entered Kayliegh's amazing MAC giveaway!… :)
    3 minutes ago

    my email is :)
    lovely generous prize :)
    Love Rosie x

  43. Lovely giveaway, so exciting! I've never owned any MAC products, but a MAC Lipstick would defiantly be my first investment, as its an actual practical product, not something I'd want sitting on my dressing table, looking pretty, & not using it! I would invest in the shade 'Hue', as its a lovely, neutral colour, perfect for my first one! My all time favourite product would have to be (nothing as exciting), the Revlon Quad, with four neutral shades. Ideal for everyday & smokey look at night!

    I'm following you on GFC & requested a follow on Twitter as @LuceeLoves.

    Tweeted your giveaway: Lucy Kennard @LuceeLoves
    Just entered @k_leexjx giveaway at…!
    6:03 PM - 7 Feb 12 via web · Details



  44. Following you and my favorite product would be nail varnish as any nails can look better with a splash of colour and because your hands are used the most everyday and deserve a little attention!

    Gemma x

  45. Not always considered a beauty product but I've never found an exfoliator better than St. Ives apricot face scrub, wouldn't be able to look so clear skinned without it.

    Great Giveaway and i've just added you on twitter.

    Hope you've had a nice tuesday :)



    1. Forgot to leave my email address

      Great giveaway :)


  46. My favourite beauty product is actually a fairly recent one - Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner. I swear this liner is incredible, lasts for so long and gives a beautiful sleek jet black line.
    I follow you on Twitter and Bloglovin, GFC = April-Lily Edwards

  47. my fave product at the minute is estee lauder double wear x

  48. My favourite product is my MAC lipstick is Hue! Already a follower :) x

  49. My favourite product would probably be Estee Lauder's Double Wear Foundation. It's the only thing that stays put on my skin!
    I'm a follower on Twitter already (GoldenGloww)

  50. Hi Kayleigh would like to say this is an absolutely lurvely giveaway and Thank-You so much for doing this. Such fabulous products are up for grabs❤.I totes agree with youu MAC isn't the cheapest brand!..Any gurl to win this Giveaway is dayum right lucky:D! ❤ GoodLuck to all you Beauties:)!❤

    Well my favourite beauty product has to be Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara as it really volumises my lashes and I feel I don't have to use false eyelashes :)!❤

    I have followed your Blog via Google Friend Connect for a little while now:)!

    I follow you on Twitter already..I also tweeted about your giveaway here

    my twitter name is:-P1xi3Ro0!/P1xi3Ro0

    I have joined your Blog via BlogLovin:)!❤

    My Email address is:-❤

  51. Hey, thank you for entering my lil giveaway & following my blog :)
    Your absolutely gorgeous, so flawless and your blog is fab!

    I think my favourite beauty products estee lauder double wear foundation
    (my ysl rouge volupt lipstick in no1 is a sneaky 2nd!)

    I'm following with GFC, Bloglovin' and also following your twitter.

    Nicola x

  52. Hi! First off - I know you said you would love to give away more but I honestly think this is such a generous giveaway!

    This is so difficult, but I think my favourite beauty product has to be the Bourjois Coup de Theatre 2 in 1 mascara, I have rubbish eyelashes but this mascara makes them lovely and fluttery - I did a post on it here!

    I'm following you on Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin' :) Also, when I hit 25 followers I'm going to be hosting a teeny Spring themed giveaway so check out my blog if you like!

    Emily (email: it's a very old address haha!) xx

  53. Hello :)

    Wow, such a great giveaway! I'd love to try some MAC products.

    My favourite beauty product at the minute is Barry M Nail Paint in 303 Bright Purple, because purple is my favourite colour and it's such a vibrant shade and lasts for ages without chipping!

    I follow you via GFC and Bloglovin', and I also followed you on Twitter and tweeted about your giveaway, which I do believe is 5 entries!

    My Twitter name is @Bewitchery_
    The link to the tweet is:!/Bewitchery_/status/168756956645949442
    My email address is: bewitcheryblog @gmail .com

    Please also check out my blog at

    Thank you,
    Naomi x

  54. well done on getting so many followers! I followed you via GFC! my email is xxx

  55. I think my favourite product ever has to be Mac Lipstick in Hue :) Following on GFC xx


  56. Enter me! This is a great giveaway!
    I LOVE benefits 'lemon aid' eye primer as it is tinted as well so it hides veins etc!
    Good luck everyone!

  57. My favourite beauty product is at the minute my MAC blushers- I can't stop buying them and I think their colour variety is amazing. Current favourite is Fleur Power!

    I also followed you on twitter, my name is @laurenmilor :-) xx

    my email is xx

  58. My favourite beauty product at the moment is MAC Mineralize Skinfinish, it makes your face look flawless!

    I followed you on GFC (Charlotte Bradley
    Followed you on twitter (@tweetrosieolive)
    I follow you on bloglovin

    my email is:


  59. I absolutely love your blog, congrats on the follower count you deserve it! :)
    ...My favourite beauty product of all time is definitely St Tropez tan, just the best tan EVER.
    My email is
    & I already follow you on twitter @Steph_Bxo

  60. Hey hun. I'm following your blog and following you on Twitter (@smoir):-)

    My all time fave beauty product is Benefit Dallas bronzer, I've had it for years and is the perfect bronzer for going out!



  61. Nice giveaway! :) I'm following you blog (GFC: Kelly S.) and on Twitter (@kkk3llllyyyy).
    My favourite beauty product is Lumene Natural Code Mascara, it makes my lases more voluminous and thick, love it.
    I tweeted about your giveaway, too. (!/kkk3llllyyyy)

    Check out my blog also:

  62. 1. My all time beauty product would have to be the "Laura Mercier Tinted Moisteriser" because I use it everyday that I wear makeup, I LOVE it. I can use it on its own or mixed in with my BB Cream or Foundation when I feel like it!

    2. I sent you a follow request on Twitter, mine is @itsjhoang.

    3. I'm already following you on bloglovin' too.

    Thanks for holding such a lovely giveaway and my email is incase you need it :)

  63. My all time fave beauty product is MAC lipsticks. I LOVE snob and the lady gaga one! Also starting to like impassioned which I read a review on your blog!

    Already following you on twitter @BethanieJayde :-)
    Going to tweet about your giveaway now!


  64. Great giveaway! Congratulations on getting so many followers!
    Enter me please. My favorite beauty product is Clinique Clarifying Lotion. It does wonders on my skin!

    I followed you on GFC (Segments Of Life), twitter (@segmentsoflife), and tweeted (!/segmentsoflife/status/173097248509534209) = total of 3 entries.

  65. My favourite beauty product is my Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer! I have followed you on BlogLovin'
    Email: x


  66. my all time favorite beauty product has to be my revlon colorstay foundation.
    i'm following you:
    gfc=Boho Vanity
    bloglovin=boho vanity
    my email is

    thanks so much :)

  67. What a great giveaway!!
    Well done on the followers :)
    I am following through GFC.
    My favourite beauty product would have to be my MAC Nicki Minaj Pink Friday lipstick, because it is THE best pink lippie ever and I always get comments/compliments about it :)

  68. Such a nice giveaway - I think every single girl loves MAC lipsticks/glasses!!

    Fave beauty product is SO hard... Bobbi Brown Gel liner is an everyday essential, OH but also don't know where I'd be without St Tropez - feeling pale and dull!

    Love your blog beaut! XO Chloe

  69. My current favourite beauty product at the moment is Mac Blush in Style- i treated myself a few weeks ago after lusting after it for yonks!
    Brilliant giveaway!xx

  70. Hi! My favourite beauty product is Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation! My gfc is: Soph and i'm also following via Bloglovin'
    my email is: and my blog is:, would love it if you could take a look!:)Thanks xoxo

  71. My favourite product is my maybelline studio gel eyeliner :)

    love char_beyy xx


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