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As I mentioned in my last post, my nanna came to visit me yesterday and last night we went out for a meal at a gorgeous indian restaurant just up the road from my flat. I wanted to wear something that was dressy but not too dressy. I always find it difficult deciding what to wear for a meal. I ended up going for a peter-pan collar playsuit, tights and boots. I also did my hair up in a top-bun using the donut I mentioned in my last post. It was really easy to use and from start to finish it took about five minutes to create a messy bun. I would highly recommend trying one if you need a quick hair-style.

Playsuit - Topshop
Blazer - Primark
Boots - Garage

Sorry for the picture-heavy post guys! I'm currently watching Take Me Out absolutely cringing at some of these guys! Why do they do it to themselves? TV gold for us though. Hope everyones having a lovely night. If you'd like to see how I created this bun and how the hair Donut's work in more depth, let me know and I'll do a separate post with more pictures.

Lots of Love,




  1. you have a beautiful appearance =) i like your style :*

  2. Very lovely look! I have a hair donut too and find it is a great way to get glam quick! Love the outfit & I think you look very polished yet fun for a dinner out!

  3. Gorgeous outfit! I'd love to see a post on how to create this hairstyle! xxx

  4. loving your hair :) also love your makeup, what lipstick are you wearing? Its gorgeous!! xx Haha i just watched take me out too, they must really want to go to the island of Fernando's, to go through all that!

    1. Aw thankyou! I'm not sure on the name of the lipstick, it's a Rimmel one though! I'll find out and let you know :y xxx.

  5. You look stunning! Hair donuts are amazing! I really need to get one!
    lovely post hun ♥

  6. Love the hair and outfit! Absolutely stunning!

  7. You are beautiful.

    Holli x

  8. YAAY fellow Take Me Out fan! :)
    I love doing little top knots when i cant be bothered to do much with my hair.. you should defs do a post on the style :)
    Love that blazer from Primarni..i can never find nice blazers when i go into mine :( extremely jel that you found one. haha xx

  9. Thankyou everyone!! I will definetely consider doing a hair tutorial then :)! I was chuffed with this Blazer Beth, think it was £10.. BARGAIN!!! I did get it AGES ago though!! H&M have loads of nice ones, you should try there!! Xxxx.

  10. Aw thankyou, I hate my hair! This is the first time I've been out without my hair extensions in for AGES!! Xxx.

  11. Your hair look gorgeous like that :-)


  12. I loveeee buns! They're just so chic :) Looking gorgeous as always hun :)

  13. What a good idea!! My hairs so thin, so with my hair alone my bun doesn't look very good! May have to invest in a donut!

    Jen xx

  14. I must admit that I adore your style! Great post(:

  15. Looks lovely, I use to live in my doughnut lol I havent worn it for a while but after seeing this I defo want to get it out again :o) xx

  16. Really cute blog - I'm actually watching Take Me Out on catch-up now - bloody love that show! 'Jermaine' has just arrived in white fur coat..wow.

    Do you know whether there are any donuts for shorter hair? I'd love to be able to achieve a bit of volume!

    Following you on GFC - please pop over to my new beauty blog and see what you think:


  17. I like the bun. I think I could use this when im at work with my head down.... tutorial please!

  18. I love that Playsuit. Your hair is gorgeous too xo

  19. You look absolutely gorgeous here! I love everything about your outfit, makeup and hair :) xxx

  20. Aw wow thanks for the comments everyone!! Your all loveeellyyyy!!! Xxxx.

  21. Love what the bun roll thing did to your hair, quite keen on one now :) love this playsuit, you look wicked!

  22. i love this outfit! the dress is soo sweet and you're such a beauty :))

  23. By the way what lipsticks this? I like it a LOT


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