Review: Sigma High Definition Kabuki brushes

For christmas, I asked my boyfriend if he would get me a couple of Sigma brushes. I'd been eyeing them up for AGES and heard some amazing reviews. I decided I needed to try a new brand of brushes as MAC are just SO expensive and I couldn't justify spending £20-£30 on a brush.

Anyway, my boyfriend agreed to buy me a couple as part of my christmas present which I was very pleased about. I had a look on the Sigma website and their prices were unbelieveable. They were SO cheap compared to the MAC brushes I was thinking about buying. However, what I didn't realise when I first went on the Sigma website is that they are an American company so all the prices were in dollars. This wasn't too much of an issue as I could easily work out how much they would cost in pounds. There was one slightly bigger issue though. As the brushes would be delivered from America, it was going to cost around £30 just for the shipping. I thought, if I'm going to spend that much on postage, I may as well just order from MAC.

This is when the hunt began for a UK website selling Sigma brushes. I managed to come across two websites that stocked the brushes. The first site I found was: Love Makeup is a UK based company who stock products that are difficult to get hold of here in the UK. These include Sigma, NYX and Real Techniques. I was very excited when I discovered this website. I ended up ordering the Sigma Flat top F80 Kabuki brush. I had my eye on this as it looked like the perfect brush for buffing foundation into the skin. This cost me £13.99 which isn't bad in my opinion for a brush I was going to use every single day. I highly recommend this website to pick up a few beauty bargains.

I had also seen the Angled Top Kabuki F84 on the Sigma website and thought it would be the perfect contour brush. Unfortunately, Love Makeup didn't stock this particular brush so the hunt was on again for another UK website that stocked the Sigma brand. I then came across My Glamour Box: Again, this website sells a range of beauty brands. I ended up paying £16.50 for the Angled Top Kabuki which is slightly more expensive than it would normally cost but I was getting them as presents after all and it was still much cheaper than paying £30.00 postage from America.

When the brushes arrived in the post, which was very quickly might I add, I couldn't wait until Christmas and had to have a peak at them. They were super soft and gorgeous. They were VERY comparable to MAC brushes. A lot of people have said they are copies of MAC and I have to agree, the brush handles are very similair. I didn't mind this though as I think they looked chic and professional. The hairs on the brush were very densely packed which was a good sign. I knew they were going to pick up product very well before I even used them.

My boyfriend then told me off for looking at them before Christmas, woops! (I have a habit of doing this). So I decided to put them away and not look at them again until Christmas morning when I could use them to my hearts content.

I have been using these brushes since Christmas now and let me just say WOW! They work perfectly. My favourite of the two has to be the Flat Top Kabuki just because it makes such a difference to my foundation. It blends and buffs it into the skin beautifully and really does create a flawless finish. The hairs on the brush are really dense and sturdy just as I thought they would be. They pick up just enough product and make foundation application simple and fast.
I do love the Angled Top Kabuki too, as it is great for creating defined cheekbones. 

I cannot WAIT to get some more of these brushes. I am thinking of getting the entire set when I can afford it as it is pretty affordable. I don't think I will ever need to use any other brushes when I have that. HIGHLY recommend.

Have you used any of the Sigma brushes? If so, which ones do you recommend?

Lots of Love,




  1. sigma brushes look amazing i desperately need to get some new brushes as mine are so old and tatty

  2. I have immediately just purchased the flat top, very much an impulse buy! thank you I was in dire need of new brushes and MAC is not at all ideal for a student.

  3. I have these and I am absoloutely in ove with them! they live up to their name! xxx

  4. Found this website too at Christmas time. Got two Real Techniques brushes, God they are fantastic! Never had Sigma brushes...that will be my next investment!! :D x

  5. I LOVE my Sigma Makeup Brushes!! They are amazing! You definitely have to get the entire set when you can!

    P.s. Just found your blog and so glad! You do your makeup amazingly girlie + you are beyond gorgeous!


  6. Thanks for all the comments! They certainly are amazing for the price! Xxx.

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