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I was on my usual hunt for Eyelure in Superdrug the other day and I couldn't find one single pair of my beloved 107's. I was going out that night and being the Lash fan that I am, had to find some.  

I was searching through all the lashes when I came across a new brand called 'LASH' by Superdrug. The name is completely un-original I know but the lashes looked remarkably similar to Eyelure. As there were no Eyelure up for grabs I decided to give them a go. There was a large range of styles to choose from, from natural to double lashes. Again, very similar to Eyelure. I opted for 'Volume Edition 21' as they looked the most comparable to the style I would normally wear. They were £4.49 so around £1.00 cheaper than Eyelure.

My Thoughts: After using these lashes, I have to say they are the most comparable lashes to Eyelure I am yet to find. I usually hate any other lashes as I find them hard to apply and generally fake looking. I even hate MAC lashes as I find them too flimsy and fiddly. These Superdrug lashes were very easy to apply and even the glue was in an identical bottle to Eyelure's. 

I would 100% use these lashes again. Not only do they have a huge selection to choose from, they are also cheaper than Eyelure. I know it's only around a £1 saving but every little helps!

Here is me wearing the lashes: (Excuse my mascara looking a tad clumpy, my camera picks up every little detail)

Overall, I would say these lashes are of the same quality as Eyelure which I never thought I would hear myself say. I highly recommend.

Have you tried any of the Superdrug LASH collection?

Lots of Love,




  1. wow, they look really natural! x

  2. I use them now too! I buy lashes at least every fortnight, so the saving compared to my previous Eyelure addiction equals a nice chunk of change after a couple of months!

    Just wish I could master the art of applying them better though! lol

    Jen X

  3. I definatly want to try these ones :-)

  4. They are great! Worth a try! Xx.

  5. They look gorgeous, I must try them! :) xxxxxxxxxx

  6. Would love to try these look really natural to me wouldn't think you had lashes on at all :)
    Emer ♥ x

  7. theyre so affordable and comfortable, i actually prefer them to eyelure cos theyre just cheaper! xxx

  8. These look incredible! I love them, and the £1 saving is better than nothing xx


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