Giveaway Winner

As you all know my Giveaway ended at midnight last night and I couldn't wait to get home from work today and calculate the winner. I have just spent almost an hour counting all of your entries, there were 159 in total. I'm so happy with how many entries there were and if I were rich you would all be winners for your lovely comments.
Sadly though, there can only be one winner. I chose the winner in a way I thought was most fair. You might get confused now so prepare yourselves but here is how I chose the lucky lady. I wrote each persons name in order of the comments and starting from number 1 I wrote numbers underneath with how many entries they had. Therefore, if you did everything to achieve all 7 entries and were the 1st commenter you would of been numbers 1-7 and so on. This went on and on until I reached 159. I then headed over to and put numbers 1-159 into the generator. The number that was selected was number 68. I quickly had a look to see the name was above number 68 and it was the lovely Carissa from Vanilla Crush.


Taken on the MacBook screen. Apologies for the shoddy quality.

My messy notes. As you can see Carissa is number 68.

I am so grateful to everyone else who entered and I'm sorry you didn't win this time but I am going to try and do another Giveaway when I reach 500 followers (If my bank will allow me!). For the time being though, well done again to Carissa and I will be in touch with you very soon so you can choose your Shades of MAC lipsticks and lipglass. CONGRATS! I hope it has put a smile on your face anyway! I've never won a Giveaway before but I know I'd be super excited.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday. Half way to the weekend. Yay. I am also planning on doing my February favourites later tonight so keep an eye out for that.

Lots of Love..



Primark Haul

I haven't made a trip to Primark is AGES so when I finally got around to going on Saturday, I was amazed by how many nice things they had. I find Primark very hit and miss. Sometimes it's amazing, and I find myself being drawn to items identical to those you'd see in Topshop for half the price tag. However, other times its like a car-boot sale with a load of old crap that nobody really wants. Luckily, when I went on Saturday everything was very neat and tidy and there were lots of nice new things. I didn't go wild (even though I could of) as I'm trying to save money but here are the things I picked up.

Stripey High-waisted Pencil Skirt - £7.00

Leopard Print Skater Dress with belt - £10.00

Polka-Dot Blouse - £10.00

Cream and black dolly shoes - £6.00

Black platform Heels (These have been worn, hence the marks) - £16.00

Underwear Set -
Bra - £7.00
Knickers - £3.00

Candle - £2.50 (This was a random purchase at the till. It smells AMAZING!)

So there we have it, everything I got from Primark. I love reading Primark hauls and seeing what they have in store at the moment. It's kind of annoying they don't have an online site like most other stores but at the same time I guess not knowing what they will have in is the beauty of a shopping spree at Primark. As is say, it can be hit and miss but I'm happy with all the things I got. Also, sorry if your offended by me showing the underwear set but it was just so pretty I had to include it. They had so many gorgeous sets that I'll definetely be going back for some more. I especially love the Leopard print dress and black heels as I think they will make a perfect outfit for a night out. I'm sure each of these items will be featured in OOTD/OOTN posts very soon.

Have you bought anything from Primark recently?

Lots of Love,



New Brushes

I made an order on Love Makeup recently for some new makeup brushes. I absolutely love this website as you can find all kinds of stuff on there that isn't easily available on the highstreet. I first discovered this website when I was on the hunt for some Sigma brushes and now it has provided me with this lovely lot. if you haven't heard of this website before, check it out here.

As you can see, I got the 'Real Techniques' Core Collection brush kit. I have been hearing SO much about this on Blogger at the minute, that I just couldn't resist trying them out. If you haven't heard of Real Techniques, it is a line of affordable makeup brushes created by Samantha Chapman, one half of Pixiwoo. Pixiwoo are two sisters Sam and Nic, who make amazing youtube videos and write a blog. They have made a huge success for themselves and Sam has had the amazing opportunity to launch her own brush collection. I always like to support 'real' girls like this as I feel they deserve every success for their dedication to making videos and blogging. Anyway, back to the actual brushes. This kit cost me £20.99 which I think is brilliant value. That works out at around £5.25 per brush. When you think of how much one MAC brush costs, this is an amazing deal. I am not going to go into detail about the brushes as I'm going to do a separate review when I have used them more. On first impressions though, I am very impressed.

I also got the Sigma Tapered Blending E25 brush. I have wanted this brush for a long time now after hearing so many people say it was an exact dupe for the MAC 217. This cost me £8.99 which is around half the price of the MAC 217. I just can't justify spending £16.00 at MAC on an eyeshadow brush so when I heard of this Sigma copy, I had to buy it. I used this last night and wow, it is amazing. I have never used the MAC 217 but I have seen it and this is identical. Again, I won't go into too much detail as I will do a separate review after using it for a while.

Lastly, I got the Crown Basics B20 Brow Brush. I had never heard of this brand before but I needed an brow bush and I figured they couldn't really go wrong with a brow brush. They all seem the same to me so I ordered this one for the massive bargain price of £1.77. Ah, I love finding such a good bargain. I also used this last night and it is fab. It does the job and I'm so glad I didn't spend a stupid amount of money on a more expensive version. All the brushes from this line were really in-expensive so I may have to try a few of the other brushes they have to offer in the future.

Overall, I am very happy with my goodies from Love Makeup. I have also come to the conclusion you really don't need to spend a fortune on makeup brushes to get good quality. All of this cost me £31.75 and they all do the job well. When I first got into makeup I thought I had to have every brush from MAC as nothing else would compare in quality. How wrong was I? Sigma is gradually becoming my favourite brush brand and they are half the price of MAC. Yay for bargain brushes.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday. I have to go to work tonight, oh the joys.

Lots of Love,



Giveaway Reminder

Hey Lovelies. Just wanted to do a quick post to remind you all that my MAC Giveaway ends on Tuesday 28th February at midnight. You could be in with the chance of winning a MAC lipstick and MAC lipglass of your choice. If you haven't already entered, you can do so here. The winner will be chosen at random on on Sunday 29th February. 


Lots of Love,



MAC Haul

I was very excited this morning when my MAC parcel arrived. I have sold a few things on Ebay & my Blog Sale recently so I decided it was time to treat myself. I haven't bought anything from MAC in so long so that was the first website I went to. I originally had more than this in my basket but decided I needed to be sensible(ish). However, if I sell more on Ebay, I want to get 5 eyeshadows to fill my 15 pro palette. I also ordered a few things from the love makeup website but I will show you what i got when they arrive. So what did I get from MAC:

Hue Lipstick - This lipstick is one of my all time favourites from MAC. It is the perfect nude for day to day wear and it looks great with a smokey eye in the evening. As it is a Glaze formula this is like a lipstick and lipgloss combined, making it very easy to wear. This in my opinion is the nicest nude shade I have tried from MAC and it would suit most skin tones. I lost this lipstick on a night out a while ago so I thought it was about time I re-purchased.

Please Me Lipstick - I have had my eye on this for a while after my friend recommended it and I have seen it featured on lots of blogs I read. I am very impressed with this. It is a gorgeous matte pink which is unlike anything I already own from MAC. This can also be worn day or night and will be perfect for the up-coming summer months.

Underage Lipglass - I have heard SO many good things about this lipglass on Blogger/Youtube. It is the perfect milky pale pink gloss that can be worn alone or over a lipstick. I hear it is a dupe for NARS Turkish Delight lipgloss that Kim Kardashian wears.

Florabundance Lipglass - This is my favourite lipglass from MAC and my 3rd or 4th re-purchase. I love the pale peach colour and it can be worn alone or over any lipstick. It looks beautiful in the summer over a coral lip. I find myself reaching for this lipglass everyday and as I had ran out, I just had to order another.

MSF Natural 'Medium' - This is another re-purchase for me. I spoke about the MSF powders in a recent post and how much I love them. I usually get the shade 'Medium Plus' but it was sold out online so I opted for 'Medium' instead. I didn't think there would be a huge difference between the two so I just went for the medium. I have been meaning to re-purchase this for a while now so I can't wait to start using it again.

Studio Fix Fluid 'NC20' - Yet again, another re-purchase. This must be my 10th bottle of Studio Fix now. I wear this every single day and I love it. I was using NC30 originally and it was just far to orange so I then went down a shade to NC25. This time around I decided I was going to go down another shade as even NC25 looked slightly orange in natural daylight. I would much rather have a pale face than an orange face. After all, I can apply bronzer if I want more colour.

Blush in 'Fleur Power' - Again, I have seen this featured on a lot of blogs and youtube. I swatched this at the MAC counter a while ago now and absolutely loved it. It is the perfect pink/peach blush with great pigmentation. It is a Satin formula so it isn't glittery on the cheeks but adds a nice sheen. I think this is the perfect summer blush.

Khol Power Eye Pencil in 'Feline' - I usually use the MAC liner in 'Smolder' but I just couldn't find it on the website so I opted for 'Feline' instead. This liner is a slightly different formula to Smolder and I absolutely love it. When swatched this is very black and creamy but it doesn't smudge. It seems to have extremely good staying power too as when swatched on my hand, it doesn't budge when I try to rub it off. Impressed so far but I will do a full review when I have used it for a couple of weeks.

L-R: Please Me, Hue, Florabundance, Underage, Feline

'Fleur Power' Blush

So there we have everything I got. If theres anything you would like me to do a more in-depth review on, let me know in the comments below.

Lots of Love,




Just a quick OOTD post. I feel like I NEVER get to do this because I'm always at work. Therefore I never get to wear my normal clothes, just a hideous work uniform. ew. However, I'm off today and I'm about to go to town to post a few of the things I sold in my Blog Sale and to get my nails infilled (check out the missing nail in the first pic, cringe!). Thanks to anyone who had a look at my sale. I'm glad my things will be going to a nice homeAnyway, I decided to take a few snaps of what I'm wearing before I get my lazy self to the post office. I thought this outfit looked quite cute and girly. The photos were taken off my Blackberry so I apologise for the bad quality. My Canon is currently on charge ready for tonights antics. I'm working at a night called 'Koosday' in Newcastle which should be fun. Some of you may have seen it advertised on the Geordie Shore adverts? They also hold a night in Manchester so it's pretty big and I'm super duper excited yey. Anyway, I'm going off on a tangent as usual. Back to my outfit.

Floral Top - H&M
Denim Shorts - Topshop
Leggings - Primark
Waist-belt - Primark
Watch - DKNY
Bracelet - Pandora
Ring - Pandora

So there we have my outfit for the day. Nothing too interesting but quite cute all the same. I actually just ordered some shorts like this from Topshop but slightly longer and a darker denim. I sometimes feel like these are right up my bum cheeks and I definitely can't wear them without leggings. I have also ordered a few new things with the money I have made from my Blog Sale and Ebay so expect a BIG Haul post very soon.

Hope you are all having a lovely day and are shoving your faces with pancakes. I certainly plan to when I return from town. yum!

Lots of Love,



MAC Powders: Hitting Pan

Hello Ladies. This post is going to be about some of my fave items from MAC, which are their powders. I think MAC offer a great range of powders, I have tried a few of them and have always used them up and repurchased. I think if you repurchase a product, it is definetely worth a review. The three powders I have tried are the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, Mineralize Skinfinish (highlight) and the Studio Fix Powder. Each of these products are what I would use on a daily basis. As you can see from the pictures below, they are in a total state and have been very well used. I couldn't find my empty MSF Natural but I am sure you all know what it looks like.

'Soft and Gentle' MSF & Studio Fix powder in NC25

I absolutely love these powders and I would never turn to another brand for a face powder or highlight. I recently got a NARS highlight (I will review soon) and I personally don't think it compared to MAC. I have definitely found my 'holy grail' powders in these products. Here are my thoughts on all three powders:

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural: MSF Natural powders are hugely popular in the blogging world and rightfully so. These powders are gorgeous. I have just ordered myself a new one after going for a couple of months without one. (shock!). MSF powders are the perfect 'setting' powder. They are light, buff into the skin perfectly and give your face a flawless finish. The thing I love about these is the fact they don't completely cover your foundation. Obviously, some people like full-coverage but I think if your spending a lot of money on a high-end foundation, what's the point in covering it with loads of powder? It kind of defeats the purpose in my eyes. With this powder, the 'glow' of your foundation still comes through and it looks very natural. (Hence the name). It doesn't feel as though you are caked in powder and due to the mineral ingredients, it doesn't don't clog the pores either. An overall winner for me and I will continue to re-purchase this powder time and time again.

Mineralize Skinfinish: MSFs are once again hugely popular amongst make-up addicts like myself and I am not surprised. They contain the same mineral ingredients as the natural powders and they look absolutely stunning in the compact. These powders have a marbled effect containing beautiful swirls of highlight shades. There are two of them in the permanent line, 'Soft & Gentle', a champagne highlight and 'Gold Deposit', a bronze highlight. I have tried both of these shades and they are beautiful. I find Soft & Gentle works better with my skin tone and I plan to re-purchase it as soon as I have some money. They are the perfect highlight to add a 'glow' to the skin, they reflect the light beautifully and don't make me look like a glittery disco ball. I have only ever had one of these but that is due to the fact that this one took me 2 years to use up. Yes, you heard me, even with regular use, 2 YEARS. As they last such a long time they are really worth the £21.50 price tag.

Studio Fix Powder in NC25: I love this powder, it has the most amazing coverage and is perfect for nights out when you need a touch more staying powder. It is described on the MAC website as a powder foundation but for me it just does not work as a foundation. I love putting this on top of my Studio Fix Fluid for a night out. Obviously, it doesn't feel as light on the skin as the MSF Natural but I think going out dancing in crowded sweaty clubs sometimes requires a slightly heavier powder to keep my foundation from sliding off my face. This buffs into the skin excellently with my GOSH large powder brush and takes any shine away from my Studio Fix. I find Studio Fix to be quite shiny so this is perfect to matte the foundation. I know I said earlier I like how the MSFs let your foundation glow through the powder but I think there is a huge difference between day and evening make-up. I find this works a treat for me in the evening and I have re-purchased about 3 times now. Like the MSFs this powder lasts a good few months even with daily use, so in my opinion it is worth the hefty price tag.

Have you tried any of the other powders MAC have to offer? Have you tried the three I've mentioned?

Also, don't forget to have a look through my blog sale here. There's some good bargains!

Lots of Love,



Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub

Hey Lovelies. Sorry for my lack of blogging over the past few days. My boyfriend went to visit his family for the weekend and took his Macbook we share with him. My laptop died a good while ago now so since then I have been using the Mac. I absolutely love it but when my boyfriend needs it, it means I can't blog. Bad times. A new laptop is definitely on my wish list but unfortunately my purse just doesn't have the cash to fund it at the moment. Maybe I will ask my mum very nicely for one in July when my birthday comes around.
Anyway, todays post is just a quick one about a body exfoliater I have been loving at the moment. The product I am talking about if you hadn't guessed from the title is Soap & Glory 'Sugar Crush' body scrub. I mentioned it in a Haul post a while ago now and have been using it once or twice a week ever since. I think it is so important to exfoliate the body as it can help improve the overall condition and appearance of the skin. This of course applies for both face and body but I am yet to find an amazing face exfoliater. If you know of any, please let me know in the comments.

As well as the super cute name and the ever quirky Soap & Glory packaging, this product smells amazing. This gorgeous smell is a mixture of smashed brown sugar, sweet lime, almond oil and macadamia grains. If you like sweet citrus scents, this is for you. It smells fresh and clean which makes you want to slather it everywhere. Based on the smell alone, this product deserves its place on the end of my bath. This cost £8.00 from Boots which seems a lot of money to spend on a exfoliate, but this tub provides me with 300ml of product, so it should last me a long time. 

As well as the smell, this really does exfoliate the skin brilliantly. The only bad thing I would say is that t it can get very messy. As it is packaged in a tub rather than a convenient squeezy tube, scooping it from the tub can get rather messy and my manicured nails certainly aren't impressed. However, I can look past this small blip as when applied to the skin the sugar/grains provide my skin with a gentle exfoliation. I have tried a lot of exfoliates in the past and they have always been too gentle, barely exfoliating the skin or too harsh where they feel 'scratcy' on the skin. Soap & Glory seem to have found the perfect happy medium of exfoliates.

Overall I am loving this product and would highly recommend it to everyone. I have recently been lusting after Soap & Glory products and now they have a make-up line too, I won't know where to start on my next trip to boots.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

Lots of Love,



Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation Review

I finally decided to splurge on the infamous Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation after months of deliberating. I think £26.50 is ALOT of money to spend on a foundation but I decided a good foundation is probably the most important thing to give your face a flawless finish. (I am rather good at convincing myself I NEED certain products if you hadn't already guessed).

Now I know most of you reading this will have read numerous reviews on this foundation but i want to give my two pennies worth anyway. I went back to my hometown for a visit recently and whilst I was there, I accumulated a bit of cash from various family members so I decided it was the perfect time for me to take a trip to the local Debenhams and get myself matched up with some Double Wear. I have to say, the lady on the counter was lovely and less intimidating than those stunning and often snobby girls at the MAC counter. She sat me down and took some of my makeup off so she could get a proper match. She also told me my MAC foundation wasn't the right colour for me which was great to hear (not) as I've been walking around with it slathered on my face for a good two years now. Anyhow, she told me my skin was pink toned and that the shade I was best suited to was 'Pebble'. I took her word for it and pulled out my credit card. Although I was now £26.50 down, I walked away happy with the hope that this was going to be my perfect 'holy grail' foundation.

So, moving on to the actual product. The following day I was was getting ready for a trip to the hairdressers and of course I ditched my usual Studio Fix Fluid so I could give the Double wear a go. I was really excited to see a flawless face looking back at me, after hearing so many great things about the amazing coverage. I must admit, when I first applied it with my Sigma flat top Kabuki, I liked the coverage, it didn't feel too heavy and the colour looked more natural than my Studio Fix. Impressed, I left the house feeling pretty happy with the way my skin looked. However, after spending the afternoon getting my roots done, I came home to find my face looked patchy, grey and a general mess. I was mortified at how bad it looked.

I decided it couldn't be the foundation as it looked fine when I left the house, so I just ignored it and gave it another go the following day. Let me add, a little goes a long way with this and a small amount was enough to cover my whole face. To my disappointment, my face looked like a patchy mess again the second time around. I was really disappointed, I had just spent all that money on a foundation that looks hideous on me. The colour I was matched with is VERY pink. Swatched on my hand it looks so pink next to my natural skin tone and it definitely has a strange grey undertone as my face looked grey in areas. Even though I applied a small amount, I managed to develop one of those hideous foundation moustaches where foundation goes patchy around your top lip. It also began to feel really heavy as the day went on and I felt as though I had LOADS of make-up on. I have seriously never wore a foundation that has made me feel so self-concious about my skin. I wore it to work and when I went to the toilet my skin looked horrendous. My powder and bronzer stuck to this foundation like glue too and my skin looked like a patchwork quilt.

I don't like doing negative reviews as I don't want to disrespect any companies or the products they have worked hard to create. However, there just isn't ONE good thing I can say about this product. I think it is important to give an honest opinion in product reviews as it can help make your decision on wether you want to buy it or not. After all, whats the point in being a 'beauty blogger' if I can't give you my honest opinion? I realise everyones skin type is different and although this didn't work for me I know a lot of people do love this foundation.

It's safe to say I'll be returning to my trusty Studio Fix Fluid for the time being until I find my perfect foundation. However, I am slightly concerned after the Estee Lauder lady said I'm wearing the wrong colour. I will have to go and get matched up again.

Do you recommend any foundations for me to try?

Lots of Love,



Muji Storage

My makeup collection had become what can only be described as an unruly MESS. I was storing it all in a large box under my dressing table and every morning the rummaging around and not being able to find certain items was beginning to drive me insane. In the past, I never thought I had enough makeup to have a proper storage system in place but when the large box was almost over flowing, I thought the time for proper storage had come. This is when I started doing a bit of research online for a unit to keep my stash in. I originally looked at plastic drawers, you know the type you would see in an office or school? As practical as they are, I just didn't think they would look 'pretty' enough in my bedroom. I wanted something that was practical, displayed my makeup and looked pretty as well.

I then came across 'Muji' acrylic drawers on a LOT of blogs. It seemed they were very popular, practical and they looked nice too. Bonus. They are basically acrylic, stackable drawers so you can keep your makeup neat and be able to see it through the drawers. A lot of reviews also said the Muji drawers were a cheaper version of the 'Clear Cube' storage unit used by the Kardashian sisters.The 'Clear Cube' retails for 100's of pounds, so I definitely wasn't willing to fork out that amount of money on some storage. I remember watching the Kardashians and seeing their makeup all neatly stacked in a clear unit and thinking 'wow' so the thought of having my own version was very appealing.

A lot of reviews I read online mentioned the 5 drawer set but I actually ended up ordering 3 of the 2 drawer sets to make a 6 drawer unit. I worked out I would need a drawer for face, bronzers, blush, eyes, lips and palettes so 6 was perfect for me. I ordered my drawers from the Muji website, here. It cost me £10.95 for the two drawers so 3 cost me £32.85. I think this is a pretty reasonable price for something that will make such a difference to my 'getting ready' routine. I really love the idea of being able to buy as many drawers as you need too. The website said delivery could take up to 10 days which is quite a long time, but the wait was worth and my Muji packaged arrived in about a week. The drawers were nicely bubble-wrapped to protect and I just couldn't wait to rip the packaging off and get them set up. I must admit, they were a bit smaller than I'd hoped as the drawers are quite shallow. However, I don't have a ridiculously large collection so they are big enough (for now!). I do feel like I will need more drawers in the near future though.

I absolutely love my new Muji storage system. The unit is the perfect size to sit on top of my dressing table and it makes getting ready a breeze in comparison to my 'box'storage. Here is a look at my storage before and after.



Overall, I am really happy I purchased the Muji drawers and I will definitely be buying some more when my collection grows. 

Do you use the Muji drawers to store your make-up? Or do you use an alternative system? I'd love to see/hear about your storage methods.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Monday evening and has nice Valentine's day plans for tomorrow.

Lots of Love,



Project Perfect.

I was casually reading through my Blogger Dashboard last night when I came across a very interesting post from the gorgeous Amy at Flaws and All. The title 'Project Perfect' instantly grabbed me and I had to see what it was about. When I read her post, I felt very strongly about the issue at hand. She basically says that all us silly girls who are constantly wanting to change ourselves should be happy with who we are and instead of focusing on our 'flaws', we should focus on the things we do like about ourselves.

Do you ever find yourself thinking 'why can't I look like that?' when flicking through a glossy magazine? I know for a fact that I do it ALL the time. I am the worlds worst person for comparing myself to others and anyone who knows me well enough, will know that I have struggled with self-confidence issues for a long time now. There are various reasons behind why, but I won't turn this positive post into a sob story. I have recently graduated with a degree in Journalism and my dissertation topic was based on Body Image and how women's bodies are portrayed in gossip magazines. After months of researching and reading about Body Image, it is a subject I feel strongly about. 
Unfortunately, we seem to live in a world that is very image obsessed and it is understandable for any girl to feel self-concious when the magazines we read are full of 'perfect' looking girls. However, what we should remember is that nobody is perfect, and the images we see are often airbrushed or photoshopped. I know I need to start loving myself a bit more and appreciating what I have, which is why I think Amy's post is FAB.

To try and help girls come together and appreciate the beauty they have been blessed with, Amy has asked us all to do the following -

1. Post a photo that you like of yourself and say in a couple of sentences why you like it.
2. State some things that you DON'T like yourself but say why others may love to be like that.
3. State 3 things that you DO like about yourself.

So here is my Project Perfect post:

A photo of myself that I really like:

The reason I like this photo is because it was taken at a time I was really happy, as you can see from my huge grin. It was taken last summer, which was the best summer I have had in such a long time. I turned 21, I graduated and my dad had come over from Australia to visit me. I was generally loving life. I also like how tanned I look (even if it was  from a bottle of St.Moritz).

Okay, so onto the 3 things I don't like about myself -

My Nose - I absolutely hate my nose, I think it's huge and just generally don't like the shape of it. However, my boyfriend thinks it's cute and although I don't like the shape of it, it is straight with no bumps.

My Bum - I am always moaning about the fact I have a huge bum. I feel really self conscious of it all the time and think it looks huge in certain items of clothing. I don't like wearing leggings very often as I think they just make it look bigger. However, I know some girls would love to have a few more curves in the bottom area. Also, J-Lo/Kim Kardashian type bums are often admired by lots of people.

Moles/Freckles - I hate the fact my skin isn't clear. Although my face has no moles or freckles, I have a few on my body and one that I HATE on my neck (as seen in the picture above). Sometimes I feel so self-concious about it, I won't let certain areas of my body be seen and have even contemplated getting the one on my neck surgically removed. However, I know some people see them as 'beauty marks' because they add character to a person. Oh, and Beyonce has one on her neck too which helps.

Moving on to the three things I like about myself -

My Eyes - I do like the colour of my eyes as they are a light blue and stand out when I wear dark eye makeup. I'd say my eyes are the feature I get the most compliments on.

My Waist - I am always moaning about my body but my waist is one area that I do like. It is tiny compared to my hips which creates a nice hourglass and I think it looks quite womanly in fitted dresses.

My Hair - I literally couldn't think of anything else so I'll go with my hair. Its pretty long now so I don't need to wear my extensions as much as I used to and its naturally thick. I can also blow-dry it without it going frizzy and needing straightening, which is quite handy I guess. 

I hope everyone enjoyed reading my Project Perfect post and I hope you all do it on your blogs. Don't forget to send the link of your post to Amy as she wants to read them all. I'd love to read them too.

Don't forget.. We are all beautiful in our own special ways!

Lots of Love,



Shopping My Stash - Clothes

I have seen a lot of these 'Shopping my Stash' posts knocking around on Blogger and it gave me a great idea for a new post. What 'Shopping my Stash' means is that you look through the things you already own and re-kindle your love for those items you forgot you had. The idea is to find old things you love again, so it is almost like shopping but without the spending any money part. This post is going to be based on clothes but I will hopefully get around to doing a beauty one too.

 Basically, when I finished uni last summer, I moved home for a few weeks and brought my MOUNTAINS of clothes with me. When my new flat was ready to move into, I decided I wouldn't take all of my stuff back to Newcastle as I just have far too much. Obviously, my mum didn't want all my clothes cluttering the house so she decided to put them in storage boxes and keep them in the garage. 
As I've been home for the past 6 days, I decided it was about time I tackled the mountains. I decided today was that day and I spent a good half an hour trawling though the storage boxes full of neglected clothes. My little sister helped me to look through it all and I can't actually believe how many items of clothing I'd forgot I owned. The amount of times I said 'Ooh, I used to love this' or 'I totally forgot I had this' was pretty shocking but it was nice finding items I used to love and can hopefully love again.

Just to pre-warn you all, this is going to be a pretty picture-heavy post so be prepared. Beneath is a picture of my 'stash' from the garage and some of the best items I found. It really was like having a shopping spree and I had so much fun sorting through my old things. I hope you enjoy seeing the things I found.

The 'Stash' - Three boxes full of clothes that once took pride of place in my wardrobe.
Here are some of the things I found amongst this lot -

Top & Shirt - Both H&M 
I actually LOVE both of these items, why have I neglected them for so long? They will both look perfect with some Skinny Jeans or Leggings.

Top & Dress - Both Topshop
Again, LOVE both of these. Why oh Why have they been neglected. Please excuse the creases too, they have been screwed up in a box for the past 6 months. 

Shirt - Primark
Top - Topshop
I absolutely loved both of these when I first got them and I'm still liking them now. The shirt will look great with a vest underneath and some jeans and I'm even contemplating wearing this top on Valentine's day with my wet-look leggings. I have only ever wore it once, shocking.

Dress - French Connection
Playsuit - H&M
I can't believe both of these items were in the garage, I'm annoyed at myself. I did a OOTN 2011 round-up post a while ago now and this French Connection dress was on my list of favourites. I have only wore it once and it will certainly be getting worn again now its returning to my wardrobe. As for the playsuit, this is a classic. It can be worn in summer or winter and dressed up or down. Again, why was it in the garage?

Leotard - Topshop
Bandeau - Topshop
Again, sorry for the obscene amount of creases, the bandeau definitely needs a good iron. Anyway, these two items are great for summer. I used to live in the 'Jadore Lamour' Leotard and it looks great with a pair of denim shorts. The bandeau is a classic, you can't go wrong with a few of these in your wardrobe. Much like the H&M playsuit, it can be dressed up or down.

Shorts - Topshop
Top - French Connection
I used to love these shorts, they go with almost anything and can be paired with tights in the winter or bare legs in the summer, I'm glad they will be returning to my wardrobe. I also love the style of this top. I used to work at French Connection and got it as part of my uniform. I think this would look lovely on a night out with my black or leopard print skirt.

Dress - Topshop
Striped Dress -  French Connection
I have only wore this Topshop dress once which is totally silly as I think it would look lovely with some leggings and can be dressed up or down. I also got this French Connection dress when I worked there but I think it's pretty cute for day to day wear with leggings, boots and a leather jacket.

So there we have it, a few old items of clothing that have been neglected for the past six months. I can't wait to wear all the stuff I found again and create some new outfits. I found more things but these were my favourites. This post would of gone on forever had I shown it all but here is a picture of all the stuff I found -

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and if anyone has or is thinking about doing a similar post, leave the link in the comments below as I would love to see them.

Have you ever sorted through your old clothes and found items you'd forgotten about? 

Lots of Love,



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