Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation Review

I finally decided to splurge on the infamous Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation after months of deliberating. I think £26.50 is ALOT of money to spend on a foundation but I decided a good foundation is probably the most important thing to give your face a flawless finish. (I am rather good at convincing myself I NEED certain products if you hadn't already guessed).

Now I know most of you reading this will have read numerous reviews on this foundation but i want to give my two pennies worth anyway. I went back to my hometown for a visit recently and whilst I was there, I accumulated a bit of cash from various family members so I decided it was the perfect time for me to take a trip to the local Debenhams and get myself matched up with some Double Wear. I have to say, the lady on the counter was lovely and less intimidating than those stunning and often snobby girls at the MAC counter. She sat me down and took some of my makeup off so she could get a proper match. She also told me my MAC foundation wasn't the right colour for me which was great to hear (not) as I've been walking around with it slathered on my face for a good two years now. Anyhow, she told me my skin was pink toned and that the shade I was best suited to was 'Pebble'. I took her word for it and pulled out my credit card. Although I was now £26.50 down, I walked away happy with the hope that this was going to be my perfect 'holy grail' foundation.

So, moving on to the actual product. The following day I was was getting ready for a trip to the hairdressers and of course I ditched my usual Studio Fix Fluid so I could give the Double wear a go. I was really excited to see a flawless face looking back at me, after hearing so many great things about the amazing coverage. I must admit, when I first applied it with my Sigma flat top Kabuki, I liked the coverage, it didn't feel too heavy and the colour looked more natural than my Studio Fix. Impressed, I left the house feeling pretty happy with the way my skin looked. However, after spending the afternoon getting my roots done, I came home to find my face looked patchy, grey and a general mess. I was mortified at how bad it looked.

I decided it couldn't be the foundation as it looked fine when I left the house, so I just ignored it and gave it another go the following day. Let me add, a little goes a long way with this and a small amount was enough to cover my whole face. To my disappointment, my face looked like a patchy mess again the second time around. I was really disappointed, I had just spent all that money on a foundation that looks hideous on me. The colour I was matched with is VERY pink. Swatched on my hand it looks so pink next to my natural skin tone and it definitely has a strange grey undertone as my face looked grey in areas. Even though I applied a small amount, I managed to develop one of those hideous foundation moustaches where foundation goes patchy around your top lip. It also began to feel really heavy as the day went on and I felt as though I had LOADS of make-up on. I have seriously never wore a foundation that has made me feel so self-concious about my skin. I wore it to work and when I went to the toilet my skin looked horrendous. My powder and bronzer stuck to this foundation like glue too and my skin looked like a patchwork quilt.

I don't like doing negative reviews as I don't want to disrespect any companies or the products they have worked hard to create. However, there just isn't ONE good thing I can say about this product. I think it is important to give an honest opinion in product reviews as it can help make your decision on wether you want to buy it or not. After all, whats the point in being a 'beauty blogger' if I can't give you my honest opinion? I realise everyones skin type is different and although this didn't work for me I know a lot of people do love this foundation.

It's safe to say I'll be returning to my trusty Studio Fix Fluid for the time being until I find my perfect foundation. However, I am slightly concerned after the Estee Lauder lady said I'm wearing the wrong colour. I will have to go and get matched up again.

Do you recommend any foundations for me to try?

Lots of Love,




  1. Oooh, doesn't sound too good considering the price! Such a shame you didn't like it.

    Also, I'm currently running a giveaway for the chance to win a Clarisonic Mia! I'd love it if you could check it out on my blog. xx

  2. argh! that has happened to me SO MANY times with foundation!
    i am constantly having to find new ones because as i tan more my skin changes and it seems to be this never ending foundation battle!

    i'm still currently in the process finding a new one as well!

    hugs, xo!

  3. Exactly the same with me! Heard so many good reviews about it.. so took the splurge & was so excited to start using it. It's a nightmare to work with, so drying and literally impossible to blend as it's so heavy :( Much prefer Lancome Teint Miracle as I've been using it for aaages and it works wonders! Will have to try the MAC one you mentioned though! xxx

  4. I know, such a pain spending money on a product and then HATING it! I really need to find the perfect foundation!! Xx.

  5. This did the same on my skin, I was so gutted because I really wanted to love it especially after all the rave review's :( As I only used it a couple of times, and obviously you only need a pea size (if that) each time, I managed to sell mine on ebay saying I had used a very small amount, and managed to get about £21 pounds for it back which I was happy about (I bought it a bit ago when it was £25 I think)
    I use revlon colorstay as my every day foundation and studio fix fluid for night's out and they both work perfectly for my skin!

  6. BABE this is such a shame! because i swear by this foundation! its my holy grail! couldnt live with out it! and funnily enough im not getting on with the studio fix at all! i've worn it twice and i've had it a month already!!! i keep telling myself its because i dont have a proper stippling brush but i just dont think its right for my skin so i may end up selling on ebay! shame we're not the same shades because we could of done a swap!!

  7. Thank you so much for doing this review, I was just waiting for my other foundations to run out. Now I'm going to be wary when I do go and look into getting it.

    Laura xoxo

  8. I had exactly the same experience, and was also matched to the same colour as you (pebble)! SO PINK! I always felt self conscious too, like I had a mask on!
    Our poor purses had to suffer for it too eh! Studio fix all the way :)

    abbi xx

  9. I didn't like it either hun, definitely didn't stay on very long and I felt like it was melting on a night out!

    L xo

  10. On gossmakeupartist (youtube, can't remember which video - probably a foundation one!) he says that it's important to match the 1st 3 ingredients of your foundation with the 1st 3 of your moisturiser - otherwise they can repell each other / disagree in some way! This may or may not be what you are experiencing... it's worth trying switching your moisturiser if these ingredients are different as £26 is a lot to spend on a foundation that doesn't perform!
    I just bought Double Wear myself in 'Ecru' and it stays perfect for about 12 hours if I use a matching moisturiser and blot the excess moisture from my face with a tissue then apply Double Wear.

    Hope this helps (at least with the finish of the foundation!)

  11. That's a shame. The first time i got matched for this foundation they gave me completely the wrong colour too. Like you on my hand it was way too pink. Take it back, that's what I did. Ask for a couple of colours to try out. Generally i quite liked the formula but maybe you should try a different face moisturiser. It really does last all day which is great. However it photos really badly with a flash :( I'd recommend Mac Matchmaster! :)

  12. Thanks for the advice guys! I'm really gutted it didn't work for me but hopefully I can flog it on Ebay! Aww thats a shame Hannah, would of been perfect to do a swap!! Xxx.

  13. awww thats a shame... i seriously love this foundation and wonder what i did without it!!!
    guess everyones skin is different though - and it does sound like the colour wasnt right :(

    £26.50 down... but at least you've tried it :) xxx

  14. I loved this foundation but it dried out my oily skin a bit too much!!!xx

  15. Oh no, that's a shame. Estee Lauder Double Wear is the only foundation that will stay put on my skin for a full working day, I'm on my third bottle now! I think you look more 'tawny' than 'pebble' though.. I also use a primer before hand, or if I have no primer a light layer of a moisturising foundation underneath. You could try and sell it on Twitter or your blog and hopefully get most of your money back? xx

  16. It's such a shame that it didn't work out for you.. ELDW is personally one of my favourite foundations. It sounds as though you may have been matched to the wrong colour though? Maybe you could try getting a few different samples of it?

  17. This sounds terrible! I'll definitely be staying away from it! xx

  18. OO so glad you posted this review. I have the double wear light and have liked using that but wanted to purchase this one.. maybe its just a case of being matched to the wrong colour but i dont like the sound of the grey undertones.. for that amount of money you expect it to last .. i may try a sample of it instead of just buying it xx

  19. Its a shame you didn't get on with it. Its my HG foundation, although i did have a love/hate relationship with it at first. Its funny because i don't really get on with my studio fix :P

    I found the best results using a silicone based primer under DW, that way you use less and mine stays put all day!

  20. i want to try this foundation so bad because of all the great reviews i've read on it... but now I'm going to ask for a sample first... I don't want to end up with an expensive regret.

  21. Ah it's gutting spending so much on something like this just to find out it doesn't work for you. I've read lots of other positive reviews so maybe it's just down to bad luck :(

  22. I also bought this and had the same problem i emailed them about it because I was so outraged. What a shame ey!
    Ive actually just reviwed this product! In love with your bloggg!!!

  23. I was sooo impressed with the Estee Lauder Double Wear! Seriously it's been amazing for me. I've got oily skin, but it just stayed put all day, but it didn't look unnatural or 'caked on'.

    See my review here:

    I'll be reviewing the Estee Lauder Double Wear Light soon too!

  24. I find it so strange that you were given the shade "pebble" as it is what I was given (as a tester) and my skin is naturally olive toned and is definitely darker than yours. I do agree that it is pink toned as it is a little too pinky for my skin but other than that it works great for me and sits perfectly all day. I do find that it breaks me out quite bad if I wear it all day (10/12 hours) which is only something I have noticed as of late :(

    I hope you find your holy grail foundation soon! Nothing beats Revlon Colorstay for me <3


  25. I've just done a review on my blog of this foundation and I love it! I can't believe it left your skin looking patchy and horrible. I don't know whether they've changed the formula since you blogged this but it doesn't make my skin blotchy at all and it lasts all day :S


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