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I know I'm abit late posting my Glossybox review as I have seen hudereds of fellow bloggers post about this months lovely Glossybox since it arrived in the post but I still had to share my thoughts regardless. This month, Glossybox decided to do a Valentine's special and the box is hot pink instead of the usual pale pink. Since I only signed up to Glossybox in December, so far I have had the red Christmas box and now the hot pink Valentines box. I love how they do themed boxes for special occassions throughout the year. I absolutely fell in love with the Christmas box and have used the Blink & Go mascara and Rituals shower gel every day since I recieved it. So it's safe to say, I had high expectations for January's offerings. I much prefer the packaging this time around, I'm a sucker for all things pink and the grey ribbon and pink heart sticker look super cute and girly.

I'm always so excited to rip off the tissue and see my new little treats. To be honest, for £10.00 a month, even if I don't like the products inside, it's still exciting. So here are the goodies January's box had to offer:

Doesn't it just look so pretty? The pink tissue and all the mini (some full-size) products. I am seriously in  my element when I get these through the post. Check out the little sweet too, which even had 'Glossybox' wrote on it. A cute touch I thought. Here is a closer look at the products I recieved and my first thoughts on them:

Murad Skin perfecting primer: I was probably most excited to see this products in the box as I much prefer recieving make-up than skincare. I look forward to trying this out to see if it gives me the dewy finish it claims to on the box.

Weleda One Step Cleanser & Toner: I don't know what to make of this as it looks pretty strange. I opened the box and inside it is a strange milky looking liquid. I do need to cleanse and tone a LOT more than I do though, so I am definetely going to give it a try.

F.A.B Gentle Body Wash: To be honest, I wasn't impressed when I saw this product, I don't need anymore body washes and I think it is a bit of a boring product to recieve. I will still use it as you can never have enough body washes but I would of liked something slightly more interesting to try out.

ORLY Nail Lacquer: How cute is this mini nail polish? I was happy to see this prouct in the box as this shade of red is a colour i would normally choose. I love deep colours on the nails so this was a winner for me. I look forward to trying it out.

EYEKO Skinny Eyeliner: This was the only full-size product in this months box and I love it. The packaging is gorge. I did have better pictures than these but for some reason the laptop is uploading them upside down, stupid technology. Anyway, these eyeliners cost £9.50 to buy so already it is obvious that Glossybox has once again been a saving. I got the shade 'Emerald Green' which is a gorgeous deep green colour. I'm not sure how I will use it yet as I usually stick with black eyeliner, but it will be fun to have a play around and create some different looks with it.

Overall Thoughts: I'm in two minds about this months box. I do like the two make-up products and the nail polish I recieved but I wasn't massively excited about them. As for the skin-care products, I was a little disappointed. After seeing what other people got in their Glossybox, such as Clarins moisturiser and Davines Moisturising Balm, I was a little bit gutted I didn't recieve those products. I would get a lot more use out of those moisturisers than the skin-care products I recieved. However, this is the beauty of Glossybox, you never know what you will recieve. I'm sure some months I will love every single product and other months I might be a little disappointed. Either way, I still love the Glossybox concept and for £10.00 a month I can't really complain.

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What did you think of this months Glossybox?

Lots of Love,




  1. Looks like you had a good month with Glossybox! The mini orly polish is a beautiful red! :)


  2. I heard some people were really disappointed with theirs this month, but you did well to get the Orly polish! haha, perfect for Valentines day. I want to try the feel unique box! xxxx

  3. Cute blog..Im a new follower!

    I wish they shipped glossy box where I live :((


  4. In Australia we haven't got our valentines box yet. But I do know it is hot pink like yours.


  5. love the nailvarnish! the colour is lovely! :)


  6. We got the exact same box. Pretty fed up of body wash and cleansers now, think this box will be my last! X

  7. I think all beauty boxes can be abit hit & miss, that's the risk you take by signing up. I loved my first Glossybox but wasn't so impressed with this month! Going to give it abit more of a chance before I decide if I want to keep paying the subscription!! Let's hope next months box is better!! Xxxx.

  8. Agree with taking a chance with the beauty boxes. The US has birchbox which I find, the concept more alluring then the products. But...I do enjoy a little gift every month.
    Btw- I love your new header ~! your blog is a fav xxxx


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