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Hello Ladies. This post is going to be about some of my fave items from MAC, which are their powders. I think MAC offer a great range of powders, I have tried a few of them and have always used them up and repurchased. I think if you repurchase a product, it is definetely worth a review. The three powders I have tried are the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, Mineralize Skinfinish (highlight) and the Studio Fix Powder. Each of these products are what I would use on a daily basis. As you can see from the pictures below, they are in a total state and have been very well used. I couldn't find my empty MSF Natural but I am sure you all know what it looks like.

'Soft and Gentle' MSF & Studio Fix powder in NC25

I absolutely love these powders and I would never turn to another brand for a face powder or highlight. I recently got a NARS highlight (I will review soon) and I personally don't think it compared to MAC. I have definitely found my 'holy grail' powders in these products. Here are my thoughts on all three powders:

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural: MSF Natural powders are hugely popular in the blogging world and rightfully so. These powders are gorgeous. I have just ordered myself a new one after going for a couple of months without one. (shock!). MSF powders are the perfect 'setting' powder. They are light, buff into the skin perfectly and give your face a flawless finish. The thing I love about these is the fact they don't completely cover your foundation. Obviously, some people like full-coverage but I think if your spending a lot of money on a high-end foundation, what's the point in covering it with loads of powder? It kind of defeats the purpose in my eyes. With this powder, the 'glow' of your foundation still comes through and it looks very natural. (Hence the name). It doesn't feel as though you are caked in powder and due to the mineral ingredients, it doesn't don't clog the pores either. An overall winner for me and I will continue to re-purchase this powder time and time again.

Mineralize Skinfinish: MSFs are once again hugely popular amongst make-up addicts like myself and I am not surprised. They contain the same mineral ingredients as the natural powders and they look absolutely stunning in the compact. These powders have a marbled effect containing beautiful swirls of highlight shades. There are two of them in the permanent line, 'Soft & Gentle', a champagne highlight and 'Gold Deposit', a bronze highlight. I have tried both of these shades and they are beautiful. I find Soft & Gentle works better with my skin tone and I plan to re-purchase it as soon as I have some money. They are the perfect highlight to add a 'glow' to the skin, they reflect the light beautifully and don't make me look like a glittery disco ball. I have only ever had one of these but that is due to the fact that this one took me 2 years to use up. Yes, you heard me, even with regular use, 2 YEARS. As they last such a long time they are really worth the £21.50 price tag.

Studio Fix Powder in NC25: I love this powder, it has the most amazing coverage and is perfect for nights out when you need a touch more staying powder. It is described on the MAC website as a powder foundation but for me it just does not work as a foundation. I love putting this on top of my Studio Fix Fluid for a night out. Obviously, it doesn't feel as light on the skin as the MSF Natural but I think going out dancing in crowded sweaty clubs sometimes requires a slightly heavier powder to keep my foundation from sliding off my face. This buffs into the skin excellently with my GOSH large powder brush and takes any shine away from my Studio Fix. I find Studio Fix to be quite shiny so this is perfect to matte the foundation. I know I said earlier I like how the MSFs let your foundation glow through the powder but I think there is a huge difference between day and evening make-up. I find this works a treat for me in the evening and I have re-purchased about 3 times now. Like the MSFs this powder lasts a good few months even with daily use, so in my opinion it is worth the hefty price tag.

Have you tried any of the other powders MAC have to offer? Have you tried the three I've mentioned?

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  1. I have the studio fix and feel the same, it's too heavy for during the day but it's the powder I use every single time when im going on a night out! Really want to try one of the mineralize skin finish's, think i'm going to wait for my other ones to run out first though!

  2. Ive heard amazing things about the MSF! I really want to try them!

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  3. thanks for this post, it's made my mind up to try out the MSF powders! xxx


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