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I haven't made a trip to Primark is AGES so when I finally got around to going on Saturday, I was amazed by how many nice things they had. I find Primark very hit and miss. Sometimes it's amazing, and I find myself being drawn to items identical to those you'd see in Topshop for half the price tag. However, other times its like a car-boot sale with a load of old crap that nobody really wants. Luckily, when I went on Saturday everything was very neat and tidy and there were lots of nice new things. I didn't go wild (even though I could of) as I'm trying to save money but here are the things I picked up.

Stripey High-waisted Pencil Skirt - £7.00

Leopard Print Skater Dress with belt - £10.00

Polka-Dot Blouse - £10.00

Cream and black dolly shoes - £6.00

Black platform Heels (These have been worn, hence the marks) - £16.00

Underwear Set -
Bra - £7.00
Knickers - £3.00

Candle - £2.50 (This was a random purchase at the till. It smells AMAZING!)

So there we have it, everything I got from Primark. I love reading Primark hauls and seeing what they have in store at the moment. It's kind of annoying they don't have an online site like most other stores but at the same time I guess not knowing what they will have in is the beauty of a shopping spree at Primark. As is say, it can be hit and miss but I'm happy with all the things I got. Also, sorry if your offended by me showing the underwear set but it was just so pretty I had to include it. They had so many gorgeous sets that I'll definetely be going back for some more. I especially love the Leopard print dress and black heels as I think they will make a perfect outfit for a night out. I'm sure each of these items will be featured in OOTD/OOTN posts very soon.

Have you bought anything from Primark recently?

Lots of Love,




  1. Love the little skater dress - really cute! x

  2. It's been too long since I had a spree in primark! That dress looks exactly like one I have from republic! Love it all.
    abbi, x

  3. The platform shoes are amazing ...everything is gorgeous thou .. gd haul x

  4. I went in today and I thought they had lovely stuff too! Hadn't been in for ages! You picked up some lovely things! I have them dolly shoes also ! Do you not think it is waaaay overpriced considering it's Primark though? H&M is literally just as cheap nowadays! xoxo

  5. Those shoes are amazing, I'm on the hunt for new heels so might have to take a trip to Primark! :) x

  6. I'm so jealous, the closest Primark to me is a 30 minute drive then a trip on the Park & Ride. I always get so unlucky and never find anything! x

  7. I love Primark Hauls, you got some lovely things xx

  8. Great buys love the shoes :D x

  9. I got that dress for my birthday, its a great item!
    I wear up dressed up and down...comfy too (:
    <3 primark when it's having a good day

  10. This underwear set is so cute! Love the heels as well, can't believe they're so cheap! x

  11. The leopard print dress is beautiful! xx

  12. Really love the leopard dress! I miss Primark so much :( Can't wait to go back to the UK and buy lots!
    Charlotte Couture Blog

  13. COMPLETELY agree with the Primarni comment, very hit and miss but sometimes you find loads and its like supermarket sweep! Love the stripy skirt!

  14. I love those heels!!

    Katie x

  15. Loving the leopard print skater dress, what a bargain! xxx


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