My Current Dressing Table/Set-up

Hey Everyone! I have just logged into my account to find a post I spent about two hours writing last night and hasn't saved. Brilliant. I wrote it at a ridiculously late time so I thought, I'll save it and publish it in the morning. Anyway, no point in moaning - I'm just going to have to start from scratch. The post I wrote was about my Dressing table/Set-up, so basically the place I would get ready in a morning and where I stash all of my beauty products. I don't know if it's just me but I love seeing these type of posts. Maybe I'm just a nosy Parker but I love seeing how people organise their beauty products, especially us makeup mad ladies. I think nice storage can make using makeup much more pleasurable. Also, as I'm going to Australia for five months in less than two weeks, I wanted to get this post done before I go away.
The dressing table I'm currently using is from Argos and it came with the leather stool and mirror pictured above. I chose the colour black as I figured it would be the easiest colour to keep clean when dealing with messy makeup. It also fits in with the black, grey and silver 'Boudiour' scheme of my bedroom. To be honest, I'm not particularly happy with my dressing table. The problem I have is that it only has one drawer and is generally not big enough. I mean its fine for now but in an ideal world I'd like to have a large dressing table with more than one drawer so I can start storing my makeup in them. You know like those girls on Youtube with drawer after drawer of neatly organised products? Yes, this is what I would like one day but for now I'll just have to dream as I'm not made of money. By the side of my dressing table, I have a large free standing lamp that I use when doing my make-up. As you can see, on the left-hand side of my dressing table I keep my Muji acrylic drawers. Don't get me wrong, I love how they display my makeup but I have already filled six drawers to the brim. When I ordered them, it wasn't until I saw them in person that I realised how shallow they are. They are fine for now as most of my makeup fits but I know they won't be ideal when my collection grows. On top of my Muji drawers, I keep all of my day to day products. This includes my Liz Earle skincare, random hair products and my MAC brush cleanser. I like to keep those on top because they look pretty and are easy to grab when I'm in a rush. Next to the drawers, I keep my brushes in a cream mosaic pot from TKMAXX. Again, I'm not a fan of this and I eventually want to get an acrylic pot to match the Muji drawers. 
On the right-hand side of the dressing table, I keep all of my perfumes and some cotton pads which I obviously use on a daily basis. As the dressing table is quite small, I try to keep only my essentials on display and everything else in the drawer. I'd love to have lots of pretty storage on display, hence the reason I don't like my current set up. I can't wait to get a dressing table with lots of space.
Moving on to the drawer, this is where I keep all of my fake tan, hair care, hair brushes, body lotions and so on. To keep it somewhat organised I have used my old glossyboxes to separate the products into sections. I''d definitely recommend this if you still have your old bloxes. I also keep my palettes in this drawer.
So thats the dressing table covered. I have a pretty straight forward set-up, nothing too fancy but I like to keep things fairly simple with everything in its place. I keep any extra makeup that doesn't fit in the Muji drawers, in the black and white box pictured above. I used to store all of my makeup in this but it was far too hard to find anything in a morning. Now I tend to keep products I don't use as much in there. This box just slides under my dressing table which is quite handy. As well as this box, I also keep a set of three wicker baskets under the table. In the bottom basket I keep all of my bangles, in the middle basket I keep my velcro rollers and in the top basket I keep my hair extensions. As you can see in the picture, I have them dangling over the edge as this prevents them from getting tangled and damaged.

So there we have it, this is where I currently do my makeup. It isn't perfect, but it could be worse. Sorry for how long this post is but I wanted to explain where I keep everything in a bit more details. If any of you do this post, I'd love to see what your set up looks like.
I hope everyone is having a lovely day, I'm full of cold. Not impressed.

Lots of Love,

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Hello lovely blogger ladies. I just wanted to quickly share a recent purchase of mine with you all. I bought this Lip Scrub from Lush yesterday after lusting over it for quite some time. Now you may be shocked by this but this is actually one of my first purchases from Lush. Yes I realise this is a sin in beauty blogger land but it just doesn't appeal to me. I mean don't get me wrong, I like to smell nice just as much as the next person but I'm never tempted to go and spend lots of money at Lush. From what I have seen in the past, I find their products slightly overpriced and I would much rather buy makeup and clothes over bath and body products. Thats just me though, so don't get mad at me if your a Lush lover (I know theres lots of you out there). However, I made an exception yesterday and bought this lovely little lip scrub. I suffer with pretty dry lips and recently they have got worse. It must be due to my horrendous cold but either way, I needed a quick fix to get my lips looking healthy again. Flakey, dry, chapped lips are not attractive. To solve this problem, I usually use the old scrubbing a toothbrush along my lips trick, which works excellently but it sometimes hurts so I needed a more lip friendly and convenient alternative.
I've seen a few people post about this little scrub before and I always thought the little pots looked cute. The one thing I do like about Lush, is their quirky packaging but I try not to let that suck me into the hype. As this little pot of loveliness was only £4.95, I didn't mind parting with some money for it and made a very rare trip into Lush. There were a few options in the shop so I had a whiff of them all and Bubblegum came up trumps. This stuff seriously smells gorgeous. It was also the bright pink option, ideal for a pink loving girly girl like me. If you like sweet smells/tastes, you will love this. I thought this would be lovely to slather over my lips and much more pleasing that a dry old toothbrush.
I used this today and I have to say, I love it. It does exactly what it says on the tub. It is a sugar formula, meaning the grains help remove any dry skin. After using this, my lips have never felt softer. Also, it tastes amazing. It certainly lives up to its name of being 'lush'. Overall, I know I am going to enjoy using this and will have lovely soft lips in the process. It will be great to use before I apply lipstick so it doesn't stick to any unsightly dry skin.

Have any of you tried the lip scrubs? What do you think of Lush in general? 
Should I try more of their products or do you agree that they are slightly 'over-hyped'?

Lots of Love,

Seven Deadly Sins Tag

Hello beautiful people! I have seen this tag flying around all over Blogger and Youtube lately so I thought I would join in and give it a whirl myself. It's very straight forward, you just answer a set of beauty questions relating to each of the seven deadly sins. Fun fun fun! I would have loved to a do a video version of this but I'm not quite brave enough to do that just yet. Anyway, here are the Questions along with my answers:

1.GREED: What is your most inexpensive beauty item? What is your most expensive?
My most inexpensive beauty item would probably be a NYX lipstick in the shade 'Snow White' which cost me around £0.99p on ebay. I bought it for Halloween as I needed a deep red lipstick but I actually really like the shade and it is a lovely formula. I must get a few more of these from ebay. BARGAIN. 
My most expensive beauty product would probably be my Smashbox Primer. I actually got it as a gift but I believe it was £29.00, slightly ridiculous for a primer? However, if it was something I spent my own money on, it would be the Urban Decay NAKED palette. That set me back £27.00 but it was worth every penny.

2.WRATH: What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with? What product has been the hardest to get?
I have a love/hate relationship with cream blushes. I mean, I love the idea of them creating a glowy cheek and they always look SO pretty but I just cannot get them to work for me. Whenever I apply them, they seem to look patchy or too shiny on my cheeks. I think I'm more of a powder blush girl.
The beauty product that has been the hardest to get would definitely be my Urban Decay NAKED palette. Seriously, I spent months trawling through various websites and it was sold out. Even the big department stores near me didn't have any left. I FINALLY got my hands on one when House Of Frazer got them back in stock. I couldn't of been more excited if I tried. 

3.GLUTTONY: What are your most delicious beauty products?
Delicious? (confused face) I don't tend to eat my beauty products but I guess if this means smell/prettiness it would have to be all my body lotions and potions. I use a lovely Coconut Shimmer body butter from The Body Shop which makes my skin smell lovely. Every time I put it on, people always ask me what I'm wearing. Apart from this, it would obviously be my lovely smelling perfumes. Especially Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy.

4.SLOTH: What beauty product do you neglect, due to laziness?
It would probably have to be Primer. Honestly, I never remember to use it. I will occasionally use it on nights out but I find it doesn't make much of a difference to my make-up anyway. 

5.PRIDE: What beauty product gives you the most self confidence?
I think it would probably be eyeliner. Some of you might think this is a strange choice but for me I love the way black eyeliner looks against my light blue eyes. I find the contrast of the two colours really nice and as my eyelashes are quite naturally dark, I could probably go without that and create a lovely smokey eye just by using eyeliner. Apart from eyeliner, it would be bronzer. A bit of bronzer can make me look so much healthier and awake. You can't beat a bronze glow.

6.LUST: What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?
Well, apart from being a gentleman and making me laugh it would have to be eyes and smile. Yes, I realise they are obvious choices but for me, they are two of the first things I notice.

7.ENVY: What items would you most like to receive as a gift?
This is such a hard choice as I can think of so many things I'd love to receive. I think it would probably be some really high-end make-up that I wouldn't normally spend the money on myself. Possibly a YSL lipstick or some Chanel goodies? I hear great things about the Bronze Universal so something along those lines, something a bit snazzy. I would also love anything from NARS as it's a bit on the pricey side but one of my favourite brands. If anyone is reading this and has money to burn, please feel free to buy me on of the above. (muhaha!)

I hope you enjoyed reading my answers! If you have done this tag, leave the link in the comments below as I would love to have a read. Also, I realise I've not included every product mentioned in the picture above but a couple of them are hiding somewhere in my messy room. I hope you have all had a lovely weekend, the weather has been so lovely hasn't it? It feels like Summer!

Lots of Love,

Real Techniques Core Collection

L-R Detailer Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, Contour Brush & Buffing Brush

Hey Beauties! If any of you read my 'New Brushes' post, you will know that I recently ordered myself some Real Techniques brushes from online beauty website, Love Makeup. Most of you will of probably heard of these brushes by now as Bloggers all over the Bloggersphere have been blogging about them. (What a mouthful). However, just incase you haven't heard of them they are created by Samantha Chapman, one half of the infamous 'Pixiwoo' beauty gurus on youtube. When I heard about these and saw all the blog posts, I just had to get my hands on them and test them out for myself.
As I have been using them for a good few weeks now, I feel I have used them enough to give an accurate and thorough review. This specific set, the 'Core Collection' cost me £20.99 and is a selection of face brushes. There are two other sets available from the Love Makeup website, including a Starter Kit and Travel Kit. As well as these sets, you can also buy individual brushes priced at £10.99. 
I decided to go for the Core Collection kit as it comes with four brushes I could see myself getting the most use out of. The kit includes a Detailer, Pointed Foundation, Contour and Buffer brush. I specifically had my eye on the Buffer and Contour as I thought they looked perfect for my powder and bronzer.

As I said, I have been using them for a while now and so far I love them. These really are great quality brushes and exceptional value for money. Since parting with my £20.99, I have reached for them whilst getting ready almost every day. The two I use most are the Buffing and Contour but as I was mainly buying the kit for those two anyway, the other two brushes included were just a nice bonus. I use the Buffer brush mainly for my powder but I sometimes use it for blush too. I hear it is also great for foundation, but I am yet to give that a go. As for the Contour, I use it for it's main purpose, contouring. I swirl this in my NARS Laguna and apply it underneath my cheekbones. As it has quite a small head (if that's the correct term) you can create a precise and strong contour which I love. 
As for the Pointed Foundation and Detailer brush, unfortunately they have been neglected. It's not because I don't like them, I just don't find myself having any use for them. One thing I will say is that these brushes are a lot smaller in reality than they look on pictures. Even on my own pictures above, they look larger than they actually are. The foundation brush, in my opinion, is nowhere near big enough for foundation application. I think I would be sat applying my foundation all day if I were to use that. I have used it a few times but for concealer under my eyes instead which I think is a more appropriate way use it. As for the detailer brush, it is so teeny tiny, I really don't know what to use it for. If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments.
As for the quality of these brushes, they are fab. They aren't harsh on the skin, they haven't shed at all and they have remained amazingly soft. Overall, I absolutely love them and I am planning on getting some more of the individual brushes. I believe they are currently included in the 3 for 2 offer at Boots, a perfect excuse for me to go and get a few more I say.

Have you tried the Real Techniques brushes? What do you think? Would you recommend any?

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend! I'm hungover and feeling sorry for myself but I'm sure Britain's Got Talent, Take Me Out and The Voice will make me feel much better. What a great night of reality TV.

Lots of Love,

My New Favourite Dress - Republic Aztec Maxi

Hey Lovelies. While I was at home last week, I was trawling through every clothing website going in the hope of finding some lovely new summer items to spice up my drab winter wardrobe. As you all probably know by now, I go to Australia next month so this has made me want to buy summery clothes even more than I already did. Whilst looking on the Republic website, this Crafted Mullet Maxi Dress really caught my eye. It is short and the front and gradually gets longer at the back. It has cute rope straps that cross over at the back, with a matching rope belt around the waist. I have seen a lot of dresses/skirts in this style at the moment and I think it is such a pretty trend. I am also a huge fan of Aztec/Tribal print so throw the two together and it's a must-have in my Summer wardrobe.
Anyway, I hesitated for a while as I am massively skint but as soon as I clicked off the website, I couldn't stop thinking about it and kept toying with the idea of buying it. I always try and justify my spends so I kept telling myself 'just get it, it will look perfect in Oz'. I dithered around for a few more days and when I returned to Newcastle I showed my boyfriend it to get his opinion. Straight away, he said he loved it and that he'd buy me it. I was over the moon as it was a very unexpected treat. Obviously, I jumped at the chance and popped the dress into my online shopping bag with no hesitation. To be honest, I know I would of bought it no matter what, but not having to spend my own money on it was a brucey bonus.
The dress arrived today, three days after ordering, which was pretty quick. When I opened the parcel it was love at first sight and before I even tried it on, I knew it was going to fit and look absolutely lovely. I am so glad I ordered this dress, it is gorgeous. I'm a huge fan of maxi dresses as they are easy to throw on and create the perfect summer look. I believe you can look effortlessly stylish in a maxi dress. Plus, they can be dressed up or down which is an added bonus. I love items that are versatile and maxi dresses are definitely one of them items. In the pictures above, I quickly threw on my New Look tan wedges which I think work well for a casual look. I would pair it with sandals and some chunky wooden bangles for day wear. For an evening look, I would swap the black rope belt for a thin tan waist belt and my super high tan Kurt Geiger heels. Jewellery wise, I would probably go for gold bangles and a chunky ring. I can think of so many ways I would wear this and I'm sure it will feature in plenty of OOTD and OOTN posts while I'm in Australia.
This dress cost £36.00 which I think is very reasonable for a dress I know I will get a lot of wear out of. It is still available of the Republic website here if any of you love it as much as I do and would like to snap it up. I would love to get another dress and a skirt in this style before I go away. I have my eye on a few from River Island and Missguided and It is definitely a trend I can see myself wearing a lot in the summer months.

Do you like this new take on a maxi dress? Do you have your eye on anything similair?
Also, I have just put a few things on my Ebay page so if any of you are interested, feel free to have a look here.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday. I've come down with a horrible cold so Im going to snuggle on the sofa watching Mary's Bottom Line and Celebrity Juice with a cup of tea. On a brighter note, I won a Missguided dress on Twitter today. I never win anything so it was a lovely surprise when they tweeted me saying I'd won their style comp. 

Lots of Love,

March Glossybox - The Harrods Edition

Hey beautiful people! I know this is completely over-due and most of you have probably already read a million reviews on the Harrods Glossybox, but I wanted to give you my thoughts anyway. I've been visiting family in the Lake District for the past week so I couldn't get my hands on my Glossybox until I got back to Newcastle yesterday.
Of course, being the beauty blogger that I am, I ripped into my Glossybox and took some pictures for you all to see straight away.
This months box is 'The Harrods Edition' meaning all of the items are from the Harrods cosmetics hall. It all sounded very exciting and I was expecting BIG things after my disappointment with last months offerings. This months box is black and white instead of the standard pale pink and brown box. I think this colour scheme is my favourite so far. It is very chic looking and I loved the green 'Harrods' ribbon/black paper combo securing all the products together. Anyway, moving on to the product inside the box.

Narciso Rodriguez For her Eua De Parfum - Its always nice to try a new perfume but for me this isn't something I'm impressed with in a beauty box claiming to provide us with '5 luxury products' each month. In my opinion, this is something anyone could get for free if they went into a department store and asked for a perfume sample. I just feel a bit cheated with this product, and it doesn't even smell nice. Far too floral for me, but that's just my personal opinion. 

Molton Brown Heavenly Ginger Lily Moisture bath & shower - Again, I'm afraid I was disappointed with this product too. Don't get me wrong, it smells absolutely lovely and I know Molton & Brown are a great brand but my first thought when opening the box was 'not another shower gel'. I think I have received one in every single box I've got so far and currently have a collection of mini shower gels gathering at the end of my bath. Great for people who love bath and shower products, but for me I think there are far more interesting products out there. This is also the largest product in this months box at 50ml.

YSL - Forever Youth Liberator - I was quite excited when I saw this product as obviously YSL is a very high-end brand. Put it this way, a 50ml bottle of this on the YSL website costs £80.00. Anyway, as I had a closer look I realised this is an anti-ageing products. Now, I'm only 21 so I obviously don't need to use anti-ageing products. Surely Glossybox know their target audience is mainly young people and would want to provide us with something slightly more 'age-appropriate'? Even though this product is obviously for older people, I am still going to give it ago as you can't start the anti-ageing process too early right?

Burberry Beauty - Miniature Lip Mist Copper No202 - I was definitely the most excited about this product. I mean, how cute is this miniature lipstick? I also LOVE the packaging, so chic and stylish. To be honest, I didn't even know Burberry has a make-up range so it was nice to discover something new. Seeing make-up products in my Glossybox makes me happy, as for me, that's the reason I signed up. As much as I enjoy skincare, haircare and fragrance, I get much more joy from beauty products. The colour I received was 'Copper No202' which is a lovely nude 'copper' shade. I have tried this on and it is a lovely colour, moisturising on the lips, almost like a like balm and it tastes amazing. Yes, I did say tastes. I put this on my lips and a few minutes later I could taste parma violets. You know those purple sweets? This tastes exactly like those. Yummy. This will also be fab to take in my hand-luggage when I go to Australia next month. It is the perfect size for on the go touch-ups. I would definitely buy a full size version of this if it wasn't for the £22.50 price tag. *sobs*.

Clarins - Extra-Firming Body Cream - I have tried Clarins products in the past and they are lovely so I was happy to see a product from this brand. However, when I noticed it was a body cream, I was slightly disappointed. For me, I just never use body creams. I have tried to get into the habit of moisturising my body but I can just never be bothered. I find it too much of a faff, much like fake-tanning. I am definitely going to give it ago though as it would be a waste otherwise. It does smell absolutely gorgeous so I'm sure I will enjoy slathering my body with it. I also noticed that this product is also aimed at an older audience. On the leaflet Glossybox provides with a list of the products, it says 'for firmer skin and a younger looking body'. I don't know why Glossybox went mad with the anti-ageing products this month. Strange.

So there we have it, my thoughts on this months Glossybox. I'd just like to say, all opinions are personal to me. I realise other people may love the products I was disappointed with. I like to give you all an honest opinion so I hope you didn't take offence by anything I said. As I am going to Australia next month, Aprils box will be my last before I cancel my subscription. I hope they pull something good out of the bag.

What did you think of this months Glossybox? Do you like the look of any of the produts?

Lots of Love,



Matalan Haul

Hey Lovelies. Now your probably thinking 'Matalan Haul'? Why Matalan of all places? If you follow me on Twitter here, you may of seen that I recently tweeted about my splurge in Matalan and how they had some amazing on-trend Spring/Summer pieces. To be honest, I've always loved Matalan. A lot of people wouldn't think to go shopping there but every time I go they have some amazing items for seriously cheap prices. Some of the prices are comparable to Primark and I personally think the quality is of a much higher standard. My mum actually works there too so I get 20% discount off everything. This obviously helps when I want to have a bit of a splurge. Anyway, let me show you the things I got.

Sandals - £12.00

Snakeskin Blouse - £16.00, White Blouse - £12.00, Dusky Pink Cardigan - £22.00

Blue Chino Shorts -  £6.00, Pale Blue Chinos - £12.00

Black Bag - £5.00, Tan/Black Bag - £10.00, Coral Clutch - £8.00

Jewellery - Unsure on exact prices but I got these on a 3 for 2 offer so I think I paid about £13.00 for all three.

So there we have it. I'm personally very chuffed with everything I got and they will all be great additions to my Spring/Summer wardrobe. If you read my blog regularly, you will know I am going to Australia next month, three weeks tomorrow to be precise, eek. I think all of these items will be lovely when I am over there. I especially love all the bags. Bargains or what? I also think the sandals look a lot more expensive than £12.00. Buying these kind of items definitely gets me in the mood for going to Oz. I'm thinking my next shopping spree will have to include bikinis, sunglasses, maxi skirts and dresses. I have a list as long as my arm of items I want. All the pretty pastels are enticing me far too much.

Do any of you shop in Matalan? Do you like the things I picked up?

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Lots of Love,


OOTN - Stripey Shirt

Shirt - Market
Jeans - Topshop
Shoes -  Primark
Belt - Primark
Bag - Primark
Ring - Topshop
Bracelets - Matalan

Last night, me and my family went for an Italian at one of my fave restaurants. The pizzas are amazing, yum! Anyway, this is the outfit I wore. I didn't want to get too dressed up for a restaurant but I still wanted to look smart/stylish. Sorry  for the million pictures of me posing by the way, I couldn't quite capture the outfit how I wanted  it so I experimented with different poses/angles. 
The shirt I'm wearing was bought from a local market and was quite the bargain. It was £18.00 and I'd seen a similar one in Topshop for more than double the price at £38.00. I've got a bit of a thing with shirts at the minute, I love how they can be worn casually or dressed up. They are totally versatile and I can see myself wearing this one a lot. I paired it with my Topshop Leigh jeans and my bargain primark shoes. As you can see, a lot of  the items were  bought from primark meaning bargains. I especially love this clutch bag. It's a classic and goes with anything. 

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend and have some exciting plans.

Lots of love,



Current Obsession - Topshop Lipsticks

Hey Lovelies. Today's post is about a new obsession I'd like to share with you all. Basically, I am an absolute lipstick whore. I can't get enough of them. Is it just me that thinks they look so sleek and sexual in their little tubes? I love experimenting with lip color and I find it's the one face product I can really experiment and go a bit wild with. I especially love my MAC lipsticks as you all know and currently own a fairly large collection of 15. What a joke. Anyway, my lipstick mad self has now entered into a new lippie love affair with Topshop Lipsticks. Oh my goodness, they are amazing. Firstly, I totally adore the cute little tubes with the black and white polka-dot lids. How cute? I also love that they are amazingly pigmented due to their 'satin' finish. Even though they look matte on the lips, they still feel moisturising which is one thing MAC doesn't provide in their matte lipsticks. Brownie points for you Topshop. I have owned two of the Topshop lipsticks for quite some time now in the shades 'Desert' and 'Rio Rio'. As you can see from the above picture, they have both been very well-loved and used excessively. Desert is the perfect nude shade for every day wear and Rio Rio is the most beautiful orangey red shade I have ever come across. It's definitely up there in my top five lipsticks of all time.

Being the greedy little thing that I am, I decided two wasn't enough and I decided to order a couple more. I opted for the shades 'Ohh La La' and 'Innocent'. I liked the look of these two as they are different from anything else I own in my growing lipstick collection. Of course, I already own corals and pinks but these two shades are pretty unique. Innocent is a pink shade but it has a hint of purple when applied to the lips. This may sound odd but it is gorgeous and very unique. I believe it would suit most skin tones and it is a very wearable 'everyday' shade. Ohh La La is a coral lipstick that is unlike any other coral shade I own. It is a gorgeous pastel peach and it has a Satin finish meaning it is matte on the lips. Most corals I own are either glossy, shimmery, bright or very pale. I love how this is the perfect 'in-between' shade and is very versatile. This will look gorgeous in the up-coming summer months. 

So, I currently own four of these lovely lipsticks. However, I know I won't stop at four and will be making another purchase soon. I've got my eye on 'Brighton Rock' and the 'lip stick' in 'Powder Room'. At £8.00 a lipstick, you really can't complain for the quality you receive. I love the fact I am paying high-street prices for high-end quality. I know £8.00 is still pricey compared to some high-street brands but for me, Topshop lipsticks are by far the best I've ever come across on the high-street. Pigmented, moisturising, long-lasting and cheap(ish), what more could a girl want? The only thing I would like to see is a larger range of colours. The website is currently lacking in choice and I can see myself having them all before they get around to releasing more shades. Please feed my addiction Topshop and release some fabulous new shades for the S/S months. Thank you kindly.

L-R - Desert, Ohh La La, Innocent & Rio Rio

All of the above (apart from Desert), can be found on the Topshop website here. Also, what do you guys think of my first proper attempt on Photoshop? My little sister showed me how to edit pictures like this because I'm so clueless. How shocking that a 12 year old knows more about computers than I do. Do you approve? I'd love to hear your feedback.

Have you ever tried the Topshop lipsticks? Do you love them as much as I do?

Lots of Love,



Liz Earle Bargain

I just wanted to share a little bargain I got my hands on recently. Well, a bargain in my books anyway. Basically, I've been umming and ahhing over skincare for AGES now. I never know which brand to go for, which products I need and I'm generally just a lazy slob with my skincare routine. Face wipes and a cheap moisturiser are as far as I go. I've always been lucky enough to have relatively clear skin. I don't tend to suffer with breakouts so skincare has never been top of my beauty regime. However, things changed when I started blogging and heard so much hype about the Liz Earle range. It sounded perfect for me as it contains natural ingredients and isn't overly pricey. I say it time and time again but I really don't have the money to spend on high-end skincare. I do spend a lot of money on makeup but that's what I enjoy and love to collect. Skincare has always been a tad 'meh' for me. Anyway, I decided I couldn't put off getting into a decent skincare routine any longer.

As I was having an online browse one night I decided to have a look on the Liz Earle website and see what all this hype was about. I've heard nothing but good things about their cleanse and polish and being the very easily influenced beauty blogger that I  am, I instantly decided I needed to try it as well. To be honest, I was expecting it to be really expensive as I would obviously need a cleaners, toner and moisturiser. However, on the website I spotted an excellent offer on a 'Skin essentials' kit. For the bargain price of £41.00 I could get myself the infamous Cleanse and Polish, Skin tonic toner and Skin Repair moisturiser. Alongside this, they would throw in a mini Superskin body cream, two muslin cloths AND free postage. Amazing. The website says this would  normally cost £58.50 based on the individual prices, so I would  be saving myself a nifty £18.50. Excellent. Considering I was contemplating spending £22.00 on a moisturiser alone from No7, I thought this was a superb offer. You can find the offer I am talking about hereObviously, this was too good to pass up and I placed an order straight away.

Considering the postage was free, I expected it to take a while to arrive. However, I was wrong and it arrived a couple of days later. When I opened the envelope each of the products were individually wrapped in tissue with a Liz Earle sticker. I thought everything looked so beautiful and this was a nice touch. You can see how lovely it arrived in the picture above. I also noticed there was an extra product that I wasn't expecting. They had thrown in a mini Cleanse and Polish and a third muslin cloth. How nice is that? A very nice, unexpected touch I must admit. Based on first impressions, I  love these products. I will obviously review them in more detail when I have been using them for a while but after a few days use, I am really enjoying them. I love how fresh and natural the products smell and how they make my skin feel so clean. They remove every scrap of my makeup and I feel I am doing my skin some good by using them. It's about time my skin good some good old fashioned TLC. 

Have you tried the Liz Earle skincare range? Did it improve the appearance of your skin?

Lots of Love,



'Get to Know Me' Tag

When I first started reading blogs, some of my favorite posts to read were the 'tag' posts. I love finding out random facts about other people and their lives. (I'm a bit of a nosy parker). I find it gives a blog a much more personal touch if I can relate to the writer and know a few things about them as a person. It's all good bashing out a load of product reviews but I find them a much more enjoyable read if I 'know' (hypothetically speaking) the person who is writing them. I've seen this 'Get to know me' post appear on my Dashboard a few times over the past few days so I thought I would give it a whirl myself. By the way, the LV bag in the picture above isn't mine. (sobs!) It was my friends and I had a picture taken with it because I want one so badly. How sad. Unfortunately I'm not made of money, so this picture will have to be suffice until I land myself a well-paid job or someone decides to be generous and buy me one. Anyone?

1. Are you named after anyone?

No, I'm not named after anyone but my mum chose the name 'Kayleigh' because of the song by Marillion. It's not the best song in the world but apparently she liked it. So, thanks for the name Marillion.

2. When was the last time you cried?

I know I cried the other day but I really can't remember why. It obviously wasn't anything serious. Probably just a 'in one of those moods' cry.

3. Do you have kids?


4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?

I'm a bit of a complex character who people quite often misunderstand but yes, I think I would be a friend of myself because obviously we would have lots in common ;).

5. Do you use sarcasm a lot?

As you can probably see from my previous answer, yes. I love a good bit of sarcasm when it's used in a jokey manner. However, I HATE sarcasm used in a malicious way. The type where you are genuinely upset by something and someone speaks to you sarcastically like they really couldn't give a crap. No, just NO.

6. Will you ever Bungee Jump?

I think I'm too much of a wuss but potentially one day if I can man up. I do think it would be an amazing experience though and such an adrenalin rush.

7. What's your favorite cereal?

I don't eat cereal. I eat Muesli and natural yogurt if that counts?

8. What's the first thing you notice about people?

Obviously, their appearance. I'm a very inquisitive person and very self-critical so I tend to look at other peoples features and compare them to my own. Most of the time, I don't see other peoples flaws though, just my own. Annoying.

9. What is your eye colour?

Light Blue.

10. Scary movie or happy endings?

Happy endings. I HATE scary movies. I'm such a wimp. Literally, hand over face the whole way through scary films. You can't beat a good rom-com in my opinion.

11. Favorite smells?

I think it would have to be anything 'fresh'. This may sound weird but I mean things like fresh bed sheets, fresh laundry, freshly cut grass, the fresh air. You catch my drift? I also love the smell of the Oust air freshener that smells of clean laundry. (Weirdo).

12. Summer or winter?

I guess I slightly prefer summer but this was a really tough choice for me as I love so many things about them both. I love the warm weather, the way everyone is more happy and the BBQs/beer gardens that summer brings but I also love the cold winter nights snuggled up under a duvet with a hot cup of tea. I also like the fact winter means Christmas which is my fave time of the year.

13. Computer or television?

Computer as I wouldn't be able to write a blog/read all of your lovely blogs if I didn't have one. Plus, you can watch most TV shows online these days anyway.

14. What's the furthest you've ever been from home?

I've been to Australia 4 times. I don't think I could get much further away than that really. If you read my blog regularly, you will know that I'm going to Australia again next month. Exciting times.

15. Do you have any special talents?

Unfortunately not. I wish I had been blessed with a talent but no, I'm boring.

16. Where were you born?

The Lake District, Cumbria. (North England for anyone not from the UK).

17. What are your hobbies?

My main one is obviously blogging. I also love to shop and cook.

18. Do you have any pets?

No. I want a puppy though. So cute.

19. Favorite movie?

I love so many movies so I will name a few. A walk to Remember is probably my all time fave. If you haven't seen it, give it a watch. Cutest film ever and Mandy Moore has the most beautiful voice. I also love Tangled (Mandy Moore again), Taken, Source Code & She's the Man. Any kind of dance film like 'Honey' is also a winner in my books.

20. Do you have any siblings?

Yes, I have one sister and two brothers.

I hope you enjoyed this random little post and didn't find it too boring. Even though nobody tagged me to do this, I tag all of you. As I said, I'm nosy so I would love to read all of your answers. If you do decide to do this on your blog, let me know in the comments so I can have a goosey gander. I can't believe I am still awake at 1.27am reading blogs because I can't sleep. Stupid sleeping pattern. I think it's time for me to hit the hay. Zzzzz ....

Night Night,


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