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Hey guys! I just wanted to show you all the things I've accumulated lately. To be honest, I really didn't need any of this stuff but because I'm going to Australia next week I wanted a few new bits and bobs to take with me. Am I the only person who always wants nice new things when I go away somewhere? This includes clothes too so prepare for a mahoosive clothing haul this week. The amount of things I have bought lately is ridiculous but I have sold a lot of my old things on ebay again so I figured I'd live by the motto 'out with the old, in with the new' and treat myself. I am going to go through everything I bought in sections so you can have a closer look. Enjoy!


Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub
Simple Deep Cleansing Face Mask
Simple Moisture Boost Hydro Mist

I bought these three items on the Boots 3 for 2 offer when I was on the hunt for a new face scrub. My skin has been getting really dry lately so I needed some serious exfoliation. I was originally looking for the St.Ives one I like but I couldn't find it. I decided on Simple in the end as I have used their products before and always found them nice. Along with the scrub I got a face mask and hydro mist. I am especially excited to try the mist and see if it gives my makeup a nice dewy glow.


Sleek Blush by 3 Palette - Shade Pumpkin
Maybelline Cover Stick - Ivory
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation - Soft Beige
Real Techniques Powder Brush

After all the hype about the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation and the Sleek Blush by 3 palettes, I just had to have them. I bought the foundation on another 3 for 2 offer along with two Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadows that I'll talk about in the next section. I am such a sucker for hyped products but thats the price I pay for being a blogger and being tempted by all the lovely things I see. I have used both of these products and I love them. I won't say too much as I am going to do individual reviews on both of these. The only thing I will say is please don't think I go out looking like a clown. I realise these blushes are almost neon bright but with a light hand they add a lovely flush of colour. I then got a Maybelline Cover Stick after a girl I was on a night out with was using it. Her under-eye area looked so bright (very Kim-K) and she told me she uses this. I have used it a lot since buying it and love it. It makes me look much more awake and has a nice consistency. I bought the lightest shade as I wanted my under-eye area to look bright. I also picked up another one of the Real Techniques brushes on another 3 for 2 offer in Boots. If you read my review of the Core Collection here, you will know I've been loving the Real Techniques brushes lately. I have seen the Powder Brush featured on a few blogs lately and I just loved how big and fluffy it looked. Of course, I had to have it so picked it up with two of the Revlon Lip Butters that I'll talk about in a minute. I haven't used it yet but I will review it when I have.


w7 Flutter Eyes Fasle Eyelashes
Clinique Eyeshadow Trio - Shade
Clinique High Impact Mascara - Black
Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara - Black
Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr - Eternal Gold
Maybelline Color Tatto 24hr - On and on Bronze

I saw these eyelashes whilst I was shopping with my nanna over the weekend on a beauty stall in my local shopping centre. I thought they looked fab and for £2.99 I decided to snap them up. I can't wait to see how they look on as they really remind me of the 140's I usually wear from Eylure. I also picked up the Rimmel Lash Accelerator mascara from the same stall at a fraction of its usual price. I think it was around £3.99 which is half the price it retails in Superdrug and Boots. Impressed. Even though I had just got a mascara my nanna had bought two things from Clinique and the lady told us she would receive more freebies if she bought one more item. Not one to turn down freebies, my nanna said I could pick something. I picked this mascara as I have used it before and it's brilliant. So yes, safe to say I'm stocked up on mascara for a while. I then bought two of the Maybelline Colour Tattoo eyeshadows on a Boots 3 for 2 offer meaning I got one of them free, yey. I've seen them on lots of blogs and thought they looked gorgeous. Again, I won't say too much as I will review them in a seperate post. The Clinique eyeshadow trio pictured above is one of the freebies my nanna got for buying the three items. She got two eyeshadow kits so she said I could have this one. Thanks nanna!


MUA Out There Plumping Lipgloss - Candy Pink
Clinique Superbalm Moisturising Gloss (Mini)
Revlon Lip Butter - Strawberry Shortcake
Revlon Lip Butter - Lollipop
Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Whilst I was picking up the Sleek blush palette in Superdrug I decided to get one of the MUA Plumping Lip glosses. I have seen them featured on a few blogs as they are part of MUA's new range. This cost £2.00 instead of the usual £1.00 MUA price tag but it was still a total bargain and I couldn't resist. I love how pretty the packaging looks and although I didn't need anymore lipgloss, its a nice addition to my collection. The mini Clinique gloss was another freebie that my nanna gave me. It is so cute and will be perfect to take on the plane when I go to Australia next week. As I mentioned earlier, I got two of the Revlon Lip Butters on a Boots 3 for 2 offer along with the Real Techniques brush which means I got one of them for free. I seriously love Boots 3 for 2, it is such a perfect time to stock up on makeup. I know these have been hyped about so much on blogs so I won't go into too much detail but I love them. They are so moisturising and have a nice colour pay off. I also got the Lush Bubblegum lip scrub which I have already reviewed here. As you can see, I was obviously loving the pink lips when I bought all of this.

So there we have it, everything I've bought recently. I realised this is a long post and sorry if it bored you but I have bought quite a lot and I like to explain things in my posts instead of just saying 'hey look what I got' and a few pictures. if you would like to see any of the products I bought reviewed in more detail, please let me know.
Have you ever tried any of these things?

Lots of Love,


  1. omg I'm drooling over this post!! haha you got some great stuff!!! I seriously adore your blog and love reading all your posts!! I'd be honored if you could check out mine!! xxx

    1. Aw thanks lovely! Of course I will, I'll have a look now! Xx.

  2. You will love the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation! Especially for summer and being in the heat you don't want something that will be melting off your face,feels really light but gives a decent amount of coverage :)


  3. I have the real techniques powder brush, lip butters & maybelline shadows and theyre ALL brilliant!!

  4. Kayleigh, you seriously need to get the Revlon Lip Butter in 'gumdrop'...its such a pretty lavender color. I am in love with it at the moment!

  5. please let us know about the mist :) that looks interesting.

  6. at the moment my skin is dry too so would love to know what the simple products are like :)
    Danielle, x

  7. Aw, loved this post! can't wait for the clothes haul :)


  8. You got some great stuff, also will you be doing a review on the RT powder brush soon?

  9. you got some lovely things, especially the sleek palette and the real techniques brush!
    I love my real techniques brushes, theyre so soft!

  10. Great post I really want to try the sleek blush palette and the revlon lip butters xo

  11. I am the same I love having new things for holidays I have no idea why tho! :) xxx Im looking forward to your clothing haul xxx

  12. i love the real techniques brushes i have the core collection and there just fab. i really want to try the Revlon lipbutters i just wish they would bring them out in the shops as in north of Scotland area they are only available online but hopefully soon they will be in shops

  13. Great buys I nearly bought the powder brush today and picked up a colour tattoo too :) x

  14. Ohh can you do a review of the mist? It seems perfect for summer! x

  15. Ahh loove all this stuff, most of its on my birthday list haha!

  16. Haha you got loads! i always do that too! it's so naughty but when you go away you have to get new things. it's law!

  17. These all look so nice, have a nice time is Australia!

  18. Those lashes look gorgeous, I'll keep an eye out for them. Also I hope you have a fab time in Aus xx

  19. Wow, you got so many nice things! I am the same, I buy stuff then think *I really didn't need these, but they made me feel good!* haha.
    Have fun in Oz!
    I just realised you are on Twitter, following you now :)

  20. Very nice haul. I hope you enjoy all of your goodies. I would love to see a review on the foundation and the lip butters. :)

  21. Oh my goodness, so many amazing products! I'm definitely a huge sucker for hyped up products as well, so naturally I want the lip butters, Maybelline cream eyeshadows, Rimmel foundation and Sleek blush palettes especially :p The RT powder brush is lovely though a little large for me. I love the Core Collection, especially the buffing brush :)

  22. LOve the haul :) the powder brush is fab by the way and I love the maybelline concealer too :) xx

  23. So many great buys! What is the Simple Hydro Mist like? xx

  24. I love what you got! I have the colour tattoo in on and on bronze and I love how with a simple swipe, your eyes looks nice and put together :) x

  25. The St Ives facial scrubs are the best aren't they?! I have used it for years and really love it because it is actually works unlike many other facial scrubs which barely have any scrubby bits in them. I noticed that it has been harder to get in recent times and places don't always have it in stock so when I find it somewhere I bulk buy it so i don't run out lol.


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