A trip to Brisbane & A Couple of Outfits

Playsuit - River Island
Belt - Primark
Necklace - H&M
Wedges - Matalan
Fringed Bag - Peacocks

Playsuit - River Island
Bag - Marks & Spencers
Sandals - Primark
Sunglasses - Primark

Hey beauties! Firstly, I just want to say this is a huge post with so many pictures so I hope it doesn't bore the socks off you. I went to Brisbane on Thursday so I wanted to share with you all what I got up to and what I wore. I went with my dads friends daughter Tahlia (what a mouthful) and we drove down on the Thursday so we could go for a few drinks and then we went shopping yesterday. We had a lovely couple of days and I just LOVE Brisbane. Seriously, it is such a pretty city. As we were driving through the city on we saw some amazing flats (pictured above) and I felt like I was in an episode of 'The Hills' or something. I'm such a dreamer.
On thursday night we headed into the city for a few drinks. I just wore a floral playsuit from River Island as the Aussies don't seem to get half as dressed up as we would in the UK. The city nightlife wasn't very busy due to it being a Thursday night but everywhere was really cheap and played good music so we still had fun. At the end of the night we ended up in a club called 'Cloud Land' (also pictured above) and it had the most amazing decor I've ever seen in a nightclub. The bar was made up of clear balls and there were fairy lights and vintage furnishings everywhere you looked. The music was Latin on Thursday so there were couples dancing professionally all over the club and they were amazing. These people seriously need to audition for some kind of talent show. I was mesmerised by them. There was also a group of black girls who were booty shaking and again, their moves were amazing. 
Yesterday we headed to a shopping centre called Westfield and it was every shopaholics fantasy. When I was younger I used to think Australia was just full of surf shops and nothing else but this place had everything imaginable. They even had an Inglot shop so I was ecstatic. I'm sure theres only one Inglot shop in London over in the UK. I may be wrong but I've never seen one anywhere so it was nice to be able to buy some Inglot treats. I bought a few more bits and bobs but I won't tell you what as I'm going to do a separate haul post all about that. I wore another River Island playsuit to go shopping in which was a bad move as I needed to take the whole thing off every time I tried something on or went to the toilet. We also stopped for some lunch while we were shopping and I got an amazing Burrito in the food court from a place called 'Salsas'. I wish we had them over in the UK, it was so nice and Mexican is one of my fave foods ever. Overall, it was a lovely couple of days and I can't wait to go back soon and  see more of Brisbane's pretty sights. 

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend so far. I'm off to the pub today for my dads friends birthday. Drinks in the Ozzy sun - How lovely!

Lots of Love,


  1. Love your sandals, cant believe their from Primark! They are lovely! x

    Over on my blog I am having a give away, would love for you to enter



  2. Absolutely love your outfits, especially your shoes!!!

  3. those clubs look incredible and that house is amazing! Very jealous that you're in the lovely sunshine! x

  4. wow this sounds/looks amazing! love your outfits xx

  5. omg so jealous looks like you had so much fun!
    that club sounds so good too!
    mantenso xx

  6. That nightclub looks Amazing and all your outfits looks so so nice!
    Australia sounds so fun! :) Glad you are having a good time!


  7. Your outfits look so nice! I especially love your sandals from primark! Would love it if you could take a look at my blog - http://lucy-abigail.blogspot.co.uk/

  8. i love both of your playsuits their gorgeous xx

  9. OHH CLOUDLAND! I LOVE IT THERE. HOW SNAZZY IS IT?! :O haha, and INGLOT! From what I can tell you were at the 'Chermside' Westfield...:P sorry if i sound stalkerish. There are only a few Inglot stores in Brisbane and it looks like the one from there from your picture. Sounds like you're really enjoying yourself! You should try going out on a Friday or Saturday. People do usually get dressed up but depends on what kind of club/music you're into. If you're stuck for ideas let me know and I can point you in the right direction. OHHH and while you're in QLD, you MUST try and visit the gold coast. IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! and the clubs there are wayyyy better than the Valley (in my opinion at least)

    xx My Vogue Obsession

  10. That all looks so amazing!! You look gorgeous in the playsuits!

  11. Love those playsuits, I love Brisbane, it has such a great vibe. Those fries look delicious too.

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  12. lovely pics! you're so beautiful!
    your outfits are awesome! lovelovelove the first one :) xx

  13. i'm totally mesmorised by all of your aussie posts lately! such a breath of fresh air! looks like your having an amazing time. that club is jaw dropping! puts ours to shame just a tad haha. keep the posts coming :)


  14. You look stunningg yet again :) LOVE the tan wedges and the blue playsuit - looks lovely with your blonde hair.. hope youre having an amaze time xx

  15. Lovely photos, you are so stunning - love your hair! x

  16. I'm so glad you're enjoying Brisbane, if you make it down to Melbourne be sure to let me know, if you think Westfields a shopaholic's dream... wait until you come to Melbourne!! :)



  17. Brisbane looks lovely! My bf lived there for a while and loved it. Looks like you are having a great time :)
    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog

  18. Gorgeous <3 hope you're having fun.

    Your rayban/wayfarer??shape sunglasses are they from Primark too, as you're wearing two different pairs I wonder if that meant they're both from Primark?? I love them they look ace xx


    1. Hey! No, I actually bought the Ray Ban style while I was in Brisbane from a shop called Dissh! They are in my latest haul post :) xxx.

  19. Great photos! Australia looks so fun! I absolutely love your River Island playsuit!!

    X X

  20. Brisbane looks and sounds amazing! Love your blue playsuit, you look great :) xx

  21. great outfits! love the final outfit in particular with the variety of jazzy patterns :D xx


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