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Hey Ladies! I just wanted to quickly share with you all these lovely treats I got bought from H&M recently. As I mentioned in my Louis Vuitton post, my Dad, Step Mum and two brothers have just been to Hong Kong for the week and they came back with gifts galore. As if a Louis Vuitton handbag wasn't enough, they also made a trip into H&M and picked up a few things for me. H&M is one of my favourite shops and I've been having withdrawals whilst being in Australia. They are yet to catch on to the wonders of H&M you see. I had no idea there would even be a H&M in Hong Kong but I saw a picture my dad put on Twitter and it is absolutely HUGE. I now want to go to Hong Kong just for the shopping. Anyway, my Step Mum picked out these gorgeous pieces for me and I couldn't be happier with them. I don't know which item I love the most as I've tried them on and they all look fab. I think the blue and white boho style dress will look perfect with a tan waist belt and chunky bracelets. I was very pleased with the neon top as I've been seeing this trend everywhere at the minute. I think it will look great paired with a high waisted skirt or shorts. As for the 'mullet' dress, I absolutely love it. It is the perfect dress for summer and I think it will look lovely with a tan waist belt and wedges. I just need to find somewhere nice to wear it now. Overall, I am very happy and a very lucky girl! I'm sure all of these items will feature in outfit posts very soon. I'm not sure how much these cost as the prices were in Hong Kong currency but if any of you have seen these items in any UK H&M's, do let me know what the prices are so I can update the post with them. Thank you muchly.

Sorry for the short and sweet post, I've been pretty busy today and have only just had chance to write a post before I go to sleep. It is currently five to one in the morning here and I am absolutely knackered!

I hope you are all well!

Lots of Love,


  1. You are one spoiled girly!

    LOVE the outfits!


  2. Some lovely pieces, my H&M is always rubbish


  3. Lucky girl! :)Get to sleep! xxx

  4. These are lovely gifts :) ADORE the dresses :) You're gonna look so gorgeous in them! xo, Megs


  5. Love the neon top! and can't wait to see them in an OOTD
    Andrea xx

  6. Such gorgeous items. My favourite has to be the dress xo

  7. Love the color are awsomeeee

  8. Love the coral coloured top x


  9. Really nice summery stuff! I find it so hard to find nice things in my local H&M even though I always see lots of lovely stuff on other people's hauls! xx

  10. Gorgeous items! Hope they are over here

  11. The blue dress is gorgeous. I never see garments like this in my H&M! Maybe I need to look harder :) xx


  12. I could not live without H&M, even if I missed the Aussie sun! Laura x


  13. such pretty clothes! I'm loving h&m at the moment, I actually just did a h&m haul video :) xxx


  14. I am in love with that blue and white dress. It's the perfect dress for summer! It's a shame I don't have an H&M around me either. Maybe I'll try to search it out online...


  15. I love those pieces. Especially the top and the second dress!

    If you want, check out my blog:

  16. I LOVE the blue dress. I have this in the tshirt shape (same pattern) but they never had a dress like this! :( Its lovely! xxx

  17. I have searched EVERYWHERE for that waterfall dress! Fell so in love with it but its not on the website :(

    Gah! Such a lucky girl :)

    www.topazandmay.blogspot.co.uk x

  18. Ooh lucky you, love the greens and blues in the mullet dress, it's going to look great on you x


  19. I love the green dress, I actually saw it in store but they didn't have my size :(

  20. cute blog :)

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  21. I love those! I bought the two blue ones as jumpsuits the other day in preparation for my holiday. Very cute! xx

  22. I like the blue one with the waterfall skirt, it's beautiful. May need to go and investigate the H&M in Liverpool!
    Thanks for following my blog!
    I'm following you too.
    Dreams In A Poppy Field...

  23. I love everything you bought!xx

  24. Love that peachy-pink colored top, its too cute!!

    Diary of a Short Girl

  25. Love these! I'm obsessed with H&M this season - so many fantastic pieces and such good prices! :D
    These items are probably not things I'd ordinarily pick up but definitely things I'd see on people and think "now why don't I own that?!"
    Love the boho dress - would be so cute with a little belt and bangles like you said :)

    N xoxo


  26. Oh I love that coral/pink top! :)

  27. Aha I've bought the right one of the H&M, but in another kind of model. I did a post about it too. Love it.


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