OOTD | Shirt & Stripes

Shirt - Primark
Dress - H&M
Sandals - Primark
Nails - Topshop Green Room
Sunglasses - Dissh
Necklace - Jewellery shop in Oz (Don't know the name sorry!)
Bag - Stall in Westfield Shopping Centre

Hey Girls! I just wanted to share with you all an outfit I wore the other day when me and the boyf had a wander in to town for some lunch. I got this stripy maxi dress from H&M last year and it is so versatile and easy to wear that I have worn it over and over again. If you follow me on Instagram you may of seen that I recently wore this dress with a black shirt too which made it look like a skirt. I now regret not buying it in a few more colours as it is so easy to chuck on when I can't be bothered planning a 'proper' outfit. It only cost a bargainous 9.99 and H&M seem to release them every summer so keep an eye out in your local store. For lunch with my boyfriend I decided to pair it with this burnt orange shirt from Primark which I tied in a knot at the front. Like the maxi dress, I regret not buying it in every shade going as I seem to wear it all the time. I quite liked the look of the shirt layered over the maxi as it gave a simple dress an interesting twist. As for accessories, I kept it simple with this cute feather necklace and my tan bag that I bought from a stall at Westfield shopping centre in Brisbane. I also wore these Rayban glasses which were from an Australian shop called Dissh. On my nails I am wearing Topshop 'Green Room' which I mentioned in my last post. 

So there we have it, just a quick post from me today! I hope you are all well and hello to any new followers. I can't believe I have almost reached 1.5K. Wowza.

Lots of Love,

Instagram Diary #1

Top Row (L-R) - Australian Sunset, Me being silly, My dads Canon EOS 1000d, My new Cath Kidston Iphone Case.
Second Row - Cut-Out Primark Swimsuit, My fave summer outfits, Feeding the ducks with my boyfriend and little brother, Gold & Black smoky eye.
Third Row - Taking my Louis Vuitton on its first outing, Louis & Champagne in Brisbane, Me & My Dad, Starbucks with the boyfriend.
Bottom Row - New River Island Peplum top, New Jewellery, Noosa Beach, Plaiting my hair.

Hey Ladies. I hope you are all well. As you may be aware, it was my birthday at the start of the month and I was super duper excited to receive and Iphone4s as one of my presents. I was also majorly excited that I could now join the Instagram club and these 'Instagram Diary' type blog posts. I personally love taking photos, I even wanted to be a photographer when I was younger so an app like Instagram is the perfect place for me to get snap happy and upload my pictures. I upload a mixture of things on there from beauty and fashion photos, to scenic shots and everyday life. The selection above have been uploaded over the past couple of weeks but I had so many more I could of included. I decided to stick with these ones for my first post to see how they go down. I will be more than happy to do a weekly Instagram diary though if it is something you might be interested in seeing? I realise some of you may of already seen these pictures if you follow me on Instagram so I do apologise for that but I thought it might be a nice way for those of you who don't have Instagram to get to know me a little bit better. As you can see, I have had a lovely couple of weeks with trips to feed the ducks at the park, the stunning beach at Noosa and a shopping trip to Brisbane. I have also got a few new goodies including a River Island Peplum top, chunky jewellery and this cute Cath Kidston phone case. My dad also informed me he has won a Canon EOS 650D in a promotion at work and he is kindly giving it to me as he already owns the 1000D. I couldn't be happier as I have been harping on about how I would love one of these cameras for months now. I can't wait to get snapping with it, it will be amazing for my blog so watch out for some high quality photos in the near future. It also means I will now have something to film HD videos on so Youtube might even be an option for me? Would you like to see me doing videos? I'm not 100% convinced yet but I may give it a whirl when I receive the camera and see how I feel.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and if you have Instagram feel free to follow me - 'kayleighjcouture' :)

Lots of Love,

New Topshop Bits & Bobs | Lipsticks & Nail Polish

Hey Ladies. As you may know, it was my birthday recently and I got these bits and pieces from Topshop as part of my present from the boy. If you read my blog regularly, you will know I am a huge fan of the Topshop lipsticks and currently own six. To be honest, they are very comparable to MAC and although the colour range isn't huge, the formulation and packaging is spot on. With this being said, I am always looking to add to my collection and get my hands on new releases. When my boyfriend asked if there was anything he could post to Australia for my birthday, I instantly knew I wanted to get the lipsticks 'Whimsical' and 'Infrared'. Whimsical is a fairly new addition to the range and the pretty peach shade looked right up my street. As well as this, 'Infrared' is a shade I have been lusting after for quite some time. It has taken the blogging world by storm and it seems every man and his dog is wearing and loving it. Not one to want to miss out, I obviously jumped at the chance to receive it as a present. Since receiving both lipsticks a few weeks ago, I have to say I am obsessed with Infrared. It has been on my lips constantly and if you follow me on Instagram (kayleighjcouture) you may have seen pictures of this on my lips.  As for Whimsical, I do love the shade swatched but on my lips it washes me out. I was hoping to love it and find my perfect nude lip but it seems nude lipsticks just aren't my friend. *sobs*. As well as the two lipsticks, I also received two nail polishes in the shades 'Green Room' and 'War Paint'. Much like Infrared, Green Room is a product I've been wanting to get my hands on for some time. It is another bloggers fave and I can certainly see why. Again, if you follow me on Instagram you may of seen snaps of this on my nails as I am currently wearing it now. As for War Paint, this is a shade I had never heard of before. My boyfriend picked this one for me and Its a mix between red and coral. It looks lovely on both finger and toe nails meaning I will get lots of use out of it. If you have never tried the Topshop nail polishes before, I would highly recommend them. As with all  of the makeup range, the polka dot packaging looks super cute and the product itself glides onto the nails with ease. I found that two coats of each colour was enough to give an opaque finish and the colour pay-off is almost identical to how it looks in the bottle. Once again, I am impressed with Topshop products and I look forward to adding more to my collection in the future. I have noticed they have added 'Glaze' lip glosses to their product line so I'm sure they will be next on my Topshop wish list. All of these products are available from the Topshop website here. The lipsticks cost 8.00 and the nail polishes 5.00 which I think is very reasonable for such high quality, lovely looking products. 

Have you ever tried anything from the Topshop makeup range? Whats your favourite Topshop product?

Lots of Love,

The Nicest Lipstick Ever | MAC Sail La Vie

Hey Ladies! I wanted to share with you all this amazing lipstick I have been loving lately. My boyfriend recently did some travelling with his brother and he picked this up for me from duty free in Hong Kong. I had asked him to see if he could find it after eyeing it up online. Its from the MAC 'Hey Sailor' collection in the shade 'Sail La Vie'. Now I realise this collection was released quite some time ago now but as I'm currently in Australia, I never had the opportunity to get myself to a MAC counter. However, thanks to my lovely boyfriend I managed to get my mitts on this beautiful lipstick. The first thing that drew me to this collection is of course the cute nautical packaging. I mean, I love MAC packaging at the best of times but anything that is a little bit unique always appeals to the big kid inside me. I was also drawn to this amazing bright red/orange lipstick as it is right up my street in terms of lip colour. You may know that I'm a lover of a bright lip so anything in this colour range is an instant winner for me. I would describe this particular shade red/orange which I absolutely love. When I wear it, it instantly brightens up my complexion and makes my teeth appear whiter. The finish of this lipstick is amazing too, I love how moisturising this feels on my lips. Its one of MAC's Satin lipsticks meaning it has a touch of gloss without looking sheer. My usual choice of MAC finish is 'amplified creme' as they have the most amazing colour pay off without being drying. However, I was very impressed with the amazing colour this provided without feeling dry or settling into fine lines. I took a picture of this on my lips using my dads canon EOS 1000D so how it looks in the picture above is very true to life. This has instantly become my favourite lipstick due to the formula/colour/packaging - so pretty much everything about it really. I'm kind of regretting not getting a back-up of this now as it is sold out on the MAC website. *sobs* However, after doing some research I have stumbled across it on ebay here so if you want one of these beauties I suggest you snap one up quick. It costs a couple of pounds more on ebay than the standard £13.50 MAC lipstick but thats to be expected with a limited edition product. I would definitely pay up to £20.00 for this lipstick though as it is such a unique, beautiful colour that will last a life time.

Do you own anything from the Hey Sailor collection? Do you love a bright lip?

Lots of Love,

Weekend Outfits | Fun in the Sun

Maxi - Primark
Crochet Waistcoat - New Look
Nails - Models Own 'Hedonist' 

Stripey Dress - Primark
Belt - Missguided

So Mature! 

Hey Ladies! I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend. The weather has been amazing in Oz so I thought I'd shade a couple of outfits I've been wearing. Considering its the middle of winter here in Australia, I really can't complain with temperatures in the mid 20s. I hope the weather has perked up in the UK, I hear its been terrible lately. Typical English summer. If you follow me on Instagram (kayleighjcouture) you may know that me and my boyfriend took my two year old brother out to the park and to feed the ducks yesterday. We had the best day, well apart form being chased by a huge herd of geese (yes, I almost pooed my pants!). Apart from this slight mishap we had so much fun and my brother had a whale of a time. He even woke up this morning shouting 'Kayleigh, Matt.. Take me to the ducks!' haha SO cute. As you can see, I wore two outfits. First being this gorgeous maxi dress from Primark and the second being this cute little stripy tunic, also from Primark. Both of these dresses were absolute steals. I believe the maxi was £10.00 and the stripy dress was £5.00. Good old Primark, it never lets me down. When we got home from the park/ducks we sunbathed and played football in the garden so I decided a maxi dress wasn't the most appropriate attire. Me and the boyf also decided we would have a handstand competition (see above) - because we are obviously so mature! My little brother found it highly amusing anyway. I'd also like to point out that these photos were taken and edited on my iPhone so I apologise if the quality isn't as great as my normal outfit posts. To be honest, I wasn't really planning on taking any blog pics so it was a bit spur of the moment. However, I must admit I'm quite impressed with the quality of the pictures, not bad for a phone camera in my opinion. 

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. Its my little brothers 3rd birthday tomorrow, the boy and I have bought him an electric quad bike so I can't wait to see his face when he opens it. I suspect there will be lots of excitement in the Johnson household. What are you getting up to this weekend?

Lots of Love,

Joico K-PAK Hair Range

K-PAK Color Therapy Shampoo (Link) & Conditioner (Link)
K-PAK Revitaluxe Bio-Advanced Restorative Treatment - Link
K-PAK Color Therapy Restorative Styling Oil - Link
Joimist Firm Finishing Spray - (Link)

Hey Ladies! So as you all probably know, it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and I got this Joico hair set as a gift. I was very excited to see this as one of my presents as Joico is a hair brand I have used previously and loved. I got this from my dad and Step-Mum and my Step-Mum used to be a hairdresser so I trust her judgement when it comes to haircare. As you can see the pack included Shampoo & Conditioner, a treatment, oil and a finishing spray. I have been using them for a couple of weeks now and wanted to share my thoughts on each of the products. The links I have included above are to the Feel Unique website where each of these products can be purchased individually.

K-PAK Color Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner - I have been using these two products every time I wash my hair for around two weeks now and I have to say, I love them. The shampoo lathers up really nicely and I only need the tiniest amount to cover all of my hair. My hair and scalp feels very refreshed after use and it smells amazing too. Like the shampoo, the conditioner has the same amazing scent and I only need a teeny bit to cover all of my hair. I often find with cheaper brands I have to use a lot every time I wash my hair as my hair is pretty long meaning I go through conditioner at the speed of light. However, with this conditioner, a little goes a long way and I find it leaves my hair super silky with no oily residue. Theres nothing worse than using a conditioner that makes hair look like an oil slick. Overall, I love these two products and I have noticed how soft, shiny and healthy my hair looks since using them. The only downside is the that they aren't cheap. These cost £15.95 each but the bottles are a generous 300ml and as I said, you only need a small amount unlike cheaper brands.

K-PAK Revitaluxe Bio-Advanced Restorative Treatment - This product is essentially a deep conditioning mask that is to be left on the hair for three to five minutes and used a couple of times a week. I really like the concept of deep conditioning my hair every once in a while as like I said above, it can be prone to dryness. The consistency of this product is fairly thick and I have been applying it mainly to the ends of my hair to give them extra moisture. As with the shampoo and conditioner, this product smells really nice and I find my hair is very smooth after using it. The full-size version of this (480ml) costs a staggering 

£24.95 but as you get a large 480ml, it will last a long time.

K-PAK Color Therapy Restorative Styling Oil - After washing my hair, I have been applying a pea sized amount of this oil from the mid-section through to the ends. I usually use the Babyliss Pro Argan Oil which is amazing but I have replaced it with this at the moment. To be honest, it does the exact same job as my beloved Babyliss version and makes my hair feel incredibly soft and shiny. I have developed a slight obsession for hair oils recently and I definitely think this one is a good place to start if you have never tried one before. The one is just a sample size but I have linked the full-size version above. For the 100ml full-sized bottle, this costs £15.95 which isn't bad for a product that will last a long time.

Joimist Firm Finishing Spray - This is a new product from Joico and was included in this gift set as a little extra. To be honest, finishing sprays have always been a product I just don't 'get'. I mean, what is their purpose? Supposedly they are used to add shine and a 'finished' look to a hair style. I personally don't see the point in them and think they are a waste of money. The Feel Unique website says this spray 'locks in finished style for all-day hold and support'. Now I'm unsure wether this means it is a hairspray or not because it certainly didn't feel like it offered any kind of support when I used it. I sprayed this liberally all over my hair and didn't see any effects. This was a bit of a disappointment for me and I certainly wouldn't pay £9.95 for the full-size bottle. Sorry Joico.

Apart from the finishing spray, I love this hair range and I think it has done my coloured hair the world of good. My hairdresser once told me that a good shampoo and conditioner are the most important things when it comes to healthy hair. I would always use cheap brands like Tresemme in the past but I have since steered clear of them after my hairdresser told me they are full of silicone which coats the hair to make it appear shiny but doesn't actually penetrate the cuticles. I have been using upmarket shampoo and conditioners for the past few months now and have certainly seen an improvement in the feel and appearance of my hair. I realise most of us want to spend our money on more fancy hair products but I really would suggest giving a a brand such as Joico a go when it comes to shampoo and conditioner. I noticed on the Feel Unique website they are offering a kit that includes the shampoo, conditioner (50ml) and hair oil (21.5ml) for only £10.95 (Link). They are smaple sizes but if any of you are looking for a good hair care range but don't want to splash out before trying them first then this is perfect.

Do you spend a little more money on high-end hair products or do you find cheap brands work fine for you? Have you ever tried Joico products?

Lots of Love,


A Small Feel Unique Haul

Benefit Brow Zings 
Elemis Fresh Skin Dream Sleep Night-Time Moisturiser 
Benefit Erase Paste 
Clarins Daily Energizer Cream-Gel 

Hey Ladies! I recently ordered a few goodies from Feel Unique with my birthday money and wanted to share with you what I got. I'd had a couple of these things on my wish list for some time so I was very happy to finally get my hands on them. I absolutely love the Feel Unique website as it offers such a huge range of products from a variety of brands. I purchased the following four things - Benefit Brow Zings, Benefit Erase Paster, Elemis Fresh Skin dreamy sleep night-time moisturiser & Clarins Daily Energizer Cream-Gel Moisturiser. I decided to give the two Benefit items a try after hearing nothing but great reviews on both. I have tried both items since they arrived and I love them so look out for upcoming reviews. I also repurchased the Clarins moisturiser after loving it for the past few months. There literally wasn't a scrap left in the jar I loved it so much. I have reviewed the Daily Energizer range here if you are interested in it. After popping Clarins in my basket, I then found myself looking at moisturisers from other brands and decided I would like to try a night cream. I would normally use the Clarins moisturiser both morning and night but I decided I wanted to see if a mosituriser specifically designed for night time use would make any difference to my skin. The 'Fresh Skin' range is designed for young skin and Elemis is a brand I have always been interested in after hearing fab reviews. I used this for the first time last night and on first impressions, its great. Again, look out for a full review to come soon. I am very happy with each of my purchases and certainly love browsing through the hundreds of amazing products on the Feel Unique website. Seriously, I could of gone absolutely wild. 

Do you own any of these products? Do you like shopping on the Feel Unique (link) website?
P.S - If any of you lovely ladies are on Instagram, feel free to follow me. My username is kayleighjcouture and I am often uploading beauty related snaps. To anyone who has seen a picture of these purchases already, I apologise for the double whammy.

Lots of love,

Models Own Hed Kandi Nail Polishes | Balearic Cool & Hedonist

Balearic Cool | Hedonist

Hey Lovely Ladies! Today I wanted to show you these a-maz-ing Models Own nail polishes I got for my birthday. Now I realise I am completely late jumping on the Hed Kandi band wagon as every man and his dog probably has these already. However, they have been on my wish list for quite some time so I am very happy to finally own them. These two polishes are from Models Own 'Hed Kandi' collection which is basically a range of very bright, in your face summer polishes. There are five shades to choose from including Balearic Cool, Hedonist, Beach Party, Disco Heaven and Ibiza Mix. The first three mentioned are a selection of brights and the latter two are glitter polishes. The two I picked for my birthday are Balearic Cool and Hedonist, a neon orange with red undertones and a bright mid-toned blue. I decided on these two after looking at various swatches online as I liked how vibrant they are without being too over the top. I also loved 'Beach Party' but being neon orange (think highlighter pen) it was very 'out there' and I wasn't sure if I could pull it off. Now you might be quite surprised by this but these are my very first Models Own nail polishes. To be honest, before I started blogging I was never very adventurous with my nails and stuck with my basic Barry M polishes. Don't get me wrong, I still love Barry M but I have certainly enjoyed discovering new brands. As I'd never tried any polishes from Models Own previously, I had no idea what to expect from them. However, I was not disappointed. As you can see from the swatches above, the colour payoff from these particular shades is amazing. I was particularly impressed with 'Hedonist' which only needed one coat to get an opaque coverage. Balearic Cool needs a second coat but I can deal with that as I expect most polishes to need two coats anyway. I also loved how easily they applied. I found the brush was just the right size to cover my whole nail in a few strokes and it applied streak free. One thing I did notice is that Hedonist dried to a matte finish whereas Balearic blue was glossy. I didn't mind the matte finish but for swatch purposes I added my Sally Hansen Insta Dri top coat. Both polishes dried super fast which may be down to the Sally Hansen top coat but either way, it worked. I also love the packaging and I feel like the bottles are pretty big meaning a decent amount of product. Now for the best thing about these polishes? The price. These cost a mere £5.00 each which I think is amazing value for money. As I said, you get a good amount of product in the bottle and the quality is second to none. I will certainly be investing in lots more Models Own nail polishes after trying these. I can sense a new beginning of a new obsession, oh no! I got mine from the ASOS website here where you can also get the whole set for £20.00 meaning you get one polish for free. They are also available on the Models Own website here and at Boots here.

I hope you are all well. I am about to my finger and toe nails with Hedonist. Yey! 

Lots of Love,

A New Favourite | NARS Isolde Eyeshadow Duo

NARS Isolde Eyeshadow Duo - Link

Hey Beautifuls! I hope you are all well. I've been feeling ill today so I'm feeling slightly 'meh' and down in the dumps. However, blogging always manages to cheer me up so I wanted to share with you this amazing eyeshadow duo I got for my birthday. My lovely mum asked me if there was anything she could post to me in Australia and this was top of my list. I have been wanting to get my hands on a NARS eyeshadow duo for absolutely ages now after loving other products from the brand. If you read my blog regularly you will know that I am crazily obsessed with  their Laguna bronzer (amaze!) and after hearing so many fabulous things about their eyeshadows I just knew I had to give them a try. The only thing that has put me off trying them until now is the price. I realise NARS isn't the cheapest brand going, with one of these duos costing a pricey £23.50. However, as it was my birthday, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to try one out. 
To be honest, when it came to deciding which shade I wanted to try, I didn't have to think twice. I read on Zoe's blog here that she loved the duo 'Isolde'. After seeing the beautiful swatches over on her blog, I was amazed by how pigmented these shadows were. I instantly loved the colours in this particular duo too as I have a slight obsession with wearing gold and bronze shades. I think they work well with my blue eyes and Zoe also mentioned that these shades have an orange undertone which again works perfectly with blue eyes. 
Since receiving this a week ago, I have worn them every single day. Even though I have a bazillion eyeshadows, I have been reaching for this over any of them. I find that this duo is so easy to grab in a morning, it applies effortlessly and the colours compliment each other beautifully. I have been applying the lighter shade all over my lid and under the lower lash line and the darker shade in the crease. As you can see from the swatches above, they are highly pigmented and with the slightest touch of my finger the colour payoff is amazing. I don't find there is any fall out when using this and the colour stays put all day without a primer. 
As I said before, this is a pricey product but it will probably last for years as I only need the slightest dab on my brush to get the desired effect. My mum bought me this from ASOS as I find its the easiest place to buy NARS and they often have student discount and free shipping offers. There is also a huge range on the website including the permanent line of powder and cream duos, limited edition duos and their single eyeshadows. I would highly recommend giving one of them a go if you haven't already and if these shades aren't to your taste, they have plenty of other options and something to suit everybody. I also think they look very luxurious in my makeup collection which is a brucey bonus. I will certainly be adding a few more of these beauties to my ever growing wish list.

Have you ever tried the NARS eyeshadow duos? Which is your favourite shade?
I'd also like to thank Zoe for yet again pointing me in the direction of a total gem!

Lots of Love,

My Birthday Part 2 | Haul

Hey Ladies! So as I promised in my last post that I would show you the things I got for my birthday on Friday. I know I said I would post this on Monday but my dads internet hasn't been working so apologies for the delay. I would firstly like to say, I am in no way bragging by showing you the things I was fortunate enough to receive. I realise every blogger/youtuber says this but I feel its important as I am so grateful for everything. The reason I wanted to post this is because I got a few things you might be interested in and I personally love reading these kind of posts myself. Anyway, here are the things I got. Pre warning - Lots of pictures!

I Phone 4S
Sparkly Cover
Pandora Charms
Lots of Makeup/Nail Polish
Vouchers to Pamper Myself
Marc Jacobs Perfumes
Joico Hair products
Cute Undies
Bling Hairbrush
My Fave Lashes
Stripe & Peter Pan Collar Shirts
Napoleon Products

As you can see, I got so many lovely things and I couldn't be happier. The biggest surprise of the day for me was 100% the iPhone. My dad and Step Mum bought me it and I had no idea they were planning on getting me one. I had mentioned a few times how much I hated my 'Shitberry' (excuse my french) so I guess they'd had enough of my moaning haha. I must say though, I absolutely love it. It has been glued to my hand since Friday and it poops all over my Blackberry. I was also very excited I can now be on Instagram, yey. As I can get a bit snap happy, it is the perfect app/social networking/website thingy majiggy for me. As if an iPhone wasn't enough, they also got me two pandora charms, a kangaroo and a little boy. You may think like these seem like a random choice but they actually represent Australia and Brothers. As I'm sure your all aware by now, I am currently staying with my dad, Step mum and two brothers in Australia. As I don't get to see them very often or share my birthday with them, I think the thought behind these charms is very sweet. I then got three more charms off my Step mums brother and his wife. Its safe to say I am well and truly stocked up on the charm front. My lovely family in the UK decided they would put money in my bank as it costs far too much money to send presents over to Australia so I have decided I am going to use the money to book a nice hotel in Brisbane when my boyfriend gets here next week. We are going on a shopping trip and he is going to treat me. Again, we decided it wouldn't be worth the costs of postage so I shall look forward to our little shopping spree With this being said, my family are such gems that much to my surprise I got a big envelope in the post that my mum/nanna had stuffed with goodies. This included the jewellery, underwear, peter pan top, lashes and makeup pictured above. I also got a package off my other nanna which had the Sleek Blush palette in it. She had hunted it down on ebay for me after she read I wanted it on my blog. (How cute?) My boyfriend also sent me over a little package with the topshop lipsticks and nail polishes. I was so grateful that they did that as they still made me feel really special even though we are thousands of miles apart. As I mentioned in my last post, we had a Thai takeaway in the evening and much to my surprise again, I was then handed a big box full of Napoleon makeup. Napoleon is an Australian brand and I have heard such rave reviews about it since I got here so I was super excited to finally be able to try some of their products. I will be reviewing all of the beauty products I got over the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled if anything takes your fancy. I also mentioned in my last post about my MAC birthday cake. After we had finished our meal, my Step Mum brought out a cake that they had specially made for me in the shape of a MAC lipstick. I literally couldn't believe it and I burst out laughing because we had joked about it a few days earlier. We made my brother a cake for his birthday and I said 'Oh, I think you should whip me up a MAC cake seeing as I love it so much'. To be honest I didn't think anything more of it then low and behold, a MAC cake appears in front of me. It certainly did make me laugh but I also loved how thoughtful it was. 

My MAC Cake - How Bling?!

So there we have it, my lovely birthday presents. I hope you enjoyed reading this and I would just like to say a huge thank you so my amazing family who spoilt me rotten and made my day so special. (I know a few of them will be reading this) I was truly touched my the thought and effort that had gone into making my birthday amazing and for that, I couldn't be more grateful. I love you all! *virtual hugs and kisses* 

Lots of Love,

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