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Hi Ladies. So if you follow me on Twitter you may know that as of the 1st October I am offering advertising spaces on my blog. Now I realise advertising can often be frowned upon but I am simply doing it to help my blog develop and grow.
As I'm sure most of you are aware, blogging can be time-consuming and costly. Yes, I realise it's a hobby and a passion but of course it's nice to get a little something back for all our hard work. If your anything like me and need to try every new collection or hyped product, the monthly cost of blogging soon ads up. After all, without spending money on new products, I would have nothing to share with you lovely people. 
As I am currently unemployed after returning from my trip to Australia, I thought now would be the perfect opportunity to offer advertising so I can keep my little blog up and running. With this being said, any money I make from my advertising packages will go towards my blog content. As well as developing my blog, advertising will also allow you to promote and develop yourselves too. Whether you are a new blogger, run an online shop or are simply looking for a bit more exposure, then one of my packages could be for you. I have come up with four different packages, all of which I think are reasonably priced based on my follower number and stats.

The first advertising month will start of the 1st October so if you are interested, you can have a look at my packages and prices here.

I really hope some of you take this opportunity as I am very excited about interacting and getting to know you all more.

Lots of Love,

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