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Hi Ladies! I haven't done an Instagram diary post in quite a while now so I thought it was about time I made a cute little collage of my latest insta-snaps. I personally love these kind of posts as I feel like I get to know a little bit more about the blogger each time I read them and it also gives me an excuse to ramble away to my hearts content. We all know how much I love a ramble now don't we?

I've not been well lately so the past week has consisted of me going to work, almost overdosing on cold and flu medication and snuggling up on the sofa. I'm finally getting over the flu now but now my ear has now decided to cause me a lot of pain - great! I had to leave work yesterday after the dizziness and pain from my ear became too much. I took myself along to the nearest walk-in centre and had to wait over two hours to see a nurse :(. It turns out my ear canal is inflamed meaning I have an outer ear infection so I'm having to use ear drops three times a day until it improves. I really hope thats sooner rather than later as feeling deaf in one ear isn't the nicest thing I've ever experienced. So other than feeling unwell I've had a lovely couple of weeks chilling out with my nearest and dearest. My boyfriend was away in Las Vegas with his friends last week so my Nanna and Grandad came to visit me and keep me company for the week. We had a lovely time - good food and good giggles at the latest series of I'm a Celebrity get me out of Here. If watching Helen Flanagan eating genitals and Rosemary Shrager farting isn't entertainment then I don't know what is 8). 

Although we had a great week, I was very upset to hear my dads cat Porsha has sadly passed away. I grew quite close to her during my time in Australia (see photo of me holding her above) and she was the most beautiful, timid cat I've ever come across. She was so nervous around people but I'm glad I got to give her some cuddles before she passed away. She certainly entertained me in Oz and I enjoyed giving her sneaky bits of chicken from the fridge haha. I've never actually owned a pet of my own but I can't even being to imagine how upsetting it must be to lose one as they become part of the family. I'll miss you next time I'm in Oz Porsha but I hope you're having a great time in Kitty heaven. ♥

On a more positive note, Matt returned from Vegas on Sunday and it was so lovely to see him. It was weird not seeing him every day like I normally do but it sounds like he had a fab time and he very generously brought me back some NARS goodies from Sephora. I've always wanted to visit Sephora (beauty blogger heaven?) so I was super excited when I was handed the cute black and white bag. It will be going on display somewhere in my bedroom no doubt. Is that sad?

I'm going to a work party tonight, it's my first at my new job so I'm quite nervous but looking forward to it all the same. The company I work for are celebrating their 10 year anniversary so we are having a glam night at a fancy hotel in Newcastle. I imagine we will have a great time and I'm very excited to wear my beautiful new dipped hem dress from Miss Selfridge. I asked for your opinion on Twitter/Instagram and everyone seemed to like it so I hope it will go down well with my new work chums too. I probably won't have chance to get any proper photos wearing it but I will pop any photos I do get up on my Instagram.

So thats all from me for now, I hope you are all doing well and thanks again for helping me reach a massive 2500 GFC followers. I still can't believe it.

I'm super busy for the next two days so I'll be back with a review on Sunday.

For now, Lots of Love,


  1. Your post has been up fro 30 seconds and I'm already commenting haha.
    Great pics and congrats on 2500 followers! that's amazing! You totally deserve it sweet! And RIP to Porsha. I have a cat and so attached to him, I can't imagine how upset your dad and family are :( hope they are ok.
    I wish we had sephora over here! Would be amazing.
    Get better soon!


  2. I love Instagram posts too! Your dress is beautiful! :) xx

  3. I don't think my boyfriend would ever buy me anything from Sephora even if I hinted :( you're so lucky ! Ha That dress is lovley, have a wonderful time tonight x

  4. Wow! Congrats on 2500 followers! Hope the number keeps tickin. :)
    Lovely pics.

    PrettyGloss - makeup, beauty & a lil gibberish

  5. Loving your brushes!;) Have a great weekend ahead!

  6. LOVE that lip stain! Really suits you :)

    If you have a min please take a look at my blog.. followers v much appreciated :) xx

    Thursday's Girl

  7. Ahaha I don't think the Sephora bag thing in weird, I have one on display in my room too lol! I've only been there once and I loved it, whenever I'm next out of the UK I wanna go again! I hope you enjoy your work party! :) It's always nice to have a break and enjoy yourself. :]

  8. I love real techniques brushes, they are so soft and amazing to use! I love your blog btw and you're incredibly pretty! Know how you feel with the flu thing too, it's awful! Hope you feel 100% again soon :)

  9. nice christmas tree xx

  10. Great pictures! Well done for reaching over 2,500 followers!!!


  11. Aw I hope you feel better, & I'm so sorry about your dads kitty. One of mine passed away a little under 2 months ago, so trust me - I totally understand :(

  12. Cute pictures! Sephora is absolutely amazing, they need to bring it over here asap - department stores and Boots just don't compare! xx

  13. Lovely pictures. Sorry to hear about your dad's cat though :(
    Hope you'll have an amazing night at your work party! xx

  14. Lovely real techniques brushes!

  15. I love these Instagram life posts! your new dress is beautiful! Hope the work party was fun! xo

  16. I adore Lee Stafford products although it's not good on my hair extensions at all :/ lovely selection of pics beauty :) xo


  17. hope you had fun at your work party. bet you were a super star. feel better. flu's never fun :O(
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Clothes for Less

  18. aww lovely photos!

  19. aah I love Christmas at the Metro Centre, such a nice atmosphere. Sorry to hear about Porsha :( I hope you recover from your illness soon and had a great night at your work party, the dress is gorgeous xx

  20. Its definitely not sad that the Sephora bag is going on display in your room! haha i found a Sephora in Cyprus of all places (it was genuine as well!) and thats still hung up in my wardrobe as a prized possession! :P
    well done on all your followers beaut - thats amazing! xxx

  21. Just found your blog dear. Love all those photos <3

    Hope you'll visit me, I will be so grateful ;)
    Lots of kisses, Elena

  22. I LOVE sephora! So sad they aren't in the UK!
    Probably good though as I would spend every penny I had there!

  23. I love your blog. Please take some time to look at my blog also. Thanks :)

  24. Ohh I do love having a nosey through Instagram photos! Sorry to hear about Porsha :( Ohhhh Matt sounds so lovely and thoughtful to get you gifts from Sephora. If I had a Sephora bag I would have it on display in my room too! Xx


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