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Hi Everyone! I hope you've all had a great weekend, mine has been amazing. One of my best friends Debra on her boyfriend came to visit Matt and I in Newcastle and we had such a laugh. We decided to buy a bottle of 'cheap' Jager Meister that was hilariously named 'Josef Meier's' - Classic. We played drinking games, partied in town until 4am then came back to the flat for more drinking, pizza eating and dancing. I was shown a rather embarrassing video of myself this morning dancing around my living room to Rihanna and Eminem 'Love the way you lie' - I'm so cool it's unreal. NOT. At least I was having fun though haha!

After last nights antics today has consisted of us being completely lazy watching The X Factor and eating yummy hangover food. We decided to have a browse on Just Eat and see if anywhere delivered food at lunch time. Much to our delight we discovered that Subway DELIVER! Yes you heard that right, Subway. Amazing right? So after scoffing on a foot long meatball marinara (as you do) and being completely lazy I have decided to get my butt into gear and write a blog post. As you can see, I am going off an a tangent so I will get back into the actual point of this post.

As I've recently got a new job I thought it was only appropriate I bought myself a brand new outfit to wear this weekend. After browsing various online clothing sites I spotted this beautiful sixties style dress from River Island. It was love at first site as it is so different and unique to anything else I have seen around at the moment. I love the cute floaty style with the high neck and colourful detailing. The back is super pretty too and it even has a panel of fringing down the front which just made me fall in love with it even more. Even better, it only cost £28.00. What a bargain.

Of course I had to get some shoes as well so I turned to my favourite shoe shop 'Garage' and ordered myself these amazing shoe boots. They are perfect for the winter months and the fact they have on-trend studs all over the back was a huge selling point for me. I realise studs might not be to everyones taste but I personally love them. Every shop I go in at the moment has studded, embellished items so I guess we can expect to see studs everywhere this season.
Also, if you haven't heard of 'Garage' before you should definitely check out their website as it is full of amazingly gorgeous shoes for super cheap prices. Some of their shoes can be slightly 'tacky' but if you have a good look around they have some beauties as well.

As the dress is quite a statement piece I decided to keep the accessories minimal and just use my trusty studded clutch bag from Primark. I swear that thing is my best buy EVER from Primark. It's still going strong over a year later, hooray! I also wore MAC 'Lady Danger' lipstick that I recently won in a giveaway. It is such a gorgeous colour and I will be doing a full review on it soon. Once again I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and enjoy your Sunday night.

What did you get up to this weekend?

Lots of Love,


  1. You look amazing! I love your hair, too by the way ;)

  2. This dress is amazing, so unusual and it looks gorgeous on you xxx

  3. Cute dress , you look beautiful xxx

  4. That dress is gorgeous! Love the colours, really brightens up the dreary weather we've been having. The shoes are lovely too :) Sounds like you had a good night. I can't believe Subway deliver! x

  5. Love the dress! so unsual not seen anything like this in the shops.


  6. I love that dress it's gorgeous! and you look lovely, I love your hair :)


  7. woooaao i love how bold the dress it but omg them shoe boots :O they are beautiful i doubt my feet could tolerate them but i shall admire :) xx

  8. Ive never seen anything like this dress before, its beautiful love the colours in it. You look fab x x

  9. Fantastic! love the shoes! xo

  10. those shoes are great xx


  11. Gorgeous dress, you look stunning!
    Maddie xx


  12. you look really nice (: love your dress & subway DELIVER :O x

  13. Wow you look amazing, gorgeous dress!

    Sophierosehearts x

  14. you look gorgeous! Loving the lippy! xx

  15. I saw this on Instagram. Such a gorgeous look!

  16. this is so cute, you look amazing!! :)

  17. That dress is so pretty and unique!


  18. this dress is beautiful hun, really suits you!! you sound like such a laugh to party with, id love to see that video haha!! oooo i love lady danger, got it in my make up artist kit, and fell in love, such a brilliant red. anyhoo, you look lovely, glad you had a good weekend, and congrads again for the job xxx

  19. Kayleigh you look amazing ! Such a gorgeous face, figure and personality :) xxx

  20. your dress is amazing! you always look so gorgeous when you go out! cant wait to get my first pay from my new job so I can buy clothes!! xxx

  21. i NEED that dress....this is not good for my purse, but hey ho its gorgeous! sounds like you had a great night, cant wait to see the post about the lipstick! xxx

    1. also do you mind if i ask what size you bought the dress in and what size you wear normally? just because its s/m/l etc sizes on the website and i rarely shop from river island so not sure what to get! i usually wear a 10 if im being optimistic and this does look loose fitting, though im sometimes a 12 xxx

    2. Hey :) I usually wear a size 8 or 10 depending on the fit!! I got this in a small and it got perfectly :) it is tight around the top so I guess it depends wether you have big boobs haha!! Xx.

    3. thankyou! :) xxx

  22. This post has been such a learning experience for me... subway and garage deliver?!? I don't know how I've never known this!! you look gorgeous on these photos! Lovely dress xxx


  23. such a pretty dress ! can't believe it's river island ! xx

  24. I love this dress and the boots!!! you def did a wonderful job accessorizing such a bold look! You look amazing!


  25. WOW absolutely love the colours, cut of the dres and the print!!!

    check my latest outfit post?

    Jess xo


  26. Glad you had a great weekends, I'm back to school and revision :(
    I love the dress, the colours and studs are really cool!



  27. This outfit looks great, but living in sunderland and knowing how the weather is up here at the moment you'll have froze to death!

    It really suits you though. I love garage shoes :D


    p.s I'm currently running a giveaway to win a mac lipstick of your choice. Check out my blog if you're interested xx

  28. Hey gorgeous, I am currently having a giveaway over on my blog at the moment, I would love for you to check it out :)
    Punky Pugs Beauty products Giveaway

  29. You look fab as always - so, so pretty! And congrats on your 2400!! :) xxx

  30. Love the dress of you babes, you look amazing. We have this dress in at work, but never thought to try it on... might have to now ha xx


  31. You look stunning! xx


  32. I love this dress :) definitely thinking about getting it for my bday next week!!

    Lisa xx

  33. Gorgeous, I really need to find that clutch :)

  34. i love love love this outfit - such a gorgeous design on that dress!


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