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Dress - Lavish Alice*
Shoes - Primark
Belt - Primark

Hi Ladies! I hope your are all well and ready for the arrival of Santa in TWO DAYS.. Oh yeah! I am so excited its actually unbelievable, you would never know I'm twenty two, I still act like an excitable two year old at Christmas time. Anyway, I always like to get dressed up at this time of year, it's a must in my opinion. It's that one time of year where you can get totally glam and really go all out with nice dresses, hair and makeup. Well last night my Christmas celebrations well and truly began after finishing work on Friday for eleven whole days (bliss!) I went out to a Japanese restaurant and some pubs with my boyfriend and his parents so I wanted to wear something that was appropriate for a night out with the rents but also something that would look glamorous. I decided to wear a classic LBD as lets face it, we all have one and you can't really go wrong with them. They are definitely a staple wardrobe item that every girl should own.

I decided to pop on this dress I was recently sent from Lavish Alice and I absolutely love it. It isn't the most glitzy dress in the world but that's what I love about it - it's simple and classy yet glam all at the same time. I found the peplum style very flattering and gems on the sleeves and peter pan collar added a nice twist to a standard black dress. I decided to pop a patent belt around the top of the peplum to cinch my waist in, some black heels and it gave the dress the perfect finishing touches it needed. I decided to keep it simple with jewellery so I just wore my DKNY watch, pandora bracelet and ring which I wear on a daily basis anyway. I love these kind of dresses that are effortless to wear and don't need load of accessories to make them look nice.

I will certainly be buying a few items from the Lavish Alice website here as they have such a nice selection of glamorous and affordable dresses. They currently have a sale on too so I've been eyeing up a few of their printed midi-dresses and glitzy sequin dresses and skirts. I may even place a cheeky order before New Year's Eve. After all - who can resist a bargain?

Have you ever ordered from Lavish Alice? Do you like wearing dresses at this time of year?

P.S - I have no idea why I look like casper in that last photo, I'm pretty sure it was the flash. I know I'm pale but I'm not that pale - crikey!

Lots of Love,


  1. Lovely dress, you look amazing :) x

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  3. Oh sooo lovely shoes/pumps and the dress would be also gorgeous in red:) Wish you a merry bright christmas and a Happy New Year:)



  4. love the dress and the shoes are gorgeous!
    looks so nice on you !

    ellie xxx


  5. Beautiful outfit :) xx


  6. This dress is gorgeous, you look lovely!xx


  7. So cute, you look so pretty! Love your heels as well!

  8. That dress is beautiful :) I love getting dressed up at this time of year too, I've bought a special skirt to wear on christmas day :) Have a lovely christmas <3
    Love Holly x

  9. Hottt, you look amazing as ever. merry christmas xx

  10. LOVE that dress, you are stunning xx


  11. Pretty dress. Your waist is TINY! Enjoy your 11 days off. You should totally blog about what you did with your days off.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Clothes for Less

  12. You look lovely! I love the collar :)



  13. Bootey... Embracing the natural skin i see :) Start making a new trend in Newcastle now :) Beautiful xx

  14. What a lovely dress, it looks stunning on you.
    I agree a LBD is every girls staple.

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  16. beautiful shoes xx


  17. Lovely dress, and the red color lipstick looks so good on you!
    The people where I'm going to today with christmas are friends of my family, and they aren't glamorous at all, so I'm a little scared that I'll be the only one all dressed up.

    I wish you a happy christmas and a great and healthy 2013!


  18. that dress is so cute and your so beautiful!!


  19. Great dress! You look lovely!xx


  20. Very pretty! Gorgeous dress Xx

  21. You are so beautiful! And with that body, I'm sure everything looks good on you. Obsessed with your blog! <3



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