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Hi everyone! So its that time of the month again when I introduce you to the lovely ladies that have been over in my sidebar for the past month. There's some great blogs featured this month and a fabulous clothing store so sit back, grab yourselves a cup of tea and discover some amazing places on the inter-webs! I read each and every one of these blogs myself (they are all some of my faves!), I adore the clothing website (total glamour!) and I'm sure you will love them all just as much as I do. Each of the girls have left links to their blogs/website and various other social networking sites you can contact them on and I've also linked to their blogs/shop in the title of their paragraphs so make sure you go over and say hi - it will make their day and mine!

So without further ado, let me introduce you to ...

Becky from Beauty Becky

My name is Becky and I started my blog, Beauty Becky, in March 2012 (nearly one year ago now!) I first started watching Youtube beauty videos about five years ago and through them I discovered beauty blogs which became a huge hobby of mine to read. I love finding new brands and products to try, which my bank balance probably doesn’t love so much! 

I thought it would be really fun to start my own beauty blog and be a part of the lovely beauty community. My blog mainly consists of reviews on beauty products, with monthly favourites and a couple of outfit posts too! At the end of December I posted my first Youtube video! I had wanted to make videos for a while and I am so glad I finally filmed and uploaded one. Although it’s only been one month, I love Youtube too and it’s so exciting! 

I am currently in my last year of College and planning to train as a makeup artist in the next couple of years which I am so excited about! Another hobby of mine is photography which I have always enjoyed and constantly taking photos for my blog is making me love it even more! Very recently I redesigned my blog so if you do have a look at it then please let me know what you think – I would love to know! I have also just opened up a design shop which is very exciting! 

I absolutely love it when a follower sends me a message if they want a chat so please feel free to contact me! 

Twitter - @beautybeckyblog
Facebook – beautybeckyblog
Instagram - @beautybeckyblog

Chelsea from Through Chelsea's Eyes

Hi my names Chelsea & I'm the blogger behind

I decided to start my blog back in march 2012, I really wanted to go to university and study to become a primary school teacher but i suffer with really bad migraines so this isn't possible at the moment and i began to find myself getting stuck in a little bit of a rut, feeling down and basically just not myself. So I went with my love of beauty & fashion.

Starting Through Chelsea's Eyes has given me something positive to focus my time on! I even took the plunge and decided to connect a youtube channel to my blog, i really enjoy sitting down and filming videos to share with you guys!

I love Beauty & Fashion and basically I just love blogging i can't believe how quickly its become a huge part of my life, i just love getting my camera and taking pretty photographs to sit and write with! There's nothing better than all the friends I've made through blogging, the blogging community is so friendly and here's a list of places to find me if you ever would like to pop over and say hello! :)

Youtube -
Twitter - @ChelseaYates1
Facebook - ThroughChelseasEyes
Instagram - @chelseayates1
Bloglovin - ThroughChelseasEyes

Lots of Love Chelsea from Through Chelsea's Eyes

Lucy from LucyRosex

My name is Lucy, I'm a 20 year old student hidden away in the tiny little countryside everyone calls the Lake District. I set up my blog in 2012 after a couple of very obsessive years reading blog after blog and watching video after video. I became inspired to start up my own and have never looked back.

Lucy Rose x is all about beauty, fashion and life. You can expect to see reviews, hauls, OTD's, and general chit chat. This year I am definitely going to try to write more life orientated posts, especially about the social stigma which is mental illness after receiving so much comfort from other people's - Kayleigh being one herself.

So if I haven't put you off already, come over and say hi! I love this community and enjoy nothing more than interacting with my followers and fellow bbloggers, so don't be afraid to drop a comment or a tweet! I look forward to seeing you!

Loves and hugs xxx

Blog -
Twitter- @lucyrosegreen
Instagram- lucyrosegreen

Leanne from LeanneMarie

My name is Leanne and I blog over at . Inspired like many others by other bloggers and youtubers, I decided I wanted to share my thoughts and discoveries on fashion and beauty with the world too! Two and a bit years ago Leanne-Marie was born, and I have to say I’m really pleased I bit the bullet and did it. Blogging has become a full time hobby for me, I just love it!

My blog has everything from beauty reviews, outfit posts, wishlists and sometimes a lifestyle post thrown in for good measure! (and who knows maybe I’ll treat you to some snaps of my wedding later on in the year once I’ve tied the knot!) There’s something for everyone really! This year I hope to start getting myself stuck in with my Youtube Channel , I just need some words of encouragement from you guys and ideas on what to film, so any suggestions are welcome!

I love to interact with my readers whether it be in the comments of my posts or over on twitter. My twitter handle is @Leannemariexo. My phone is practically glued to my hand so expect a quick tweet back! I really enjoy taking part in the #bbloggers chats every Wednesday & Sunday as I find it’s a fab way to discover some new reads.

Have a read of my blog here:
Subscribe to my Youtube channel here:
Send me a tweet here:!/LeanneMariexo

Rule1 is a fast growing on-line fashion store with the young & stylish female in mind. Since opening at the start of 2012 Rule1 has become a favourite among celebrities with our clothing spotted in glossy mags, news papers and on TV!

We have always believed that Rule 1 is to Look The Part. We like clothes that are unusual & on trend with that extra WOW factor so that you can ensure you are the best dressed at every occasion. 

Rule1 offers the perfect combination of quality & price ~ all beautifully wrapped in tissue paper & delivered to you speedily, because we know what it's like to need something NOW!

Rule 1 brings you star style, fantastic quality & ultra glamorous womenswear. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service & are happy to assist you with your personal shopping needs so that you choose the right clothing to make you look and feel amazing!

Zoe from Zoebowx

My blog is all about beauty, lifestyle and fashion. I study fashion and textiles at university, so i should really write about fashion the most but i dont. I ramble about products i love and sometimes the ones that i dont love so much. Sometimes i write about my life and give an overview on everything going on.

I love interacting with my followers, so be sure to pop over and say hi. I only started my blog last November, but i am so far of how far its come and what i have achieved. I am always on tweeting about something everyday so be sure to pop over. I am always talking to others on here, so if you want to contact me, just tweet me and i will of course tweet you back. Also, instagram is pretty much my life, so head over their to see what i get up to on a day to day basis.

I also have tumblr where i am showing my fitness side and an online food diary. I like to think of it as fitspiration. Have to say, personally its working well for me. 

instagram - zoegrace93
tumblr - zoebowx

I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about each of these fabulous ladies! I've thoroughly enjoyed having them featured on my blog and I will be sad to see them go *sob*! If you like them just as much as I do don't forget to go tell them and if you want your blog to be featured here in March, you can click here to read about the advertising packages I offer!

Lots of Love,


  1. Fantastic post! I am now following these blogs so thanks for the introduction Kayleigh :-) Holly xx

  2. This is a great way to find new blogs!!! <3
    Lots of love from

  3. I love this post. I found some great new reads xx

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