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Hi everyone! So we've come to the end of February, can you believe it? This month has absolutely flown by hasn't it? Today I'd like to share some of the ever so lovely ladies who've been occupying my sidebar for the past month. They've all wrote a little bit about themselves and their blogs and I've linked their blogs in the title of each paragraph so its easy for you to go and check them all out. There's some real gems this month and some of my personal favourites. Make sure you pop over and say hello, I'm sure it would make for a lovely end to their month!

Hannah from Cosmetic Crave
Hi my name is Hannah and I'm the blogger behind Cosmetic Crave.

I'm a 20 year old student based in the North West, studying Law at the University of Central Lancashire. I have combined my passion for writing with a massive love for beauty products leading to the birth of Cosmetic Crave in the summer of 2012. From a little hobby to a huge passion, Cosmetic Crave is a big part of my life and I don't think that I could imagine a life without a blog anymore; what would I do without all of the beautiful ladies that I've made friends with along the way, and the amazing new brands that I'm discovering every day and learning more and more about what products are right for me?

My blog is mainly beauty based and is full of hauls; both beauty and fashion (everyone loves a Primark Haul), favourites and loves, new discoveries and honest product reviews. If you're interested in make-up, hair care, skin, nails and anything else related to beauty then come on over and take a read!

Thank you taking the time to read this, and I love reading blogs even more than I love writing on my own so don't hestitate to come on over and say hello so I can discover your blog too!

My blog is:
Twitter: @hannahripley
Instagram: @hannahripley1

Danielle from The Imperfect Beauty

Hello Everyone! My name is Danielle and my blog is The Imperfect Beauty. I started blogging over a year ago because I really wanted to make some more friends with similar interests to mine and I haven't looked back since!

I absolutely adore blogging, I mainly tend to blog about beauty products, my opinions, my favourites and sometimes I do lifestyle posts too! I love getting feedback and ideas from the lovely people who read my blog and it always makes my day when someone comments on a post to say they enjoyed it! If you want to come over for a visit my links are all below, I'd love to see you over on my blog! 

Twitter - @danielleom19
Instagram - @_danielleom
Pinterest - @danielle232

Hi everyone! My name is Laura and I write the blog Secret Diary of a Fashion Journalist. My blog is almost two years old now, and is my favourite hobby ever! As the name suggests, I am a fashion journalist working in London. I spend my life talking about fashion and beauty, so I decided I needed a little patch on the Internet to get everything off my chest! I do a lot of beauty and make up reviews, outfit posts, and a sprinkle of lifestyle-particularly cookery;I love a good cupcake!

I would love it if you checked out my blog- come and say hi!

Beth from Birds Words
 Im Beth. A 22 year old beauty obsessed, big hair fanatic from the UK and I run ‘Birds Words’ – a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog. Bird’s Words is a rather chirpy little place, full of thoughts on my favourite products and snippets from my everyday life. I post lots of product reviews and information on my current favourites, and of course I like to throw in a few clothing hauls here and there - a girl can’t survive without a bit of retail therapy!

I also post ‘face of the day’ posts, outfits and have recently branched out into hair tutorials ever since I got my new snazzy-jazzy camera! I adore my followers, and think they’re a wonderful bunch. I love having a natter with like-minded beauty/fashion addicts like myself and nothing makes my day more than hearing from my followers – I always make time for everyone on my blog, and I like to think it’s a friendly place to be!

Twitter - @Beth_BirdsWords
She Said Beauty -

Becky from Beau Blushes

By day I’m Becky the primary teacher, by night I’m Beau Blushes the blogger. I went part-time in September so now I have plenty of time to pursue my love of make up, skin care and other pretty things.

I started my blog in January and I’ve just about found my feet. I write about a bit of everything…beauty reviews, interior design ideas, life experiences. I have big plans to include a food and drink feature as well (my other passion).

I’m also hoping to provide you with some inspiration in staying strong and positive. I’m in recovery from a neurological illness and have picked up some handy tips and mantras along the way!

So come on over and say hello, I’d love to hear from you!

Love and Wishes, B Xx

You will find me at:

My blog -
Twitter -
Pinterest -
Instagram -

Lindsay from Lindsay Frances

Hi my name is Lindsay and I started my blog 'Lindsay frances' back in November 2011! Im a 20 year old student, photographer and MUA. I decided to set my blog up after discovering blogs through watching YouTubes videos for years. My blog is mainly beauty based as I'm completely obsessed with make up and I love to share new products I've found and make up looks I've done but it sometimes also has a few fashion and life style posts just for good measure!

Im so glad I took the plunge and started my own blog as its so nice to be a part of such a lovely beauty community. I love speaking to all the girls who read my blog so please make sure you pop over and say hi or tweet me!

Take a look at my little blog
Tweet me at @lindsayfrancesx (on private but I'll accept pretty quickly)
See my photographs on instagram @ lindsayfrancesx (on private again but I'll accept)

Love Lindsay Frances


Zoe from Zoebowx

My blog is all about beauty, lifestyle and fashion. I study fashion and textiles at university, so i should really write about fashion the most but i dont. I ramble about products i love and sometimes the ones that i dont love so much. Sometimes i write about my life and give an overview on everything going on.

I love interacting with my followers, so be sure to pop over and say hi. I only started my blog last November, but i am so far of how far its come and what i have achieved. I am always on tweeting about something everyday so be sure to pop over. I am always talking to others on here, so if you want to contact me, just tweet me and i will of course tweet you back. Also, instagram is pretty much my life, so head over their to see what i get up to on a day to day basis.

I also have tumblr where i am showing my fitness side and an online food diary. I like to think of it as fitspiration. Have to say, personally its working well for me. 

instagram - zoegrace93
tumblr - zoebowx

Hi my name is Roisin & I blog at 

I started my beauty blogging back in March 2012, yet I've had my blog since 2010 but didn't really love it all that much back then. That's until March of last year, when I decided to go back blogging and focus more on blogging about fashion and what I was doing in my day to day life instead of critiquing fashion shows like I was doing. I never realised how big the beauty and fashion blogging world is.

Since I started my blog up again, it has given me so many opportunities to meet fellow bloggers from all over the world as well as on line. Meeting new people and sharing experiences is such a perk to blogging. I love making new friends and share blogging thought with one another.

I absolutely love blogging. I get so excited when I get to take pictures and write a post on the things I love and then to have people reading it is amazing. I never expected to have anyone other then my family and friends to read my blog but now other people from all over the world are. It's insane and it really means so so much to me. Why don't you pop over and say hi!

Twitter - @FashionObserver
Bloglovin - TheFashionistaObserver

Love Roisin ❤

Lauren from Lauren Rose Makeup

I'm Lauren and I have a blog over at! I was never really into makeup but one day I searched youtube for tips for applying winged eyeliner and that was it, I was hooked!! Not being brave enough for YouTube I decided a blog would be my best bet and I have been in love ever since! My love of makeup grew so much that I decided to study makeup artistry at London Muse school which was an amazing opportunity and I am so glad I did it! Although photoshoots aren't really my "thing" it is so great to have the skills.

My blog is makeup based, I include other bits and bobs such as skincare and hair care  pretty much everything beauty related! From reviews to makeup looks I post about it :)
I love throwing in little lifestyle pieces every once in a while as I love getting to know other bloggers through their lifestyle posts and there is more to life than just the glitz and the glamour, right? (right!?)

Follow my blog here :
Follow me on twitter here :

So there we have it, my wonderful February Advertisers. I hope you found some new blogs to read and love them all as much as I do! If you'd like to be featured here next month, you can have a look the advertising packages I offer here. I'm now taking payments for April spaces so please do get in touch if you're interested.

Lots of Love,


  1. Just follow some lovely blogs, thanks for this post! xxx

  2. Thanks for sharing Kayleigh, there are some fabulous blogs.

    I will be emailing you again soon regarding advertising with you in the future as I know you didn't get my last one *sobs*

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  3. Love the links. I agree that February has gone so quickly!

    Holly xx

  4. I love your advertiser posts, I always find some great new blogs to follow :)

    The Simple Life of Emma

  5. Love these posts Kayleigh, I am already following most of them. Can't believe it's March already!

    Xo, Janelle GlamorousMama

  6. You're layout is absolutely stunning and I love finding new blogs to read :)
    Thanks :)

    Rachel @ AMomentInTime.


  7. Very nice your post!

    New post on my blog Mermaid make-up by Giorgia Di Giorgio

    Have a nice day


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