Amazing Advertisers // March

Hi everyone! Can you believe its the end of March already? I'm seriously in shock, where has 2013 gone so far? Anyway, the end of the month means its time to share my lovely advertisers with you all. I absolutely love publishing these posts as it gives the lovely ladies over in my sidebar a bit of exposure and hopefully some new readers. It also means you guys get to find some fab new reads so its a win win for everyone. Each of the ladies have wrote  a little bit about themselves and included all of their links so you can pop on over and follow them. There's some amazing blogs and a fab shop featured this month so I'm sure you won't be disappointed ...

Becky from Beauty Becky

My name is Becky and I started my blog, Beauty Becky, in March 2012 (nearly one year ago now!) I first started watching Youtube beauty videos about five years ago and through them I discovered beauty blogs which became a huge hobby of mine to read. I love finding new brands and products to try, which my bank balance probably doesn’t love so much! 

I thought it would be really fun to start my own beauty blog and be a part of the lovely beauty community. My blog mainly consists of reviews on beauty products, with monthly favourites and a couple of outfit posts too! At the end of December I posted my first Youtube video! I had wanted to make videos for a while and I am so glad I finally filmed and uploaded one. Although it’s only been one month, I love Youtube too and it’s so exciting! 

I am currently in my last year of College and planning to train as a makeup artist in the next couple of years which I am so excited about! Another hobby of mine is photography which I have always enjoyed and constantly taking photos for my blog is making me love it even more! Very recently I redesigned my blog so if you do have a look at it then please let me know what you think – I would love to know! I have also just opened up a design shop which is very exciting! 

I absolutely love it when a follower sends me a message if they want a chat so please feel free to contact me! 

Twitter - @beautybeckyblog
Facebook – beautybeckyblog
Instagram - @beautybeckyblog

Zoe from Zoebowx
My blog is all about beauty, lifestyle and fashion. I study fashion and textiles at university, so i should really write about fashion the most but i dont. I ramble about products i love and sometimes the ones that i dont love so much. Sometimes i write about my life and give an overview on everything going on.

I love interacting with my followers, so be sure to pop over and say hi. I only started my blog last November, but i am so far of how far its come and what i have achieved. I am always on tweeting about something everyday so be sure to pop over. I am always talking to others on here, so if you want to contact me, just tweet me and i will of course tweet you back. Also, instagram is pretty much my life, so head over their to see what i get up to on a day to day basis.

I also have tumblr where i am showing my fitness side and an online food diary. I like to think of it as fitspiration. Have to say, personally its working well for me. 

instagram - zoegrace93
tumblr - zoebowx

Alison from Rule1 Store

Rule1 is a fast growing on-line fashion store with the young & stylish female in mind. Since opening at the start of 2012 Rule1 has become a favourite among celebrities with our clothing spotted in glossy mags, news papers and on TV!

We have always believed that Rule 1 is to Look The Part. We like clothes that are unusual & on trend with that extra WOW factor so that you can ensure you are the best dressed at every occasion. 

Rule1 offers the perfect combination of quality & price ~ all beautifully wrapped in tissue paper & delivered to you speedily, because we know what it's like to need something NOW!

Rule 1 brings you star style, fantastic quality & ultra glamorous womenswear. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service & are happy to assist you with your personal shopping needs so that you choose the right clothing to make you look and feel amazing!

April from The Pampered Pout

Hi everyone! I'm April and I write a blog called "The Pampered Pout"

I have been reading blogs and watching youtube since 2009. Im a qualified beauty therapist and worked in the beauty industry for years and i have a huge passion for all things beauty related and a little over a year ago i decided to put my passion into writing and start my own little blog. 

I write about a bit of everything, mainly beauty as I'm obsessed but also like to throw in a few lifestyle, interiors, baking posts and as a new mum i share my experiences of pregnancy, birth and products i think you will all find helpful with a sprinkle of humour and a bit of a ramble here and there. 

 I love being part of the beauty community and have made some lovely friends from all over the world which is the great thing about blogging, and i really enjoy finding new blogs so come over and say hi or tweet me so i can discover more :)

Danielle from The Imperfect Beauty

I absolutely adore blogging, I mainly tend to blog about beauty products, my opinions, my favourites and sometimes I do lifestyle posts too! I love getting feedback and ideas from the lovely people who read my blog and it always makes my day when someone comments on a post to say they enjoyed it! If you want to come over for a visit my links are all below, I'd love to see you over on my blog! 

Twitter - @danielleom19

Instagram - @_danielleom

Pinterest - @danielle232

Lucy from Lucy Rose

My name is Lucy, I'm a 20 year old student hidden away in the tiny little countryside everyone calls the Lake District. I set up my blog in 2012 after a couple of very obsessive years reading blog after blog and watching video after video. I became inspired to start up my own and have never looked back.

Lucy Rose x is all about beauty, fashion and life. You can expect to see reviews, hauls, OTD's, and general chit chat. This year I am definitely going to try to write more life orientated posts, especially about the social stigma which is mental illness after receiving so much comfort from other people's - Kayleigh being one herself.

So if I haven't put you off already, come over and say hi! I love this community and enjoy nothing more than interacting with my followers and fellow bbloggers, so don't be afraid to drop a comment or a tweet! I look forward to seeing you!

Loves and hugs xxx

Twitter- @lucyrosegreen
Instagram- lucyrosegreen

Jayne from Miss Jayne Becca

Hi all! My name is Jayne I'm a beauty and fitness fanatic. Which is why I write about beauty, fitness with a bit of lifestyle thrown in over on my blog Miss Jayne Becca. I write my blog to document my life and my fitness journey. I also love to share my favourite beauty products. I pride myself on not looking my age (I'm 31, shussh) so if you want to know my views and how I keep myself fit and healthy ~ hop on over and say hello! 

I write a mixture of posts from my current workout routine, to clean eating recipes and face of the day posts. I also love to share my favourite beauty products with you all through reviews. I love to chat and hear other people views on beauty and fitness ~ I'm always up for trying and learning new things and I would love to hear from you!

Find me at:

Hi there beauties. My name’s Sarah, I’m a 20 year old student with a love for fashion, travel and tequila flavoured beer!

My blog predominantly documents my personal style and life style - and I occasionally dabble in fashion and beauty too. You’ll mainly see outfits, inspiration posts, and the occasional shopping haul over at Slingbacks and Scandal but I also have big plans to expand the crafty side of my blog with more DIYs and some recipe posts too.

I love being inspired by beautiful places and creative people and I use my blog as a way to drive my own creativity and share everything I’m currently obsessing over. I only started blogging at the start of the New Year but I love the community I’ve discovered, and the innovation of other people’s style and ideas is incredibly inspiring!

I would love for you to drop by my blog and say hello.

Harriet from A Rush of Love

Hiya I'm Harriet, the blogger behind A Rush of Love.

I'm a 25 year old mummy from Shropshire in the UK. I live with my fiancé Nathan and our one year old daughter Ava. I created A Rush of Love as I've always loved writing and I wanted my little slice of the internet.

A Rush of Love is mainly a lifestyle blog where I share my ups and downs as a first time mum whilst also still having a life (yes it is possible people!) I post about my daughter, baby fashion, my upcoming wedding and general ramblings. So if you're looking for some light reading I'd love to have you.

You can also find me here:

Hi everyone, I'm Vicky and I blog at

I've been passionate about writing for as long as I can remember and as a trained makeup artist with over two years industry experience, I live and breathe beauty! Beauty blogging enables me to combine the two as well as share the tips and tricks I've picked up along the way with everyone.

I'm on the verge of dipping my toes into the world of YouTube soon to explore the more interactive side of beauty - I'm so excited to share my makeup stories with you all!

Instagram - beautybloggingbrunette 

I hope you all enjoyed this post and managed to find some new reads! As always I've linked to all of their blogs/shop in the title of their paragraphs so do go and check them all out.

I hope you're all having a great bank holiday weekend!

Lots of Love,

Spring Lipsticks // Pretty Peaches

Hi Ladies! I hope you're all well and having a fabulous Easter weekend so far. Doesn't it feel good to have a long weekend? I say all weekends should be this long ;). My mum and sister are coming to visit for the weekend and I cannot wait to have some fun girly time together (with the exception of my boyfriend of course haha). I hope whatever you're doing will be very fun filled too!

Today I want to share my favourite Spring lipsticks and all of them just happen to be pretty peach/orange shades. As soon as Spring rolls around I turn into a peach obsessed mad woman. Wether its clothes, makeup or nail polish - peach is a must-have Spring shade. I also love a good peach lipstick, its one of my favourite shades to wear and over time I've developed quite the collection. I've picked out my top five and thought I'd give you a little overview of each along with some swatches. Enjoy!

[ Revlon Lip Butter - Juicy Papaya ]
Juicy Papaya is one of Revlon's new lip butters and I blogged about it here along with another of their new shades 'Pink Lemonade'. I've been really enjoying wearing this shade since I got it as its the perfect Spring lip colour. The lip butters are so wearable due to their balm like consistency and sheer wash of colour and this one in particular is such a pretty peach shade. Its quite sheer compared to my other picks but that's one of the reasons I like it so much, its so wearable. A great product for every day use!

[ Revlon Colorburst Lipstick - Peach ]
Another Revlon lip product has made it into the line up and this time its from their Colorburst lipstick range. The shade I've got is 'Peach' which as the very unoriginal name (tut tut Revlon) states, is a perfect Peach. Much like Juicy Papaya, this one is so wearable and one I quite often find myself slicking on for every day wear. Its slightly more pigmented and vivid than Juicy Papaya but still has a lovely glossy and moisturising finish. I love the packaging of this one too with the handy colour on top. This is very useful for someone like me with a ridiculous amount of lip products 8).

[ YSL Rouge Pur Couture - Le Orange ]
Okay so this lipstick isn't exactly 'peach' but I wanted to include it anyway as its still in the orange toned lipstick family (did I just say that?). I've also reviewed this lipstick here if you want to see it up close and personal one my lips. I just love everything about this lipstick from the luxurious gold packaging to the highly pigmented and moisturising formula, its an all round winner for me. Of course this is the priciest lipstick of the bunch at £25.00 but for a special occasion or treat, its one I'd highly recommend. I can already see this looking amazing with a tan and the orange red shade instantly brightens up my face.

[ MAC - Costa Chic ]
Costa Chic is Spring/Summer in a lipstick, seriously. Its a bright coral shade with strong pink undertones and a shimmery iridescent finish. When I first bought it I was really wary of the 'frost' finish as I thought it might make my lips look a tad disco ball but thankfully, it just adds a subtle sparkle. This lipstick looks perfect with a tan on holiday and I'll certainly be packaging it when I head to Portugal later this year.

[ Topshop - Whimsical ]
As I'm sure you all know by now, Topshop is one of my favourite brands for lip products and Whimsical is just perfect for this time of year. Its a relatively pale peach shade that again is very easy to wear. I'd describe the finish of this one as Satin, not quite matte but not at all glossy (even though it looks it on my photo, hmm!). I like to wear this one with a gloss on top and its perfect for day to day or evening wear. I could imagine this one looking beautiful when paired with a smokey eye for the Spring/Summer evenings.

So there we have it, my top Peach lipsticks for Spring. Looking at the recent snowy weather in the UK you wouldn't think it was Spring but hey ho, I'm trying to embrace spring shades none the less. Come on Mr Sunshine, come out and say hello!

What's your favourite shade for Spring? Do you own any of these lipsticks?

Have a great Easter everyone!

Lots of Love,

My Makeup Storage // IKEA Malm Dressing Table

Ikea MALM dressing table-Ikea Antonius Basket Inserts-Makeup Storage-Makeup Collection-UK Beauty Blog-Muji Acrylic Storage
Ikea MALM dressing table-Ikea Antonius Basket Inserts-Makeup Storage-Makeup Collection-UK Beauty Blog-Muji Acrylic Storage
Ikea MALM dressing table-Ikea Antonius Basket Inserts-Makeup Storage-Makeup Collection-UK Beauty Blog-Muji Acrylic Storage
Hi Ladies! I hope you're all well and are looking forward to Easter this weekend. Today was my last day at work for a whole six days and I'm so excited to have some time off. I feel like I've not had any 'me' time for a long, long time so I'm very much looking forward to being a lady of leisure and chilling out. My mum and sister are coming to visit on Friday too, so I'm very much looking forward to spending some quality time with them.

Anyway, before I go off on a tangent (I have a tendency to not know when to stop rambling), I'll get back to the focus of this post. As a beauty hoarder, makeup storage is a necessity and standard makeup bags just don't cut it anymore hence the need for 'makeup storage' - if you're not a beauty addict like me then yes, I realise this will sound insane. For such a long time I was really unhappy with my makeup set up and storage which I blogged about here in a really old post. It was messy, unorganised and squished into a teeny tiny black Argos dressing table and a set of Muji acrylic drawers. When I first got my Muji drawers I was really impressed with them but as my makeup collection grew and grew, everything was overflowing and before I knew it I was surrounded by a swarm of makeup and various other beauty products.

With this being said, I knew I had to find a new form of storage. I tried my hand at wicker baskets and boxes but was never satisfied with how it looked. I'd always dreamed (yes, I really am that sad) of having a big white dressing table with a glass top after seeing similar ones on other blogs and Youtube channels. For me personally white dressing tables look very serene, clean and classy so I knew when I got around to buying a new one, I'd be replacing my small, dark and dingy black one with a pretty white one. After doing lots of research online to find my perfect dressing table, I decided on a high gloss white one with three large drawers down either side. I thought it was fabulous but the £300+ price tag was certainly off putting. However, I ordered it regardless and patiently awaited for it to arrive. Whilst waiting for the postman to deliver said dressing table, I found myself watching Estee's (Essie Button if you don't already know) Youtube video about her makeup collection (you can find that video here) and I fell head over heels in love with her dressing table. It was perfect and exactly what I'd been looking for. She said in the video it was the IKEA Malm dressing table so I quickly headed over to the IKEA website to have a search for it. Much to my surprise, it only cost £95 and I knew there and then that this was the one I wanted. Within minutes the £300+ dressing table had been cancelled and I was on my way to IKEA to hunt down the MALM.

Ikea MALM dressing table-Ikea Antonius Basket Inserts-Makeup Storage-Makeup Collection-UK Beauty Blog-Muji Acrylic Storage
Ikea MALM dressing table-Ikea Antonius Basket Inserts-Makeup Storage-Makeup Collection-UK Beauty Blog-Muji Acrylic Storage
Ikea MALM dressing table-Ikea Antonius Basket Inserts-Makeup Storage-Makeup Collection-UK Beauty Blog-Muji Acrylic Storage
Ikea MALM dressing table-Ikea Antonius Basket Inserts-Makeup Storage-Makeup Collection-UK Beauty Blog-Muji Acrylic Storage
Ikea MALM dressing table-Ikea Antonius Basket Inserts-Makeup Storage-Makeup Collection-UK Beauty Blog-Muji Acrylic Storage
Ikea MALM dressing table-Ikea Antonius Basket Inserts-Makeup Storage-Makeup Collection-UK Beauty Blog-Muji Acrylic Storage

If you hadn't already guessed from the bazillions of photos above, I managed to hunt it down and I couldn't be happier with it. Its a fairly large dressing table (almost twice the size of my previous one) and it has a large pull out drawer and a glass surface. I think it looks very sleek, neat and tidy and I couldn't wait to set about organising my makeup and making it look pretty. I decided I wanted to keep the surface of the dressing table looking relatively simple and uncluttered so I tried to keep things on the surface to a minimum. On the left hand side I've kept a couple of Muji drawers for palettes that won't fit into the big drawer, and all of my current skincare (and a couple of hair goodies) sit on top. I tend to switch my skincare up all the time so this is a good area for me to keep things I'm using regularly. I then store all of my makeup brushes next to the Muji drawers and I've separated them into 'face' and 'eye' pots. The face pot is a glass vase from Ikea and the eye pot is a pen pot from Muji, both as cheap as chips. I then keep a mirror in the middle (a dressing table wouldn't be complete without one of those) and on the right hand side I keep another Muji pot, this time the Acrylic desk pot to store my cotton pads, a flower for some added girlyness and a few daily essentials like deodorant, Caudalie cleaning water and hairspray. I've also popped my favourite 'Miss Dior' perfume on there as the bottle is just beautiful and some cute little tea lights for decoration purposes (as you do!). Finally, I keep a large silver light next to the dressing table which is super bright and I use this when applying makeup at night time.

Moving on the large drawer, I decided this would be the perfect place to store all of my makeup. I also picked up the IKEA Malm drawers (£75) when I was mooching around Ikea to store all of my jewellery and other beauty goodies (hair care, skin care, nail polishes and all those other lovely beauty bits) which you can see in the corner of my first photo but I'll save that for another post or I'll be here all day. When it came to organising my makeup into the drawer, I wanted to buy some partitions I could pop inside to keep my makeup in organised sections. Gosh, I sound like some sort of crazy makeup mad woman! Ikea came up trumps again for this and I bought myself three of their Antonius basket inserts which are essentially just plastic boxes with 5 different sized compartments. They only cost £1.70 a piece which is a total bargain and a very cheap method of storing makeup. Unfortunately, I couldn't manage to fit all three of the inserts into the drawer so my boyfriend and I had to chop a piece off one of them so they would all fit. This means I technically have 2 and 3/4 inserts in the drawer, incase you're wondering why the 'eye' products insert is missing a section. 

I thought I'd give you a closer look at whats in each of the Antonius basket inserts, how I've organised my makeup into them and a brief overview of whats in each. Lets start with lip products (my favourite):

Lip Products
Ikea MALM dressing table-Ikea Antonius Basket Inserts-Makeup Storage-Makeup Collection-UK Beauty Blog-Muji Acrylic Storage
Okay so this is probably the section I was most excited to organise as lip products are my ultimate makeup weakness. If you can't already tell from the madness above, I love them and can't stop spending my money on them. As MAC lipsticks are my favourite, I decided a section would have to be dedicated to them and as you can see, they all fit in there perfectly (with the exception of one random Illamasqua one, oops!). I've put them in upside down too so I can see the name of each which has been really handy. I've then put my YSL, Topshop and Revlon lip butters together (more favourites of mine) and other miscellaneous lipsticks have all been bunged together in another section with lip balms. I then have two sections for lipglosses, my Rimmel Apocalips and a few lip pencils. This is definitely my favourite section and looking at it gives me a huge sense of satisfaction. Don't judge me!

Face Products
Ikea MALM dressing table-Ikea Antonius Basket Inserts-Makeup Storage-Makeup Collection-UK Beauty Blog-Muji Acrylic Storage
The next section of my drawer contains everything 'face' related so this is everything from foundation to blush. I also keep primer, concealer, powder, bronzer and highlighters in this drawer. Considering I'm not much of a blush person and tend to stick to the same set of face products at all times, I was quite shocked by how full this section is. I guess thats what you get for being a beauty blogger. I also didn't realise I had quite so many MAC face products until I started clearing products out from my Muji drawers. They do look very pretty all lined up next to each other though. Again, this gives me a weird sense of satisfaction (what a creep!).

Eye Products
Ikea MALM dressing table-Ikea Antonius Basket Inserts-Makeup Storage-Makeup Collection-UK Beauty Blog-Muji Acrylic Storage
If you haven't already guessed, this section contains all things eyes. To be honest, I tend to stick with my eyeshadow palettes so I don't have an insanely big collection of eye shadows. I have a couple of eyeshadow duos from NARS, some Maybelline colour tattoos, Barry M, MAC and NYX pigments, a couple of cheap palettes, my MAC quad and various other eye kits including my beloved Benefit Brow Zings. I then have a whole section dedicated to eyeliners and mascaras which is a bit ridiculous to be honest, who needs this many? I think this section will be getting a clear out soon. Finally I've popped all of my 'beauty tools' including eyelash curlers, false lash glue, a sharpener and tweezers in their own little compartment.

At the very end of the drawer there was a little gap so I thought this was the perfect place to store a few of my eyeshadow palettes including the Urban Decay NAKED 1 and 2 palettes and my Inglot palette which I'm yet to finish filling. I could only fit these three in the drawer so I've popped my MAC palette and Stila in the Light palette in the Muji drawers on top of my dressing table. I thought it would be handy to keep a couple of Muji drawers up there for any 'overflow' I end up with from this drawer. Yes I know, as if I don't have enough makeup already 8).

Makeup Bags
Ikea MALM dressing table-Ikea Antonius Basket Inserts-Makeup Storage-Makeup Collection-UK Beauty Blog-Muji Acrylic Storage
Finally I thought I'd include a photo of the makeup bags I often use for keeping my 'every day' makeup inside or for travelling. They were both really cheap from Primark and I absolutely love them, just look at the cute designs. I tend to use the 'beauty' one for travelling and the floral Cath Kidston esque one for keeping my everyday makeup in. I don't always use it for every day makeup but if I'm being lazy and know I'll be using the same products all week, I tend to pop them all in there. It saves me an extra five minutes before work in the morning which means an extra five minutes in my cosy bed. OH YEAH!!

So there we have it guys, my new dressing table and makeup storage. I'm really pleased with how it looks and I couldn't wait to share it with you all as I personally love being nosy and having a snoop at how other people store their makeup. I've only had it all set up for the past few days but its already made getting ready much easier. I love the fact I can now open one big drawer and clearly see where everything is in organised sections. If you're ever in IKEA or are after a new dressing table, I can't recommend the MALM enough. It really is my dream dressing table and for £95 its a total bargain too!

I hope you've enjoyed having a sneak peek at my set-up and collection and if you'd like to see how I organise my jewellery and other beauty products into the tall MALM drawers, just let me know!

How do you organise your makeup? Do you like what I've done with mine?

Lots of Love,

Ti Creative Styling Butterfly Straighteners & 50% OFF Code

Hi Ladies! Today I'd like to share one of my new hair tools with you all, the Ti Creative Styling Touch 2 Butterfly Straightener*. A while ago I was contacted by My Salon Looks, a fabulous website that supplies all sorts of beauty goodness and they asked me if I'd like to test and review a pair of their Butterfly straighteners. I was seriously impressed with their website (they stock all sorts of wonderful goodies) and the straighteners sounded exceptionally promising. Well fast forward a couple of months, I've had the chance to test the straighteners and I have to say, I'm so impressed. For a long time, the only straighteners my hair have seen are ghd's as I always had them down as the "best" on the market. Now don't get me wrong, I still adore my ghd's and use them regularly but the Ti Creative Styling straighteners have taken hair straightening to another level. Firstly, just look at the design, how cute? The shiny black is super chic and a scattering of yellow leopard print butterflies adds a unique and girly twist to your standard straightener. They also offer a red version if yellow isn't your thing.

Unlike most straighteners that damage hair due to intense heat application, the Butterfly straightener has been uniquely designed with 96 ventilation holes to distribute heat evenly. This ensures that your hair is not singed or snapped by the heat which is of course the biggest concern when using heat appliances. They also stop the straighteners from over heating and therefore damaging the hair, a win win right ladies?  Talking of heat, another cool feature of these straighteners is how quickly they heat up. They heat up to 230°C in only 40 seconds and the heat can be set to your own preference using the handy arrows on the side. There's even a built in LCD screen to help you control the temperature and a pre-set memory function that remembers your temperature preferences, pretty nifty right?

Another thing I love about these straighteners is their lightweight design. If you own ghd's or any other straighteners for that matter, imagine the weight of them and half it, this is how light the Butterfly straighteners are. For me this is a big plus point as my long hair takes a long time to straighten which has often resulted in me getting a sore arm from lifting a bulky straightener. I also find these straighteners perfect for getting into the 'nooks and crannies' of my hair as the plates are so lightweight and thin, making it really easy to grab all of my shorter layers and fringe with ease. With this being said, I also think these straighteners would be perfect for you ladies with short hair.

So, after all my raving about the design of the straighteners, you probably want to know if they actually work? Lets face it, the main reason we buy hair straighteners is to achieve salon sleek locks in the comfort of our own home. Well, this pair of straighteners does that and so much more. The straightening plates are made from titanium meaning they increase hairs natural hydration and they're scratch proof too meaning there's no risk of them damaging or dragging on the hair. I find my hair looks so soft, silky and smooth after using these straighteners and all fly aways and frizz is completely banished. They glide over my hair like an absolute dream and straightening time is massively reduced when I use them. They're also perfect for curling too which is a huge bonus for me as curled hair is one of my favourite styles. My curls have never looked so sleek and bouncy haha!

Overall, I'm a massive fan of these straighteners and its completely opened my eyes to different kinds of hair tools. If you fancy trying something different from your standard straighteners, these are a fabulous alternative. 

They're available to buy from the My Salon Looks website for £155 and if that isn't in your budget then guess what? The lovely people at My Salon Looks have created a special 50% off code for my lovely readers. If you want to snap a pair of these straighteners up (Yellow or Red), just pop KAYLEIGH50 in at the checkout. Bargain alert!!

Lots of Love,
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