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When Kayleigh tweeted asking if anyone would be interested in guest blogging whilst she went on her jollys – I jumped at the chance! Couture girl was one of the first blogs I started reading way before I started my own, and still is one of my firm favourites. With this being said, I hope you enjoy!

Summer has finally popped its head around the corner and the sun is beginning to shine. With this in mind, my daily beauty regimes and routines have all had a good old shake up and my summer products are out in full force – which is exactly what I am going to share with you today. Just a few of my favourite summer products I will be using this year.

The Tan
Naturally, I look very un-natural. In fact my other half calls me casper when I am (very rarely) tanless. Tan is something I generally wear all year round, but definitely make more of an effort with in summer. Especially as the sun does nothing but turn me into a giant freckle! Xen Tan is my saviour. The one and only tan I have ever found to tick every single box – no streaks, no dodgy biscuit smell, good colour guideline, not orange but beautifully golden, lasts up to a week and doesn’t give you that snakeskin look when it starts to fade away. Need I say more? For my face, I use St Tropez as I find this to be a lot more moisturizing than the Xen tan face tan. It leaves a gorgeous colour and your skin is left so soft and smooth, making the bare face look so much easier.

The Base
In summer, especially when it’s hot the last thing I want is a heavy, thick foundation hanging on my skin. This is where tinted moisturizers come into play, Nars pure radiant tinted moisturizer being one of my favoured. Lightweight and radiant with added spf 30 it is the perfect coverage for a hot summers day. It is also absolutely flawless and the radiance really does shine through giving you a beautiful glowy and dewey finish. On hot days I find my skin dehydrates much more than in winter, and sometimes I might just be too hot so I turn to this little pick me up – Lush’s breath of fresh air toner water. I sometimes use it as a toner, but mostly I just carry it round in my bag for a quick spritz here and there. It smells so lovely and contains fresh sea water. What’s best for dehydration? Salt.

The Bronzers
I ummed and aahh’d which bronzer to throw in this post, and I just couldn’t choose. Laguna has and always be a firm holy grail, but I love the Universal too?! Both are equally as good and are my go – to’s for contouring. Crème blushes are my preferred texture in summer, so therefore the universal I am using more for contouring and Laguna for an all over bronze. Both are so natural looking, especially Laguna which just has the tiniest bit of shimmer in which I love – sun kissed and natural.

The Cheeks
As I just mentioned, crème blushed are my way to go in summer – these new releases from Bourjois are just fabulous. They are really on a roll at the minute! I love coral shades in the summer months and this one in‘Healthy Glow’ is so pretty and blends like a dream. My powder choice, another coral, would be coralista from Benefit. A favourite of many, and it’s pretty obvious as to why, it is a lot lighter than the bourjois and has a speckle of shimmer in it too to give that highlighted glowy effect. Mac Lustre drops in sun rush – HOLY GRAIL. I cannot get enough of this. I would of never of picked this up myself till someone put it on me in a makeover and thank god they did. I have never been a fan of liquid highlighters but this just is the cream of the crop. Beautiful and golden for that summer bronzed look – definitely recommend these.

Lips and Nails
I could give you a million lipsticks that will be on my summer faces this year, but as I am a lipstick obsessed woman – it would take way too long. Hence I picked one of my all-time favourites – Girl About Town. A bright berry pink – perfect for a summer evening. I love bold lipsticks and this has great pigmentation as always from MAC. MAC Ravishing is the one I’m using most day times at the minute, love that too – couldn’t resist could I! On my nails I love Barry M at the minute. Their pastels caught my eye in spring, and now their neon’s and I are becoming great friends. This colour in ‘Dragon’ is a recent purchase and so beautiful on the mitts. I think it brings out my tan too!

The Body
Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate is all my legs scream in summer. The pins are out a lot more than they are used to, and the wear and tear of constant hair removal takes its toll. Exfoliating with my favourite soap and glory product – THE body scrub means my pins are well and truly smooth – making tan a hell of a lot easier to apply too. Whilst the pins are out, the feet are out even more, sandals and wedges rule my little tootsies in summer, which means my feet need prepping too. All the horrid dry skin from the colder months is buffed away and maintained with L’Occitane’s dry skin foot cream – rich in Shea butter and ever so nourishing. Smells divine.

And there you have it – my top picks for summer 2013. I really hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it, I feel quite honoured to say my very own little piece on couture girl! Be sure to pop along to lucy rose and say hello, it would be lovely to hear from you- Happy summer.


  1. Sun Drops looks gorgeous! Great picks :)

    Jess xo

  2. Great post! I MAC lipstick looks gorgeous, adore that colour :) ♥

  3. Great picks! I would love to try Healthy Glow and Coralista! :) xo

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  4. Great post!
    Coralista is my favourite blusher I couldn't be without it.
    I would love to try the Lush breath of fresh air that sounds amazing.
    I love your picks, also the Mac lustre drops swatch looks very similar to Benefits Watt's Up which I swear by you should check it out.

    Jodie x

  5. I really want to try out that St.Tropez tinted face moisturiser. I'm really pale and want some colour on my face :) x

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  7. I've really wanted to try the Bourjois cream blushes - and that particular colour looks lovely - may have to go out and purchase one!

  8. Some great picks, and love how close up and detailed the swatches are! :)

    B xx

  9. I JUST did my summer picks as well!
    I including Nars Luguna too, such a lovely bronzer.
    I want Benefit Coralista so badly!


  10. All of these products are stunning! I recently picked up a matte bronzer, beneift's hoola so I could use it for contouring as well as a bronzer and it's wonderful! I'm also totally in love with the ysl rouge volupte in 13; it's a beautiful summery peachy pink!
    xx Amber

  11. MAC Girl about town is such a beautiful colour, I really want to try it! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  12. Fab post! :)

    Katie xo

  13. Great post! The Chanel bronzer is amazing!! :)

  14. great post!

    leyla xx

  15. I'm dying to try the chanel powder!!
    Will it work well for people with dry skin?

  16. We have such similar taste when it comes to beauty products aha!

    Katie Loves..| UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

  17. I just ordered the Chanel Universel and I'm so excited to try it! The Breath of Fresh Air stuff sounds lovely too xx

  18. I love Breath Of Fresh Air, keep it in the fridge! It makes it so refreshing x

  19. Loved this post, especially the blush part. I've been looking for the perfect shade of the cream blush and think I've found it!

    BTW, I would LOVE it if anyone would check my blog out? I'll follow back!

  20. Oh wow. I'm surprised by how muddy looking NARS Laguna is! Lovely post :D xxx
    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

  21. I am exactly the same when it comes to tanning, if I sunbathe I literally turn into a giant freckle too! At the moment I'm using st tropez lotion for all over my body but next time I might try xen tan

  22. I love the colour of the MAC lipstick- Girl about town. Wow, such a pop of colour, just what I need right now. Might have to have a cheeky look in the MAC store :) xx

  23. Loved reading this. I have used the Breath of Fresh Air on and off for years and years. Can always rely on it when I am either a bit strapped for cash so can't splurge on more high-end favourites, and when I need something where nothing else is working! :) xo

  24. I really enjoyed this post! The picture of you and your boyfriend by the pool is adorable! x

  25. I really loved this post it was great since now I know which products would be really good for me!

  26. I love Coralista and Girl About Town! Lovely summer product

    Annie |

  27. Bronze Universal is one of my favourite products ever! Cannot go wrong with a good cream product in the summer<3

    check out my blog if you have time..

  28. I love coralista! Great post!

  29. Laguna, Corralista, Boujois Healthy Glow, and Mac Lustre Drops in Sun Rush all look like lovely products that I would want to try! :)

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  31. Laguna, Corralista, Boujois Healthy Glow, and Mac Lustre Drops in Sun Rush all look like lovely products that I would want to try! :)

    guest post


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