Unusual Gift Ideas for Dad on Father’s Day

Dads can be tricky to buy for when it comes to thinking of presents so they usually end up with things like jumpers, socks or DVDs. I’m sure dads get bored of the same old stuff but they’re probably too polite to mention it. With Father’s Day coming up though, I thought it would be nice to think of a few unusual presents for all budgets that dads would love - and girls might like too!
Your dad might not admit to being a fan of musicals or plays but seeing a show live is always entertaining. It’s a good idea for a fun night out and you could always join him to share the fun.
Afternoon tea 
Most dads are fond of a good old cuppa so you could treat him to a whole afternoon of his favourite drink. Many places around the country offer afternoon tea with cakes and chocolates too, and they’re usually in really nice locations.
A bog standard box of chocolates might be a bit boring so save the Celebrations or Quality Street for Christmas. Many places on the High Street (Hotel Chocolat is lush!) allow you to personalise chocolates so you can write a little Father’s Day message for your dad - and they always taste better too.
Spa day 
Ok, this might be a bit of a risk but some men like to be pampered almost as much as women! Some cheap deals on spa days can be found on sites like Red Letter Days so your dad will be able to enjoy things like massages and body treatments.

Cookery class
This is a good idea if your dad likes showing off in the kitchen. Or maybe he’s absolutely terrible and you’d like him to be better! Book him an evening cookery class so he can learn a few new skills and he might even rustle something tasty up for you when he gets back.
A really cute idea is to find a photo of you and your dad together and put it in a nice frame. It’s a bit cheesy but he’ll definitely love it!
Shopping trip 
Your dad might moan about being taken to the shops but it can actually be quite good fun. Buy him a new outfit and get him to try things on for you. You can be his personal stylist for the day! It’s a great way to enjoy a bit of Dad and Daughter time, and the best thing about it is you might even get chance to do a bit of shopping for yourself.
If you’re reading this on Father’s Day itself and you still haven’t bought anything for your dad, you could always suggest taking him out for a good old fashioned pint at his favourite pub. Treat him to a bit of pub grub too and you might just get away with forgetting about the big day!

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  1. I've given my dad framed photos of me and my siblings a couple of times. He really loved them, it's a great gift.


  2. Great ideas! Lovely post


  3. I always always buy my dad thorntons fudge....he is never happier than when he has a bag of fudge, bless :)


  4. Love these ideas, I still haven't thought about what to get my dad! xxx
    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  5. I like your ideas, particularly the spa day and taking dad out for a pint. Normally, I just give him the usual dad gifts like a power tool or bath products. I think I might take my dad out to the pub, I have never done that before.


  6. I've taken a trip to a local brewery to pick up a selection of local ales for my dad, he loves trying out all the different types, even though he hardly ever repurchases them! xx

  7. I bought my Dad a leg of lamb! He liked it haha xx



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