Bullying - My Story

I’ve wanted to write this post for a long time now but I guess it’s a hard subject to approach and its pretty distressing for me to talk about too as it brings back horrible memories from my past. I also don’t want anyone to be mistaken and think I’m writing this post to gain sympathy as that is the last thing I want - I’ve come out of the experience I’m going to discuss as a stronger person and although it was terrifying at the time, I look back on it now with a new perspective and that perspective is what I’d like to share with you guys. I know a lot of people who read my blog are teenagers who are still at school or college and I know how hard those times can be. You’re transitioning from girl to woman or boy to man (I don’t know if any guys read my blog but you’re more than welcome of course!) and your emotions and hormones are running high. Perhaps you don’t know what you want to do with your life, perhaps the person you’re head over heels with has ditched you for someone else or perhaps your friends aren’t being as supportive as you'd like them to be. Or perhaps you’re being bullied. 

Before the age of thirteen and pre high-school, I was always a happy, confident and care-free girl. I loved school and was always smiling. I didn't really care what anybody thought about me and I always took it upon myself to treat other people how I'd like to be treated. Of course I still live by that motto now and that aspect of me definitely hasn't and never will change. However, the confident and care-free side to my personality was soon gone when high-school bullies made me feel worthless, vulnerable and scared. I'm not going to go into it too much detail about the people I'm referring too but lets just say there were various girls at my high school who just didn't like me from the get-go. They hadn't spoke to me and they didn't know anything about me - they just decided to make assumptions about me (apparently I'm a barbie doll, fake, plastic and a sl*t just because I have blonde hair and blue eyes) and shower me with hatred. These girls made my school life a living hell - I couldn't walk out of a lesson without being shouted at in the corridors, I couldn't enjoy break times with the few close friends I had because these groups of very intimidating girls would approach me. Occasionally I couldn't even walk home from school without being followed. Instead of being the care-free young girl I'd always been, I was soon shy, withdrawn and quite frankly, petrified of being at school.

There's a few memories from school that still stand out vividly in my head, times that I still find quite traumatic and I'll share a few with you now so you get an idea of the type of bullying I'm referring to in this post. I once got followed home by a girl who took it upon herself to shout and scream various derogative names at me all the way home. She was right there behind me the whole way, getting closer and closer as if she was about to pounce. I was terrified. Her abuse was so loud and so intimidating that my mum actually heard this girl shouting from her bedroom window and came outside to see what all the commotion was about. I ran into the house crying (like I did most evenings) and was left feeling scared to go to school the following day. On another ocassion I got followed home by a girl shouting 'you're next Kayleigh' - the same girl that had severely beat up my best friend only days before. For no reason at all. Another few stand out moments would be the time a girl specifically came to find me during a break from lessons to throw a drink all over me, the time a girl threatened to burn all my hair off with a bunsen burner and the time a girl pushed me down the stairs because she said I was lying about my mum having cancer. For the record, I wasn't lying. I was a 14 year old girl upset at school because I'd just found out my mum wasn't very well. Luckily it wasn't a serious form and she's perfectly fine now but still, what a disgusting thing for that person to do just because they didn't like me. This bullying didn't finish when the school bell rang either, it would continue on social networking sites. People like to be keyboard warriors when they get on the internet and it can be a vile place sometimes. They think its acceptable to hide behind a computer and spout abuse and quite frankly, its not. The amount of stories you read in the news about young teenagers killing themselves because of things like this makes me feel sick. Think before you speak people or it could have horrible consequences. It also continued when I went to college, this time with a new group of girls who again, immediately hated me for no reason, no matter how friendly I was towards them. A moment I'll never forget is when I left college and one of these girls decided she would speed up her car as she saw me crossing the road (I used to walk home for lunch as I couldn't bare to face these people in the canteen) and slam on the breaks an inch in front of me. She did it with the intention of scaring me as I thought she was about to run me over. I was absolutely petrified and all she did was laugh. Disgusting.

As you can imagine, after dealing with incidents like the ones mentioned above day in day out throughout my school and college years, my confidence and self-esteem took a serious beating. That's what these people don't realise when they're taking it upon themselves to bully someone - you're affecting that person not only physically but mentally too. As I'm sure you all know, I suffer with bad anxiety and panic attacks and part of the reason behind this is because of the bullying I endured when I was younger. I struggle to trust anyone, especially other girls and I feel uncomfortable in situations where I'm surrounded by large groups of girls (outside of my family and friends) because it brings back too many memories of how I felt as a vulnerable teenager. Although I can stand up for myself these days, the fear is always there.

So now I've told you all my story (well, a small snippet of it), let me move onto something a bit more positive. I guess the reason I'm writing this post is because I want people to realise that no matter how hard it gets, no matter how low you feel, it will get better. It always gets better. You cannot let the bullies win. You also need to realise (something I didn't when I was younger) is that these people have their own problems and perhaps their way of dealing with their own lack of self-worth is by belittling other people. Maybe that makes them feel better? That doesn't make it acceptable in any way shape or form but you need to remind yourself that its not you that is the problem, its them. I think that would be the biggest thing I've learnt from my experience. If you can pride yourself on the fact that you're a good person who is kind and caring to those around you, you've already won. No matter what these people say about you, that's just their own negative perception of people and the world translated onto you. If they don't actually know you and have never held a conversation with you, their opinion of you is just that, an opinion. Is their opinion a fact? Does that opinion matter? Absolutely not. The only opinions that matter are from those people close to you - the people who know the real you, not judgemental bullies who make assumptions. That's something I wish I could go back and tell my 14 year old self. Instead of dwelling on the comments these people made, I wish I'd held my head up high, laughed, ignored them and carried on with my life as normal. After all, these people don't deserve any tears or heartache. They're not even worth a flicker of worry. Trust me. 

The reason I know these people aren't worth a second thought is because I've been there, I've been through it and I still came out on the other side. I still managed to get good grades at school and college. I still managed to go on to university and get a good degree. I still managed to get a full-time job. I still managed to live in a nice city and a nice apartment. I still managed to find an amazing boyfriend and I still have the best family and friends a girl could ask for. When you put things into perspective like that, where does that leave the bullies? It leaves them stuck in the same place they were all those years ago because that's what happens to people who surround themselves with hatred and negativity. They stay trapped in that vicious cycle instead of making the best of themseleves. I truly believe in the saying 'you get out what you put in' and if you're a negative, spiteful person, your life will reflect that. However, if you're a positive and more importantly NICE person, you can achieve any goals you set yourself. Another hugely important thing to remember is that you're never alone and there's always someone that's willing to help. Whether its your parents, your teachers or even a helpline, there's always somewhere to turn. Its so important to remember that.

I've actually seen some of the people who bullied me since leaving school/college and all I see now when I look at them is pity. Pity that they felt the need to behave like that and pity that they wasted their school years inflicting pain on other people. However, I've also forgiven them for the things they did because there's no point in hanging on to that period in my life and resenting these people. The best way to deal with it is to continue living a happy life and always strive to be the best person I can be. The counsellor I see for my anxiety once asked me what I'd say to these people now if I had the chance and I seriously wouldn't say a thing. Actions speak louder than words as far as I'm concerned. However, if I did have to say something, I'd quote my favourite Taylor Swift song and say - "one day I'll be living in a big old city and all your ever gonna be is mean, why you gotta be so mean?". Enough said.

I really hope sharing my story has helped at least one of you out there. I hate the thought of anyone getting bullied but if you are one of those people currently suffering, please remember you are NOT alone and you WILL get through this.

Stay strong and look to the future. The only way is up, take my word for it!

Lots of Love,


  1. This is probably one of my favorite posts I have ever read, you really are an inspiration and someone everyone can relate to. Just think of how jealous they are of you now!! xx

    1. Thanks lovely - so glad you enjoyed it!! I have no idea what those people will be thinking now but I seriously hope they've grown up and matured into nicer people than they were back then!! Xx.

  2. such a beautiful, brave post, such an inspiration to all those who have suffered from bullying in the past! i too have been bullied in the past and i really wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy xx

    Leyla xx

    1. Thanks Leyla, I'm really pleased you enjoyed it!! I'm so sorry to hear you got bullied too - like you said, I wouldn't wish it upon anyone!! It really knocked my confidence!! Xx.

  3. I am so sorry that you had to go through a horrible time at school & college, I was also bullied in school to the point I left & was homeschooled for a while - I failed all my gcse's because I physically couldn't go into the school to do them. Knowing I would be in the room with those girls who made my life hell..even just for one day..made me have several panic attacks. I wish I did them & stuck with school but it is so hard when someone constantly puts you down. I'm not very good at making friends, especially girls.. :/ I'm so glad you have shared your story to show people that no matter how hard it gets, it will always be happy ending..one day you will be happy again. Thank you so much Kayleigh, you're a lovely person & a huge inspiration xx

    1. Thanks for your comment Ash! I'm so sorry to hear you went through a similar experience to me - I wouldn't wish it upon anyone! I truly believe things always get better though - no matter how tough it gets, you just have to keep on battling through until you come out on the other side!! There was times I wanted to hide away and not face the world but now I can look back with pride that I didn't let them win and stop me from doing the things I wanted to do!! Xx.

  4. amazing post, and very brave of you to write kayleigh!
    i had bad experiences with a group of girls who decided they just didn't like me during my time at sixth form..and at the time its so confusing and upsetting. you just can't work out what you've done to deserve it? years later, i've seen some of the girls and all i feel is pity for them. whether it was jealousy or just plain nastiness, i'm still not sure. i've had problems with depression and anxiety, but despite the horrible things said and done to me when i was 16/17, i'm such a better and stronger person now.

    thanks for writing this, you're such an inspiration love.
    catt xx

  5. I am so sorry that you had to go through this. I can relate to this, but my experience with bullying wasn't so bad. God... It sounds absolutely horrific. I can't believe how mean girls can be.... It is soo sad :(

    But on the bright side... You are now a happy person with amazing friends and family and noone can take it away from you. You are such a lovely girl Kayleigh. I just want to give you a big hug :) I hope it doesn't sound creepy :) haha

  6. This is a beautiful and so inspirational to young girls going through the same thing. The reason it happens is because they are jealous and threatened. It happens to the best of us and the shy, quiet girls are always the victims. I don't understand there need for bullying to happen.

    Kate | A British Sparkle x

  7. This is so sad to read but you did so well to overcome this and you should never let those days cast over the future. I too experienced bullying in highschool, it's horrific. However like you I've moved on and I am so much stronger. Thanks for writing this post :)


  8. This is so sad to read as it's clearly just jealousy. You're stunning and probably the most prettiest girl I've ever seen and they clearly couldn't stand that so lashed out at you. It's so brave to post this and you're a very strong person.

    I was bullied as well, from year seven a group of boys used to call me names tell me I was pathetic because I didn't have a dad (he left before I was born) one threw a can of drink at me and it exploded. I spent year 7 wondering the halls of school alone. I was then called anorexic, ugly, witch until I left school. Then in college I had no friends at all and it was the worst 2 years of my life, I can't even say it made me stronger because looking back to that time still hurts and it's made me into the wimp I am today.

    That's also one of my favourite Taylor Swift songs because I can relate. I didn't think it was possible to like you any more but you're amazing...In a none creepy way haha.


  9. This is so sad, but I'm glad you did well at school and you're definitely the better person.

    I suffered badly from bullying to, from age 7 to about 15. It was horrific and the bullies would tell teachers at school that I was the bully and the teachers believed them, meaning I'd get punished and lost all my friends.
    It still effects me badly to this day, like you I suffer from panic attacks and awful anxiety. I also have depression. Those things take over my life, and I hate that I've let those bullies effect my life because I bet now they don't even give what they did a second thought but I'm still suffering the consequences.

    Well done on writing this post, I know it must be hard to talk about.

    Lots of love,
    AmeliaRose | Beauty Blogger

  10. You have really hit the nail on the head Kayleigh - you get out of life what you put in. What somebody says about you reflects more on them than it does on you and their opinion counts for nothing. I can't believe what you went through - and the bit about the girl accusing you of lying about your mum being ill just sickens me - all of it disgusts me and I can't believe that some people can be like this towards another person. I never had a bad experience with girls as such (just the odd bitchy word) -but I was made to dread school because of a group of boys in my first couple of years of secondary school. One of them used to run past and push me to the ground before maths lessons, and he would turn around in class (he sat in front of me) and taunt me whilst the others in the class laughed along. There were also a group of around 5 or 6 guys and 2 of them used to pick on me about how I looked - constantly telling me I was ugly. I used to go home and cry and wonder what was wrong with me! Skip forward about 8 years and I saw one of them in a local pub and he asked me out for a drink! NO WAY! It's left me with self esteem issues I will never ever get rid of.

    I agree that the tables turn in the end. I look at the people who used to make me feel awful at school, and the girls who never used to give me the time of day (at my school, if you did your work then you weren't 'in with the crowd' and it was quite rough!) but I look at them now and I think - who's come out better off?! I'm so proud of you for writing this post and it really upsets me that girls have made you feel this way.. To think that one followed you home! How frightening?! It made me feel on edge when I read it!

    I'm so happy you've moved on and got out of life what you wanted and so much more. I really hope this post helps younger girls (or boys) who might be going through a similar thing. There's so much in the news about bullying - especially with the influx of social media and forums these days - I hope this makes people think about their actions and words a little more. BIG hugs Kayleigh <3

    And apologies for my essay ;) x x x

    1. Sorry to butt in girlies but I couldn't of said it better myself. I'm sorry to hear about what you've been going through Kayleigh and can definitely relate to you, as my experience with bullying is shockingly similar to Beth's experience. I really don't want to ramble on now as Beth said what I was going to say. That definitely is an amazing post and I'm sure it helps loads of people. Well done lovely xxx

  11. This must have been so hard for you to write but it was so touching and inspirational! I never got properly bullied, just the odd mean girl teasing me, but I know people who got seriously bullied and I've seen the damaging effects it can have. You're really brave for going through that experience and coming out the otherside as a lovely and successful person! Great post Kayleigh :) xxx


  12. I feel so upset for you that this happened! I was bullied to an extent but it was nothing as bad as your experience. I'm so happy you've written this, it just goes to show that those people who did this to you didn't win. Here you are with a fantastic blog and now you're sharing this with us, it makes me feel like I'm not the only one who was bullied. I feel uplifted in a way that you've been able to share what's happened and raise awareness. x


  13. Firstly, excuse my language, but what utter cows Kayleigh! You're such a lovely person & never ever deserved this! I can't believe what you had to go through, as I was, luckily enough to never experience bullying this far, a girl in my primary school became really close with but i knew my gut instinct was telling me 'be wary', & soon she started spreading horrible rumours around about me saying that I was apparently a lesbian! Yes i was only 8 at the time & didn't really know about the birds & the bees etc but for her to say that about me hurt & embarressed me. Eventually my mum got the school involved & the teachers noticed how i wasn't acting my normal self & got the girl's mum involved. But you're right about how the bullies may have had deeper problems at home - which i later discovered when i was talking to someone who knew her :/ it's a shame why they act like that & can't talk to anybody to help fix their problems :/

    But I really enjoyed this post Kayleigh as I hope you have made someone realise they can talk about their bullying experiences & that it's not too late :) & yes you should be really chuffed at what you have accomplished :D unlike some girls i know who were bullies have kids with unknown dads, still live with their parents & live off them - it's really sad to see them now but are grateful inside to know what they're doing with their lives now :/


  14. this was such a lovely and inspirational post, glad you had the courage to post it,keep strong, we all love you! :p

    Lauren| thatgirlcalledlauren.blogspot.co.uk

  15. aw, you're such a good role model, thank you for posting this kayleigh, we love you xo


  16. What an inspiring post for people out there who do have to deal with bullies, high school is a nasty place especially when it's all girls.
    I once got my hair set alight by a girl in my form, like you I got picked on for being nice all through high school but i never let it get to me, and now I look at my life now and look at theirs and I know who is happier.

    I agree the only way is up.

    I honestly can't imagine why anyone would bully you, your so lovely.

    x x x

  17. I can relate to this so much, I also got bullied in school to the point of getting footballs kicked at my head and being on a hate website people at school made. But now I'm so much stronger and in a strange way I sometimes feel like I want to thank them, because now I'm a better person and they've got nowhere in life. I've even had some of these bullies a few years down the line saying 'wow you're hot now lets go out' urm no thank you!!

    These days people are always telling me how happy, smily and positive I am. Even when I had a major operation my nurses nicknamed me 'little miss sunshine' cos I was still always smiling. My favourite quote is 'optimism if the foundation of courage' and I live by it. I'm so happy to see that you've come through this with a positive outlook and you're getting the best out of life you can.

    You're so brave for going through that, coming out a stronger person and now telling you're story to all these people. Even writing this comment is a bit nerve wracking for me so huge well done to you! You're gonna help a whole load of people and you're gonna do amazing in life with a positive mind set. Keep it up!

    Emily xxx


  18. Amazing post, you are such an inspiration to everyone! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  19. Bullying is one of the lowest things anyone can do to anybody and I am so sorry you had to go through what you did. it sounds awful and so scary but it's amazing how you have come out of it and are proving all the mean girls wrong :)
    I wasn't very popular in school and recieved some mean comments, i had a girl rub a rubber on a table while she was sitting behind me in lesson once and then throw all the bits of rubber in my hair and shout everywhere that i was disgusting and didn't wash my hair and had dandruff, its sounds stupid when you tell people now but at the time it was just mortifying and i cried about it all night. me and my friends also used to get oranges and rocks thrown at us on break times, and in PE girls would purposely throw balls hard at us because they thought it would be funny to hurt us, and one day we wer going on a school trip and a group of girls refused to sit with us and then started shouting to the people who were near us 'ewww why are you sitting by those losers, you might catch something' and people used to call me ugly all the time. it's nothing as horrific as some girls go through or what you went through but it just completely shattered my confidence and it took a long time to get it back, even now i still worry so much that people don't really like me and am always worried about what people think of me. i'm so glad that there wasnt really social media sites when i was at school, all we had was MSN and i didn't add any of the horrible girls onto mine. It's funny because all the girls who were horrible now all add me on facebook and act like my best friend if they see me out, or leave comments on my photos telling me how fab i look and stuff, when a few years ago they wouldnt even sit near me. I suppose they just grow up and mature but I just think you can go and do one! haha!
    I wish i had the confidence to stand up for myself because if anyone said anything to me now i would be telling them exactly where to go!

    Great post hun and hopefully it hopes plenty of girls who are in the same position you were or if any girls are reading it who are being mean to another girl they may have a change of heart after reading someone elses experiences and stop! Being nice and kind is definitely the way forward! :) xxx


  20. Aw bless you sweetie, I'm so glad you feel you can talk about this openly. I wonder if those girls had any idea of the effect they were having. Probably not just on you but on others and wonder how they would have felt if the tables had been turned.... Girls can be so nasty and hurtful and I'm glad you have come through the experience xx

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  21. Such a well written post Kayleigh! I wish I was brave enough to write down all my bad school experiences, but I'm just not, maybe one day I will be though! I'm so glad you didn't let these girls win, you are a beautiful girl inside & out and that's obviously what they was intimidated by!

    Girls would be so much happier helping one another instead of making other girls feel horrid about themselves! But it's all swings and roundabouts and it will be them that feels crap later on in life about how crappy of a person they have been!
    Lots of love xxxxx

  22. That's really horrible what happened to you, even through to college, you'd like to think that girls would grow out of childish behaviour like that by then! Awful! So glad you've come out smiling the other side! Some people aren't so lucky sadly.

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic

  23. Kayleigh, you are one of my favourite bloggers just because of how honest and open you are. It put me on edge reading about when they followed you home, how scary that must of been for you! I honestly can't describe how brave you are for publishing that post and good on you because I bet it's going to help lots of girls (and boys) in the same situation that you were once in.

    You should be proud that you didn't let the horrible girls win because you were stronger than them. You always make such wonderful life, informative posts that you should be 100% proud of.

    Bethan xxxxx


  24. I am so proud of you for writing this. I cannot imagine how much this impacted on your life. I was bullied during secondary and at the time I didn't realise the phycological impact in had on me and it was as bad as what you have been through.

    I 100% agree with you, you cannot dwell on what has happend in the past but instead look to the future and move on try and be the best version of yourself because as that the end of the day that is all you can do.

    You have been through a lot and yet remain one of the most amazing kind people that I am fortunate to know.

    Thank you.

    Lots of love xxx

  25. Such a brave thing to publish this xxx

  26. Fantastic post Kayleigh. You're an inspiration and you should be proud. Well done for posting, and I'm glad you've achieved happiness. Your words may just brighten someone's day and give them the confidence to get through a similar experience unscathed. Lots of love xxx

  27. It's really inspiring of you to write such a heart felt post Kayleigh, I really relate to this and I agree the most important thing you can do with these kind of experiences is not to dwell on them and punish yourself for them happening to you and of course to not resent the people that have made you fell those problems because everyone has baggage and forgiving those people is one of the strongest things you can do xx Emmi


  28. Such an inspiring story Kayleigh....you were so brave at school, I don't understand how kids can be so cruel. I bet you are a stronger person for this now, if you can deal with that then you can deal with anything! Xxx

    Jo ♥ | A Little Pop Of Coral

  29. This was perfectly written, and in perfect timing.

    Today, I spent lunch with a few of my 8th grade girls (I'm a teacher) and one girl was mentioning how she was about to leave school and transfer because of the drama and bullying between some of the 8th grade girls. We ended up having a brilliant discussion covering many of the topics that you mentioned, and hopefully, the girls who are being bullied can use some of the advice that you offer here. Thank you for being so honest and inspiring!

  30. What an inspiring post, seriously so brave of you to share your experiences.

    Emily / Glittery Teacups

  31. This is such a heartfelt post, I don't know many people who would have the courage to share their experiences, I definitely couldn't. You've been so honest and I know it will help people alot. You have become a lovely person Kayleigh.


  32. This is an unbelievable, heartfelt post Kayleigh. You're so brave to share your experiences and it's just so inspiring. I know that you've helped me and you will have helped an abundance of other people! I was bullied in my last two years of primary school and now one of the bullies is in one of my classes in school, she still doesn't speak to me but I've learnt to forgive. To sum it all up. You're amazing! Thanks so much Kayleigh! Keep your head held high!
    www.wonderfullyobsessed.blogspot.com xx

  33. I'm sorry that you had to go through this. It's a shame that people treat each other the way they do sometimes. I can't wrap my mind around why. I feel like it is getting so much worse, too. Part of each of my paychecks gets automatically donated to stopping bullying.

    Voyage of the MeeMee

  34. Such a brilliant heart felt post. You put everything so well and true and you should be so proud of yourself.
    No one deserves to got through bullying but especially not good, kind, caring people like you. You're extremely brave for sharing your story and thank you so much. Although it bought a tear to my eye its made me feel so much better, and teens my age will gain a lot from reading things like this. Well done and thank you again xxx

  35. Wow, that really blew me away reading. I can't believe how horribly you were treated by those people. But look at you now! It's awesome to see how far you've come. It's so true. Bullies probably are dealing with so much themselves, that all you really can feel towards them is pity. I just came across this blog & this is the first post I've ever seen from you & now I'm hooked! :D
    Very happy to have stumbled across your internet space & can't wait to see lots more!

    x leah symonne x


  36. This is honestly the best post I think you have ever written hun. Such an eye opener! I never would have imagined that such a beautiful, sweet, caring girl as yourself could have ever been the target of bullying. It just goes to show that this kind of thing can really happen to anyone! :(

    I wasn't bullied that much in school, at least not by strangers anyway. I was, however, bullied by a girl who had been my best friend in primary school and then turned on me when my parents divorced and I moved away to attend a different high school (I hadn't done anything wrong, it was like she just decided to pick on me because I was no longer there to defend myself). My family had literally just gotten the internet at the time and wasn't very savvy when it came to password protecting my accounts, so when I went away for a two week holiday, this girl was able to hack into my msn and email accounts (because she knew personal information about me) and tried to turn all of my new friends at school off me. She even 'broke up' with my first ever boyfriend while I was on this holiday, and I didn't know anything about it until I got back home and he wouldn't answer my calls. Fortunately my new friends were pretty awesome, so awesome in fact that one of them figured out what was going on and logged into my account to change my password for me. I was so angry when I found out what had happened that I called this girls mother to tell her what her daughter had been doing and asked that she teach her daughter to show some respect (ha! I still cringe to think that I actually said that). For a short while this only made things worse as she started getting her own new friends to pay me a visit me at my part time job and taunt me in front of my manager, calling me up at all hours of the night to call me all these horrible names etc. It wasn't until I started ignoring her completely that she finally gave up and left me alone.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your story Kayleigh! You should be very proud of yourself and everything that you have accomplished. :) xx

  37. Thank you for sharing this post with us! Pretty much everyone goes through a period in their life where they are bullied, and even though it feels like it will never get better in the end it does. Though those words can wound for a long time if you try and stay positive and focus your attention on the good things in your life then you will come out on the other side. I almost quit school when I was 16 because people at school were just ruthless. In the end they are still the way they are, mean and spiteful, but I am doing something with my life and have a wonderful boyfriend, a beautiful condo and am doing the thing I love most. No matter what things those people said about me in the end I won, and it's such a gratifying feeling!

  38. This post was really amazing! I can not relate to the sever bullying that you have experienced in your life but I can relate to the feeling of being worthless and having a low self-esteem and confidence, as a result of various things in my life. This post is really inspiring for anyone who has ever felt this way and to have the reassurance that what ever you are going though it will always work out in the end. You are truly amazing and you should be proud to have come through to the other side with a smile and help so many other people who will be going though something like this! xx

  39. You took that leap of faith, whether to go ahead and post something so close to you, you put yourself out there completely, vulnerable and at risk of judgement. You brave lady. You'll never get the chance to find out how many people can relate or exactly how many people you have helped, just by sharing your own personal story.
    Its unfortunate how many people go through something like this, but at least theres that one thing that you are really not alone in it. Thats a small comfort, knowing that other people know just what you feel, but also hearing someone elses experience- and how they come out the other end with their head held high! It can be done. And you did it, and continue to. Being exposed so fully, you are obviously a great target for those people who have yet to look in the mirror and realise how sad their lives are. If that happens, just continue exactly as you are! Take your own advice, and keep being a beautiful brave woman :)

  40. Hi Kayleigh,

    This is one of the most open, honest post ive ever read. You have always been one of my favourite bloggers.

    I was also bullied when i was younger and yes it definitely is a terrible time - a time we would never forget but it indeed makes us stronger and makes us the people we are today.

    Thanks for this inspirational post and showing us all that there is a light at the end of the tunnel :)


  41. I used to have two girls at school who hated me for no reason at all. They would wait for me after class and spit at me! Vile little girls! They would call me names, even make up rumors about me that got me in massive trouble with the school for a while. This went on my entire time at school until the last year when i had enough and snapped. One of the girls pinned me to the wall about to spit in my face and head butted her so hard i made her nose bleed. My teacher took me to the side after they went crying to her and i told her everything. She told me i should have said something sooner but she always suspected something was going on and she let me go without any other trouble. It wasn't right what i did but she had me pinned so i couldn't move my arms and the anger i had felt towards her for so many years just came out like a survival instinct.
    I've seen those girls later on in life. One had a child at 18 and since her boyfriend left her has to live with her mum. She doesn't work and hasn't made anything with her life. One was when i was driving. She looked at my car, looked at me and sped off. Enough said. Karma really does come to those who deserve it. It just takes time. Those girls didn't win by being horrible to me. I won. I made something of my life and came out of it stronger than them and that's a small victory over those bullies.
    Bullies.. you wont get anywhere. Deal with the reason you need to be so vile to others. You're not fooling anyone.

  42. Thank you for writing this post as hard as it may have been to write this and remember those times you have helped someone going through this terrible time right now. xxx

  43. This must of been hard to write and share. I can picture the memories and tears you must of been fighting back writing this. My hat goes off to you for carrying on and been the bigger person in this dramatic time in your life,. I am very pleased that you are happy now and keep strong BEAUTIFUL lady.

    Mrs Tickle XoX


  44. This was such a great post! Well done on being brave enough to write about what happened to you, not many people could do what you have. I think it's amazing that you still managed to stay such a positive and friendly person instead of turning bitter and resenting everyone and everything. Bullies are the worst, anyone who has to make someone else feel bad about themselves just so that they can feel good and powerful needs to completely rethink how they act xx

    D Is For...

  45. Such an inspiring post. And look at how far you have come! You have thousands of people behind you. Thank you for sharing your experience with bullying.


  46. Waw Kayleigh this must have been hard to write and share with us. Thank you for being so strong, this post will help a lot of people who are now in a similar situation. I actually had tears in my eyes while reading this. Horrifying that people can be so mean. I bet these bullies are jealous of you now :) You're a true inspiration girl!

    x Isabelle Taking Chances

  47. Reading this has made me feel so much more empowered to finally post my story on my anxiety and depression! I'm proud of you for pushing past your anxiety and sharing this with others, i know my fear is the work of the anxiety and seeing you've managed to win a battle with it, shows me I can do it too! Lots of Love!

    Beky xxx


  48. So brave of you to write this and I suffered the same things as you at high school. It was the same for me, I was happy at my primary and middle school, but utterly miserable at high school. Again, it was girls. I also got followed, tripped up, had coke poured all over me, had a whole can of hairspray put in my hair with my head upside down.....one of the girls has her own real estate business and the other is a television producer. It sickens me really. Where's karma?

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  49. Such a brave post for you to write, I was also bullied at 1st and middle school but it actually stopped in high school, I think that's because I took to finding friends that weren't the best people and I developed an I don't care attitude. Safe to say the bullying stopped but my grades and school life suffered. I'm much better than I was now though, and like you I try to treat people the same as I would like to treated! You have inspired me to write the same kind of post on my blog! Fantastic post!


  50. Such an inspiring post Kayleigh, im sorry to hear what you had to go through when you were younger. I truly believe the best way to get at these people it to smile and be happy because that gets to them more than anything. You for sure won this battle lovely :-) xx

  51. Well done for writing such a brave, personal post! I was also bullied throughout the whole of my school life. In primary school children would beat me up, be mean to me and were just generally vile. Then when I got to secondary school, it didnt get any better. I lost my mum when I was 14 and some people were so horrible, that it makes me feel disgusted to be the same species as them!

    It wasnt until I went to college that it stopped, and even then, it was only because I distanced myself from everybody and went the entire of my college life with 2 or 3 friends.

    Even now, at 23, it still affects me. Like you, I kind of struggle with trust issues, and anxiety. I have barriers formed so tough, that I no longer let anyone in!

    I really wish there was something we could do to actually stop bullying. :( xxx

  52. Kayleigh, what an inspiring woman you are. I too, was bullied throughout my school life and it is one of the hardest things to deal with. The whole time I was reading this, I was thinking in my head 'no wonder you suffer with anxiety' and then you went on to say about it being one of the causes.

    I wish that our words would help you realise that they are just a small amount of vile people in this amazing, welcoming world. Even though sometimes you can feel completely isolated and scared for those situations to happen again I just know that me for one, and I can imagine all your readers too, would welcome you with open arms!
    We're always saying how we'd love to meet up, and I really feel we should. Yes you are a beautiful woman and some ladies might feel intimidated by that, but there are a million more who take inspiration from not just your beauty but from your lovely personality! I guess that's the beauty of blogging :)

    You're right, what goes around comes around and I too can say I now look back at those people and can't feel anything but sorry for them. I guess we soaked up all their strength all those years!

    So super proud of you for writing this post, sending you the biggest hug and hope to see your lovely face soon xxxxxxxxxxx

  53. This is such a brave and beautiful post. You write it so well, and then end it on such an uplifting message for anyone that is struggling now. Well done and thank you for sharing.


  54. You're so courageous and such an inspiration. beautiful <3

  55. This post is so inspiring and so well written. What a horrible thing for anyone to have to go through xx

  56. I got a lot out of reading this post. I experienced different forms of bullying at school mostly from my own group of friends and changed groups of friends throughout the years which I don't think is that strange but no one ever notices it because it isn't physical bullying but psychological.

    I know a lot of people reading this who have been bullied and are good people will get a lot from this but what I really hope is that it encourages the people who are the bullies to look at themselves are realise what they are doing and if they need it to get some help.

    This was very thoughtful and thank you for sharing such a personal time in your life.

    Jo x

  57. wow what a post!! so glad you posted this your very brave to post something up that was so awful. You are exactly right though things do get better. Best thing to do is be positive and try to always have a smile on your face that's what helped me though my darker times :)

    well done! your an inspiration!

    SparklySJ xxxx

  58. Those girls sounds horrible!
    So glad you have a great life now though and I hope this post helps others who are suffering :)
    alicekatex ♥

  59. thanks for sharing your story! Bullying is so serious and often over looked. I hope this post helps other going through what you went through xx


  60. This is a beautiful post! Thank you for taking the time to share your story xx


  61. What an amazing and inspirational post.
    Well done for being brave enough to be so honest. :)

  62. That's vile, sorry you went through that. Such a lovely post x

  63. This was just an inspiring post. Awful to read about what you went through in school. Although i was never bullied I did face the peer pressure in high school and at one point I nearly lost myself- not knowing who I was and where i belonged because these 'friends would just ignore me or act as if they're above everyone else.

    Its great to see that you stayed strong and made it out through it all. Well done and good luck for the rest of your life! Ps- they must be blind because you are so pretty haha!

    bohorush.blogspot.com xx

  64. basically, my life story written in a post...

    zofia xo

  65. Kayleigh,

    Thank you for writing this up. It's such an inspirational post. I really do feel like it's so important for people who have been through this to open up and share their experience so that others can gain knowledge about it and try to stop it if they see it going on, or stick up for themselves or ask for help if they are the ones being bullied.

    I'm sure it took a lot of courage to post this, and on behalf of everyone, thank you.


    Shree | porcelainshree.blogspot.com

  66. I'm so glad you posted this Kayleigh, it sounds exactly like my story!! I'd constantly get bullied in school even though I did nothing wrong, I was very quiet, had a small group of close friends and kept myself to myself yet they saw me as an easy target. I was bullied for years, I also got anxiety from being bullied so I totally understand how you feel. I'm just so glad I'm not the only person to have been bullied for no reason, I actually thought something was wrong with me but looking back they were just awful jealous girls. I love your lifestyle posts, your anxiety one is similar to my story too... you have an amazing blog, you look absolutly stunning, you seem so nice and down to earth i'd love to be your friend! lol It's crazy how scared you feel when it happens, but when you look back you do realise it was all jealousy. Some of the girls who bullied me try to talk to me, try to add me on facebook, basically lick my ass! Their lives are so shit and I just laugh because its karma


    Becky xxx

  67. You are amazing Kayleigh! such a strong and inspirational girl xx

  68. The lack of respect some people have for each other.. it's just sad. Sorry to hear what you went trough x

  69. I'm so sorry you had to go through that, but I'm glad you posted this, thank you for sharing your story!
    I just ran into one of my old bullies, and she got very fat.. That kinda made me feel good. :)



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