Blog Sale ft MAC, Topshop, Bobbi Brown & More

It dawned on me recently that it was about time I had a clear out. As a beauty blogger and someone pretty obsessed with all things beauty, I'm often buying myself new products and its got to the stage where my bedroom is becoming cluttered and I realistically can't use all of the products I own. After all, I only have one face so those fifty lipsticks and 20 cleansers just aren't going to get used. With this being said, I thought it'd make sense to put together a blog sale for you all to give you the chance to snap up a beauty bargain. I hope you spot something you like - there's a few 'rules' below so make sure you give those a read first before browsing my beauty stash.

- This blog sale is unfortuantely UK ONLY. As most of the products I'm selling are relatively cheap, I can't justify the cost of posting internationally.
- All of the items being sold have been bought with my own money or I've received them as gifts. NONE of these products are PR samples.
- If you see an item you'd like to purchase, please leave a comment below stating which item/s you'd like and your Paypal email address so I can send you an invoice.
- All payments will be made via Paypal.
- When an item has been sold, it will be clearly marked as such in this post. If an item is 'pending' (I'm still waiting for payment), this will also be marked within this post. 
- If you haven't paid for the item within 24 hours of the invoice being sent, it will be made available again.
- If you see a product you like and want to see swatches, please do so via Google. I can't include swatches to every single product in this post - it would be too long.
- Please do your research before commiting to buy a product from this blog sale - I can't be blamed if a product doesn't live up to your expectations. Again, I'd advice googling swatches etc before purchasing.
- Postage for all items is £2.00 plus 50p extra for each additional item and items will be sent second class via The Royal Mail.
- Items will be posted within 3 working days after receiving payment.
- All products will be cleaned/sanitised before posting to ensure they're in the best possible condition possible.
- I've added the RRP to all items I could find online below (some were limited edition, travel size or in sets so I can't find a price).
- All items are none refundable.

blog sale 1
MAC St.Germain Lipstick | Useage as Shown | £7.00 (RRP £15.00) PENDING
MAC Creme D'Nude Lipstick (in Limited Edition packaging from the Ice & Glitter Christmas Collection) | Used once or twice | £8.00 (RRP £15.00) PENDING
MAC Pink Noveau Lipstick| Useage as Shown | £7.00 (RRP £15.00) SOLD
Topshop Ooh La La Lipstick| Useage as Shown |£4.00 (RRP 8.00) PENDING
Topshop Whimsical Lipstick | Useage as Shown | £4.00 (RRP £8.00) SOLD
Dainy Doll 006 Lipstick | Used Once | £4.00 | (RRP 12.00) SOLD
Loreal Cheryl Cole Red Passion Lipstick | Useage as Shown | £3.00 (RRP £8.19) PENDING

blog sale 2
Revlon Lip Butter | Pink Lemonade | Barely Used | £3.00 (RRP £7.99) PENDING
Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer | Celestial | Used twice | £3.00 (RRP £6.49) PENDING
MAC 'Fashion Whim' Cremesheen Glass (form the Glitter & Ice collection) | Used a couple of times | £7.00 (RRP £17.50) 
Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipgloss | Used Once | £2.00 (RRP £9.00) SOLD
Rimmel 'Orange your Life' Stay Glossy Lipgloss | £1.50 (RRP £6.49)
Rimmel 'Pop your Pink' Stay Glossy Lipgloss | £1.50 (RRP £6.49)

blog sale 9
Dainty Doll 001 Blusher (more like a highlighter) | Never Used, just swatched | £3.00 SOLD
MAC 'Peach Twist' Blush | Barely Used | £10.00 (RRP £18.00) SOLD
MAC 'Shell' Cream Colour Base | Useage as Shown | £9.00 (RRP £15.00) SOLD
Revlon 'Pinched' Cream Blush | Useage as Shown | £3.00 (RRP £7.99)

MAC 'Porcelain Pink' Limited Edition Mineralize Skinfinish | Used Once | £13.00 (RRP £22.00) SOLD

blog sale 11
Loreal Anti-Redness CC Cream | Used Once | £3.00 (RRP £9.99) SOLD
MUA Bronzer | Used Once | 50p (RRP £1.00)
Illamasqua Powdered Metal | £10.00 (RRP £22.50)

blog sale 14

Sleek Luminous Pressed Powder | Shade '02' | Used Twice | £3.00 (RRP £6.99)
Sleek Blush By 3 Palette | Pumpkin | Barely Used | £5.00 (RRP £9.99) SOLD

blog sale 12

MAC Limited Edition 'Soften the Mood' Mineral Eyeshadow | Useage as Shown | £7.00 (RRP £17.00) SOLD
Maybelline 'Eternal Gold' Color Tattoo | £2.00 (RPP £5.00) SOLD
Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner | Black Ink | Barely Used | £9.00 (£17.50) SOLD
Topshop 'Ash' Kohl Dust | Used twice | £3.00 (£7.00) SOLD
MAC 'Copper Sparkle' Pigment | £9.00 SOLD

blog sale 13
Urban Decay 24 hour eyeliners - Empire, Uzi & Mainline (smaller size from a gift set) | £3.00 each or £8.00 for all three 

blog sale 17

MAC 15 Pan Pro Palette (old style) with All that Glitters Eyeshadow (depotted) | £13.00 - If you'd like to buy the palette or eyeshadow separately, please let me know! SOLD

blog sale 3
Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Body Milk | Used Once | £4.00 (RRP £10.00) SOLD
Soap & Glory Endless Glove Hand Mask (gloves included) | £3.00 (RRP £6.50) SOLD
Soap & Glory Hand Food | Brand New | £2.50 (RRP £5.00)
Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean | Used Once | £4.00 (RRP £10.00) SOLD

blog sale 4

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap | Useage as Shown | £7.00 (RRP £15.50) SOLD
NUXE Purifying Cleansing Gel | Used Twice | £7.00 (RRP £14.00) PENDING
Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser | Useage as Shown | £3.00 (RRP £8.00) PENDING
Liz Earle Skin Boost Tonic | Around 3/4 Left | £7.00 (RRP £13.25) SOLD

blog sale 5
Elemis Fresh Skin Face Wash | Half Used | £3.00 (RRP £12.00) SOLD
Elemis Freshskin Dreamy Sleep Night-time Moisturiser | 3/4 left | £7.00 (RRP £21.99) SOLD
Caudalie Vinosource Moisturising Mattifying Fluid | Used a few times | £9.00 (RRP £23.00)
Origins Starting Over Moisturiser 30ml | Used Once | £7.00 SOLD
Origins Gin Zing Eye Cream | Barely been used | £11.00 (RRP £23.00) SOLD

Hydraluron | Used Twice | £13.00 (RRP £24.99) SOLD

blog sale 6

Lee Stafford Sleepover Hair Treatment | Useage as Shown | £3.00 SOLD
John Freida Full Repair Root Lift Foam | Used Once | £4.00 (RRP £6.29)
Matrix Thermo Glide Express Blowout Creme | Used Once | £5.00 (RRP £10.95)
Schwarzcopft Ultimate Repair Express Mousse (only available in Australia - bought it when I was there)| Used Once | £4.00 SOLD
Bumble & Bumble Thickening Hairspray 50ml | Used Once | £3.00 SOLD
Ojon Hair Serum 25ml | £4.00 SOLD

blog sale 7
The Body Shop Mango Body Butter 50ml | Used Once | £3.00 SOLD
The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter 50ml | Used Once | £3.00 PENDING
NSPA Dreamy Body Butter (part of a gift set) | Never Used | £3.00

blog sale 10

OPI Into the Night Nail Polish | Used Once | £4.00
Revlon Radiant Glitter Nail Polish | Used Once | £3.00
Barry M 'Crackle' Nail Polish | Never Used | £1.50 (RRP £3.99)
Nails Inc Peach Nail Polish (no name on the bottle/lid is scratched)| Used Once | £4.00
Barry M Bright Pink Nail Polish | £1.50 (£2.99)
Barry M Peach Nail Polish | Never Used | £1.50 (£2.99)
Rimmel 'Your Majesty' Nail Polish (nail polish on the lid) | £1.50 (RRP £2.99)

blog sale 8

Joop Perfume | Useage as Shown | £9.00 (RRP £19.99) SOLD
Tangle Teezer Compact Styler Pink | £5.00 (RRP £12.49) SOLD

blog sale 18

Babyliss Root Boost | £10.00 (RRP £19.99) (£3.00 postage for this item) 
Remington Pearl Wand (with original box)| £12.00 (RRP £24.99) (£3.00 postage for this item) 

Happy shopping guys! If you have any more queries or there's something I haven't covered at the start of this post, please let me know via twitter @k_leexjx.

Lots of Love,


  1. Please could I get the mac pro pan and eyeshadow? My paypal email is :) xx

    1. Could I be the reserve if this doesn't go through please?

    2. If this isn't bought for any reason can I get first refusal on the mac palette and eyeshadow please - x

  2. mac porcelain pink skinfinish x

  3. I'd like to purchase the soap & glory peaches & clean please hun and the hand mask. How do i go about paying? Xx

    1. Ohh sorry my paypal is xx

  4. Hello,
    Please could I purchase the mango body butter, Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean and Topshop Whimsical Lipstick to (paypal email) Many Thanks! :) x

    1. sorry its with 2 i's

  5. Could I grab the bobbi brown eyeliner please? xx

  6. Hydraluron please? :) thank you x

  7. I would love the ojon hair serum and the hydraluron!! great post!

    my paypal is xx

  8. Can I have the hand food please? :) x

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  10. just seen the hydraluron has probably been sold so could I possibly buy the origins moisturiser?

    (Im using my boyfriends google)

  11. My paypal email is :) Sorry forgot to add it!

  12. Could I have the Bobbi Brown eyeliner and nuxe cleanser please? x

  13. Could I have the Origins gin zing eye cream please.
    Thanks x

  14. I would be in interested in the curling wand please :)

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. could i get the sleek blush palette and the MAC pigment please? my paypal is

  17. I'd be interested in the urban decay eyeliners (all three) please

    1. Sorry, my phone wouldn't let me type anymore.. My email is

  18. could i have mac peach twist blush please and shell cream colour base

  19. Can I have the origins Ginzing Eye cream please
    Thank you,

    Kat xx

  20. Can I have MAC copper sparkle and the Clinique liquid soap please? xx

  21. Could I have the L'Oreal CC cream, hair serum and hydraluron if there's any chance of that still going? :)

  22. Could I please get the MAC Pink Neveau Lipstick and the MAC Soften the mood eyeshadow, thanks! My paypal is xx

  23. MACs skinfinish pleade and the curling wand if possible!! Thanks for the amazing deals!! X x x

      Sorry forgot to add:) x

  24. Dainty doll lippy and Liz Earle skin tonic please :)

  25. Can I have the hydroluron please. x

  26. Could I please have the tangle teezer? thanks xo

  27. Can I have mac pink noevua lipstick please.

  28. Origins ginzing eye cream please? :D
    alicekatex ♥


  29. Hey Hun could I please get the two\
    Topshop lipsticks and the tangle teezer :))\

  30. Please could I have any of these items if they are still available, will pay right away!

    MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick £7.00
    MAC St.Germain Lipstick £7.00
    Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser £3.00
    Origins Gin Zing Eye Cream £11.00
    The Body Shop Mango Body Butter £3.00

    My email is but I used a different one for PayPal so email me and let me know first please x

  31. Can I get the avene cleanser and the two top shop lipsticks please?

  32. Could I have the strawberry body shop body butter please is my paypal address

  33. If they havent been sold - mac creme de nude and topshop whimsical.


  34. Can I have the Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray please. My PayPal address is
    Thanks! Natasha

  35. MAC 'Porcelain Pink' Limited Edition Mineralize Skinfinish £13.00
    Liz Earle Skin Boost Tonic | Around 3/4 Left | £7.00
    Origins Gin Zing Eye Cream | Barely been used | £11.00
    Hydraluron | Used Twice | £13.00
    Babyliss Root Boost | £10.00

    if they haven't already gone :) my email is

  36. Would love the mac st germain, the mac pink nouveau and the topshop lipsticks please!

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  38. Hi Liz Earle skin boost tonic.

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. Hi can i have Origins Starting Over Moisturiser 30ml, topshop oh lala lipstick, mac creme de nude and ojon hair serum if they are not gone yet

  41. If possible I would love the St Germain lipstick and Mac Pro Palette with All That Glitters please! Been dying to try these for ages!
    What a fantastic blog sale :)
    my e-mail address is

  42. If only I had paypal :-( x

  43. Can I have the colour tattoo and reckon lip butter please? xx

  44. Hi can I get the cheryl cole lipstick, the revlon and apocolips lip glosses and the revlon polish. If they haven't been sold that is!

    1. Can I put my name down for the mac peach blush if it becomes available again too!

  45. Can I have the elemis , the Lee Stafford and the Repair Mousse - how much including p and p?

  46. Please can I put my name down for the following if they should become available again!

    MAC 'Copper Sparkle' Pigment | £9.00 PENDING
    Topshop Ooh La La Lipstick| Useage as Shown |£4.00 (RRP 8.00) PENDING

    My PayPal address is

    Thank you kindly x

    1. Oooo and this one -

      MAC 'Porcelain Pink' Limited Edition Mineralize Skinfinish | Used Once | £13.00 (RRP £22.00) PENDING

  47. I wish I'd have seen this earlier - you have some fabulous bits, so I'm not surprised they got snappe dup so quickly.
    Love Vicky @

  48. Is it good, I would be in interested in the curling wand please :)

    Luxury Hair extensions

  49. my best lipstick ever has no name brand and it was very cheap :)


  50. If I was from the UK, I'd buy all of it! x

  51. Could I please have the Joop perfume if it doesn't sell? It's my favourite perfume and it's been discontinued everywhere!

  52. please could i have the "MAC 'Porcelain Pink' Limited Edition Mineralize Skinfinish" please if it becomes available again.
    I can send payment through to you straight away,
    my Paypal is

    Thank you! xx

  53. I also have a blog sale aswelll but my blog aint as active as yours unfotunately no1 wants my stuff haha

  54. could I have the Urban Decay 24 hour eyeliners - Empire and Uzi please? my paypal is
    thanks a lot xx

  55. I'm interested in the Dainty Doll blush

  56. Could I get the Topshop 'Ash' Kohl Dust and Barry M Bright Pink polish? my paypal is xx

  57. A blog sale is great for getting rid of those products especially skincare! :) X.

  58. Hi,
    Could I buy the Remington Pearl Wand please? :)
    My paypal address is xxx

  59. Damn! I wish i had found your blog earlier! :)

  60. Could I please have the:
    MAC 'Fashion Whim' Cremesheen Glass (form the Glitter & Ice collection) | Used a couple of times | £7.00
    Rimmel 'Pop your Pink' Stay Glossy Lipgloss | £1.50?

  61. Hi can you please message me with any mac you have available? Thanks


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