Jimmy Choo Flash London Club Perfume

Jimmy Choo Flash London Club Perfume
Jimmy Choo Flash London Club Perfume 2
Jimmy Choo Flash London Club Perfume 3
Jimmy Choo Flash London Club Perfume 4
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Jimmy Choo Flash London Club c/o World Duty Free

When an email from World Duty Free landed in my inbox informing me that Jimmy Choo was releasing a brand new limited edition fragrance, I was very excited. As a fan of Jimmy Choo's other fragrances, I knew this one would quickly become a new favourite.

The new fragrance, 'Flash London Club' is a spin on the original Flash fragrance and this time its been designed with the glamour and excitement of London's nightlife in mind. As you can see from the packaging, this perfume is an absolute stand-out and with the glittery base and disco-ball vibe, it takes inspiration from the fluorescent glow of a London nightclub. To some it may be a bit OTT but for me personally, I love it. It looks ever so pretty sat on my dressing table and I could just stare at the beautiful bottle all day. Its clear to see a lot of work has been put into the design! Sandra Choi, Jimmy Choo's Creative Director says “We see fragrance as another accessory, we want women to feel as excited as they do when they buy a pair of shoes or a handbag.” I couldn't agree more - perfume is definitely an accessory in my eyes and my outfit definitely doesn't feel complete without a spritz of my favourite scent.

In terms of the fragrance itself, its absolutely gorgeous. I'm useless at describing scents, I'm not going to lie but I'd say its a perfect blend of sweet top notes and musky base notes. Its very feminine and sensual which I like - its uplifting with hints of citrus without being too sickly sweet. I'd say its more of an evening fragrance as its quite a powerful scent - perfect for those nights when you're dressed up and need that perfect finishing touch to get you in the party mood. However, I have worn it in the daytime too so it all comes down to person preference I guess.
"The fragrance builds like music at a party: as the glittering, fresh top notes evaporate, the true heart of the perfume beats; a magnum opus of tuberose that is unashamedly sexy and alluring."

This perfume has become a new favourite and I've worn it at every opportunity available since receiving it in the post. Its super feminine, lasts all day and looks pretty sat on my dresser! I think Jimmy Choo have captured the 'London party girl' inspiration perfectly and this will certainly be my fragrance of choice for a night on the town.

Flash London Club is available exclusively to World Duty Free until February 3rd in its tax and duty free stores at London Heathrow airport.

Do you like the look of this perfume? What's your favourite fragrance?

Lots of Love,


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  2. Looks lovely, the packaging is absolutely fabulous! Does the scent last, or does it fade after a while?x

  3. This sounds lovely apart from the name! When the original Flash fragrance came out it just reminded me of flash cleaner! Not the most glamorous thing in the world! Wish we could smell products over the internet!


  4. I adore this perfume! I prefer it much more than the original Jimmy Choo fragrance and like you ive been wearing it pretty much non-stop since i received it! Planning on posting my review later this week - its been a winner for me too :) xx Lovely photos beaut xx

  5. That is some very glamorous packaging! I need to get myself a new perfume soon, I'll definitely try this one out. How long would you say the scent lasts?



  6. I love the look of this perfume. I adore the scent of the original so must give this addition a go. Thanks for the review!! :-) xx

    Helen @

  7. Wow the bottle of this is amazing, I love it!


  8. This looks so lovely! I'm a fan of fruity fragrances, so if I can get my hands on this I will be purchasing.

    Stella | Electrik Flowers

  9. The packaging is fabulous, I love it! If I can find it, I will definitely be purchasing! I'm a massive fan of perfume and have a few staples that never change which are Gucci Guilty and Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, but at the minute I am loving Stella McCartney Summer and Chanel Chance!! Beautiful fragrances

    Charley..x | http://charleyks.blogspot.co.uk/

  10. Wow the bottle is just stunning! I love the discoball effect on the sides, I would definitely keep this bottle long after the perfume is finished as it's just too pretty not to have on show :) I'll need to try & get a test sampler of this & see how I like it, I've never tried Jimmy Choo's perfume range before, so this'll be a new one to try :)

  11. Ahh this looks amazing and sounds like it smells amazing too, one for the wishlist... Xxx


  12. not a fan of the bottle design but i do like jimmy choo perfumes so i cant wait to smell this one!! :)

  13. I've never smelt the Jimmy Choo perfumes in all honestly but definitely need to give this one a go by the sounds of it!
    Justine xx


  14. I'd like to try it, especially after reading your review. The bottle truly is pretty. Bet the perfume itself smells good too.
    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

  15. J'adore this perfume, sooo lovely <3


  16. Sounds gorgeous! The packaging is super pretty too.

    Amelia Rose | Beauty Blogger

  17. The packaging is very lovely - not my personal taste as i like things a lot cleaner looking and less glittery girly, but i can totally see it in the right setting looking very beautiful and can appreciate that! My favorite scent is one of the Hermes classic perfumes.

    rae at lovefromberlin

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  19. Smelt the free sample in Superdrug the other day, need to buy one :3 love your blog so much! <3


  20. This is by far one of my favourite fragrances. Well done on a good write up.x

    Ashleigh Noble - http://www.missanoble.com/


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