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Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend and a lovely Mother's Day yesterday. I can't quite believe we're at the end of yet another month and quarter of the way through 2014! Crikey, where does time go? Before we know it it'll be Chrismtas again - what a scary thought! Anyway, before I go off on a tangent about the speed of time, let me get back to the focus of this post - my lovely March advertisers. I've had a great bunch of blogs and websites over on my sidebar this month and I hope you've all enjoyed discovering new reading material! If you've not had chance to check them out yet, keep reading to find out more about them and the links to their sites. Enjoy ...

Laura from Lipstick Mysteries
Hi! I'm Laura and I write over at Lipstick Mysteries. I have a huge interest in beauty, particularly makeup. It is only a hobby though, as I am a full time school teacher. However, recently I have taken a break from blogging to start a YouTube channel. I am fairly new but I am getting used to being in front of a camera more and more everyday. I find that I enjoy filming and editing videos a whole lot more than taking pictures and writing about products. I still write blog posts occasionally though, don't worry! But in the mean time, you can find me over here.

Hi! I’m Carly from For many years I was a beautician and salon owner and now I love to share my knowledge on my blog. If you like reading product reviews and are interested in hair, skincare, makeup, nails, eye treatments, body care and much more, Carly’s Beauty World might be of interest to you.

I love chatting to people on my various social media sites so please come and say hello.

Love from,
Carly x

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Website - Yuko
YUKO Permanent Hair Straightening was created in Japan in 1996 by Yuko Yamashita, a passionate hair stylist and salon owner who, after witnessing as a child the happiness a haircut gave her mother and sister,decided to make other people just as happy by dedicating her life to hairdressing. Throughout her years as a stylist, Yuko was shocked to discover that only 5 out of every 100 people were happy with their hair and a staggering 75% were concerned because their curly, unruly, sleek or thick hair was not to their satisfaction. In just the same way that most people are unhappy with their bodies and would change something if they could, Yuko committed her passion to find a solution; a way of giving people the opportunity to have the hair they desired. In pursuit of this, Yuko began a project with Japanese health, sports and beauty giant Phiten to develop her own perm solution, alongside having developed a successful solution, YUKO now also has a successful and comprehensive homecare range suited to treat all hair types.

YUKO can be purchased online at

Megan from My Pretty Apparel
Hey Guys! I'm Megan and I run My Pretty Apparel. I absolutely love blogging and can't think of a better way to spend a night in than getting all cosy reading through my favourite blogs (okay, maybe throw a Chinese takeaway in there too?). My blog is mainly beauty based but every now and again I feature the odd fashion or lifestyle post too. Please check out my blog and do leave a comment as I love meeting new bloggers! I'm also slightly obsessed with Instagram, so you can find me there too!

Beky from Bekylou
BekyLou is my little space on the internet where I share my insights and ramblings about all things beauty and fashion. I've fallen in love with blogging and would love for you to take a peep on over at my page and let me know what you think, or even give me a cheeky follow! There are a lot of exciting things coming up on BekyLou so keep your peepers peeled! 

Shaina from Nairobi Nicole

 Hi Guys!  I'm Shaina.  I'm a lifestyle blogger, traveler, new wife, and a foodie in my not so early 20's.  In the past few years I have lost over 100 lbs (and gained 30 back, you know how it is when you're a newlywed!) and I am on a mission to get into the best shape of my life!  But the most important thing I've realized is that there's more to life than being a size "Fill-in-the-blank" and happiness is sexiest thing you could be.  So here, I write about my travels, healthy recipes, make-up and shopping, losing weight, my fur babies, book reviews and all the other geeky stuff that makes me happy! Shout out to all the other FanGirls out there!

"Happy girls are the prettiest" ~Audrey Hepburn 

Hello I’m Kim, writer of my blog KIM RADLEY! I love to write about the many beauty products I get my mitts on, the clothes that occupy my chest of drawers and the goings on in my wonderful life; I also throw in the occasional outfit post! I’ve never really had a hobby before but now I’ve started blogging, it’s taking over my life – and there’s no way I’m going to stop it! Make sure you follow my blog via the links, and of course have a peek. I’m also over on Twitter and Instagram as well! xx

The name Fresh-Faced and Fearless means looking at life with a new perspective and taking on all of life's challenges. I originally decided upon starting a beauty blog to let people know about the good products/cosmetics that I stumble across in my every day life. Since then it has evolved to become a space to write about fashion and lifestyle topics also.

Beauté Vie Mode is an online destination where you can immerse yourself in beauty, lifestyle and fashion. The posts are written by bloggers and we are all very passionate about what we do. Our website is a lovely community, where you can chat to us and indulge in our posts. Beauté Vie Mode is updated regularly with a variety of posts, such as product launches, trends, home interior, recipes, reviews and advice.

We are on Bloglovin, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, so please feel free to say hello!

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Kal from Cluttered Closet
I'm Kal from Cluttered Closet. Lover of vans. As in the shoes not the vehicles. My blog is the place to be if you want daily posts on anything beauty related. Every Monday you can find my 'Under £10' post which is bound to give you a bargain beauty product to put onto your beauty wishlist! From Skincare to Top Fives there's something on there for everyone. Hope you enjoy!!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit more about this fab bunch - be sure to head over to their sites and say hello!

Lots of Love,

Sleek Blush By 3 Palette | Pink Lemonade

Sleek Pink Lemonade Blush By 3 Palette Review.jpg
Sleek Pink Lemonade Blush By 3 Palette 6.jpg
Sleek Pink Lemonade Blush By 3 Palette Review 2.jpg
Sleek Pink Lemonade Blush By 3 Palette Review 3.jpg
Sleek Pink Lemonade Blush By 3 Palette Review 4.jpg
Sleek Pink Lemonade Blush By 3 Palette Review 5.jpg
Sleek would definitely be one of my fabourite high street beauty brands so when one of their new Blush by 3 palettes recently landed on my door step, I couldn't wait to give it a go. I've tried their blush palettes in the past ('Lace' being my favourite) and I've always been so impressed with the quality of them - they're exceptionally pigmented, buttery soft, blenable and long-lasting. I really can't fault them - they're definitely likeable to NARS but for a fraction of the cost!

As I briefly mentioned, Sleek have recently added a couple of new Blush by 3 palettes to their range in the shades 'Pink Lemonade' and 'Californ.i.a'. I was very kindly sent the shade 'Pink Lemonade' and I was very pleasently surprised to discover the new palettes include a cream blush as well as two powders, instead of the usual three powders. I really like that they've put a mix of finishes in the new palettes as you can now create such a big range of different looks, depending on what you fancy on that particular day. You could even use the cream blush on your lips!

The three shades in the palette (swatched from left to right) are very nicely named Pink Mint, Macaroon and Icing Sugar and they're all beautiful pink and peachy shades - there isn't one I wouldn't wear. As you probably know, I'm usually all about the coral blush and tend to steer away from pinks but since receiving this palette, I've developed a love of pink blush. Crikey, I never thought I'd hear myself say that! As well as being beautiful shades, the formula is spot on. As with all Sleek blush, they're very pigmented and blend into my skin with ease. They can be applied with a light hand to create a sheer wash of colour of built up for a bold look - the possibilities are endless. The two powder shades in the palette have shimmer particles in them but they don't look glittery on the cheeks and instead highlight the cheekbones nicely and provide a glow. The cream shade is matte with no shimmer and I can confirm that this new addition is just as lovely as the powder blushes - its pigmented, creamy, blends like a dream and gives my skin a healthy glow.

I really can't fault this new offering from Sleek and I'd urge you all to give one of these palettes a try. For only £10 you get three full size blushes which would normally retail for £4.49 each. It really is a great bargain and you can get it even cheaper here on Amazon!

Do you like the look of this palette? What do you think of Sleek blushes?

Lots of Love,

Elemis Limited Edition Gift Sets

Elemis Limited Edition Gift Sets, Elemis Limited Edition Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules, Elemis Pro-Collagen Treats, Elemis Skincare Sets.jpg

When I think of luxury skincare products, the first brand that pops to my mind is Elemis. Known for its success in spas around the country, Elemis is definitely on the luxurious end of the skincare spectrum and a brand I always turn to when I want something that will really produce results and benefit my skin. Yes its a slightly pricey brand but I truly believe investing in skincare with well thought out and beneficial ingredients is so important!

Recently Elemis have launched two limited edition sets that you might be interested in treating yourself or a loved one too. With mothers day just around the corner, both of these sets would make the perfect gift. Keep reading to find out more about them...

Elemis Limited Edition Gift Sets, Elemis Limited Edition Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules, Elemis Pro-Collagen Treats, Elemis Skincare Sets 6.jpg
Elemis Limited Edition Gift Sets, Elemis Limited Edition Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules, Elemis Pro-Collagen Treats, Elemis Skincare Sets 7.jpg
Elemis Limited Edition Gift Sets, Elemis Limited Edition Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules, Elemis Pro-Collagen Treats, Elemis Skincare Sets 8.jpg
Elemis Limited Edition Gift Sets, Elemis Limited Edition Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules, Elemis Pro-Collagen Treats, Elemis Skincare Sets 9.jpg

Elemis Limited Edition Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules* |(Super size - 60 day supply) | RRP £79.00| Worth £124.00 | (£67.58 with 15% off at Look Fantastic)Link
This month Elemis are celebrating the 10 year anniversary of their Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules and to mark the ocassion, they've released this beautiful limited edition duo containing two supersize jars of their famous day and night capsules (60 of each - which is double the standard size). Firstly I have to mention how beautifully packaged this gift set is! Just look at that pretty box, floral interior and the pink and green jars with the corresponding pink and green capsules inside. The Pink capsules (Rose) are to be used in the morning and they "hydrate, soften and stimulate endorphins during the day" while the Green capsules (Lavender) "help restore cell metabolism and maximise cell repair overnight." Both of the capsules contain Moringa oil which is known as a bit of a wonder product in the beauty world as it "helps to physically repair visible signs of ageing by sweeping clean the skin cell matrix, ridding it of harmful toxins and allowing nutrients to be absorbed more effectively." Wowee, big claims from some small capsules I'd say!

I'm really excited to incorporate these into my skincare routine as they're unlike anything I've ever used before and from the reviews I've read online, they work wonders at restoring, refreshing and renewing the skin tone and texture. I think its great that each capsule is just the right amount to cover my whole face - I've used oils/serums in the past and have been left with a greasy face after applying too much but I won't have that problem with these. Also, with Summer and lighter makeup just round the corner, I want my skin to be looking at its best so these will come in really handy. I also love that the gift set includes two mini travel jars so I can take my capsules on weekends away with me! Elemis have really covered all bases!

As if this set isn't already amazing enough, Elemis will be donating £15,000 from sales of this collection to Wellbeing of Women charity - a charity that helps raise funds for medical research across a broad range of health issues that women can face. What a great cause and even more reason to treat yourself or a loved one!

Elemis Limited Edition Gift Sets, Elemis Limited Edition Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules, Elemis Pro-Collagen Treats, Elemis Skincare Sets 2.jpg
Elemis Limited Edition Gift Sets, Elemis Limited Edition Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules, Elemis Pro-Collagen Treats, Elemis Skincare Sets 3.jpg
Elemis Limited Edition Gift Sets, Elemis Limited Edition Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules, Elemis Pro-Collagen Treats, Elemis Skincare Sets 4.jpg

Elemis Pro-Collagen treats* | RRP £49.00 | Worth £78.50 | (£44.10 with 10% off at John Lewis)| Link
This gift set is just beautiful and in my eyes, well worth its price tag. Encased is a stunning keep-sake vanity case are two well-loved Elemis products from their award winning pro-collagen range - pro collagen cleansing balm and pro-collagen advanced eye treatment. The pro-collagen cleansing balm is a luxurious balm cleanser that melts away makeup and grime with ease and leaves the skin nourished, refreshed and radiant. It combines "precious starflower, elderberry and optimega oils with rose and mimosa waxes, and anti-ageing padina pavonica to deeply cleanse, nourish and smooth for a glowing complexion". I'd say its the perfect product to use in the evening when you want to wind down and remove the days dirt and grime from your skin. Elemis state that it can be used as a skin treatment mask too. Ooh, multi-use products are my favourite!

The pro-collagen advanced eye treatment is something I'm really excited about as I'm normally quite lazy with my eye area and skip eye cream. I know, very naughty of me! However, now I'm reaching my mid twenties, I think its about time I made more of an effort to look after my eyes and prevent those pesky lines and wrinkles from rearing their ugly heads! I've been using it for around a week now and I'm really enjoying it - it cools and hydrates my eye area and the thin serum consistency sinks in really well and doesn't leave any greasy residue. I imagine this would be really great for older ladies too who are trying to fight the signs of aging - it contains a "sophisticated amino acid complex of natural humectants which attracts moisture into the deeper layers of the skin". This mix of ingredients helps to plump, hydrate and smooth the delicate eye area. Both of these products bought seperately would cost £78.50 so you're making a great saving if you buy this set!

 Both of these sets from Elemis are absolutely beautiful and I'd be more than happy to receive either of them as a gift. I also think they'd make the perfect gift for a female family member whether its a mother, sister or nan, every age group can use these beautiful products!

Do you like Elemis skincare? Which of these sets would you like to try?

Lots of Love,

Revlon Matte & Lacquer Balms | Flirtacious, Audacious & Elusive

Revlon Matte and Lacquer Balms Review 5.jpg
Revlon Matte and Lacquer Balms Review 4.jpg
Revlon Matte and Lacquer Balms Review.jpg
Revlon Matte and Lacquer Balms Review 7.jpg
Revlon Matte and Lacquer Balms Review 2.jpg
Revlon Matte and Lacquer Balms Review 3.jpg
Revlon Matte and Lacquer Balms Review 9.jpg

Recently Revlon launched a new range of lip balms to add to their already popular 'Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains'. The two new ranges, lacquer balms and matte balms have different textures to the original balms (can I say balm one more time?) and different packaging. I've read lots of reviews about these recently, most of which have been very positive so whilst Boots is in the middle of a 3 for 2 offer, I couldn't resist picking some up. I bought 'Flirtacious' which is one of the lacquer balms and a gorgeous berry pink and two of the matte balms in the shades 'Audacious' and 'Elusive' - a bright coral and a dusky rose pink. All of them are absolutely beautiful and definitely my kind of shades! I love that the packaging represents the colour inside and the texture - glossy packaging for the lacquer balms and matte for the matte balms! The only thing that has remained the same is the crayon style applicator which I absolutely love - they're fool proof!

I have to say I'm not usually a fan of matte lip products so before I bought them, I was a bit hesitant about the matte versions incase they were drying which is one thing I absolutely hate about matte products. However, when I swatched them in Boots, I couldn't believe how creamy they were. Unlike other matte lip products I've used in the past, these balms feel exceptionally hydrating and creamy, despite their matte finish. They also don't cling to any dry patches and highlight imperfections which is a huge bonus! I think my favourite of the two shades I got would have to be 'Elusive' as its such a great every day 'my lips but better' kind of shade and I've been wearing that one the most. However, 'Audacious' is stunning too and I already know the vibrant coral shade is going to look amazing with a Summer tan! 

Flirtacious, the lacquer balm I picked up, is also very hydrating on the lips but I did expect that with this formula as it has a lovely high shine finish. I was slightly concerned when I first saw photos of the lacquer balms that they might be quite glittery but once again, when I swatched this in store I realised that they're just very glossy with a hint of sparkle and definitely not what I'd class as glittery. I really love the shade of this one too - I think this one will be perfect for a glam night out!

As you can see from my swatches above, these balms are very highly pigmented, especially the matte versions and I think that's a great quality about them. Just one swipe over my lips and I'm good to go. The lacquer balm requires a touch more effort to get an opaque finish due to its glossy formula but that isn't a big issue - its nice to have the option of leaving it slightly more sheer or building it up to an opaque coverage. They're also very long lasting too which is another bonus!

Overall, I really can't fault Revlon's latest offering! I'm very happy with all of them and I'd definitely recommend grabbing some while you can on the 3 for 2 offer! I might even have to treat myself to a few more from the range! You can find them at Boots here and here and they're priced at £7.99 each.

Have you tried the new Revlon lip balms? Are you more of a Lacquer or matte fan?

Lots of Love,

March Love Me Beauty Box (plus 10% off!)

March Love Me Beauty Box Review and Discount.jpg
March Love Me Beauty Box Review and Discount 3.jpg
March Love Me Beauty Box Review and Discount 4.jpg

Love Me Beauty Box* | £10.00 plus £2.95 p&p | 10% off with the code 'CG10' |  Link

Over the past year, I've really grown to love Love Me Beauty and their amazing monthly beauty boxes. Every month I look forward to my box of beauty goodies arriving in the post and I'm never ever disappointed with the contents thanks to their 'menu' system whereby I can choose which box I'd like to receive. There's also the genius option of skipping a month if nothing takes your fancy, with no charge included. They've really covered all bases when it comes to customer satisfaction and I wouldn't think twice about recommending this box to anyone I know - it really is the best of the bunch. 

Its such great value for money too and their website states that every single box will be worth a minimum of £35, despite its cheap £10 price tag. I've actually known some months boxes to be worth around £60 so you're definitely getting your £10 worth with this box! Even better, Love Me Beauty have very generously given me a 10% discount code, especially for my readers so if you're thinking about subscribing, be sure to enter 'CG10' in at the checkout to receive your discount!

This month I opted for menu 2 from the three options available which was actually a mistake on my part (I was meant to choose menu one as I really wanted to try the Nip & Fab CC Eye Fix - oops!) but I'm still very happy with the contents of my box regardless. Here's what I received ...

March Love Me Beauty Box Review and Discount 5.jpg

Nip & Fab Topical Muscle Cooling Gel | RRP £9.95
As I said at the start of this post, I wasn't actually meant to choose this box so and it was actually the Nip & Fab eye fix that I wanted to try but I'm still rather intrigued by this alternative, even if it isn't an essential. Now I'm not going to lie and say I work out all the time because I definitely don't but when I do, I seriously suffer with sore muscles. I went for a run a couple of weeks ago and for the next two days, I could barely move. Not ideal! I tried this topical cooling gel after a recent workout and I have to say, its bloomin lovely. The cooling and anti-inflammatory ingredients it contains really helped to relieve the pain but be warned, it tingles!

March Love Me Beauty Box Review and Discount 6.jpg

Quintessentially English Bottled Sunshine Bath Salts (50g sample size)
I'm really into bath products at the moment so I can't wait to use these 'Bottled Sunshine' (don't you just love this name) bath salts from Quintessentially English. I can already tell I'm going to love the scent - I'm obsessed with all things citrus - its so invigorating and energising! These bath salts are multi-purpose too - they can be used in the bath to fill the room with a beautiful aroma or mixed with a touch of oil and used as a scrub. Ahhh - relax!

March Love Me Beauty Box Review and Discount 7.jpg

Blanx White Shock Toothpaste (15ml sample size)
I've tried this toothpaste in the past and altought I wasn't wowed by the results, it did brighten my teeth ever so slightly. Not the most exciting product in the world and not a lot to say about this one - its minty and it cleans my teeth. That's all everyone looks for in a toothpaste, right?

March Love Me Beauty Box Review and Discount 8.jpg

Murad Pore & Line Minimizing Hydrator (10ml sample size) | Worth £9.90
Murad is a high-end brand that I've tried in the past and really enjoyed. However, due to their sky high price tags, they definitely aren't the first brand that pops to my mind when buying new skincare. With this being said, its a real treat to get something to try from such a luxurious brand. This 'Pore & Line Minimizing Hydrator' sounds amazing too - it refines pores, helps breakouts and smoothes the skin. What more could I want?

March Love Me Beauty Box Review and Discount 9.jpg

Deep Steep Honeydew & Spearmint Moisture Stick | RRP £3.60
I've never heard of the brand Deep Steep before but I really love their packaging and this moisture stick is so handy. I've been using it regularly since receiving this box as it can be used for so many different purposes. Wherever you've got dry skin that needs a boost of moisutre, you can use this handy stick to apply it. Its less messy than a conventional moisturising cream or gel so its handy for travelling or popping in my handbag and it packs a decent hydrating punch! The Honeydew & Spearmint scent is divine too!

March Love Me Beauty Box Review and Discount 10.jpg

The Vintage Cosmetic Company 'Gracie' Lashes | RRP £6.00
I've actually tried lashes from The Vintage Cosmetic Company before and they're definitely one of my favourite false lash brands. I wore them none stop over Christmas as they're so easy to apply, lightweight and very natural looking. I've been meaning to repurchase some ever since so I was chuffed to bits to see these 'Gracie' lashes, which are actually my favourite style, featured in this months box. I find these perfect for adding volume to my lashes whilst still looking really natural. I've totally gone off that whole big lashes look lately and I'd much rather wear something like this which enhances what I have naturally without looking trashy and fake!

Once again, another amazing box from Love Me Beauty! I'm still kind of gutted I chose the wrong menu but that'll teach me not to read things properly! The contents of this months box come to well over its £10 price tag (the Nip & Fab/Murad products alone come to almost £20) so yet again, its amazing value for money! If you fancy trying these products for yourself and receiving a box of beauty treats in the post each month, be sure to sign up to Love Me Beauty using my discount code 'CG10' (expires 04/04/14). Its too much of a bargain to be missed!

Are you signed up to Love Me Beauty? Which product would you most like to try from this months offerings?

Lots of Love,

1/3 off Escentual's French Pharmacy & French Faves

13 off french pharmacy skincare.jpg

If you like French skincare products, you're in for a treat! One of my favourite beauty websites Escentual have up to a third off their entire French Pharmacy range this month so you can stock up on your French favourites at a discounted price! I really love that Escentual have dedicated a whole section of their website to French pharmacy products and I love shopping on there - it has the best of the best French brands all in one place! I have to say, I've become a little bit obsessed with French products over the past year as every single one I've tried, I've been really impressed with. The French clearly know what they're doing when it comes to skincare! Can I say French one more time? Here's a few of my favourites, all of which you can currently grab at a discounted price ...

13 off Escentual French Pharmacy Skincare .jpg

Caudalie Cleansing Water | Link
The first French product I ever tried was Bioderma, the much hyped micellar water, a solution that melts makeup and cleans the skin. Now as much as I liked it, I didn't love it. However, I did love the concept and that's when I decided to try another French micellar water - Caudalie cleansing water, the best thing since sliced bread. Yes I know, I've raved about this product time and time again on my blog (full review here) but it really deserves it as my skin loves it! Its gentle on my sensitive skin, it melts makeup with ease and leaves my skin feeling soft, radiant and hydrated. It smells delicious too! 

13 off Escentual French Pharmacy Skincare 3.jpg

Vichy Idealia Moisturiser, BB Cream & Life Serum | Link
If you hadn't already guessed, I'm a big fan of Vichy and their Idealia range! I've reviewed both their BB cream and Life Serum here and here so I won't go into too much detail about those but what I will say is that all of these products add tonnes of radiance to my skin and they smell absolutely divine. I love using the Life Serum and moisturiser together in the morning to prep my face for makeup and make my skin look really dewy and fresh! I also love  wearing the BB cream when I'm having a good skin day as its light, fresh and dewy! It also has an SPF of 25 making it great for the warmer S/S weather!

13 off Escentual French Pharmacy Skincare 2.jpg

Avene Eu Thermale Spring Water Spray | Link
The Avene Thermal Spring Water spray is a great multi-purpose product and its super cheap too! I like to use it as a toner after cleansing, as a skin 'refresher' and on top of my makeup if its looking too powdery! Also, this product is absolutely perfect to use in the S/S months or on holiday as its so cooling and refreshing. Its a very fine mist too so its great to use over makeup. Definitely one to buy if you like a multi-purpose product that's gentle on the skin and will be a poolside essential on your Summer holiday! I need to stock up!

13 off Escentual French Pharmacy Skincare 4.jpg

NUXE Rece de Miel Lip Balm* | Link
This is a new addition to my French stash but its already made it into my favourites as its so damn good! Its definitely the most nourishing lip balm I've ever used and I've been loving slathering it all over my lips before bed. The honey scent has won me over too - it smells good enough to eat! I won't say much more about this as I plan on doing a full review soon but its definitely a good en and I'd recommend it if you suffer with dry lips!

I've been trying a few other French products recently too including La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo Plus, La Roche Posay Pigment Control Conditioning Serum and Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder. I didn't feature them in this post as I'm still in the middle of giving them a proper try but I'm loving them all so far and I'll be sure to report back with full reviews soon. They're currently on sale at Escentual too along with the other products featured in this post! 

Will you be treating yourself to some French goodies from Escentual's sale? What's your favourite French product?

Lots of Love,

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