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Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend and a lovely Mother's Day yesterday. I can't quite believe we're at the end of yet another month and quarter of the way through 2014! Crikey, where does time go? Before we know it it'll be Chrismtas again - what a scary thought! Anyway, before I go off on a tangent about the speed of time, let me get back to the focus of this post - my lovely March advertisers. I've had a great bunch of blogs and websites over on my sidebar this month and I hope you've all enjoyed discovering new reading material! If you've not had chance to check them out yet, keep reading to find out more about them and the links to their sites. Enjoy ...

Laura from Lipstick Mysteries
Hi! I'm Laura and I write over at Lipstick Mysteries. I have a huge interest in beauty, particularly makeup. It is only a hobby though, as I am a full time school teacher. However, recently I have taken a break from blogging to start a YouTube channel. I am fairly new but I am getting used to being in front of a camera more and more everyday. I find that I enjoy filming and editing videos a whole lot more than taking pictures and writing about products. I still write blog posts occasionally though, don't worry! But in the mean time, you can find me over here.

Hi! I’m Carly from For many years I was a beautician and salon owner and now I love to share my knowledge on my blog. If you like reading product reviews and are interested in hair, skincare, makeup, nails, eye treatments, body care and much more, Carly’s Beauty World might be of interest to you.

I love chatting to people on my various social media sites so please come and say hello.

Love from,
Carly x

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Website - Yuko
YUKO Permanent Hair Straightening was created in Japan in 1996 by Yuko Yamashita, a passionate hair stylist and salon owner who, after witnessing as a child the happiness a haircut gave her mother and sister,decided to make other people just as happy by dedicating her life to hairdressing. Throughout her years as a stylist, Yuko was shocked to discover that only 5 out of every 100 people were happy with their hair and a staggering 75% were concerned because their curly, unruly, sleek or thick hair was not to their satisfaction. In just the same way that most people are unhappy with their bodies and would change something if they could, Yuko committed her passion to find a solution; a way of giving people the opportunity to have the hair they desired. In pursuit of this, Yuko began a project with Japanese health, sports and beauty giant Phiten to develop her own perm solution, alongside having developed a successful solution, YUKO now also has a successful and comprehensive homecare range suited to treat all hair types.

YUKO can be purchased online at

Megan from My Pretty Apparel
Hey Guys! I'm Megan and I run My Pretty Apparel. I absolutely love blogging and can't think of a better way to spend a night in than getting all cosy reading through my favourite blogs (okay, maybe throw a Chinese takeaway in there too?). My blog is mainly beauty based but every now and again I feature the odd fashion or lifestyle post too. Please check out my blog and do leave a comment as I love meeting new bloggers! I'm also slightly obsessed with Instagram, so you can find me there too!

Beky from Bekylou
BekyLou is my little space on the internet where I share my insights and ramblings about all things beauty and fashion. I've fallen in love with blogging and would love for you to take a peep on over at my page and let me know what you think, or even give me a cheeky follow! There are a lot of exciting things coming up on BekyLou so keep your peepers peeled! 

Shaina from Nairobi Nicole

 Hi Guys!  I'm Shaina.  I'm a lifestyle blogger, traveler, new wife, and a foodie in my not so early 20's.  In the past few years I have lost over 100 lbs (and gained 30 back, you know how it is when you're a newlywed!) and I am on a mission to get into the best shape of my life!  But the most important thing I've realized is that there's more to life than being a size "Fill-in-the-blank" and happiness is sexiest thing you could be.  So here, I write about my travels, healthy recipes, make-up and shopping, losing weight, my fur babies, book reviews and all the other geeky stuff that makes me happy! Shout out to all the other FanGirls out there!

"Happy girls are the prettiest" ~Audrey Hepburn 

Hello I’m Kim, writer of my blog KIM RADLEY! I love to write about the many beauty products I get my mitts on, the clothes that occupy my chest of drawers and the goings on in my wonderful life; I also throw in the occasional outfit post! I’ve never really had a hobby before but now I’ve started blogging, it’s taking over my life – and there’s no way I’m going to stop it! Make sure you follow my blog via the links, and of course have a peek. I’m also over on Twitter and Instagram as well! xx

The name Fresh-Faced and Fearless means looking at life with a new perspective and taking on all of life's challenges. I originally decided upon starting a beauty blog to let people know about the good products/cosmetics that I stumble across in my every day life. Since then it has evolved to become a space to write about fashion and lifestyle topics also.

Beauté Vie Mode is an online destination where you can immerse yourself in beauty, lifestyle and fashion. The posts are written by bloggers and we are all very passionate about what we do. Our website is a lovely community, where you can chat to us and indulge in our posts. Beauté Vie Mode is updated regularly with a variety of posts, such as product launches, trends, home interior, recipes, reviews and advice.

We are on Bloglovin, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, so please feel free to say hello!

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Kal from Cluttered Closet
I'm Kal from Cluttered Closet. Lover of vans. As in the shoes not the vehicles. My blog is the place to be if you want daily posts on anything beauty related. Every Monday you can find my 'Under £10' post which is bound to give you a bargain beauty product to put onto your beauty wishlist! From Skincare to Top Fives there's something on there for everyone. Hope you enjoy!!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit more about this fab bunch - be sure to head over to their sites and say hello!

Lots of Love,


  1. I love these kind of posts- they're such a good way to get to know new blogs! Xx

    Sharlotte | UK Beauty Blog

  2. Love finding new blogs to read! Thanks for the list!

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee

  3. I would love to advertise! how do i go about this?

  4. Do you have any favourite Health and Fitness Lifestlye blogs? I have started my own and would love to find some others to read and be inspired by? Love your blog!



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