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Hi all! I hope you're all well and having a nice week so far. I won't bore you with the details but its not been a great for me - I've been in hospital and generally feel very under the weather. With this being said, blogging is having to take a little back seat at the moment until I'm feeling myself again. For now though, make sure you head over to my monthly advertisers wonderful blogs and give them a follow ...

Hi! I’m Carly from For many years I was a beautician and salon owner and now I love to share my knowledge on my blog. If you like reading product reviews and are interested in hair, skincare, makeup, nails, eye treatments, body care and much more, Carly’s Beauty World might be of interest to you. I love chatting to people on my various social media sites so please come and say hello.
Love from,
Carly x

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Carrie from Forever Scarlet

I love fashion and beauty, in fact they are two of my biggest passions. I love everything about these two industries; the confidence they give to young women and the creativity and excitement that they evoke.

Forever scarlet is an outlet for me to post the outfits that I love, the beauty products that I use daily, my general musings on life and the odd crafty DIY project. Please pop over and take a look! You can follow me on Twitter @carriemae_h or on bloglovin here.

Judith from The Wee Blondie

Hello! I’m Judith, a 21-year-old Communications Student who runs My blog is a little mix of beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I write about whatever I have fallen head over heels in love with and want to share with everyone. I am massive selfie fan and twitteraddict so come say hello! I love finding new blogs to follow as well so send me over your links too!

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Hope from Beauty & Bliss

Hey! My name is Hope and I’m a 20 year old US blogger over at Beauty & Bliss! I blog about everything from beauty to lifestyle, and even have some DIY things thrown in. I’ve only been blogging for around 7 months, so I’m still pretty new to everything. However, I’m already in love with everything to do with the blogging and beauty communities! I would love it if you stopped by my blog, gave it a follow, and joined me on my journey! I’m super excited to see whats in store for my blog in the future!

Hi I am Emma from 'Emma Louise Dreams'. I am probably the girliest girl you will ever meet. For my fourth birthday I asked my Grandma for one of those cards you put in the wall, that gives you money. Well, not much has changed since then. 

I am a self confessed shopaholic with a passion for all things beauty and fashion. 'EmmaLouise Dreams' is a blog all about myself and the things I buy, and I buy far too much.I have lots of exciting posts lined up over at 'Emma Louise Dreams' next month so would love if you popped over and said Hi.

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Bethany from What She Did

My name is Bethany and I am a 23 Year old blogger based in Cheshire. Whilst my main passion lies in fashion (who doesn't love a good handbag) I also love beauty and lifestyle too, because of this my posts tend to be quite eclectic giving you an insight into my views on fashion, my fave beauty buys and my fave hotspots!

Kerri from Notebook of Beauty

Hey everyone!! I'm Kerri and I'm from Notebook of Beauty, I cover all things beauty and love to review my favourite products (and not so),  I love passing on my tips and secrets and would love you all to come join me and add your own thoughts to the notebook. I hope to see you all soon. You can also find me on Twitter @KerriAnneWinch, Instagram kerri_anne24 and bloglovin. 

My name is Amy Christina - I am a 19 year old from just outside of London and currently studying a Magazine Publishing degree and The University of the Arts of London. This is my little slice of the internet where you will mostly find little ramblings of my life and beauty/fashion talk, oh and cute pictures of my little black cat, Pretzel. My love for blogging has definitely developed over the past year and it has led me to find such a great community to be a part of.

Saba from Beauty on 7th

Hello everyone! I’m Saba, a 21-year-old beauty addict and student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. I am a complete beauty junkie, always ready to get the latest products and test them out. I take caffeine in the bloodstream, and feel at home in coffee shops.

When I’m not running around the city, I’m playing with makeup, watching everything available on Netflix, reading business books, making playlists, and spending time with my lovely friends and family.

Beauty Science Magic! looks at beauty products under the scientific microscope and decodes all the scientific jargon for you, written by a Neuroscientist with a passion for Beauty and Nutrition! The aim is to provide vital information to nourish and nurture from the inside out as perfect nutrition is tantamount to gorgeous hair, skin and nails! Featuring easy and vitamin rich vegan recipes, Beauty Science Magic! Is undoubtedly the go-to blog for decoding beauty facts and feeling and looking your optimum. 

Natalie from Girl Uninterpreted

Hello, my name is Natalie! I’m a 23 year old hair and beauty junkie and a passionate blogger over at GirlUninterpreted is a place for me to write product reviews and comparisons on new beauty products, as well as some old favourites, with the occasional lifestyle post and haul thrown in the mix. Make sure you keep up to date with all my posts via Twitter and Instagram so you don’t miss out on any of the good stuff and be sure to follow me so we can have a chat!

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  1. nice post dear, your blog is so nice! lots of love form the netherlands, x

  2. Hope you are soon feeling better xx

  3. Oh no how awful for you Kayleigh! Get better soon. Xx

  4. I hope you're feeling better!


  5. Hope you are feeling better! I was recently in the hospital & just got to go home Friday afternoon. I don't remember much of anything but sounds like I was taken to the ER more than once like Monday & again on Wednesday. Turns out I had a really bad kidney infection. I couldn't hear, remember or understand things, everything ways a blur, I couldn't see or recognize people & the infection also made me act very strange & not my normal self, couldn't keep food down, it was crazy. I'm not feeling back to my normal self yet though but hopefully the medication is doing it's job & I will be back to my normal self.


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