Blogging: Serious Business?

Okay so this is a bit of a different post to my normal beauty rambles but its something I feel I need to get off my chest and share with you guys. Perhaps I can get your opinions on the matter too? It’s probably something we’ve all thought at one time or another. So, here goes. My question is ... When did blogging become so serious?

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Back in 2011 when I sat down to write my first ever blog post – I didn’t imagine for one minute that even ten people would read what I have to say, never mind over 11,000. With this being said, adjusting to the constant pressures of blogging has been quite tough for me. I know everyone says ‘you should blog for you and not care what anyone else thinks’ and although I don’t particularly care per-se, there’s still a pressure lurking over me that I have to always be the absolute best version of myself because if I’m not, there’ll be people waiting to jump on my weaknesses and pick me apart. I just find it pretty sad that blogging has gone from something I did to escape the pressures of day to day life to one of those pressures itself. Whether its feeling like my photography doesn't compare with other bloggers, feeling like my posts aren't interesting enough, not being able to reply to tweets or emails as quickly as I'd like or not having flawless makeup and hair in an Instagram photo - there's always a pressure of some kind. I wish it wasn't like that but unfortunately, it is. Standards are set in the blogging world by some phenomenal bloggers - people who do this as their full time jobs and people who are constantly pushing out creative and inspiring content. However, as someone who blogs on the side of a full time job for a bit of fun (which is the majority of us), the pressure of feeling like I have to keep up can get too much. 

Now I’m not trying to say I don’t enjoy blogging anymore because that would be a lie – I absolutely love writing my blog. I’ve met some amazing people through it and have had some wonderful opportunities. I did journalism at university so writing has always been a passion of mine and I view my blog as a creative outlet – somewhere I can escape and write about the things I love. I just wish it didn't come with so many pressures. Blogging for me was never and never will be about the number of followers I have or how many likes I get on an instagram photo. I really couldn’t care less. Those things come gradually with time and although its amazing to know people enjoy what I write and I do feel proud of myself for what I’ve achieved, it really isn’t my main priority – just a nice bonus. Now I’d be lying to you all if I didn’t say I’ve had moments recently when I’ve thought ‘this is crazy’ after expressing an opinion or making an innocent comment only to be made to feel bad for doing so. Over time I've learnt to accept that this is just part and parcel of being a blogger but the point I'm trying to get across is - should it be this way? Have we found ourselves in a day and age where we can’t express a harmless opinion online and have to 'put up' with things just because we choose to write a blog? Would we put up with these things if we didn't? Probably not. I wish people could be kinder to each other and speak to one another with more respect. We’re all different people and we all have our own likes and dislikes in life - if we didn't, the world would be a boring place.  However, blogging is supposed to be fun and having a blog shouldn't mean we're a target for negativity. We're all still normal people after all. I bet most bloggers day to day lives really aren't as exciting as you'd imagine - mine certainly isn't - quite the opposite in fact! Just a bit of food for thought :)

Blogging, Beauty Blogging, Blogger Community, Social Media Culture, Pressures of Blogging,

I guess what I’m trying to say here is – what happened to the friendly blogging community I used to be part of? I always viewed it as a place I could  turn when I wanted a chat with fellow bloggers about the ways and woes of life or have a ramble about my favourite beauty products. I really think blogging gets taken waaaaay too seriously these days and bloggers are put on some sort of pedestal as people that should never dare do or say anything that might (unnecessarily) offend someone. If people would take a step back into the real world and realise that bloggers are in fact completely ordinary girls (and boys!) that share a passion they want to write about it, maybe things could get put into a bit more perspective. Life is way too short for that rubbish and I just want to enjoy writing my blog the same way I did when I first started - when nobody was reading other than my nanna and my auntie. After all - blogs are only a place on the internet where people write about the things they like or their day to day life - it shouldn't get so political. 

Blogging is something anyone can do - you don't have to have any special skills to get involved - just a passion for what you're writing about and the motivation to keep it up. My friends often say 'Kayleigh - how on earth do you find the time to work, blog and socialise - you must have serious dedication' and although it is a struggle sometimes, I continue because I love it. I also really enjoy getting to know lots of likeminded people but I'd much prefer to do that in a more friendly environment without any added pressures. If I want to make a lighthearted joke or upload a photo looking like a scruff - I should be able to do that without any repercussions. We should be supporting and encouraging one another - not putting each other down or making each other feel bad because there was a few typos in our latest post or we looked less than perfect in a selfie. Isn't there more to life?

I think its so important to just enjoy your own little space on the web and don’t get so caught up in everyone else’s. If there’s bloggers you love - make their day by telling them. Its nice to be nice. If there’s blogs you aren't so keen on, my advice would be... don’t read them. Its pretty straight forward when it comes down to it and everyone should be able to enjoy blogging in their own way and their own style without feeling compared to others. As the saying goes “you can be the juiciest peach in the world and there’ll still be someone who doesn’t like peaches!”. Just remember – this is blogging, not a competition. Its meant to be fun and enjoyable - a creative outlet, a hobby or our own little 'happy' place to share the things we love and enjoy in life. If we could all just appreciate that and more importantly appreciate that its okay to not be perfect or the best at everything, blogging included, the blogging community would be a much happier place. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and sorry if I'm coming across as a ranting Rita - I'm really just trying to be honest with my thoughts and I hope you can relate to what I've said in one way or another.

Do you wish blogging wasn't taken quite so seriously?

Lots of love,


  1. Its definitely changed over the years and I think thats every aspect of social media! It's scary really - I hope your okay though lovely and keep doing what your doing because there are so many of us that love your blog!

    Lindsay Frances


  2. I really loved this post Kayleigh. You shouldn't have to apologise for 'ranting' - this is your blog, for your opinions, thoughts and musings. And for me, you've really hit the nail on the head! I only started blogging in October 2013 but was reading for a lot longer and I've noticed a real change recently - I started to get embedded in a cycle of constant post-publishing, and statistic counting and it started to become like a chore to me; it was almost all about numbers, popularity etc and it took me right back to my awful school days. Some bloggers seemed perfect; but you're right, it's not like that! We need to sometimes take a step back and a reality check. Blogging should be fun and creative, not a chore and an addition to our anxieties. I sometimes don't post things because I'm worried about being judged and it really shouldn't be that way - and I'm only a newbie!!

    I loved this post, thank you so much for writing it and being so honest. And I adored the peach quote. Make sure you keep this as your happy place - I love reading what you have to say :)

    I'm not sure I've said everything I wanted to but I hope you get the gist of it :)

    Jo xx

    She Wears Burgundy

  3. Great post! I'm quite new to the blogging community and I've found there seems to be quite a lot of unwritten rules when it comes to your own expression on your own blog! I think it can be a bit of trouble, but not 100% of the time, if people become too involved in the blogs they read, or the people they watch on Youtube etc. And I think websites that gossip about bloggers, nitpicking everything they do or post definitely reinforces a much more hostile and dishonest community. I wish certain things about blogging could simmer down a little, and it'd be much better if people didn't create a blog and automatically treat it as some kind of full time job, it's almost always a hobby in the beginning!

  4. Hopefully the majority of us agre with you. I was thinking this exact same thing, thank you so much for writing this, great read and there's a chance this post will make a difference xo

    Hannah Rose// Blog

  5. Kayleigh, I really love your blog. I agree whole-heartedly with you. I started at the end of last year, I love writing, love beauty and makeup and trying things. Most certainly love meeting all you love bloggers, so I thought I would give it a go. Well I totally feel the pressure even being a small blogger, but love it so carry on.

  6. I always check stats and seem to measure any success by numbers, maybe we should all just take a step back and if one person loves a post you write or one post just helps one person, than that's the important thing. At the end of the day, we should all stick together and stop being so competitive. Let's just enjoy the writing and camaraderie xx that's all x
    Bean's Beauty Blog

  7. I completely agree, and I never knew how seriously people took it before I started, although it would of more than likely put me off. Social media is a scary tool too! But don't change what you do, your blog is amazing, and there are so many who I would think would agree!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  8. Absolutely loved this post!! So true, I first started my blog in 2009 and the community was so warm and welcoming, after a few year hiatus I'm a little surprised sometimes! Adore your blog and beautifully written post xx

  9. Love the peaches quote, so true!! Great post and totally agree thanks hun Adele x

  10. Also love this post because you explain what I think so well. There are always going to be those pressures even if they aren't explicitly spoken about, you just kind of feel them upon you. It shouldn't be like that to be honest, hopefully in time that'll change, who knows?!

    Katie Loves | UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

    BlogLovin' : Katie Loves

  11. Love this post, everything you've said is so true! Despite only starting my current blog in March of last year, I first became a 'blogger' in Autumn 2011. Back then, there was quite a lot of bloggers around however it didn't come close to the amount around these days. It's great to see the amount of people engaging in blogging at this time, but I have to agree that now there is so many more bloggers around, there is definitely a sense of 'competition' and blogging is taken quite seriously. Very different to what it used to be like which I guess is a shame actually, I remember there used to never be fights/arguments or anything like that between bloggers, everyone was friendly to each other and just got on with doing their hobby.

    Also, it is so much easier now to feel lost in the huge world of blogging and there are definitely more people doing it now for the 'blogger' status and treating it seriously, unlike people years ago who did it purely as a fun hobby (obviously, loads do now but it has become apparent there is many that don't). A lot of people are very hung up on followers too and it almost seems like a competition, constantly spamming people with links etc. I just find it sad that blogging hasn't become what it used to be about and being around for a while myself, I've definitely seen the huge change!

    Sorry for the huge ramble! I feel like I just needed to let that out and it's been bugging me for a while so I'm glad you wrote this post, Kayleigh :)

    Jessica | Jessica’s Journal ♥

  12. Good post - I think it needs to be said! I think with their kind of being those official 'big' bloggers, a lot of others are striving to become one and so it becomes a lot more about the followers for those people who don't understand that the 'big' bloggers are just doing it because they love it, not for the followers. Not saying that it's the 'big' bloggers fault, it's just something that happens :)

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

  13. This is such a fab post; so honest and completely true! I don't know about everyone else, but I was definitely hoping someone would voice this opinion someday, so thank you! Love your blog by the way, it's wonderful :)

    Liv I PerfectlyPopcorn

    Bloglovin': Olivia Kings

  14. Totally agree, blogging should be about the person who is writing it. A creative outlet, to say what you want to say. If people enjoy reading it great, if not oh well, it's not the be all and end all.
    A blog is a personal thing, the only approval needed is your own.

  15. I think blogging is taken way too seriously... Especially with the influx of 'pro' bloggers. Its nothing against them, its more of a perception of what others expect your blog to be... Certain "standards" to be held and if we all don't meet up to it, then we aren't "good" bloggers. I've been blogging for about five six years and I still have a small amount of followers. I'm totally cool with that - its never ever been about followers for me. I've never concerned myself with the numbers. Yes its amazing x amount of people read what you are saying... But the important thing to remember is that you started your blog for you. No one else.

  16. I think blogging is taken way too seriously... Especially with the influx of 'pro' bloggers. Its nothing against them, its more of a perception of what others expect your blog to be... Certain "standards" to be held and if we all don't meet up to it, then we aren't "good" bloggers. I've been blogging for about five six years and I still have a small amount of followers. I'm totally cool with that - its never ever been about followers for me. I've never concerned myself with the numbers. Yes its amazing x amount of people read what you are saying... But the important thing to remember is that you started your blog for you. No one else.

  17. I have only been blogging for a little while, and have noticed that I find it very difficult to build "relationships" with some (not all) bloggers as I find it fickle and clicky, which is a real shame as you say it's sharing things with like minded people, but as it's got so serious, it seems that people feel that you might be taking away their visitors/viewers and don't like the competition.

  18. I really love this post

  19. I'm new at it, but I think it's the same with any social media. I used to enjoy reading facebook updates, but now I just dread the drama it holds.
    It can be so easy to turn something you love into a burden if the wrong people get involved and start to make it 'toxic'.
    People who make you feel bad about an opinion you make should stop and look at their priorities. You, and everyone else, have every right to express an opinion and the people small enough to make you regret doing that can sod off, as far as I'm concerned.
    You have so many followers because people enjoy the voice and character you put across - so bugger to anyone who tries to ruin that! When people ask me why I blog, I'm honest - it feels like a community of people who can turn to each other and I've already made friends who make me smile! It's just a shame that there are going to be the few people who just want to ruin peoples fun.
    Oh and I loved this post!

  20. This is the post interesting blog post I have ever seen
    I just started my blog yesterday , I would love to give my opinions on products outfit posts and so on..
    I think your doing an amazing job balancing blogging with a full time job which is what I'm doing , I just wanted to write a comment to say I think your fab and don't change
    It would be amazing if you could check out my blog I know how hard it is to get recognised
    once again thank you for this blog post xx

  21. Great post Kayleigh! I think this was exactly what I needed to read tonight :) I started my little blog this year but already I completely relate to a lot of your comments... blogging should be authentic and genuine and we shouldn't feel the need to put ourselves across as perfect people with perfect lives, hair, style etc. Thanks for addressing the issue though, just for the record, your blog is lovely and it makes for a perfect 'mummy coffee break' when I get five mins to myself...keep on writing lady! :) Love Bunty xXx

  22. I've only been blogging just under a year and always feel under pressure, like my blog isn't good enough, my pictures aren't good enough, I'm probably too old (at 33) to be a blogger - I should be young and in my prime and maybe that I don't have much to offer! I've always thought that this pressure came from myself, but maybe it comes from the community? I do feel though, that it's this pressure that drives me to try harder and I think I see that in you too. Although I do care what people think, as I've got older I've learnt - if you have something nice to say just say it. But in the blogging world you seem to run the risk of people thinking you want something, and that you're not just being nice. I've not had this myself, but seen others accused of being fake. You know what Kayleigh, I think just be yourself - it's all you can be. If others judge that's their problem, not yours. : ) xxxx

  23. I totally agree, I started blogging when I was 15 back in 2011, when I look back my photos were shocking compared to others and my thoughts weren't always expressed clearer, but I really loved it (still do) I think it is nice to watch your own personal developments, people learn others and find themselves becoming better naturally. I don't think anyone has the right to comment on something as if it's a competition, it really isn't, and for those that feel like it is they probably shouldn't bother! xxx

  24. I totally agree! I love these type of posts and would love more of these :) X

  25. Definitely have to agree! You don't have to ever worry though, your blogs are amazing because it's what you are feeling and thinking! It's time we change blogging back to how it used to be, one step at a time!


  26. I love this! I enjoy blogs that are more personalized, not magazine spread.

  27. Yeah, I agree with you. I think you're an amazing blogger though. x x x

  28. I really love this post and totally agree. I've had countless blogs which I've deleted in the first couple of months because I didn't think they were good enough as some of the beauty blogs on here, or because I only had 10 followers. Now I've finally started blogging because I enjoy it :) xx

  29. I completely agree with you too! I started my blog in 2011 as well and although my blog isn't as big as yours so probably hasn't seen such a big impact, I have seen it change dramatically. There are so much more professional and sitting on the fence then they use to be, i miss it xxx

  30. I really enjoyed reading this. Its so damn true! I started about four years ago and the blogging world has changed so so much! It's hard now with the standards that have been set by other amazing yet competitive bloggers. It's also hard that readers now judge bloggers so much. I once knew a girl who told me she was making fun of big known blogger on that bloggers instagram because she wasn't very pretty and I had to scold her. I mean.. if you don't like her why are you on her instagram? Just to judge? Blogging shouldn't have all this judgment to it. We should be looked to as peers and therefore normal people who have messy hair, typos and imperfect bodies. Blogging should be fun and creative and inspirational. Thats what I love about the blogging world. I think we all just have to remember that we do it because we love it. In the end, people who dig what you put out there will follow you through and through and you might even make a good friend or two.
    great post love

  31. This is a reallly good post, and it's come at the right time!
    I know there's been a lot of nastiness going around the blogger community recently, and there's no need for it!
    You're right anyone can blog, and it's up to them when they post as their content. I do always compare my blog to others though - I think I need to stop doing that!!


  32. Great post and very true. My blog is my outlet, my escape from the day job and a hobby that fills my evenings and weekends in a way I love. It's opened so many doors and I've met so many amazing people just from being part of a blogging community. In a way, we almost don't want our blogs to become too big because if they do, it starts sucking some of the fun out of it. Lot's of bloggers who have become 'big' have changed, their posts are less 'natural' (if you get me) and more sponsored and false - it's so obvious too if it's a blog you've been following for a while.

    Don't get me wrong, with that being said I would love blogging to become more than a hobby, to open bigger doors and to at least pay my phone bill, but I don't want the fun and free spirit sucked out of it!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  33. Really insightful post. I've been blogging for less than a year and although I started it as something to focus my brain on and distract me from making babies, it has become something of a rat race. I'm constantly seeing that some bloggers can do this as a full time job and so I'm like- yeah I want this to be my job, how amazing would that be. So know I feel an unbelievable amount of pressure to make that happen. But evidently, a blog wont be successful if no one is reading it. So I'll just keep plugging away and hope that someday my dream will come true. But in the meantime I have to tear myself away and remember that there's a whole lot of life going on behind me and my computer screen. Thanks for sharing...hope you find your happy blogging place again soon.
    Katie x

  34. i loved reading this Kayleigh - such a well written post. I totally agree with everything you said and you've just echoed the way ive been feeling about my blog just recently. I almost miss the way it was at the beginning - when it was just me rambling away to friends and family and i didn't have to think too much about what i said, how i said it and if everything looked 'just so'. Don't get me wrong, i love my blog now and i enjoy it even more than i did at the start - but there's definitely a certain pressure that comes with blogging. For 3 years, i stuck almost religiously to a schedule and posted 3 times a week. It worked perfectly fine up until a few months ago when ive seriously had to prioritise work. I've felt SO bad and have been really hard on myself for only posting once or twice a week - it's now that i realise i'd put unneccesary pressure on myself to stick to the 3 day a week thing even if i was struggling to do so. I'm trying to be much more relaxed about it now because some days, i'd be typing up posts when i knew i should have been doing something more important. I like having my blog as a hobby - but it had started to become a part-time job. Now, if my emails build up a little i try not to stress about it and if i haven't had time to post on a certain day i try and let it go! I would love to immerse myself more in the blogging community and share more of my life with my fellow bloggers/readers but i feel like i can't because it seems that putting yourself 'out there' attracts a certain amount of negativity - which is a great shame! Anyway, i shall stop rambling now before i take up your entire comments section ;) Hope all is well,
    Beth xx

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. I know what you mean but sadly that is the case all over the net and not just through blogging anymore. There once was a time when the you tube community was lovely and minimal trolling was happening but then it seemed to boom and each day you would see someone picking apart another person and most of the time it was for stupid stuff.

    For my blog personally i do it because i hold a huge passion for it and i love meeting new people who hold the same thoughts as myself. Yet i do have issues with some of my entries because i wonder if i am going to post the wrong thing or confuse people as i tend to blog about beauty, cosmetics, fashion and DIY stuff... yet i am hugely passionate when it comes to korean fashion, beauty and cosmetics as well so i try to find a balance between international, korean brands and also uk based ones and sometimes that can be a struggle.

    Due to my other passions i am having to set up another two blogs one with my partner and another for my korean side of things like music, tv, shows etc because they physically just would not appeal to my current readers and that is where the love sometimes goes when your having to update three different blogs but hey this is why we love it!

    Reaching new people but hon totally with you!

    Please subscribe via blog lovin and through my facebook page ShimzBeauty As i will be releasing a giveaway very soon.

  37. Love this post Kayleigh. I TOTALLY think some people take blogging way too seriously. It's one of the things that sometimes puts me off, and makes me wonder if I should even bother carrying on with my blog. xx

  38. I think we forget that blogging is a form of journalism that anyone can take part in. People aren't trained in what the protocols are and social media can be a scary place to be. Everyone has the same right to say what they feel but they also need to take responsibility for the effect that it has on people's feelings and lives. Say what you want but be prepared to take the flack if people don't agree. As for people thinking that their thoughts aren't valid because they're not young or pretty or popular well that's not the case. I'm 57 and have only been blogging about beauty for 4 months. I know I'm not relevant to everyone but I have a little place on the internet that's all mine - and I love it!.

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. Love this post hun, and I really hope your ok, the pressure that sometimes comes with blogging is awful and so unnecessary. Hopefully this post will just remind everyone that we all do this for fun, otherwise whats the point. I adore your blog and your great at what you do!

    I love this ' If there’s bloggers you love - make their day by telling them. Its nice to be nice' your so spot on, I think people should always be nice, but its even nicer to tell someone that you appreciate them and what they do - It takes much more energy and effort to be negative which is why I can't understand why people feel the need to. Its crazy how much blogging has changed since we started, especially the social media side of it all. Just keep postive chicka and shine though like you always do xxxx

    Danielle || Miss Sunshine & Sparkle

  41. I agree with this so much! As relatively new to the blogging community seems like there is a darker side of just jealousy and pedants who think that by blogging people are positioning themselves as some sort of expert on everything so that if their photos/makeup/clothes don't measure up at any time it's open for ridicule. The fun of fashion, beauty and creativity in general is experimentation and never being afraid to be yourself and it's such a shame the (usually jealous) few take that away from people who have worked hard for their success. x

  42. I think you summed up what many feel. I used to have a personal blog but switched to lifestyle after I got married. Some people just never grow up. Just keep being you and forget the rest

  43. Just from the amount of positive comments on this post you are obviously inspiring so many people! It's so horrible that people feel the need to spread hate and negativity for absolutely no reason apart from the fact that they are not happy with their own lives. Keep doing what you love and ignore the haters!! This is such a great post from the heart <3

    Em xx

  44. Well said!

    I think part of the "seriousness" of blogging comes from WHO these heavy-hitter bloggers are. Many of them have marketing, business, graphic design, and professional writing backgrounds (myself included). Instead of a group of amateur writers figuring out what to say, we're competing among professionals who have a better understanding of how all this stuff works. It's great because it means people with professional expertise are getting involved, and it validates what we do - but man, competing against bloggers with advertising backgrounds makes it hard to feel like you're dealing with people...and more like a small company. :-)

    Hang in there, keep doing what you're doing, and things will get easier. Even those "professional" bloggers don't always make it work, and the ones who do only do because they've stayed true to who they always are (readers can smell a sellout a mile away).

  45. I totally agree with this post! I've been trying to get into blogging for years (it seems to be sticking this time) but constantly backed out because it was just way too intimidating and I felt like nothing was good enough. Like you just HAVE to have a fancy layout and a very expensive camera for people to even look at your blog. It's ridiculous.

  46. i just came across your blog and followed it on bloglovin' :) so far im in love. anyway, i think this post is definitely relevant to what has happened in the blogging community..i guess it's just another one of those things that people take too seriously now. dont get me wrong, i think its amazing that people have turned this into a full time job, and get so many amazing opportunities from it, but i do kind of miss when it was just a smaller little blogging world, where everyone was more friendly and closely knit. i agree with everything you said :)



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