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Hi guys! I hope you all had a great weekend? I finished work last Wednesday for a long weekend and had a great time - I went to a spa and for some lovely meals with my Nanna on Wednesday/Thursday and my friends from home came to visit this weekend for a girls night out! Its safe to say I'm worn out now but my boyfriend just got back from Glastonbury so I'm very happy to see him. I'm also looking forward to the week ahead as I'm travelling home to the lakes on Thursday evening for a very exciting weekend - on Friday my dad arrives in the UK from Australia and I haven't see him for two years so you can imagine my excitement. Its also my birthday on Sunday so I'm totally counting down the days! Anyway, enough rambling from me! Here's my wonderful June advertisers ...

Carly from Carly's Beauty World
Hi everyone, I’m Carly and I blog at I set up my blog a couple of years after I gave up my beauty salon to pursue a different career. I had been in the beauty industry for 15 years and wanted to continue to share my knowledge and help people. My friend suggested that I write a blog and I’m so glad that I did.

At Carly’s Beauty World you will find that amongst the product reviews and fun posts, I also write about and specialise in specific areas such as skincare and other beauty related topics. If you want to diagnose your skin type or learn how to choose skincare products you can come to my blog and find the advice you need easily.

I’m always chatting to people on my various social media sites so come and say hi. I look forward to meeting you all. I’m having a giveaway to win a Lush Cosmetics gift voucher so don’t forget to enter when you visit my blog (see here).

Carly x

Beauty Science Magic! looks at beauty products under the scientific microscope and decodes all the scientific jargon for you, written by a Neuroscientist with a passion for Beauty and Nutrition! The aim is to provide vital information to nourish and nurture from the inside out as perfect nutrition is tantamount to gorgeous hair, skin and nails! Featuring easy and vitamin rich vegan recipes, Beauty Science Magic! Is undoubtedly the go-to blog for decoding beauty facts and feeling and looking your optimum. 

Natalie from Girl Uninterpreted
Hello, my name is Natalie! I’m a 23 year old hair and beauty junkie and a passionate blogger over at GirlUninterpreted is a place for me to write product reviews and comparisons on new beauty products, as well as some old favourites, with the occasional lifestyle post and haul thrown in the mix. Make sure you keep up to date with all my posts via Twitter and Instagram so you don’t miss out on any of the good stuff and be sure to follow me so we can have a chat!

Kate from Pretty Little Us
Hello there you beautiful lot I’m Kate and my baby is Pretty Little Us is my beauty blog all about making gorgeous and this year it has spread it’s glittery angel wings into the world of fashion, family and lifestyle. And you can expect a You Tube debut... At some point!

Couple of things to know about me... Geordie, Pisces, mama, dreamer oh and I was shortlisted for Best New Beauty Blog in the Cosmo Blog Awards 2013 (I know! Proudest moment of me life!) I adore reading blogs and thought I'd give writing one a go. 
So if you're still reading (and I didn't lose you at hello!) then come see me for a bit craic. And leave your sexy links!
Love Kate xxx

Felicity from Pursuit of Felicity
Hello everyone!  My name is Felicity and I'm a 25 year old lifestyle blogger from Queensland, Australia. On my blog I mostly share photos and funny stories about my miniature dachshund puppy Ellie, client work from my custom blog design business 'Pursuit of Felicity Designs', DIY blog design posts (great if you can't afford a blog designer), recipes, reviews, and a weekly 'Thankful Tuesdays' appreciation post.  I'd love for you to pop on over and if you like what you see, leave me a comment letting me know that you found me through Kayleigh. :)

Sarah from The Blossom Cart

Hey everyone! I’m Sarah and from My blog is a bit of a mix of everything really – beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Although I’ve only just started my blog, I absolutely love writing it and I hope you all enjoy reading it!

I would love it if you would pay me a visit, and sent me your blog links too, as I love a good read! X

Tori from Aztec Mess
Hi my names Tori and I blog at I currently live in the Midlands with dreams of moving to London. Aztec Mess started as a beauty blog but now there is a lot more lifestyle posts thrown in there to mix it up. I started my blog, like lots of other people, as a distraction from my uni course that I wasn’t really enjoying. It started as a hobby and I really didn’t think I would still be doing it 3 years later! I hope you pay a visit to my blog and come say hi on twitter and instagram too!

twitter and instagram : @aztecmess

Hi! I'm Laura and I write over at Lipstick Mysteries. I have a huge interest in beauty, particularly makeup. It is only a hobby though, as I am a full time school teacher. However, recently I have taken a break from blogging to start a YouTube channel. I am fairly new but I am getting used to being in front of a camera more and more everyday. I find that I enjoy filming and editing videos a whole lot more than taking pictures and writing about products. I still write blog posts occasionally though, don't worry! But in the mean time, you can find me over here.

Kerri from Notebook of Beauty

Hey everyone!! I'm Kerri and I'm from Notebook of Beauty, I cover all things beauty and love to review my favourite products (and not so),  I love passing on my tips and secrets and would love you all to come join me and add your own thoughts to the notebook. I hope to see you all soon. You can also find me on Twitter @KerriAnneWinch, Instagram kerri_anne24 and bloglovin. 

Isabel, Leah and Sarah from Girls in Polka Dots

Girls In Polka Dots was created by three bloggers- Isabel, Leah and Sarah. A lifestyle blog with the aim to inspire others, whether that is providing your next perfect recipe or a new place for you to travel to.

Most importantly it is a positive place to create and share. Each blogger has different passions and lifestyles, therefore creating varied content in the hope we inspire you as much as we inspire each other!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit more about these fab bloggers - make sure you pop on over to their blogs and social media to say hello!

Lots of love,

NEW IN: Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Perfume

What's this? A new Marc Jacobs Daisy scent? Yes, yes it is and I for one couldn't be more excited. As a fan of Marc Jacobs previous Daisy scents, I was very pleased to hear another fragrance named Daisy Dream (how cute is that name?) is being added to the line up. Seven years since Marc Jacobs released his original Daisy scent and the line ofsweet scents have become iconic in the beauty industry with each release creating more buzz than the last. I don't think Daisy Dream is going to be an exception to that rule either as it already seems lots of people are excited about this new offering!

Now although I love the design of every single Marc Jacobs bottle, this one has to be the best. From the baby blue liquid to the array of Daisies covering the spherical bottle and mirrored lid, it truly is a thing of beauty. Since receiving it a few weeks ago, its taken pride of place on my dressing table as its just too damn pretty to hide away.

As well as its stunning exterior, I'm very taken by the scent too. Described as a more 'sophisticated and ethereal version of the original,' it contains notes of pear, blackberries, blue wisteria, jasmine and coconut water. Its very light and wearable for both day and night and I've been spritzing it at every opportunity since it landed at my door. Its definitely a great Summer scent and I wore it every day on my recent trip to Portugal! My boyfirends mum is a huge fan too - she had a sniff while we were away and fell in love with it - she's already said its going to be her next perfume purchase!

If you like the look of Marc Jacob's Daisy Dream, you can get your mitts on it from World Duty Free now. Definitely one to snap up before you jet off on your Summer holiday! If you're not passing through duty free anytime soon, its released nationwide on the 15th July. It will be available in size variations of 30, 50 and 100ml.

Are you a fan of the Marc Jacobs Daisy family? Will you be adding this new addition to your perfume collection?

Lots of love,

June Love Me Beauty Box & 10% Off

Love Me Beauty* | £10.00 plus p&p | 10% off with the code CG10

Love Me Beauty have fast become my favourite beauty box subscription since I started receiving them almost twelve months ago. Every box I've received since then has thoroughly impressed me and while some months are better than others, I've never once been disappointed with the items I've received. The boxes always contain at least two or three full size products and the total value of the items I receive each month are well over the value of the box. I also love the concept of choosing from three menus each month so I can pick the box with products most suited to me. 

I loved the look of all three menus this month but in the end I went for menu 1 as I know I'll make use of every single item in this box. Here's what's inside ...

Beauty UK 'Earth Child' Eyeshadow Palette | RRP £3.99
I was really excited to see this little eyeshadow palette in thi s months box as its the perfect size for travelling with and the colours are all right up my street - neutrals and deep smokey shades. I have to be honest and say I'm not blown away by the packaging as it looks quite cheap but its definitely a versatile little palette and some of the shades aren't too dissimilar from those in the Urban Decay Naked palette.

Model Co 'Fairly Floss' Lipgloss | RRP £12 
As I'm sure you all know by now, I'm a lip product junkie so it won't come as a surprise to any of you that this Model Co lipgloss is my favourite product in this months box. The shade is a pretty baby pink with a beautiful sheen and the formula isn't sticky at all which I love. Another couple of things I love about this product is the fact it smells like strawberries (seriously - it smells good enough to eat) and that it has a mirror on the side - so handy for on the go touch ups! Considering this whole box only costs £9 with my discount code (CG10), this lipgloss alone is worth £3 more than the entire box!!

NYX Cosmetics Nail Polish | RRP £3 
I'm a big fan of NYX cosmetics so its nice to see the brand featured in this months box. I haven't tried any of their nail polishes before so I'm looking forward to trying this. When it comes to nail polish, I believe less it more and I'm a big fan of classic shades over anything bright so this neutral peach shade with a hint of shimmer looks perfect!

Urban Veda Purifying Day Cream (20ml sample size) 
I've never heard of the brand Urban Veda before but that's what I love about beauty boxes like Love Me Beauty - it gives me the chance to try new brands/products that I can then go on to purchase if they impress me. This particular moisturiser is designed to detoxify congested and oil-prone skin which is great for me as I suffer with a particularly oily t-zone.

Montagne Jeunesse Brazilian Mud Fabric Masque | RRP £1.49
I always see this Montagne Jeunesse face masks when I go into Boots but I've never picked one up due to the fact they're so cheap - I'm very cautious when it comes to skincare as I have such sensitive skin but after reading up on this, it sounds worth a try. Its one of those scary looking fabric masks that makes people look like something out of a horror film but despite its strange appearance, this mask promises to nourish the skin and it has some great superfood ingredients such as Acai Berries and Avocado as well as Purple Brazilian Mud. I'll be giving this a whirl on my next pamper night.

Overall I'm very happy with this months box and the contents are worth double the price of the box so its great value for money. However, if you aren't keen on these particular products, you can check out their Boutique and see the other products available this month. A nude Model Co lipstick and Beauty UK eyebrow palette are some of the other products I liked the look of in the other boxes! If you're considering signing up to Love Me Beauty, don't forget to use my 10% discount code CG10 at the checkout!

What do you think of this months Love Me Beauty box? 

Lots of love,

NUXE Reve de Miel Lip Balm

NUXE Reve de Miel Lip Balm Review 2.jpg

If like me you're one of those people that always seeems to have chapped lips then I may well have the answer in the form of NUXE Reve de Miel lip balm - the best lip balm I've EVER used! Seriously, this stuff packs a huge moisturising punch. In your face chapped lips!

So the first thing I love about this product would have to be the exceptionally cute packaging - the lip balm comes in a little glass jar which makes it feel so luxurious and it looks lovely sat on my dressing table too. It also has that really satisfying sound when you unscrew the lid - I can't explain it through writing but the sound of the lid and the glass clicking together is strangely satisfying! Yes I know - I'm clearly very easily pleased.

NUXE Reve de Miel Lip Balm Review 3.jpg

NUXE Reve de Miel Lip Balm Review 5.jpg

Unlike a standard lip balm that's quite sheer and glossy on the lips, the Reve de Miel lip balm is very thick and matte. When I first tried it, I wasn't sure if I was keen on the unusual 'whipped' texture as it didn't feel like it was that moisturising. However, after using it for a while, I now prefer this texture as I can really slather it on morning or night and not be left with any greasy residue. The thick texture also provides a huge moisturising punch too and the concentration of natural ingredients like honey, plant oils, shea butter and grapefruit essence ensure the lips are fully soothered and hydrated.

The honey ingredient also means this balm smells delicious which is always a bonus for me, especially when its something I'm going to apply every day. I tend to slick this all over my lips before bed as the final step in my skincare routine and when I wake up in the morning my lips feel exceptionally soft and supple. I've never found a lip balm that has made my lips as smoothe as this one so I'd definitely recommend giving it a go if you suffer with dry lips. It can also be used on sores and light burns too - a good multi-purpose product.

NUXE Reve de Miel Lip Balm Review 7.jpg

Overall, I'm a big Reve de Miel fan and I can see why one of these little pots is sold across the world every 28 seconds. Impressive stats but very well deserved. If you fancy giving it a try, its currently on sale for £6.33  here at Escentual.

Lots of Love,

Summer Cheeks in a Stick | Benefit Fine One One

Benefit Fine One One Review, Benefit Fine One One Blush, Benefit Fine One One

When it comes to applying makeup, I'm sure you've heard me say on more than one ocassion that I'm all about ease and convenience. I love products that don't require a lot of faffing around - I need to be out of the door by 7:30am every morning so I haven't got time to apply twenty products to my face and quite frankly, I can't be bothered either! That's where multi-use and no brush required products come in exceptionally handy and allow me to have my morning makeup routine done and dusted within ten minutres.

With this being said, a product I've been absoloutely loving lately is Benefit Fine One One* thanks to its handy twist and swipe packaging. While I'm talking about the packaging - lets just take a moment to admire this rose gold wonder. I'm a bit of a rose gold addict so this packaging is right up my street and it looks super pretty sitting in my makeup bag. I also love the little twist up dial on the front - the little touches Benefit add to their products are why I love the brand so much.

So the idea behind Fine One One is that it contains three different shades - a champagne highlight, a peachy pink and a coral - all of which blend together beautifully to create a pop of multi-dimensional colour to the cheek as well as some radiance thanks to the highlighting component. As you can see on my swatch below, the three colours compliment each other perfectly!

Benefit Fine One One Review, Benefit Fine One One Blush, Benefit Fine One One
Benefit Fine One One Review, Benefit Fine One One Blush, Benefit Fine One One

I apply this product by swiping it from the bottom of my cheekbone (across from the bottom of my nose) and then up towards my ear. Its really hard to go wrong with this product or apply too much as the formula is fairly sheer but that's what I like about it as it allows me to literally swipe and go without having to worry about having clown cheeks. When I've swiped it up my cheekbone (with the champagne shade at the top to highlight), I simply blend the shades together with my fingers and I'm good to go. The formula is very creamy and dewy which I love as it makes my skin look much more radiant and healthy. I also find the shades work well with a tan so I've been particuarly loving this lately to compliment my Portugal tan!

The only downsides of this product are the lasting power and the price. I find it doesn't last more than a couple of hours on my cheeks due to the creamy formula but I can overlook that as its easy enough to pop in my handbag and re-apply throughout the day. The price is the biggest downfall for me as it retails for a whopping £23.50 which seems a little pricey for a sheer cream blush. I know Benefit is a premium brand but I don't think I'd pay over £20 for a product that isn't going to completely transform my makeup. Yes its a beautiful blush but it isn't something I couldn't live without so I personally don't think the price is justified.

Benefit Fine One One Review, Benefit Fine One One Blush, Benefit Fine One One
Do you like the look of this product? It's available to buy here for £23.50.

Lots of love,

Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara

Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara, Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara Review, New Bourjois Mascara
When it comes to beauty products - mascara is probably the one thing I change ALL the time. To be honest, I don't think I've ever even repurchased a mascara purely because there's so many out there and I never see a huge difference depending on which brand I buy. As long as it coats my lashes and makes them look darker, I'm not all that fussy.

However, Bourjois may well have changed my view with their new Volume 1 Seconde mascara - a mascara that I can honestly say I'd repurchase again and again. So, what do I love about it? Well, firstly, the packaging is pretty darn cool - I love the silver tube with the coral branding (the waterproof version is blue) and it certainly brightens up my makeup bag! 

Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara, Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara Review, New Bourjois Mascara

I also love its unique design because unlike traditional mascaras with a fluffy or bristled wand, this one has 'spherical' bristles - tiny little balls strategically placed between the wands bristles to ensure the mascara coats every single lash in a 360 degree motion. Paired with the standard straight bristles - this makes a winning combination and results in long, thick, curled and clump-free lashes. 

I find I only need one coat of this mascara to achieve the fabulous results and it lasts all day without flaking. As you can see in the photos below, it really does make a huge difference to the length, thickness and intensity of my lashes. I'm highly impressed!

Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara, Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara Review, New Bourjois Mascara

Do you like the look of this new mascara from Bourjois? Are you loyal to one mascara or like me do you always swap and change?

Lots of love,

My Week in Portugal

pool viewAlberfuira, La Bamba, Marina, My Holiday to Portgual, New Town, Old Town, Owners Direct, Portugal, Portugal Holiday Review, Villa in Portugal,

Yesterday I arrived home from my holiday to Portugal and as a few people have asked where I stayed and what I got up to, I thought I’d do a post to fill you all in. I have to say, I’m currently suffering with a serious case of the holiday blues. I had such an amazing time that I didn’t want to come home!

If you’ve never been to Portugal before, you need to get yourself there. This is the fifth time I’ve visited and each and every time has been fantastic – there’s everything you could need from a holiday destination and more – glorious weather (it was late 20 to early 30 degrees every day), beautiful scenery and beaches, friendly locals, a number of fun daytime activities to get stuck into and a wide selection of restaurants, bars and clubs! I’d say there’s something for absolutely anyone – whether you want to relax by a pool all week, go on some fun adventures or party the night away - Portugal has got it covered!

villa 2

This year I went away with my boyfriend, his mum and dad, his brother and his brother’s friend and we stayed on the marina in Alberfuria which is about twenty minutes away from the main town centre. I’ve never stayed on the marina before but it was the perfect location – the views were amazing from our villa (more about that in a moment) and there was a selection of bars, restaurants and fun activities right on our doorstep. There was various boat trips, basketball courts, segways, go karting and mini golf - unfortunately we didn't get to do everything as we were only there for a week but we're already planning what we can do next time we visit. I had my eye on the 'jet boat' all week - it looked like it would be such a great adrenalin rush!

So, moving on to the villa we stayed in which a few people have asked me about on Twitter and Instagram. As you can see from my photos above, the place was absolutely amazing. It was huge with highly ceilings and an open plan design, four double bedrooms, four bathrooms, a living and dining area, a kitchen and a huge pool area surrounded by sun loungers which overlooked the beautiful  marina. My boyfriends mum booked it through a website called Owners Direct and it was a real bargain - apparently the price of it doubles from this week though so it seems the beginning of June was a great time to go.

beach 2
beach 3

Most of our days were spent relaxing by the pool and sipping on G&T’s but we did have a couple of days out over the week which included a boat tour to watch the wild dolphins (so cute!) and a tour of the caves around the shore which was pretty damn cool – they had little hidden beaches inside them which we decided would make the perfect location for a party! We also had a day out at the beach which was absolutely lovely – they had guys with ice buckets full of beer walking around so we didn’t even have to move for a drink – total paradise. I also loved splashing around in the sea despite getting absolutely battered by a few waves on more than one occasion. I was also the butt of one too many jokes after saying I was scared a shark was going to attack me - legitimate fear okay!!

harbour sunset
portugese streets
group photo
fillet steak

Our evenings consisted of lots of eating, lots of drinking and the odd bit of raving thrown in for good measure. Most nights were spent in the Old Town which is a popular part of Alberfuria known for its fabulous restaurants and bars. There’s a great atmosphere there and we had some lovely meals – fillet steak cooked on a hot stone and a yummy Chinese were two of my favourites. We also enjoyed lots of cocktails (sparklers and all), live music and even a street magician who was hilarious! We also spent a couple of nights in the New Town which is the more lively part of Alberfuria and where you’ll find millions of hen and stag doos as well as some pretty fabulous bars and clubs. Our favourite was a club called ‘La Bamba’ and if you’re ever visiting Portugal, I’d strongly advise you give it a visit! It had a great atmosphere and great music – we partied hard until past 4am both times we went and we even made a new friend called Alfredo – I think he was a local and he was so damn cute - we welcomed him with open arms and he told us he loved us! Awww!

maxi dress

We had the perfect ending to our holiday on Saturday night when we found a restaurant looking over the beach – it was a true hidden gem! I had a traditional Portugese cataplana with monkfish which was yummy and after our meal we sat and enjoyed the beautiful views of the waves splashing against the shore – the perfect ending to the perfect holiday!

I also thought I'd share a couple of outfits I wore while I was away - my favourite was this maxi dress from Miss Selfridge as I love the print and I also loved this little white vest paired with a daisy print skirt, both from H&M. They were all last minute buys before I went away but they turned out to be my favourite outfits. I'm just hoping the weather in the UK is going to improve soon so I can wear them again - wishful thinking!!

Anyway, enough rambling from me. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and that the photos aren't too bad - they were all taken on my Iphone so the quality isn't great unfortunately! I'll be back to my beauty blogging ways very soon - well, as soon as I've unpacked my case! Yes, I still haven't unpacked - that's the worst part about going on holiday isn't it? All the washing when you get home! Boo! I also hope you enjoyed all the posts from my lovely guest posters while I was away - I thought they were all excellent so thank you to all you ladies who contributed! I really appreciate it!!

Have you ever been to Portugal? Where are you going on holiday this year?

Lots of love,

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