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In an ideal world we’d get eight hours sleep every night, drink eight glasses of water per day and stick to an angelic eight piece skincare routine, making our skin ever so glowy and gorgeous. But in reality I choose Made in Chelsea catch ups over beauty sleep, drink way too much caffeine and sometimes a quick swipe of Bioderma is all I treat my skin to! Needless to say life can leave our complexion a little lacklustre, which is why I’ve made it my mission to find fabulous products that’ll give us busy girls a much needed faux glow…

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THE PRIMER | I know what you’re thinking, surely using a highlighter to prime is going to send us into Edward Cullen glitter ball territory… but have no fear ladies, using this SEVENTEEN Skin Wow! 3 Way Highlighter as a base not only gives the whole face a big old beauty boost, it also blurs imperfections and makes your foundation last all day. At just £5.99 it’s a total drugstore gem and if you’re travelling you can also use this on top of your makeup as well. Definitely one for the Boots basket.

THE POWDER | As much as I’d love to leave that beautiful finish of a dewy foundation alone, in the summer months the sun can turn subtle shine into super sweaty (how lovely), which is never a good look. To battle this without making everything matte I gently power my t-zone with the Bourjois Java Rice Powder. Not only is the packaging an Instagramer’s dream, but the pink product inside is really lightweight and contains a slight shimmer that adds radiance rather than taking it away, whilst still offering some pretty darn good oil control.  

THE PRITT STICK |This was the first product I got my mitts on when I started my job as ‘Social Media Benebabe’ back in September and I’ve been head over heels for it ever since. A Millie Mac favourite, this soft focus pritt stick shaped Benefit ‘watt’s up!’ highlighter adds a creamy champagne toned light reflecting glimmer to the tops of the cheekbones, brow bone and wherever else I fancy swiping it. It’s incredibly easy to apply and blend and is the perfect finisher to my fake it faux glow!

Thanks so much for reading how I get up and glow (big thanks to the wonderful Kayleigh for having me!) and please let me know what other highlighters I should add to my wishlist!' If you want more Meg’s Boutique I’d love for you to come and visit my Blog, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, so hopefully see you soon and have a great day!

 Love Meg xx 


  1. I've been loving the Rice Powder since the weather warmed up - its definitely becoming a staple! x

  2. Skin wow is the best product I have found this past year! Such a bargain and it lasts for ages!

  3. I LOVE benefit's whatts up! I got it as part of my sephora birthday gift and I will buy the full size one day!

  4. I really want to try the Benefit ‘watt’s up x

  5. I've been looking for a primer that isn't too expensive and now I really want to try the Seventeen one!!!! Love you Meg you are one of the few bloggers I follow.

  6. All these products are some of my favs too! Great choices

    Laura xx

  7. Fab guest post ! I love how you've called it the pritt stick haha xx.



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