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Steph from With Love Steph

After a year of writing my first blog Sunshine & Showers, I realised that my writing style was changing, what I wanted to write about was changing and overall I felt like my blog wasn't going in the direction that I wanted it to anymore.Having taken a break and missed the hobby I once loved I decided that rather than try love my blog again, I would start from fresh. So that is what I have done!

Welcome to With Love, Steph my new fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog. Expect to see a lot of lifestyle posts as these are my favourite to write and photograph, outfit posts and look books, cooking and recipe ideas, product reviews and much more.I really hope you enjoy reading!

Kerri from Notebook of Beauty

My advert: Hey everyone! I'm Kerri and I'm from Notebook of Beauty, I cover all things beauty and love to review my favourite products (and not so), I love passing on my tips and secrets and would love you all to come join me and add your own thoughts to the notebook. I hope to see you all soon. 

Amanda from Amandas Escape
Hi, I'm Amanda from Amandas Escape, I am 18 years old and as well as a blogger I am a Disco Freestyle and Rock and Roll dancer. My blog is fairly new and I am really only just starting out. I blog about beauty, fashion and lifestyle and other bits and bobs along the way. I love what I do so I hope this comes across to you in my photos and writing. I blog every other day so keep up to date with me on bloglovin and my social media to see when my posts go live. If you fancy a chat then pop on over to my Twitter or Instagram :-)

Hi everyone, I’m Carly and I blog at I set up my blog a couple of years after I gave up my beauty salon to pursue a different career. I had been in the beauty industry for 15 years and wanted to continue to share my knowledge and help people. My friend suggested that I write a blog and I’m so glad that I did.

At Carly’s Beauty World you will find that amongst the product reviews and fun posts, I also write about and specialise in specific areas such as skincare and other beauty related topics. If you want to diagnose your skin type or learn how to choose skincare products you can come to my blog and find the advice you need easily.

I’m always chatting to people on my various social media sites so come and say hi. I look forward to meeting you all. 

Carly x

Blog | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Google+ | Pinterest | Instagram

Make sure you go and check these fab ladies out and let me know if you've found a new blog to add to your reading list!!

Lots of love,

The New & Improved Love Me Beauty Box (plus 10% discount)

Love Me Beauty Box, April Love Me Beauty Box Review and Discount, September Love Me Beauty Box Review
Love Me Beauty box* | £10 + p&p | 10% off with the code 'CG10' | Link

As I'm sure you all know by now, I'm a big fan and supporter of Love Me Beauty and their monthly beauty box subscriptions. In my opinion, they're one of, if not thee best beauty box out there and one I'd highly recommend signing up for! The reason I love the brand so much if because they really care about what their customers want and ensure everyone is always happy with the items they receive each month! Now although I was already a big fan of their concept which gave their subscribers the choice of three menus each month, I'm an even bigger fan of their new concept which allows subscribers to make their own beauty profile and pick exactly what goes into their box!

When you sign up to the website you'll be asked about your skin type/hair colour etc which then allows Love Me Beauty to give you product suggestions that suit you. They then give you six credits to pick the contents of your box. Most of the products are worth one or two credits depending on whether they're a sample or full size so that means you'll get at least three but potentially up to six products from their 'boutique' each month! There's also the option to add extras items to your box for a small cost - the prices are shown before you add them!

As well as the concept, the box itself has also had a revamp and I'm just a little bit in love with it. It has a more sophisticated and luxurious feel and the grey/silver and rose gold combo is so pretty! The products themselves are also packaged differently and now come in a cute drawstring bag which can be reused! It will feel like a real treat receiving this in the post each month! The only thing that hasn't changed about the box is the value for money - it still costs only £10 including p&p or £9 if you add my discount code 'CG10' in at the checkout.

Here's what I chose from the boutique with my six September credits ...

Love Me Beauty Box, April Love Me Beauty Box Review and Discount, September Love Me Beauty Box Review

Oriflame Skin Dream BB Cream | Full Size
I really enjoy wearing BB creams so I knew I had to give this one from Oriflame a try! It promises to cover imperfections, provide all day hydration and add a glow which sounds like everything I could want from a BB cream and more! Its also oil-free and has SPF 30. 

Love Me Beauty Box, April Love Me Beauty Box Review and Discount, September Love Me Beauty Box Review

Percy & Reed Dry Conditioner | Full Size
I love the brand Percy & Reed so I just had to use two of my credits on their 'dry conditioner' which is perfect to use when your hair is looking a bit lackluster and needs a dose of moisture and shine! This product alone is worth more than the whole box and there was few other Percy & Reed products up for grabs in the boutique.

Love Me Beauty Box, April Love Me Beauty Box Review and Discount, September Love Me Beauty Box Review

Malin + Goetz Vitamin E Face Moisturizer | 29ml sample
I have to be honest, I've got enough moisturisers to last me a life time so I'm not sure why I picked this product - I think its because its quite a nice size for travelling and because it says its suitable for the most sensitive skin types, I thought it would be well suited to me. My skin has been crazy lately and I've been getting spots for the first time in my life so I want to strip my skincare routine back to basics with really simple products to see if that helps. Malin + Goetz is also sold at Space NK, I guessed it would be pretty good quality stuff. Lets face it, they only stock the best of the best! 

Love Me Beauty Box, April Love Me Beauty Box Review and Discount, September Love Me Beauty Box Review
Anatomicals Joint + Muscle Rub | Full Size
So most of you will probably think this is a really strange choice and a bit boring, especially when there was other makeup products up for grabs! However, I suffer with a bad back and when it gets bad I often get sore muscles in my leg so I thought this would be worth a try to see if it can help! I've not tried it yet but I'm hoping it works! If this doesn't take your fancy, there were lots of other fun anatomicals products up for grabs.

I'm really chuffed with the products I received this month and I'll get use from all of them which is why I love Love Me Beauty so much - I know I'm never going to get sachets or teeny tiny samples I'll never use! I realise the products I picked won't be to everyones taste so be sure to check out their boutique here to see the selection of products up for grabs. There's everything from makeup to skin, hair and body care!

What do you think of the new and improved Love Me Beauty box?

Lots of love,

Life Lately | A New Home, A New City & A New Job!

A New Home, A New City & A New Job, Life Lately, Life Update, Moving House and Job, Dealing with big life changesThere's me on my new balcony - pretty views!
Hey guys! So I was going to start this post with 'sorry I haven't posted as regularly as usual recently' and blah blah blah but I then realised that's a silly thing to say - at the end of the day, for most of us, blogs are our hobbies and sometimes, day to day life gets in the way and stops us doing our hobby as much as we'd like to. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram I'm sure you'll know that recently there's been quite a few changes in my life. I moved from Newcastle to Manchester with my boyfriend after living in Newcastle for the past six years, I moved into a gorgeous new flat and I started an exciting new job! Yep, three big life changes have hit me all at once and I must say, I've found it all quite stressful but exciting at the same time.

As an anxious person, being in unfamiliar surroundings leaves me feeling uneasy so I was really worried I was going to be a total mess and although I was for the first few days, because everything has happened so quickly, I haven’t really had time to think about . Don’t get me wrong, I've definitely had wobbly moments where everything has got too much and I've shed a few tears but luckily, I've managed to handle all the changes fairly well. Phew! However, the only thing that totally sucks about my new hectic lifestyle is that my blog has had to take a back seat and instead of sticking to my usual routine, I've been posting pretty sporadically whenever I get a bit of spare time. All I can say is thank goodness for one hour lunch breaks as that’s when most of my blogging has been taking place (like now!).

I’m hoping things will settle down soon and I’ll be back into a normal routine so I can get on top of my to-do list and provide you guys some fun and interesting content! I currently have 70+ post titles saved to my drafts and a box full of products to photograph but not enough time to put any of my ideas into practice - boo! However, I don't want to sound like I'm moaning - my new flat is absolutely gorgeous with two big balconies, gorgeous views and loads of space! I'm planning on doing some interior posts when I get my new sofa and other bits and bobs so look out for those. I also have a home ware haul coming very soon as I've been buying so many cute things to make the new place feel more like home!

I've also started an exciting new job - I'm now Digital PR & Marketing Executive for fashion brand AX Paris. I'm going to be working with lots of bloggers and I've already been to Brighton to assist on the set of their new TV advert and I've been helping to arrange their blogger press day which is tomorrow afternoon! If you're going - I look forward to meeting you there! I actually managed to get the job because of my blog (and with the help of the lovely Grace who initially put me in touch with them) which is just amazing and I'm so proud that my efforts have paid off and landed me a job doing something I love! I might do a post all about it soon, if any of you would be interested?

So yeah, as you can see, things have been pretty crazy for me recently - my whole life has changed these past few weeks and I haven't had any time off between leaving my old job in Newcastle and starting my new one in Manchester. It feels like I haven't even had five minutes to sit and think about everything but in a way, I think that's probably a good thing! Too much thinking time is not good for anxious minds!

Anyway, that's enough rambling from me! Hopefully I'll be back to my normal blogging routine soon as I have so many things I want to share! 

Lots of love,

Clothing Haul | A/W Monochrome Purchases

Autumn Clothing Haul, Autumn Clothing Haul 2014, Clothing Haul, Fashion Haul, Topshop Leigh Jeans, H&M, New Look, Monochrome

My mum and sister came to visit me at my new flat in Manchester recently and it was only natural that we went and did a spot of shopping in the city centre. I'm still trying to work out where everything is between working full time and blogging so it was nice to get out and explore the shops for the afternoon! I'm pretty skint at the moment and homeware/getting things in order at my new place have been my main priority but I couldn't resist a couple of things and my mum very kindly bought my sister and I to some bits too! As you can probably guess from the title of this post, there's a definite monochrome theme going on - I do love a bit of black, grey and white in the A/w months!

Autumn Clothing Haul, Autumn Clothing Haul 2014, Clothing Haul, Fashion Haul, Topshop Leigh Jeans, H&M, New Look, Monochrome
I went shopping with the intention to buy a top I could wear with my new leather mini skirt (more on that in another post) and a black blazer for The Saturdays concert I recently attended. I spotted this cute monochrome high-neck top in New Look and really loved the print. Its kind of zig-zag stripes which I thought was quite unusual and I love that it has a cool sixties vibe! If you follow me on Instagram (@kayleighjcouture), you'll have probably seen a photo of me wearing this!

H&M Fluffy Cardigan
My boyfriend laughed when I tried this fluffy cardigan on and said I looked like a penguin but penguin esque or not, its so damn warm and cosy. When the cold weather rolls around, having fluffy jumpers or cosy cardigans on standby is essential. Plus, penguins are cute right? I'm sure I can make it work!

I normally find Topshop jeans so small that I just don't bother buying them. Having to go up a size because their jeans don't cater for girls like me with hips and a butt makes me feel self conscious and that's the last thing I want to feel when out buying new clothes! However, my younger sister is a bit Topshop mad at the moment so she dragged me in with her. I've been wanting to get some new black skinny jeans ready for the A/W months for a while now so when I spotted these ripped Leigh jeans, I decided to try them on, regardless of the annoying sizing! When I tried them on I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were a perfect fit, in my usual size. They looked so great that I had to buy them there and then, despite being pretty skint at the moment!

Most items of clothing that are totally boring and uninteresting are the ones we wear the most. Take vest tops, jeans or plain t shirts for example. None of them are particularly exciting items but wardrobe staples all the same. That's how I feel about this black over sized cardigan from H&M. Its nothing to look at but its one of those pieces that finishes an outfit off perfectly. Another A/W staple, check!

H&M Checked Shirt

Tartan is set to be big again this A/W so when I spotted this cute black, grey and white checked shirt in H&M, it had to be mine. I've already worn the hell out of this - its been worn twice this week alone! I absolutely love wearing it open over a vest top and pair of skinny jeans and its definitely going to be an A/W favourite!

Have you been stocking up on A/W essentials lately? Are you a fan of monochrome?

Lots of love,

The Best Things About Being A Blogger: Part 1

Meeting like minded people
This has to be the best thing about being a blogger - meeting so many lovely people who have the same interests as me. Before I started blogging, I used to ramble on to my friends and family about beauty products or my latest MAC lipstick purchase and for the most part, they weren't all that interested. Not because they're not interested in what I have to say but because that isn't their passion - unlike me, they don't have drawers and drawers full of the stuff! However, I love nothing more than chatting to fellow bloggers on Twitter or Instagram about my latest beauty find or lipstick love - its so much fun! Its also nice to have so many people to talk to at all times of the day. Its like having thousands of virtual friends!

Discovering new brands
Before starting my blog, I'd only heard of the big name brands. Take MAC, NARS, Bourjois, Rimmel and Maybelline for example. Now as much as I still love those huge brands, blogging has also allowed me to discover smaller but absolutely fantastic brands. I'm not going to name all the brands I've discovered here as there's just too damn many but yes, its safe to say the brands I now use has hugely expanded since my early blogging days. I may do a post all about my favourites soon.

Awesome opportunities
One of the really lovely perks that comes with being a blogger is being given the opportunity to do things you'd never have the chance to do otherwise. Some people get funny about bloggers being sent 'freebies' or getting to attend events but if a blogger has worked exceptionally hard on their blogs, which are free for anyone to read, I don't see anything wrong with them getting rewarded for their effort. Lets face it, most bloggers don't make any money from their blogs but put in just as much, if not more time than they would working part or even full time. So yes, I'm here saying it loud and proud that being given the chance to go and see a concert, attend a cool event or receive a new release from a beauty brand is one of the great things about being a blogger. As long as you're not blogging for the sole purpose of getting free stuff, I don't see anything wrong with that.

Helping/inspiring others
I've wrote a few lifestyle posts on my blog in the past about my own personal experiences (anxiety and bullying to name two) and the response I've received to them has been overwhelming. Whether its tweets, comments or emails - the fact that something I've wrote has helped or inspired someone has to be one of the most rewarding feelings ever. I've even received emails from girls who said they went to get help after reading one of my posts or that reading my story and knowing they're not alone got them through a hard time. Knowing these things makes blogging SO worth it!

Developing my skill set
Since starting my blog I've learnt so many invaluable skills that I wouldn't have otherwise. As a blogger we play so many different roles - content creator, editor, photographer, social media updater and decision maker. Taking on all of these different roles over the past (almost) three years has allowed me to get a glimpse into what its like to do these things for a business and it even landed me my new job which I'll be doing a post all about very soon!

There's so many other things I love about blogging that I've decided to split this post up into two parts. Keep your eyes peeled for the next installment!

What are your favourite things about being a blogger?

Lots of love,

A Night with Garnier & The Saturdays

Last Sunday wasn't my usual Sunday at home slouched on the sofa in my pyjamas dreading Monday morning. Oh no, it was way more exciting. Garnier Ultimate blends is currently sponsoring The Saturdays Greatest Hits tour so when they contacted me to see if I'd be interested in going to see the show, I jumped at the chance. I've been a big fan of The Saturdays for years - all of their songs are super catchy and I think they're all stunning girls. Not to mention Mollie King is my ultimate style icon! 

Garnier told me I could take a plus one to the show with me and I knew straight away I had to ask my fifteen year old sister Jessica to come along - she's a big fan of the group too and I thought it'd be nice to treat her. Blogging gives me some really amazing opportunities so its nice to be able to share them whenever I can with my nearest and dearest.

We arrived at the O2 Apollo in Manchester around 7pm (after getting stuck in the worst traffic ever) and were greeted by Kate who took us back stage and offered us lots of drinks and nibbles - lovely! We then had our hair curled by one of Garnier's stylists (check out the photos below) and we both loved the finished results. They used a large barrel curler to create big bouncy curls and I now need to get my hands on one so I can recreate the look at home!

After we'd had our hair styled The Saturdays came to see us for a photo opportunity which was such a nice surprise - Garnier hadn't told me we'd get the chance to meet them but I'd seen that a few other bloggers had at their other shows so I was secretly hoping we would get the chance for a photo! When they arrived in the room, I couldn't stop looking at them - they're the most beautiful group of girls I've ever laid my eyes on. Seriously, they're flawless - each and every one of them! A few of you tweeted me the name of their makeup artist after I was saying how flawless they looked on Twitter and all I can say is she's a genius! I've never seen such perfect makeup in my whole life! They were all really friendly too - more than happy to post for photos and they thought Jess was cute - she was so nervous to meet them, bless her!

Huge thanks to the lovely Suzy for letting me use these two photos from the show. Mine were such bad quality!

The show itself was absolutely amazing - I'd totally forgotten how many great songs The Saturdays have had - they're all so catchy and everyone  was up on their feet dancing and singing along! I still can't believe they've only had one number one! The production was brilliant too - the girls wore a stunning array of sparkly outfits (the gold ones were my fave) and the choreography was on point! They even had a bunch of butch dancers parading around the stage half naked - what more could we have asked for?

I also spotted Frankie's husband Wayne Bridge when I went to get a drink from the bar. He looked as though he was thoroughly enjoying himself and I thought it was so cute to see him there supporting his wife! Aw!

Overall we have an absolutely brilliant night and I can't thank Garnier enough for giving us the opportunity! Blogging can be hard work sometimes, especially with a full time job but getting the chance to do cool things like this makes all the hard work worth it! Don't forget to check out the new Garnier Ultimate Blends range too - I've tried a few of the products now and they're fantastic!

Are you a fan of The Saturdays? Who is your favourite?

Lots of love,

Brand Spotlight: Me Me Me Cosmetics

Me Me Me Cosmetics, Me Me Me Makeup, Me Me Me Makeup Review

Me Me Me is a brand I've often seen dotted around the high street but until recently, I'd never tried any of their products. However, when a gorgeous package of their products arrived for me in the post, I couldn't wait to give them a try. I was instantly impressed with their packaging - its very whimsical and girly without looking too over the top or tacky! I also loved the look of the products and a couple of them stood out to me as dupes of more high end brands. Keep reading to find out what I think about this lovely lot ...

Boho Balm | Coral Taupe | £6.50* 
When I first saw this 'Boho Balm', I thought it was a lip balm. However, I was quite surprised to see that its actually a lip and cheek tint! I've not seen a multi-purpose tint in cheek form like this but I really like the idea and think the packaging is absolutely gorgeous! There's two shades includes, a muted pink/brown and a muted coral - both of which are stunning shades for both lips and cheeks. I personally prefer to wear the left hand shade on my cheeks as I think its very natural and gives me skin a beautiful dewy glow.

Cupid's Kiss Cheek & Lip tint | Coral Blossom | £5.50* 
Beat the Blues Skin Illuminator | Oyster Gold | £5.50
DUPE ALERT! Does anyone else see the resemblance to Benefit's lip & cheek tints? As soon as I saw these cheaper versions from Me Me Me, I instantly thought of the Benefit tints - everything from the nail polish style bottles to the products themselves are virtually identical. The Cupid's Kiss lip and cheek tint is like a slightly more pink version of 'Lollitint' and Beat the Blues highlighter is an exact dupe for Benefits 'High Beam'. I've really been enjoying both of these products - they're great for adding extra dimension to the cheeks as both give a lovely dewy finish. They're also easy to use and they last well on the skin - no complaints!

Eye Inspire Catwalk Quad Collection | Fire Eyes | £6.50*
When I first laid eyes on this little eyeshadow quad, I'm not going to lie, I wasn't a fan. I thought the shades looked garish and I didn't think it would be something I'd get any use out of. However, after giving them a swatch for the photos for this post, I was pleasantly surprised. As well as being beautifully pigmented, the colours are much more flattering than you'd expect them to be from first appearances. I'm still not sold of the pink shade but the purple, organge and khaki shades are all lovely and I just know I'll get lots of use out of them in the A/W months. I love the metallic finish too!

Dew Pots | £7.25 each*
I love cream eye shadows so I was very excited to try these super cute 'dew pots'. I absolutely love the little glass jars they come in and they're so handy for popping all over the lid if I can't be bothered doing a full eye shadow look. I love both of these shades too - they're very natural and glowy - perfect to use as an eye shadow base, on the lid, as a highlight or entirely on their own. They're really creamy and blends exceptionally well! Love!

Lip Glaze | Creme Caramel | £7.50*
I'm sure you all know how much I love a lip product so it'll be no surprise to you that I really like this product! The shade is a creamy nude so its very natural but I love that for those 'no makeup makeup' kind of days and I've also been using it on top of my favourite lipsticks to add a bit of shine. It isn't sticky at all which I really like and it smells yummy too! Not much else to say about this other than its a great little product and one I'd recommend trying if you're a lip gloss fan!

Dark & Divine Mascara | £8.00*
You may have heard me mention before that I'm very picky when it comes to mascara. I've tried more than I could count and there's been many that I've been left completely unimpressed by. This 'Dark & Divine' mascara from Me Me Me is in my 'its okay' pile. I wasn't blown away by it but I don't hate it either - I'd say it does its job but it doesn't provide a huge amount of length, curl or thickness. It coats my lashes and makes them look more defined but other than that, there's not much else to say. I've been using this on days when I was my makeup to look a little more natural and it works well for that but I don't think I'd buy it again! 

Overall I'm really impressed with these Me Me Me products and I'd definitely try more from their range. They're good quality, have lovely packaging and are reasonably price!

Do you like the look of these products? You can find our more about them on the Me Me Me website.

Lots of love,

6 Must-Have Autumn Fashion Trends

Autumn is just around the corner! On September 22nd, it officially begins. For a majority of us, the fun Autumn festivities begin a little bit sooner, which means that now is the perfect time to keep updated with upcoming trends. If you want embrace this new season in style, there are plenty of great trends to try out and experiment with this year. Here are just a few if you want to make sure that you are prepared this season.

1. Tartan 
Nothing is going to start off this season better than tartan. This pattern will be everywhere and having a wardrobe full of sexy clothes will not be complete without it. This year, try to be as daring as possible with tartan. Try out a long maxi dress with a zipped up leather jacket or a pair of pants with a grungy black sweater. If you really want to make a statement, try wearing a tartan shirt with a leather skirt, some tights along with a pair of heels. That will really bring you some attention!

2. Leopard Print
This season, leopard print is pretty popular! Leopard print jackets are a must have and will look fantastic with a black dress and a nice bun. If you need a pattern for a t-shirt, then look no further than a leopard print pattern with a pair of jeans and black flats.

3. Speckled 
This year, black and white speckled clothing is another fun print option. Try wearing a nice speckled pullover with either a cute pair of jeans or a black skirt and you will look absolutely adorable.

4. The Mod Boot
This year, you will see quite a bit of the mod boot. This boot is not quite a boot but more like a high heel. These little numbers are very cute and if you're looking for the perfect pair for your wardrobe, look for a pair that has contrasting pattern or a hint of color for additional style.

5. The Smock Dress
This Autumn is going to be all about smock dresses! If you feel like you're taking a bunch of art classes this year, it will be because of this fun and versatile smock dress. Try tartan, leopard or speckled smock dresses to roll this seasons styles into one.

6. A 70s Inspired Leather Skirt
For the perfect Autumn bottom essential, look no further than a 70's inspired leather skirt. This will look perfect with your tartan shirt or speckled pullover. Actually, it makes a statement all on its own!

These are only six out of many fashion trends for the Autumn. Make sure you look fabulous this year with these must-own trends! 

Which is your favourite?

Lots of love,


Five Tips for Growing your Blogs Audience

Every week my inbox is jam packed with emails from new bloggers asking me the same question: "how do I get more followers?". Now as much as I don't mind getting asked this question, I often find it difficult to reply to every one of these emails as there's so much I could say on the matter. There isn't one magic thing you can do to grow your readership, it takes a combination of things and it take a lot of time. With this being said, I thought I'd put a little post together with my 'top tips' for growing your readership. 

These are just things I've picked up through my own experience as a blogger and you've probably heard them all before but sometimes a bit of motivation from a post like this can help. Before I share my tips I do want to say one thing that's important to remember. Blogging should firstly be based on hard work, passion for what you do and a dedication to suceed. If you have those three things and pair them with the things I've mentioned below, you'll be on the right track! 

Join as many social networking sites as possible
So this might be an obvious one but I actually see a lot of new bloggers that haven't joined social media site and if I'm following a blog, I always want to follow the person on other platforms so I can get to know them better and have easy access to their new posts. I'd say the main two worth joining are Twitter and Instagram but the more you're being active on, the better. Also, try to keep your name consistent on each of your different sites. I made the mistake of not doing this when I first started blogging and although it hasn't affected me massively, I find it much easier to find bloggers on instagram etc if they've got the same name as their blog/twitter accounts.

Promote yourself
Some people hate self-promotion and I can kind of understand why, especially in the beginning. When I first started blogging I though 'oh gosh, nobody will want to read my blog, I look silly tweeting about it' but the exact opposite happened and other bloggers started tweeting me back saying they'd just found my blog and enjoyed reading it so don't be afraid. I always make sure I tweet and post on instagram each time I've published a new post too - that way your followers will know you've just uploaded and can head over for a read. I'd recommend tweeting the link to your new post a few times throughout the day to catch different groups of people - maybe once in the morning, once at lunch and once after school/work/uni. Try and change up each tweet too instead of copying and pasting the same thing! Try not to go overboard with the tweets though or it could come across a bit spammy.

Get to know fellow bloggers
Its so important to get involved in conversations on twitter, especially using specific hash tags like #bbloggers #fbloggers or #lbloggers. There's a hash tag for virtually every niche now so whatever you're blogging about, make sure you chat to people who are doing the same. As well as being great fun and an easy way to get to know other bloggers you can potentially begin a friendship with, introducing yourself to people will also bring more readers to your blog. Who knows, they might love your blog so much that they recommend it to their followers. Back when I first started blogging, getting 'shout outs' from bloggers with a lot more followers than me really helped. I never asked for those shout outs or did things with the hope of getting one but had I never spoken to them or told them I loved their blog, they might have never known about mine. See what I'm saying? So without further ado, get chatting!
Update new content regularly
Another obvious one but one that's so important is to update content regularly. When I first started blogging I was quite lucky in the fact Ihad a bit of spare time on my hands which meant I could upload every single day. I think this really helped in the beginning as there was constant new content for people to read and for me to promote. I don't have quite as much time on my hands these days and the amount I post has reduced but when you've built up a loyal following, I don't think people mind if you don't post every day. However, in the beginning, its really important to get up as much content as possible. People are far more likely to follow if they arrive at your blog and its already jam packed with content for them to read.
Say yes!
This is quite a broad point but what I mean is that when you first start your blog, say yes to anything and everything you can. Whether its guest posting for another blogger, doing a tag you've been tagged in or attending a meet up with bloggers in your area, do it! The more of these kind of things you can do in the beginning, the better. It'll allow you to get to know other bloggers and let them know about your blog. Its also nice to do these things too - nobody wants to follow a blog if the writer isn't friendly and won't get involved in things. Don't say yes to something you feel uncomfortable doing but if its something you think could be fun and could benefit you, have the confidence to do it!

So there we have it, a few tips for growing your blogs audience. If you're a new blogger or just needed a bit of motivation, I hope you found them useful! One last thing I think is important to say is that you must remember that blogging isn't about the number of followers you have and you shouldn't start blogging with the goal to get 'loads of followers' in mind. Yes it is important that people read your blog and enjoy reading it but most importantly, just enjoy it for yourself. If you love what you do and don't get too caught up in the numbers game, you'll find getting started as a blogger much easier and more enjoyable!

Do you have any other tips for growing your blogs audience?

Lots of love,

ModelCo Cosmetics | Brow Kit, Party Proof Lipstick & Ultra Lip Gloss

Do any of you ever have those moments where you try a brand that hasn't received a huge amount of coverage on blogs or youtube channels and think 'wow, everyone is seriously missing out!'. Well, I had one of these moments recently when I was sent a very generous package of goodies from iconic Australian beauty brand Model co. Now I'm not sure if its because its an Australian brand and perhaps not as well known here in the UK but these products deserve a lot more recognition that I've seen them get - they're fabulous!

The brand also has a legion of celeb fans include Danni and Kylie Minogue, Victoria Beckham, Lilly Allen, Elle Macpherson and Sienna Miller. Wow, big praise indeed. Its also represented by stunning supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whitely, the current face of the brand. She says; “ModelCo have great products that do what they say they do. We all want a quicker, smarter way to look and feel glamorous and ModelCo is a trustworthy brand that makes me feel exactly like that!”. Now, if that's not enough to grab your attention and keep reading about these fab products, I don't know what is! 

Designer Brow Kit* | £22.00 - I love nothing more than a nicely groomed and defined brow so I was really happy to see this cute brow kit in the package I was sent. It comes in sturdy black casing, has three natural brow shades for filling in any sparse areas, a one shade suits-all clear wax to set your newly groomed brows in shape and the cutest mini brow tools - a spooley, an angled brow brush and mini pair of tweezers, all of which work very well. What I love most about this kit is that all of the shades are very natural - none of them have an orange undertone and they're nicely pigmented too. It rivals the price of Benefit Brow Zings at £22 but I actually think this kit is better as the shades are more natural!

Cream Party Proof Lipsticks* | £12.00 - As I'm sure you're all more than aware of by now - I'm a massive lipstick lover so its without surprise that these two beauties are my favourite products of the bunch. Model co couldn't have possibly picked two more perfect shades for me - a berry pink and an orange toned red, my two favourites. 'At the disco' is the pink shade and one that I know I'll get a tonne of wear out of. 'At the Disco', the pink shade is 'After Hours' is going to look stunning in A/W and I find red lipsticks that have a hint of orange much more flattering than postbox red or bright coral. If you've tried Lady Danger from MAC, this shade is a pretty close dupe. These lipsticks are bright, bold and highly pigmented - just how I like them to be. No complaints here!

Shine Ultra Lip Gloss* | £12.00 - Lip gloss is one of those beauty products that's a bit like mar mite - you either love it or you hate it. For me personally - I'm 100% in the 'love it' camp. I love nothing more than wearing my favourite lipstick with a slick of gloss over the top. I don't feel my makeup is complete until I'm wearing it and I'm definitely not a matte lip lover so if I'm wearing a particularly matte lipstick, I have to wear a gloss on top. Now although I love lip gloss, one thing I hate about some that I've tried is the stickiness. Ew, who wants sticky lips and hair that sticks to your face at the slightest gush of wind - no thank you! However, this one from Model co is perfect as its super shiny but not  sticky. The shade 'Tangerine' is a lovely muted orange and although it isn't very pigmented, its a lovely shade 

So if you haven't already guessed, I'm pretty in love with these model co goodies. I think they're completely worth their price tags and I'd love to see them become more readily available to buy in the UK. My favourite product is the lipstick and if you're a lipstick lover I'd highly recommend trying these out - they've become my go-to choice for a bold lip. I've also been trying out their fake tan and fibre lash mascara which is their most iconic product so check back for reviews of those very soon. You can find also find more info and purchase all of these products from the model co website who ship to the UK.

Do you like the look of these products? Have you ever tried the brand ModelCo?

Lots of love,

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