6 Must-Have Autumn Fashion Trends

Autumn is just around the corner! On September 22nd, it officially begins. For a majority of us, the fun Autumn festivities begin a little bit sooner, which means that now is the perfect time to keep updated with upcoming trends. If you want embrace this new season in style, there are plenty of great trends to try out and experiment with this year. Here are just a few if you want to make sure that you are prepared this season.

1. Tartan 
Nothing is going to start off this season better than tartan. This pattern will be everywhere and having a wardrobe full of sexy clothes will not be complete without it. This year, try to be as daring as possible with tartan. Try out a long maxi dress with a zipped up leather jacket or a pair of pants with a grungy black sweater. If you really want to make a statement, try wearing a tartan shirt with a leather skirt, some tights along with a pair of heels. That will really bring you some attention!

2. Leopard Print
This season, leopard print is pretty popular! Leopard print jackets are a must have and will look fantastic with a black dress and a nice bun. If you need a pattern for a t-shirt, then look no further than a leopard print pattern with a pair of jeans and black flats.

3. Speckled 
This year, black and white speckled clothing is another fun print option. Try wearing a nice speckled pullover with either a cute pair of jeans or a black skirt and you will look absolutely adorable.

4. The Mod Boot
This year, you will see quite a bit of the mod boot. This boot is not quite a boot but more like a high heel. These little numbers are very cute and if you're looking for the perfect pair for your wardrobe, look for a pair that has contrasting pattern or a hint of color for additional style.

5. The Smock Dress
This Autumn is going to be all about smock dresses! If you feel like you're taking a bunch of art classes this year, it will be because of this fun and versatile smock dress. Try tartan, leopard or speckled smock dresses to roll this seasons styles into one.

6. A 70s Inspired Leather Skirt
For the perfect Autumn bottom essential, look no further than a 70's inspired leather skirt. This will look perfect with your tartan shirt or speckled pullover. Actually, it makes a statement all on its own!

These are only six out of many fashion trends for the Autumn. Make sure you look fabulous this year with these must-own trends! 

Which is your favourite?

Lots of love,



  1. I'm not sure that tartan will suit me, but im more than willing to try!
    I'm excited about the speckled prints and hopeful to find a leather skirt that will flatter me! Do you have any good recommendations?

    Great line-up by the way!


    1. You could always try a tartan bag instead of clothing. That's what I do... Ebay tends to have good ones.

  2. I've really been wanting some leopard print flats or pumps, but I'm always afraid I can't pull it off!


  3. I should defiantly try to get some of these! Can't wait for it to get a bit chillier :)


  4. Great fall post :)


  5. I absolutely love wearing leopard print! Autumn is my favourite season as I love the fashion. Xxx

  6. I can't wait for the fall and this post just made me more excited :D

    emily xx


  7. I love the tartan trend, can't wait to start wearing my tartain scarf again!

  8. i want a fluffy leopard cardigan so much but the one at h&m is not my taste .... i'm a big fan of tartan, so I'm happy it's back.

  9. I am really surprised with these trends but I would definitely go for leather skirt!

  10. I love the tartan trend! I have way too many tartan pieces of clothing x

    Gegsy Blog

  11. I can't wait to wear a bit of tartan again this Autumn xx


  12. I love tartan at the moment! Great suggestions :)

    Sugar Sweet Style

  13. I am really surprised with these trends, in a way at least... anyhow love them...


  14. Great tips! I already own a few of these and plan on owning more! xxx


  15. I was really hoping the tartan trend would be popular again this a/w so excited definitely my favourite seasons:)!xx


  16. I love the leather skirt trend! Definitely need to invest in a few of those bad boys! x

  17. I'm actually rather glad tartan is back, I have quite a few pieces that I didn't get to wear much last year!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  18. I definitely want a leather skirt and I'm always in the mood for some tartan in the fall :)


  19. I definitely feel like I need a tarten maxi skirt in my wardrobe. I'm from Scotland and surprisingly we don't wear tartan as much as you'd think. I love the 60s/70s style too :)


  20. Can't wait for all the tartan to come in!


  21. I'm so glad Leopard is back 'in' since I wear it all the time anyway! :')
    Imogen's Typewriter <3

  22. I really want to get into the tartan trend but they don't really stock much where I live. I need to look around online.


  23. I love the tartan and also leather skirt look. I need to go on a little well (big) Autumn shopping spree!

    Amanda / Amanda's Escape

  24. This has made me incredibly excited for Autumn x

  25. I love the idea of Tartan and a leather skirt, although I'm not sure I have the figure to pull of a leather skirt .. but I'm certainly intrigued! :D


  26. Really love the look of the Smock Dress and I definitely need more tartan in my wardrobe. Will have to go on a shopping spree!
    Emily x

  27. I've always been a little bit scared of leopard print! But a smock dress and a mod boot are definitely items I will be getting myself this AW. xx

  28. I love both leopard print and tartan and feel they both come in great for A/W xx

    www.krystelcouture.com | Giveaway

  29. Autumn Fashion is my favourite, I can't wait for dresses, boots, coats and scarfs! Please check out and follow my Beauty and Fashion blog:


  30. It's nice to have tartan again. However I don't like the leopard print.


  31. So excited for some Fall fashion! Too bad here in California is still super hot :( haha!

  32. What a nice list! I'm so excited with the smock dress :D haha. Have a great day! Xx

    The Mad Shopper's Dressing Room
    Follow me on Bloglovin

  33. I am obsessed with tartan, black wooly 'grunge' jumpers and leather skirts! :) definitely need to invest in some of them!
    Can't wait for Autumn,
    Jo :) xxx


  34. These all sound great, I'm hoping this year I can nab myself a tartan scarf as I didn't get a chance last year, I also will definitlely be on a hunt for any pointed shoes with leopard print or speckled print on them :D


  35. I love smock dresses, was worried they'd be over after summer but I guess I still have time to buy one! :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  36. I've got a serious obsessed with snake skin print this month, shoes, bags, tops, anything!

    Charlotte x


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