A Well Overdue MAC Splurge

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It dawned on me recently that I hadn't bought anything from MAC in a long, long time. Once upon a time I was a MAC addict and would buy a new lipstick almost every week. I know, I know, perhaps that was a tad overboard but excessive MAC buying aside, it was my favourite brand and I loved all of their products from their foundation and powders to their eyeliner and lipstick. However, in recent times, the only thing I use regularly from MAC is their Soft & Gentle highlighter. For some reason, most of my other MAC products have been forgotten about. With this being said, I decided it was about time I rekindled my romance with MAC and also try some of their new product. I did get a bit carried away on their website and spend more money than I should have but it was definitely worth it. Here's what I picked up..

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural | Medium Plus | Link
A couple of years ago, this was my go-to face powder. I couldn't get enough of its natural finish and how it perfectly set my foundation and concealer. Now I stopped buying this for a while when Rimmel's Stay Matte powder came on the scene as I couldn't afford to keep buying from MAC. However, since re-purchasing this powder, I've realised that the Rimmel version really doesn't compare. It adds an almost airbrushed finished to my skin and the shade 'Medium Plus' adds a nice warmth to my skin tone. Its also impossible to look cakey when wearing this powder - it just sets and perfects everything whilst looking very natural. I'm also loving the new packaging - if anyone is a fan of this, you'll know that the packaging used to have a clear lid like the blushers. However, its now had a makeover and comes in a sleek black compact with a metallic clasp and a large mirror. Perfect for popping in the handbag!

Pro Longwear Concealer | NC20 | Link
I've been in need of a new under-eye concealer after having little success with a few drugstore concealers I'd picked up. I hadn't found anything that covered my dark circles well and gave me that bright Kim-K look I'd been hoping for. I remember trying the MAC Pro Longwear concealer a few years ago and I really liked the formula but I'd unfortunately bought a shade too dark for use under my eyes. With this being said, I thought I'd buy it in shade lighter than my skintone (I'm usually NC25 in MAC foundations). It works fabulous under my eyes as it has high coverage without being cakey and the NC20 shade gives me that wide awake and bright look I'd been hoping for first time around. 

MAC Cosmetics, MAC Emphasize Shaping Powder Review, MAC Harmony Blush, MAC Haul, MAC Makeup, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, MAC Prep & Prime Light Boost, MAC Pro Longwear Concealer
Powder Blush | Harmony | Link
Another product I was in need of was good contour shade that isn't too orange. After watching lots of contour and highlighting tutorials on YouTube, I learnt that in order to contour and look natural, its best to use a shade that doesn't contain any orange undertones. Basically, something that looks like a natural shadow, not a warm toned bronzer like I'd previously been using. I noticed lots of the girls I was watching used MAC's 'Harmony' blush, a matte and neutral brown shade with no hint of orange. I decided to give it a try and I've been really impressed. It blends nicely and adds subtle definition to the cheekbones. It doesn't warm up the complexion so I still need to use a bronzer on other areas of my face but for creating defined cheekbones, its great!

Prep & Prime Highlighter | Light Boost | Link
This is the product that's to blame for this entire haul. I saw Michelle Keegan tweet a photo of her makeup looking AMAZING (contoured and highlighted to perfection) and I noticed she'd tagged her makeup artist so I headed over to her Instagram to see what she'd used to do her makeup. She said she'd used MAC Prep & Prime in 'Light Boost' under her eyes and I loved the bright highlighted look to Michelle's makeup. After seeing that, I just knew I had to have this product in my collection. I've seen it mentioned on so many blogs as a 'holy grail' and it had been on my wish list for quite some time. I have to say, it hasn't disappointed. Creamy, easy to blend and super brightening - its a dream to highlight with and really helps achieve that Kim K look. 

Shaping Powder | Emphasize | Link
This is a product that I bought after watching someones contour and highlight routine on YouTube. I can't remember the name of the channel as its not one I watch regularly or had ever come across before but the girl looked absolutely stunning and when setting her under eye concealer, she used this shaping powder in the shade 'Emphasize', a pale yellow powder that helps to brighten as well as set any products applied to the under eye area. I was blown away by what a difference it made to the overall look of her makeup and knew there and then that it had to be mine. The only downside is that its only sold in pan form and as I don't have a MAC cheek palette, I'm currently having to take it in and out of the little sleeve it came in every time I want to use it. Maybe this is a good excuse to get a MAC cheek palette?

So there we have it, five new MAC products added to my collection, yay! I have to say, I'm so glad to have rekindled my love for the brand as they really have got some fantastic products and all of these ones are well worth trying. I do apologise for not including more photos in this post the photos I took didn't turn out how I'd hoped and I'll be reviewing all the products in full soon anyway. I hope you guys don't mind!

Have you tried any of these MAC Products? Do you have any other recommendations?

Lots of love,


  1. I really like MAC's concealer, loved this post Kayleigh :)♥

  2. We looove Pro Longwear Concealer from MAC!! Awesome pictures! xoxo

  3. No lip products? I am impressed Kayleigh!! Love the prep & prime xox

  4. Oh Kayleigh, I so wish I hadn't read this as now I NEED to get my hands on the Mineralize Skinfinish Powder and the Prep & Prime highlighter! Ahh gosh! I have had my eye on a few lipsticks anyway so I think a haul will be due for me as well now! Gx

  5. Very Jel of your MAC Splurge! was never a fan of the Concealer but each to their own! I would like to try the Primer though! Xx

  6. everything looks amazing! i swear by the mineralize skinfinish natural!

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  7. Wow these look gorgeous! I've only tried their lipsticks before, which I love. I've wanted to try their eyeshadows for the longest time, I always thought their face powders and what not are not good for the skin? Can someone correct me if I'm wrong on that? xo


  8. All the products sound amazing! I need to get their mineralise skin finish!
    Jodie xo // La Lune Song

  9. I need to pop to MAC now, the prep and prime highlighter sounds lovely! :) x


  10. I'm due a bit of a splurge, too - I think an MSF natural is on the list!

    ellabooxo • beauty & lifestyle

  11. Oh I really want to splurge in MAC now hehe!
    I have Harmony and I love it but yes I agree, bronzer is needed to warm up the complexion too! xx
    alicekatex ♥

  12. I really need to try the concealer! I'm definitely due a decent splurge.
    jennifers journal ♥

  13. I love a good MAC splurge. Some of the girls in my store know me by name, which is slightly embarrassing but at the same time kinda cool. I actually need to pop in some time this week to do "Back To MAC"!



  14. I use mac prep and prime highlighter everyday under my eyes and I absolutely love it, makes me look so much more awake! xx

  15. some lovely products here - I've infact also had a bit of a naughty trip to MAC, what can I say, it's for the blog ;)

    Heather, porcelainbeautyx

  16. I haven't tried many things from MAC but I'm desperate to try their Prep & Prime highlighter, I think it looks amazing and everyone raves about it! Loved reading this post x

    beauty & fashion blog:

  17. I've been meaning to try prolongwear concealer, and from this it sounds like it would be a good buy! I'll be sure to check it out xx


  18. I've only had lipsticks from MAC but I'd be interested in wearing some of the face products! It's so expensive though.


  19. I literally want each and every item you wrote about. I've not given MAC a chance in a long while after a bad allergic reaction to their eye shadow a few years ago. But oh my lawd, I am in desperate need of a concealer that actually works, and I keep hearing about MAC. I NEED IT! Also, thank you for taking the time to write lengthy details on your product reviews :)

  20. All of these look amazing, I am a huge fan of pro-longwear! I really want to try prep+prime as well, it looks great.


  21. Love the prep & prime highlighter.

    Leonie ♥ IkonikBeauty

  22. Huhhhhhhh I miss the joys of good make-up! I had to leave most of mine back at home and just bring the basics when i came travelling around Australia!


  23. I've been coveting Light Boost and Harmony forever!

  24. Pretty sure the girl you meant on youtube is Jaclyn Hill. She does under eye highlight like no other
    Nail Masque

  25. I'm always trying to avoid MAC because I Know that I'll spend ALL of my money in there but now that it's Christmas time... I might just add some things to to my blog wishlist... :) X

  26. Harmony blush is definitely one I want to get my hands on! The only problem with me reading this post is that it's encouraging me to go and spend haha xx

    Blog With Laura

  27. I love love MAC - not more I can say really lol ;) xx


  28. this makes me want to go on a massive splurge now :D Im wanting to try Harmony & prep and prime, I've heard such great things

    xolucy.blogspot.com :) xx

  29. I actually hate the new MAC MSF packaging- it was much nicer before! xx

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  30. Ooo! I don't tend to wear much makeup on a day to day basis but I actually really love it. There is nothing better than a shopping spree in MAC or Sephora!


    PS: I found your blog because of a Pinterest post and it's so cute! I'm adding you to my blog's link page and I hope you'll check mine too too!

  31. Same here I bought Prep & Prime in Light Boost & I think its Forecast which is too dark but has a great orange tone for those with a darker skin tone when I'm freelancing. As for Emphasise I always see Jaclyn Hill (Youtuber) using it and it looks ammmazing. I'm going to put my Mac Haul together now after reading your :) www.zairacantara.blogspot.co.uk

  32. I totally love Mac products I mean they might be a bit pizey but the lipsticks are just amazing and last so long!

    Much love xxx

  33. Light boost is a lovely product! I have just run out! I’m going away to Dublin this month and Amsterdam next month, so will be getting a few bits at the airport without a doubt!


  34. I nominated you for The Liebster Award Challenge. Go to my blog for more info!(:

  35. I love their MSFN powder, i've used it for about 4 years now and need to buy a new one! Great haul, the under eye powder sounds great!

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

  36. I love the Pro Longwear concealer! It gives the best under eye coverage. Harmony looks so pretty too!

    Sam | www.thatsfetch.com

  37. I've been wanting to try Mac's Harmony blush too as I need a cooler shade for contouring as well.



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