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Kate from Pretty Little Us
Hello there you beautiful lot I’m Kate and my baby is Pretty Little Us is my beauty blog all about making gorgeous and this year it has spread it’s glittery angel wings into the world of fashion, family and lifestyle. And you can expect a You Tube debut... At some point!

Couple of things to know about me... Geordie, Pisces, mama, dreamer oh and I was shortlisted for Best New Beauty Blog in the Cosmo Blog Awards 2013 (I know! Proudest moment of me life!) I adore reading blogs and thought I'd give writing one a go. 
So if you're still reading (and I didn't lose you at hello!) then come see me for a bit craic and leave your sexy links! Love Kate xxx

Hi everyone, I’m Carly and I blog at I set up my blog a couple of years after I gave up my beauty salon to pursue a different career. I had been in the beauty industry for 15 years and wanted to continue to share my knowledge and help people. My friend suggested that I write a blog and I’m so glad that I did.

At Carly’s Beauty World you will find that amongst the product reviews and fun posts, I also write about and specialise in specific areas such as skincare and other beauty related topics. If you want to diagnose your skin type or learn how to choose skincare products you can come to my blog and find the advice you need easily.

I’m always chatting to people on my various social media sites so come and say hi. I look forward to meeting you all. I’m having a giveaway to win a Lush Cosmetics gift voucher so don’t forget to enter when you visit my blog (see here).

Carly x

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Georgia from Georgia Vanilla
Hello! My name is Georgia and I own the blog 'Georgia Vanilla',which consists of beauty, lifestyle and random posts which are uploaded four times a week. I studied hairdressing, beauty and nail tech in college and I'm now studying a business and marketing degree at uni.. Beauty and make up is where my real passion lies so my blog is my creative outlet!

I'm a pink haired, crazy cat lady that loves youtube, lipstick collecting and food! It'd be great if you came to check out my blog, I have a 'get to know the blogger' post up (here) if you want to learn more about me or you could just spy on my 'week in photos' that I post every sunday to see what I get up to ... If you just want beauty reviews, lipstick swatches or even a rant on body image then I have those also! I hope to see you there! :) xxx

Kerri from Notebook of Beauty
Hey everyone! I'm Kerri and I'm from Notebook of Beauty. I mainly cover all things beauty and love to review my favourite products (and not so), I'm hoping to branch out and write more fashion and lifestyle posts. I love passing on my tips and secrets and would love for you all to come join me and add your own thoughts to the notebook so come over and say hi, I'd love to hear from you!

Tasha from Hello Freckles
Hi, I’m Tasha and I’m the face behind Hello Freckles, a lifestyle blog I've been writing for a couple years now. I’m a big pug lover with a penchant for neutral eyeshadow palettes and pink lipstick, though I really don’t need any more. By some crazy miracle I won Best Lifestyle Blog in the NE Blogger Awards last month and it’s really boosted my confidence and motivation to push Hello Freckles to be the best it can! I blog four times a week and cover a range of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. In the new year I’m hoping to get back into YouTube, so look out for that! I’m currently holding a pre-Christmas giveaway with one of my favourite products this season as a little thank you, so check that out if you’re interested! Let me know if you pop over to Hello Freckles and hopefully you like what you see!

The AnyProtein team have been involved in health and fitness for over a decade and we have put our knowledge and experience into good practice. We have developed a wide range of 100% natural supplements that use only the most superior ingredients. Your body is a temple so ingredients is paramount to us.

We have created a product for every goal you may have, whether it be Muscle & Strength, Weight Gain, Weight Loss, Lean Muscle or your general Well Being.

Our most popular products are:

Harriet from Project Rattlebag
My name is Hattie and I'm a blogger from Cheltenham living in Auckland, New Zealand. I started my blog when at the tender age of 13 and three years on it is has become wonderful hobby of mine. When I'm not blogging I can usually be found at a cafe sipping green tea, shopping with some friends or singing my heart out at a concert. On my blog you will find all things fashion and beauty. I share a diverse range of content but some frequent posts are makeup reviews, outfit of the days, wishlists and some of my designs. Along with my usual posts I often feature song playlists and healthy recipes as music and healthy eating are both big passions of mine. Come over and have a peak! Hattie x

Ada from Adaatude
Most of my friends call me Ada which is short for Adaleta. I work for a technology company that provides marketing solutions for destinations around the world. As you may imagine, along with my job comes the incredible task of traveling! Because I was born in Bosnia, moved to the east coast at a young age, grew up in Los Angeles, and somehow ended up in Arizona I think it's definitely safe to say it's "in my blood" to enjoy exploring new places, different foods, cultures, and everything of the sort. Above my love for travel and new adventures, I am a social media enthusiast, and love beauty and makeup a bit too much. I don't consider myself a foodie, but I do love me some food and wine. My blog allows my readers to follow me along on my travels and see the beauty world through my eyes. If you're up for some sarcastic cheesy humor, traveel excitement, and consistent beauty reviews, hop on over to and drop a comment telling me about your favorites! Ada xx

Mimi from Mimi Flys
'Living in the city, working in the sky' Mimi Flys is a UK beauty blog, written by Mimi, a beauty loving flight attendant. Featuring world wide hauls, giveaways and reviews from every corner of the world.

Natasha from Natasha Paris
Hi I'm Natasha & in my spare time I love to listen to music and sing along,very badly! (Usually when I'm in the car, yep I'm one of those people.) I also write a little blog called natashaparisblog. My blog is primarily a beauty blog where I post reviews & hauls etc but there may be fashion & lifestyle posts there too from time to time. I hope you'll pop by to natshaparisblog very soon lovely. 

I hope you've enjoyed discovering some new blogs to read and websites to shop from! Make sure you go and say hey to all of them on their blogs or social media!

Lots of love,


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    Rachel // Style Soup

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    Stella | stellashek

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