What I Got For Christmas 2014

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I loved every minute of it although I can't quite believe its all over for another year. There's always such a build up to that one day and then its over in what feels like the blink of an eye. Boo! However, one thing I have been enjoying over the past couple of days is reading everyones 'what I got for Christmas' posts. I know some people don't like them but for me personally, I love being nosy and seeing what other people got as it gives me ideas for things I can hunt out in the January sales.

I've done one of these posts for the past couple of years now and they're always very popular so I thought I'd keep up the tradition and do another one this year. As always, I just want to say I'm by no means bragging by writing this post and I'm very grateful for all the lovely gifts I received. I do have a big family and a boyfriend/his family who also buy for me so please bare that in mind too. 

Also, as these were gifts, I'm not going to include links to everything as I usually would in blog posts as I don't feel comfortable going online to find out the price of gifts I received. However, as I did pick some of the below myself and already know the price, I'll pop links to those where I can. So now that little disclaimer is out of the way, here's the lovely gifts I received this year ...

iMac Computer
Yes I know, what an amazing gift! My boyfriend and I said we were 'sticking to a budget' this year and although we usually do always get a bit carried away with ourselves, never in a million years did I expect to receive such a generous gift. I'd been complaining about to my boyfriend about our current laptop for months as it was taking me such a long time to edit blog photos and would constantly get jammed which would result in me having to turn the whole thing off and on repeatedly. Not ideal! I was actually planning to get myself a new laptop or IMac in the new year and pay it off monthly but my lovely boyfriend beat me to it! I actually shed a tear when I saw it as it will make blogging 10x easier for me and I was just blown away by how thoughtful he'd been. Thank you Matt!

Beauty Products
As a beauty blogger, you can image how excited I get when some of my favourite brands release stunning limited edition collections or new products at this time of year. Although I do have a LOT of beauty products already, Christmas is always a great excuse for me to add some new bits and bobs to my wish list. This year I was lucky enough to receive two items from the NARS Christmas collection - the Virtual Domination cheek palette and Digital World lip pencil set and both are absolutely gorgeous! I also received the new Urban Decay Naked On The Run palette and Naked Illuminated Powder as well as MAC Brave lipstick and Soar lip liner (total Kylie Jenner combo). I also got some super cute Ted Baker beauty bits and some new lash curlers! Expect full reviews on these goodies very soon!

Lush Christmas Bathtime Favourites Gift Set
As I've previously mentioned on my blog, I've become a huge fan of Lush products in recent months so I was chuffed to bits to receive this bath time favourites gift set from my sister! It includes a mixture of 10 bath bombs - some of Lush's bestsellers and some festive ones such as Father Christmas too! What a great excuse to relax in the bath!

Breville Blend Active (Link)
As the iMac from my boyfriend was a total surprise, we'd already picked a few presents off each other within the budget we'd set and one of the things I chose was this Breville Blend Active blender. I've always wanted a smoothie maker but it isn't something I'd buy for myself so I thought Christmas was a great time to get one, especially as I'll be wanting to get back to eating healthily in the new year. I originally wanted to get the NutriBullet but its heft price tag always put me off so when I heard about the Breville Blend Active, which is virtually the same with its blend and go design, I knew I had to give it a try. I'll report back on this and let you know how I get on with it!

Bath & Body / Fragrance Bits
Again, as a beauty blogger, my family know they can't go too far wrong with anything that I can pamper myself with! My boyriends mum and dad got me this gorgeous Molton Brown gift set in the scent Rhubard & Rose (so yummy!) and my nanna bought the the Yohji Yamamoto 'Her Love Story' perfume (currently on sale here) which has fast become my new favourite. I actually picked this myself as I fell in love with it after receiving a sample in an online order. When we went to buy it from Selfridges, the girl who served us said its a bit of a hidden gem so be sure to have a sniff next time you're passing by! My auntie bought me one of the Next perfumes which smells amazing and is ideal for popping in my handbag or taking on a night out! All the other bits and pieces photographed here were stocking fillers from my mum - two Nspa gift sets, a gorgeous soap, a nivea lip balm set and a cut Next Cashmere set which came with a mini candle, body lotion and roll on perfume. 

I'm a complete candle addict and most of my family know it so I've been well and truly stocked up on new candles to pop around my flat! The three round tin candles were in my stocking from my mum and they all smell absolutely gorgeous. They're all from Matalan and are relatively cheap so I'd recommend checking those out if you're a candle fan. The little Wax Lyrical candle in the scent 'soft cotton' was from my Nanna as she knows how much I love fresh cotton / linen scents and the Bayliss and Harding candle is from my boyfriends mum and dad and again, it smells gorgeous! I can't wait to start burning them all.

Next boots
My main present from my mum this year are these gorgeous thigh high boots from Next. I'm really into over the knee boots at the moment as they're ideal for throwing on with a pair of jeans and a jumper or with a shift dress! I love these ones as they only have a small heel so they're great for every day wear! I imagine I'll be getting a lot of wear out of these over the next few months!

 Black Ankle Boots (Link)
These were another present from my boyfriend as all of my black ankle boots are falling apart as I live in them at this time of year. I actually got these from work so with my staff discount they were super cheap! Again, I'll be getting lots of wear out of these over the next few months as they'll go with any outfit!

My mum knows how much I love Matalan's accessories so she always gets me some gorgeous bits to go in my stocking as they're really affordable but look pretty identical to the kind of stuff you'd find it Topshop! She got me a gorgeous black clutch which I plan to use on New Year's Eve, a black statement necklace, a dainty gold coins necklace and a black choker. I love them all! The stunning Swarovski bracelet is from my two little brothers and I love it. Its quite a statement piece so not something I'd wear every day but for an evening out, it'll look fab!

Dvds, Katie Piper Book & Diary
I always get dvd's in my stocking and this year I got Begin Again, Date Night, Dodgeball and The Great Gatsby (hello Leo)! I can't wait to have some cosy nights in watching those. I also got Katie Piper's book 'Beautiful Ever After' which I'm very excited to read it. Katie is such an inspirational girl who has been through so much so it'll be a really interesting read. I also got a new 2015 diary - I love the pretty purple and pink floral print!

PJ's, Underwear & Slippers
If you knew me personally, you'd know that one of my favourite things in life is being cosy. Yes, I am a bit of a grandma but I just love snuggling up in a pair of pyjamas, slippers and my dressing gown! With this being said, I was chuffed to bits to receive some new pj's, slipper boots and cosy socks. I also received a new dressing gown from my auntie but it was too big and bulky to photograph! Something less grannyish is the stunning underwear set I received in my stocking - how pretty is that nude and grey colour combo?

I was lucky enough to receive a selection of clothes this year - some of which I'd picked myself and other bits I wasn't expecting. I got some black Topshop Jamie jeans, a sparkly dress from AX Paris which is a contender for New Year's Eve, a cute tartan shift dress, a cropped jumper from AX Paris and a big slouchy cable knit jumper from H&M.  I also got a checked shirt which I didn't photograph as its always been worn! My boyfriend and mum did good!

Hair Gift Sets
My mum bought me two lovely hair gift sets this year - John Freida 'For the Blonde Bombshell' which contains cute little minis for blondes and the Loreal Elnett 'Handbag Essentials' set which contains two mini hairsprays and a Loreal Telescopic mascara. Lovely!

Champagne, Sweets & Chocolates
Well, Christmas wouldn't be complete without these, would it? I can't wait to pop open the champagne on NYE!

As you can see, I received so many lovely gifts and feel like the luckiest gift in the world. My boyfriends brother also got us a gift card for the Alchemist bar and restaurant in Manchester so my boyfriend and I can enjoy a night out together. That should certainly help with the January blues!

What did you get for Christmas? Do you have any of these products?

Lots of love,


  1. Loved reading this :) you got some great presents♥

  2. How amazing is your boyfriend?! Lots of boyfriend points going his way bless him!! The iMac looks amazing and one day I hope to own one too! You got some amazing gifts, look at those pretty beauty products...ahhh! Happy New Year lovely!

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

  3. I love reading these posts :) hope you had a lovely christmas


  4. I love reading these types of posts. You received some amazing gifts. x


  5. Love reading this posts! Amazing gifts :)


  6. Looks like you got some lovely bits. Hope you have had a lovely Christmas


  7. This was so fun to read, you got a lot of amazing gifts! Hope you had an awesome Christmas, and happy new year :)

    Akino | akinokiki.blogspot.ca

  8. I love your what I got for CHRISTMAS/birthday posts! Always such fun! Soo jealous of your iMac! Would love something like that blog photography and other things too! The Pjs are my fave things in this post! Definitely need to track them down! Sounds like you had a fab CHRISTMAS too! ☺️☺️ Xxx

  9. I really enjoyed this post :) You received so many lovely gifts! I hope you had a good Christmas :)

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  10. Looks like you received some gorgeous gifts! I am so jealous of your iMac! Very luck xx :)


  11. I love reading these posts! Some lovely gifts, especially jealous of the Nars christmas sets (and the iMac of course) x

    Victoria | VIXWILL

  12. Wow you got some amazing presents :) iMacs are amazing, I LOVE ours! x

  13. Oh wow you got a load of drool-worthy stuff! The iMac looks incredible, if only I had such a generous boyfriend haha ;)


  14. Like you, I love these posts for finding new things to find in the sales. You're one lucky lady, some beautiful gifts there and lovely photos too :)


  15. Wonderful gifts! So jealous of that iMac ;)
    I hope you had a great Christmas!

    Abbey xo | www.absie.co.uk

  16. Amazing gifts, especially the iMac and the lovely beauty bits!


  17. Love the Breville smoothie maker! You got some lovely gifts, hope you had a great Christmas :) x

  18. Wow! you received lots of great stuff!
    my favorite part is the clothes part :)


  19. You got some amazing bits Kayeligh, how sweet is your man for getting you the iMac! Hope you had a lovely christmas beaut xxx

    Danielle ||Miss Sunshine & Sparkle

  20. Your boyfriend proper spoilt you there! Hope you had a great Christmas :) xx


  21. Your gifts look fantastic! I would really love to see how you like the elenett hairspray. I have seen it around and I just don't know if I want it or not unless I see somebody else loving it! Let me know how it works please!
    Lovely blog xx

  22. Aren't you lucky! Hope you had a great Christmas!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

  23. I love reading these kinds of posts too! Don't worry about posting what you got - you are obviously very grateful and deserving too.

    The boots are gorgeous!

    Ivana @ Hope & Ramble x

  24. wow! what lovely gifts :) hope you had a lovely christmas. you deserve it!x

  25. Ah wow Kayleigh, what an amazing haul, the blender looks epic...I may need to purchase one for myself. We MUST meet up in 2015!

    L x


  26. Gorgeous gifts! That computer will be a god send for you I am sure! :) I love how supportive boyfriends can be of their blogger girlfriends!! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  27. What a lovely selection of gifts, I've had my eye on that Blend Active smoothie maker. Keep us updated on it!


  28. Loved reading this!!! I really want an iMac now hehe maybe I will get one soon *wishes hard*!x


  29. You received some lovely items! I too have wanted a smoothie maker/blender for a while but it's not something I would buy for myself. Defo do a review if you get a spare moment :)


    Jasmine xx

  30. I have those thigh boots from Next. I've had loads of compliments when wearing them, but have found them to slide a bit on some floor surfaces! Xx

  31. Holy guacamole you got a lot of stuff. Definitely some great new products to test out seeing as you're a beauty blogger & all.have fun trying out all your new gifts.

    :] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  32. Looks like you got some amazing gifts! And I love those NARS sets, I always try to pick up their holiday products since they're only limited edition. Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

    xoxo Nicole


  33. You got some lovely things Kayleigh. Love the collection of pjs and socks - so cuddly and cute! The makeup looks amazing too!

    Cat from Outside Beauty, Inside Health

  34. Naked illuminated looks amazing! Gotta love champagne too!


  35. Wow looks amazing! I finally got round to buying myself a macbook last week and absolutely love it, so can share your excitement! I also have the belville blender which I absolutely love (get frozen fruit as it is much cheaper and lasts longer) and also got the brave mac lipstick for christmas, which is so gorgeous! That Katie Piper book is a winner too, she's unbelievably inspirational :) x

    Pillarbox Post

  36. wow you got some amazing gifts there!

    xx angela | the sunday chapter

  37. Wow! you've done really well for presents haha! hope you had a lovely day :)


  38. This is the best "What I Got for Christmas" post that I've seen yet because I want so many of these gifts! Your boyfriend gets an A++++ for what he bought you this year as those would be a dream for me to receive! Kudos to him ;) Those Lush products would also be so wonderful to use. xx

    Emily // ahemitsemme.blogspot.com

  39. I enjoy reading what people got for Christmas. I think it's great that your boyfriend got you a computer and it will make life a little easier for you.

  40. Wow! What a lucky, lucky girl you are. You got very spoilt :) I have wrote my 'what I got' post out. Feel free to have a peak if you're interested x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  41. Wow you got some lovely gifts, glad you had a great Christmas! I've also done a 'what I got for Christmas' post.. if you're interested you can read it at courtneydoesbeauty.co.uk :)

    Courtney xx

  42. I love these posts for the same reason that you do, to be nosey, haha. You got some lovely presents, how sweet of your boyfriend to surprise you with that!
    Sam xx

  43. What amazing gifts! You are very lucky! I love the underwear set.
    Merry Christmas!


  44. woaaaaah so much gifts! I think that if someone gifted me the iMac I couldn't nothing more jajaja

  45. Such lovely gifts, the iMac looks BEAUTIFUL! I got that blender for Christmas too, can't wait to start using it!

    Amanda / Amanda's Escape

  46. wow lovely gifts :) I am new to the blogging community and wondered if anyone could possibly check out my blog and maybe give me a few pointers.



  47. love the look of the make up and your computer is soo nice xx


  48. I got the Naked Illuminated too! I love it! xx


  49. Loving those boots from Next, the fact that they have a small heel make them so much more wearable, chic and less Pretty Woman! NEED them. Love these posts so defs need to get mines up ASAP!

    Rachael O x

  50. Lovely presents! I love the Next boots I've been wanting a pair of over the knee ones for ages now! I've been doing some What I Got for Christmas posts too and I was also worried but I hope nobody thinks I'm bragging! I don't see it as that with other bloggers & I love reading them!

    hellomissjordan.blogspot.co.uk xx

  51. I just love what you got for Christmas! I got a big smoothie maker from my husband, which I love so much!

  52. I love reading these posts, it means I can be nosy. I also have that blender, I love it! It's such an easy and fun way to eat fruit.


  53. Wow! You got spoilt big time. I love the ankle boots. So pretty! Hope you had a great time over Christmas. Happy 2015! :)

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

  54. lovely presents x

  55. Wow so many goodies!!!


  56. Wow you got the most amazing pressie this year for christmas, and loving the MAC computer :), I couldnt live without my macbook pro.. Hope you are enjoying it? Hope you have a great night out tonight for new years!

    Anna-Maria | www.topdrawfashion.com

  57. Wow, you must've been really good this year, haha! I always ask for super practical things for gifts, items that I don't really want to buy but definitely need :)

    Beautyosaurus Lex 

  58. You've got some really great presents and how generous your boyfriend is ! Happy new year <3


  59. I am so jealous of your iMac! I have my eye on one so bad. I actually have the Breville blender and its amazing and very easy to use (there's one button) so you will absolutely love it.

    The Crown Wings

  60. So jealous of the iMac! And all the beauty gifts look amazing! X x

  61. Great post, love reading about what bloggers got for Christmas, just posted one myself. Love your over the knee boots I was treated to some for Christmas from Dune, cant wait to wear them! x


  62. You got some incredible things! I want some knee high boots! xx

  63. You got some beautiful presents and your boyfriends was so thoughtful! I got a Mac too in hoping it will be easier to blog with! The Nars lip pencil set has intrigued me, will you be doing a post on it? I never came across it when shopping x

    Through New Eyes | Beauty Blog

  64. I love to see what other people received for Christmas and this post has definitely been one of my favourites. It looks like you received so many lovely gifts..I wish I'd have seen that paticular LUSH set prior to Christmas,I'd have loved to put that on my wishlist:) Also I had no idea that you could get giftcards for places like Alchemist, such a good idea.
    Natasha Paris I natashaparisblog

  65. Your iMac is so beautiful, I hope to own one my self one day! I hope you had a lovely Christmas :)

  66. wow ! you ve been spoiled ! mind you me too ! got a laptop from my boyfriend ! we have very generous boyfriend :)



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