2015 Beauty Favourites

I hope you guys all had an amazing Christmas – can you believe it’s all over for yet another year? It always goes way too fast for my liking but at least we still have New Year’s Eve to look forward to. At this time of the year, it’s become a bit of a tradition here on my blog for me to share my favourite beauty products of the past year. I usually split this post into categories but there’s some things such as hair / body care that I just don’t have enough products to warrant their own post so I’m just popping it all into one instead.

I always love reading these posts as it shows what people have really really really loved throughout the year and if it’s made it into my yearly favourites post, I can assure you I LOVE it a lot. So, without me blabbering on any longer, here’s what I was loving (and still am) throughout 2015. You might want to grab yourself a cup of tea because this is going to be a long one...

Rodial Skin TintThis has definitely been my favourite base product of 2015 - I recommend it to everyone as it's nothing short of amazing! When I first received this in the post, I thought it would be quite a sheer product, almost like a tinted moisturiser or BB cream. However, it really surprised me as it has amazing coverage - I'd consider it a medium to full coverage with a buildable formula. Put it this way, it covers all redness and blemishes with ease but doesn't feel heavy on the skin and gives a really nice glow too. It's quite a pricey product but it's so good that I'd say it's worth the price.

Illamasqua Brow Cake; This has been my most used brow product of 2015 and one I'll continue to use for the foreseeable future. It's essentially just a brow powder but what I love so much about it is the colour and the pigmentation. It's often hard to find brow powders that don't have that awful organge undertone but the shade '....' which is the one I use is a perfect match for my brows with no orange tones in sight. It also has great pigmentation so I only need to use a tiny bit each time to create a defined brow. I use it with an angled brush and it's just so easy! Apparently this can also be used wet but I'm yet to try that - maybe I'll give that a go next year.

Lottie London Brushes; I was introduced to Lottie London makeup brushes this year and I'm a huge fan! They're really reasonably priced at around £8 per brush and I love how they all have different colour handles with the same colour at the top of the bristles - so so cute. My favourites from the range and the ones photographed in this post are the blush brush, powder brush and kabuki brush. They're ridiculously soft and blend products effortlessly. I'd highly recommend giving them a try!!

Elemis Pro-Oxygenating Night Cream; As I'm sure you guys know if you read my blog regularly - I'm a huge fan of Elemis skincare products. I've been absolutely loving their Pro-Oxygenating night cream and am now scraping the sides of the pot. It's a really hydrating moisturiser and it leaves my skin looking plump and glowy and feeling super soft. To be honest, although it says it's a night cream, I use it both day and night as I don't feel it's too heavy for day time use and makeup applies well over it. Elegies products aren't cheap but I do think you get what you pay for!!

Ardell Demi Wispies; I'm sure you've all heard of these lashes before as it seems they're a bit of a cult favourite but it wasn't until this year I finally bought some to try. I decided to order a few pairs off Amazon a few months back and since then they've been my favourite lashes to wear on a night out. I love that they're fluttery and glamorous but still look really natural too.

MAC Twig Lipstick; This has been my most worn everyday lipstick of the year as I find it's a great 'my lips but better' kind of shade so it looks really natural but still adds a little something something to my lips without being too OTT. I'd describe it as a dusky pink shade with brown tones and it's quite nineties so if you like that whole Kylie Jenner look that's been huge throughout 2015 then I think you'll like this lipstick. The finish is Satin which is one of my favourite MAC finishes as it isn't too matte but still has amazing pigmentation and a slight sheen.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Eyelash Curlers; I'm pretty sure I included this eyelash curler in last years beauty favourites but I just have to include it again as it's something I use every single day and couldn't be without. It's definitely the best eyelash curler I've tried - it lifts and curls my lashes perfectly! Also, it's rose gold, what's not to love?!

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder; Again, I'm pretty sure this made an appearance in last years post but like the lash curler, I use this powder to set my foundation every single day. It's definitely the best powder I've ever used - it almost blurs imperfections and gives a really flawless finish to the skin. It also doesn't cling to dry patches or feel heavy either. It's just a fabulous powder that everyone should have in their makeup bags!

Bourjois Gold Bronzing Powder; This bronzer is one of those that instantly brightens up the whole complexion and that's the reason I love it so much. I like to use it after I've contoured and dust it all over my face to achieve that lovely sun kissed look. It has a slight gold shimmer running through it too which really illuminates my skin. It's also really affordable so I have absolutely no complaints!!

Anastasia Beverley Hills Contour Palette; I'm sure this product will feature on a lot of people's 2015 favourites list because it has to be one of the most hyped products of the past twelve months and it seems every man and his dog owns it. However, I can totally see why. I've been using this almost every day since I got it and there isn't one shade in the palette that I don't use. My two favourite shades are definitely the yellow toned powder on the middle of the top row as it's great for setting under-eye concealer and also the contour shade in the middle of the bottom row as it's a very neutral brown shade and creates a natural looking shadow.

Jo Malone Mimosa and Cardamom Cologne; Oh my goodness, I think this is my favourite scent ever, never mind 2015. I'm no good at describing scents so I'd suggest you go and give it a sniff but what I will say is that I feel very grown up when I'm wearing this fragrance. It's a sexy musky scent that makes me feel all sophisticated. Also, Jo Malone feels so much more special and luxurious than other fragrance brands and I love having the bottle out on display in my bedroom. This 30ml size is also perfect for popping in my handbag so I can spritz myself throughout the day!!

Benefit Porefessional Primer; I never thought a primer would make it into my yearly beauty favourites post as before using Porefessional, I didn't think they made any difference to my makeup. However, this one has converted me and I really can see a big difference when I use it! It minimises the appearance of pores, makes my skin feel silky smooth and ensures my foundation glides on with ease for a flawless finish.

So there we have my 2015 beauty favourites!! I hope you enjoyed reading about the products I've been loving over the last twelve months and I'd love to know what your favourites have been so let me know in the comments below.

Only a couple of days until New Years Eve - I hope you're all excited!!

What I Got For Christmas 2015

Hey guys! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas - I can't believe it's already over, it seemed to come and go in the blink of an eye. I always get really sad when it's all over as its my favourite time of the year. Oh well, at least there's still New Year's Eve to look forward to.I'm going to a masquerade ball so I'm really excited for that! I've had a pretty chilled Christmas so far spending time relaxing and eating/drinking with my family and friends so I'm looking forward to getting slammed up for a big night out on Thursday. 

It's become a bit of a yearly tradition here on my blog that I do a 'What I Got For Christmas' blog post as they always seem to go down so well. I always feel a bit funny about doing them as I don't want anyone to think I'm bragging in any way but I love reading them myself and when I asked on Twitter if you wanted to see one of these posts from me, the answer was a resounding YES so here it is. If this isn't your cup of tea, you don't need to read it. Anyway, now that little disclaimer is out of the way, here's the lovely gifts I was lucky enough to receive from my amazing family this year. I'm not going to link to any of these items as I feel it's a bit rude going and looking at the price of gifts online so if you like the look of any of them, head over to Google and I'm sure you'll find them easily enough. You might even be able to grab yourselves a bargain in the sales.

Calvin Klein underwear; I've been going on and on and on about how much I want some Calvin Klein underwear for months now and it seems my family took note as my dad and step mum, nanna and boyfriend all bought me CK underwear. It's safe to say I'm stocked up for a while now and I absolutely love them all. The lace bra (and matching knicks but I've already worn them - oops!) are super sexy and feminine whereas the other sets are really comfy and I can't wait to lounge around it them. I've given them a try and they're so comfy!!

Makeup; I was lucky enough to receive these two gorgeous palettes I've wanted for quite some time for Christmas. My Nanna and Grandad got me the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit palette which I believe is their limited edition Christmas palette and it's so beautiful - I love every single shade. I also got the Tarte tartlette palette from my boyfriends brother as he was living in America so bought it over there for me. I'm so excited to try it out - all the shades are stunning and because they're matte, it'll be great for every day eye looks. I also got some Makeup Forever HD foundation and an Anastasia Liquid Lipstick but couldn't find them to photograph for this post.

Home bits & bobs; Since getting my own flat, I've been obsessed with home scents and I have candles and reed diffusers dotted all over the place. Not only do they make the place smell nice but I love nothing more than lighting the candles in the evening to make me feel all cosy. As you can see, my family obviously know this about me so I've been well and truly stocked up on candles and reed diffusers. Most of them are cotton or linen scent as that's my favourite for all year round but my mum also got me a Yankee Candle set with all the Christmas scents so I'll be using those up first to keep me feeling festive for that bit longer. My Nanna also got me this gorgeous copper lantern to go in my flat and I'm absolutely in love with it. It will look stunning sat by my TV unit with a candle flickering away inside it. My living room is decorated with copper accessories too so this will fit in perfectly.

DVDs; Every year, my mum fills my stocking with DVDs as she knows how much I love a night in snuggled up on the sofa watching films. I'm really chuffed with the selection she chose for me this year as I haven't seen any of them. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate the Leonardo DiCaprio collection? It's honestly one of my favourite presents this year as my mum knows how much I love him (I mean, who doesn't? such a babe) and therefore knew this would be right up my street as soon as she saw it. Surprisingly I've only seen one of the four films in the set so I look forward to watching lots of Leo in the new year.

Books; I got a few new books this year and I love getting books for Christmas as its not something I'd think to buy for myself. I actually choose the Sophie Kinsella book from my boyfriend as I LOVE her books and think this is a new addition to the Shopaholic collection. If you've never read the Shopaholic books before and love a lighthearted and funny read, I can't recommend them enough. My mum also got my 'The Badass Blog Planner' which is such a thoughtful gift as she knows I want to be more organised with my blogging now I'm doing it full time. It's a really cool book and it has sections for planning everything you can think of and also has handy content and social media planners I can fill in. She was so chuffed with herself for finding this for me as she knew I'd really appreciate it - how cute is she though?! She also got me a little healthy eating recipe book for my stocking as again, she knows I love trying out new healthy recipes and 2016 is the year I'm hoping to get it the best shape I've ever been in. Wish me luck!!

Pamper bath & body products; Nothing beats a good pamper and my family know how much I love to relax in the bath so I got a section of goodies including LUSH products, a Bayliss & Harding gift set, some Molton Brown hand creams and a huge Sanctuary gift set which includes lots of things to that will help me to relax and wind down. I love them all and can't wait to use them!!

Disney Mug; My mum knows what Disney fanatics my sister and I are so she bought us both beautiful mugs from The Disney Store. I got Elsa from Frozen and my sister got Jasmine from Aladdin. I love that they're Disney but still look fairly grown up as they have beautiful drawings of the princesses on one side. I look forward to drinking my morning cup of tea from this!! 

Personalised wine glass; My mum also got me this personalised wine glass which is just the cutest gift ever. I love anything personalised as it's so thoughtful and I love that every time I take a sip of my wine, it'll remind me of my lovely mum. Plus, another excuse to drink more wine? Haha, I joke! Dry January here I come!!

Jo Malone products; I received these beautiful Jo Malone products from my family in Australia and I'm absolutely obsessed with them. I mean, look at that limited edition Christmas bottle? It's so beautiful! I got the Pomegranate Noir cologne which is one of my favourite Jo Malone scents and the English Pear and Freisa body creme which is a scent I've never owned before but I'm in love with it - I 100% need to get the cologne for S/S as it's so fresh and lovely. I'm actually becoming a bit addicted to Jo Malone and their scents - I really want to start collecting them.

Pandora charm and ring; I got a little car charm for my Pandora bracelet from my lovely boyfriend for passing my driving test back in November. I love getting charms that mean something to me so this will be a lovely addition and will remind me of how proud I was to pass my test first time every time I look of it. I also thought it was a really cute and thoughtful gift. I also got a beautiful new ring from my auntie and again, I love it! I already have a couple of Pandora rings and I think they look really elegant so I'm excited to have another one to add to my collection.

I also got a few things I didn't manage to photograph including money, Pyjamas, a dressing gown from The White Company, socks and lots of chocolates so I was very lucky indeed and can't thank my amazing family enough for being so generous. 

What did you get for Christmas this year?

Pyjama Party With South Beach

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to do a photoshoot with one of my favourite swim/loungewear brands, South Beach Swim. They asked me if I'd like to be part of their Winter shoot taking place at the Gotham hotel in Manchester and I jumped at the chance. I have to admit, I'm still very nervous when it coms to shoots - I'm not a model and as someone who suffers with self-confidence issues, it can be really nerve-wracking. Not to mention that I was shooting with Bethany/// who has to be one of the most beautiful girls I've laid my eyes on! However, the team made me feel super comfortable and I really enjoyed myself!

The hotel we were shooting at was absolutely stunning and I was lucky enough to be able to stay in the room once we finished the shoot which was amazing! If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat, I'm sure you saw me posting pictures of it! If not, head over to have a look as it was beautiful. You can also look at the hotel online here and if you're ever needing somewhere to stay in Manchester, I would highly recommend it.

As I mentioned, the shoot was for South Beach's Winter collection to it was focused around their amazing night and lounge wear. I have to say, I was so impressed with the collection as there isn't one thing I didn't love and wouldn't wear. I was lucky enough to shoot a selection of their different pieces from lace pyjamas to cosy dressing gowns and the best novelty slippers! As you can see from the photos, the pieces are all so lovely. I've got a huge obsession with sleep / loungewear as it's what I spend most of time wearing. Whenever I'm chilling at home - comfy clothing is totally essential. I'm the type of person that puts some pyjamas of loungewear on as soon as I get home so South Beach and their collection always has be swooning!

I thought I'd give you a little run through of the items myself and Bethany are wearing in these photos in case you want to treat yourself. South Beach are having a huge sale at the moment with up to 50% off certain items including the ones we're wearing here so if you want to treat yourself to some cosy clothing and PJ's to wear over Christmas, now is the time to do it! In the top picture I'm wearing the Jolie Slogan Lounge top with the matching Joanie Black and White Striped Lounge Pants. I love anything striped so these are a winner for me and they've currently got 50% off so you can get them both for only £15 - wowza!!

In the second image, Bethany and I are getting cosy in our Emily Luxury Fleece Hooded Robes which are quite possibly the softest thing I've ever felt! So so comfortable. It's also available in four colours. Bethany is also wearing the cute Pop Art Pug Print Lounge Top and matching Tessa Pop Art Pug Print Lounge Pants which are just adorable for anyone who loves pugs!! Again, this set has 50% off in the sale and is now only £15 for the set!! Finally, we're both wearing the cutest slippers - Bethany's are the Novelty Pink Rabbit Slippers and mine are the Novelty Penguin Slippers. These are reduced from £12 to only £8 in the sale!!

Finally, in the other images, we're both wearing the Bo Soft Lace Lounge Top and matching Blair Soft Lace Lounge Pants and again, this set is now half price in the sale. When I first saw this I have to admit I wasn't too sure about it as it's slightly see-through. However, I love how it looked when I put it on. I think this would be perfect for those nights in chilling with your other half. Who knew you could still look sexy in lounge wear?! It's maybe not one to wear whilst with your mum, dad or nan though!!

I hope you enjoyed this post guys and seeing some of South Beach's amazing Winter range!! You can check out their website here for lots more gorgeous goodies!! Do you love lazing around in cute lounge wear? 

My Favourite Festive Red Lipsticks

For me, Christmas is the one time of year we can go a little bit crazy with makeup. Not to say that you can’t do that any time of the year but I do feel like people tend to get a bit more adventurous with their makeup over the festive season. For me, the two things that are a must at Christmas time is a good red lipstick. I just feel it totally symbolizes Christmas and it the one time you can get away with it wherever you’re going – doing your food shop, going to work or getting dolled up for a glam night out – red lips are allowed no matter what the occasion hehe!! With this being said, I thought I'd share my top red lipsticks to wear over the festive season!! Find out more about them below...

MAC Red; This is your classic blue toned Hollywood glamour Red lipstick. If you love classic Red shades with no Pink or Orange undertones, this is the one for you. It has a lovely Satin formula meaning it has amazing pigmentation as well as good lasting power but it isn't completely - it has a lovely creamy texture.

Clarins Joli Rouge Red Orange; I'm a massive fan of Orange toned Red lipsticks and Red Orange from the Clarins Joli Rouge range is exactly what you'd imagine from the name - a Orange toned Red lipstick. The reason I love Red with lipsticks with Orange tones is the fact they brighten up my whole complexion. I love the formula of this one too - it's very moisturising and glossy on the lips which I personally prefer over matte formulas.

Revlon Fire & Ice; This is a fairly recent addition to my lipstick collection but one I'm so happy to finally have my hands on as I've heard so much about it from other bloggers and Youtubers. It's what I'd describe as a Coral Red as it has hints of both Pink and Orange in it. It's from Revlon's Super Lustrous Creme range meaning it's really creamy, hydrating and glossy - right up my street basically. It's also the cheapest of the bunch so if you don't want to spend a lot of money on a lipstick, this is the one to go for.

NARS Cruella Velvet Matte Lip Pencil; Now although I'm not a huge fan of matte formulas, this NARS lip pencil in the shade Cruella is an exception as it's an absolutely beautiful shade and not as drying as other matte lipsticks I've tried. Much like MAC Red it's what I'd describe as a classic red shade and it's really easy to apply because of the pencil style applicator. It almost acts as a liner and lipstick in one which I really love. If you're someone who doesn't typically like matte lipsticks, I'd recommend giving this one a try as the colour, pigmentation and longevity are worth it.

MAC Cherry Lip Liner; I've only had this lip liner for a few weeks now but it's already gone straight onto my list of favourite Red shades. It has a lovely creamy texture and glides onto the lips with ease. I'd say this is a red with Pink undertones hence the name 'Cherry' but I'd definitely say it's more on the Red side. I've had so many compliments when wearing this and because it's a lip liner, it's really long lasting. It can also be worn underneath a red lipstick for a more intense and long lasting colour.

So there we have my favourite Red lipsticks to wear over the festive season. Do you like wearing Red shades at this time of the year? Let me know your favourites in the comments below!!

Soap & Glory Winter Skin Saviours

As I’m sure most of you will know due to experiencing it yourselves, the Winter weather can play total havoc with our skin. I for one always experience dry and tight feeling skin at this time of year and I really have to up the amount of products I’m using to ensure my skin is well hydrated at all times. That involves the usual changes like using a more heavy duty moisturier, adding a face oil to the mix and occasionally overnight face masks for that extra moisture boost. 

However, one thing a lot of people forget is that the skin on our body suffers just as much throughout the Winter months as the skin on our face so it’s really important to look after it with just as much care. With this being said, I thought I’d share a few products from one of my favourite high street brands Soap & Glory that will help tackle that dry Winter skin with ease. I’ve been a huge fan of S&G products for years now – they have awesome packaging, smell amazing and do exactly what they say they’ll do on the bottle. There’s a few stand out products for me when it comes to keeping the skin on my body looking its best and hydrated throughout the Winter months (well, all year long but especially at this time of the year) so I thought I’d share them with you guys.

First up is a long standing favourite of mine, the Sugar Crush body scrub. This stuff has been one of my go-to products for years now as it smells so damn good. It’s citrusy and sugary and will be sure to brighten up any dark and dreary Winter morning as well as making your skin feel super smooth and rid of any dry patches. Next up are two products you can use after the Sugar Crush scrub to give your newly smooth and exfoliated skin some moisture – the Whipped Clean Shower Butter and another one of my all time favourite Soap & Glory products, The Righteous Butter body butter. The shower butter is perfect for those of you find body moisturising a bit tedious and want a quick fix. You can use it in the shower to both clean and moisturize your body in one go! It contains various oils as well as cocoa and shea butter so it will leave your skin feeling silky smooth after showering. It’s also fragranced with pistachio, almond and sweet vanilla – yum! If you prefer a heavier moisturizer, need a double whammy of moisture for super dry skin or just simply enjoy applying a body butter, that’s where The Righteous Butter comes in handy. It’s a thick body butter so super moisturising on the skin but it sinks in fairly quickly and doesn’t feel sticky which I love. Like most Soap & Glory products, it also smells incredible.

Finally, it’s important not to forget about your hands and feet – they need moisturising too! Luckily, Soap & Glory also have that covered and I’m a big fan of their Hand Food hand cream and Heel Genius foot cream. You can usually always find the hand cream in bag as my hands especially are really prone to dryness at this time of year. Both of these products smell sugary sweet and the cream sinks in really quickly leaving my hands and feet feeling hydrated and smooth in a matter of minutes. If you’re suffering from really dry hands or feet, you can layer these on underneather gloves or socks for an even deeper moisturising treatment.

So they’re my Soap & Glory Winter skin saviours that will tackle dry skin with ease. I’d love to know what yours are so do let me know in the comment below. Also, if you’re a fan of the brand, you may be excited to hear that they’re touring the entire country from Friday 13th November - Tuesday 22nd December alongside gorgeous signer Florrie Arnold. They will be helping girls across the UK shake up their look for the Christmas party season with Soap and Glory’s very own Glory Girls – a handpicked team of talented hair and makeup artists (and all round fabulous girls) who can sing, dance and help you look and feel fabulous ahead of that big night out over the festive season.

  Which products do you use to keep your skin hydrated throughout the Winter months?

Huge Ladies Beauty Christmas Gift Guide

 So it's that time of the year again and we're all thinking about what we can buy our loved ones for Christmas this year. Now if you're super organised, you may have already done all of your Christmas shopping but for those of you who are a bit last minute (I'm actually pretty organised this year but I've been guilty of last minute shopping sprees in the past) hopefully this gift guide will give you some ideas for the lady in your life - there's gifts in here that will suit mums, nannas, sisters, girlfriends and friends - so something for someone of all ages. As you can see, there's a LOT of stuff here so I'm not going to go into detail about each item - instead I've just separated them into categories and then I'll link to each item so if you see something you like the look of, you can click straight through and buy. I hope you enjoy having a look at all these gorgeous gifts!!

Bath & Body Care gifts; Body care gifts are something that someone of all ages would love to receive because lets face it, who doesn't love a good pamper in the bath and smelling nice? Here's a selection of gorgeous bath and body goodies that would make perfect gifts ...

Skin Care Gifts; If you know someone who is into their luxury skin care products (well, who isn't?), you can't go too far wrong with these beautiful gifts that will get their skin looking its best over the festive season!!

Home Scent Gifts; I for one am obsessed with my flat smelling good and feeling cosy so for me, scents for the home are the perfect gift. I love lighting candles in the evening and dotting reed diffusers around the make the place smell nice so I'd be super happy if I received any of these products under the tree. They'd also make a perfect gift if you know someone who has just moved into their first home!!

Elegies Spa Light CandleZuna Naturals Butterfly Moments CandleNeom Christmas Wish CandleSanctuary Home Collection GiftJo Malone London Wood Sage & Sea Salt Candle.

Fragrance gifts; You can't go too far wrong with getting someone a fragrance and there's a whole range out there so there's something to suit everyone's tastes. Fragrance also massively ranges in price so you can get cute little secret santa gifts or something more luxurious based on your budget.

Makeup Gifts; Well this has to be my favourite category of the bunch as there's just no such thing as 'too much makeup' in my eyes and I'm always wanting to try out new things so gifts like these are perfect for a beauty addict like me. If you know someone who loves makeup, I can guarantee they'll love any of these gifts. Trust me on this one ;) ...

So there we have it - my ladies beauty Christmas gift guide. I hope you enjoyed having a look at all these gorgeous gifts and perhaps it's given you some last minute gift inspiration. I'd personally love to receive any of these items as a gift this year so I hope it's given you a few ideas.

What are you buying for your loved ones this year?!

MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick

I recently got my hands on the famous MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick which came to fame after Kylie Jenner supposedly said she uses it. Wether that's true or not, I have no idea but I'm loving the nineties nude trend her plump pout has brought back to popularity. I'm not into completely nude shades that look like concealer (MAC Myth for example) as they wash out my skin tone so Velvet Teddy is perfect for me as it has brown tones meaning it isn't so flat looking on the lips.

I was a little wary of getting it at first as its a matte shade and I don't tend to get along well with matte lipsticks as they dry my lips out and generally feel uncomfortable to wear. However, I haven't had any problems with this shade at all - in fact, it feels quite creamy which is perfect!

As I said before, Velvet Teddy is a nude lipstick but it isn't completely nude in the respect it will wipe out any colour on your lips. As you can see from my swatch, its a nude shade with brown / peach tones which is what gives it that nineties vibe. I've been wearing it with Spice lip liner and the pair make a lovely combo. It's probably not a shade I'd wear in the evening as I prefer to go for a bold lip when I'm going on a night out but for day to day wear, it's really love and natural looking. With it being a matte formula, it also lasts really well so doesn't require many touch-ups throughout the day.

If you're like me and aren't really into 'concealer' nude lips, I'd highly recommend you give Velvet Teddy a try. It's a shade that will suit most skin tones and a good one to have in your collection! It's a pretty effortless shade but when I put it on, it instantly makes my makeup look more polished. It costs £15.00 and you can get it online here or from your local MAC counter!

Have your tried Velvet Teddy yet? Is it a shade you'd like to try?

Things I Love About Christmas

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you've probably guessed by now that I'm a total Christmas fanatic. It's hands down my favourite time of the year and I just love everything about it. With this being said, when Littlewoods contacted me to tell me about the #MakeTheirChristmas campaign and asked me to share my favourite things about the festive season, I jumped at the chance. I thought it'd be fun to share my favourite things about the festive season and what makes it special for me. I'm sure we all have different things we love about Christmas or our own little family traditions so here's a few of my favourite things.

Starbucks Christmas Lattes; I thought I'd start with this as the header picture is me holding my festive red Starbucks mug after all. I'm going to guess this is on a lot of people's 'favourite things about Christmas' lists but getting myself a Gingerbread latte from Starbucks in the famous red cup is one of my Christmas traditions and I get excited for them to be released every year. Nothing beats being wrapped up warm with a Christmas drink in hand - there's something so comforting about it. I also buy myself the Nescafe Gingerbread latte sachets as a substitute for Starbucks and again, they're just Christmas in a cup for me.

Putting the decorations up; I think putting my Christmas decorations up is one of my favourite days of the whole year as it makes me feel so festive and it means Christmas is just around the corner. I try to put mine up on the 1st December every year but was actually a little bit naughty this year and put them up on 29th November instead - I just couldn't wait any longer! As you can see from the photos above, I've gone for a copper/gold and silver theme on my tree and I absolutely love it. I think it looks really chic but also makes my living room super cosy. I've also wrapped some copper wire fairy lights around the main beam on our living room ceiling and again, it makes them place feel so cosy.

Christmas scents; For me, Christmas isn't Christmas if my flat isn't filled with beautiful Christmas scents and this year, this 'Sandalwood and Amber' room spray is my absolute favourite. I've been spraying it around the room non-stop, much to my boyfriends annoyance hehe!! Also, it comes in a copper bottle to match my decorations - obvs?! I also love dotting Christmas scented candles around the place so when I walk into a room I'm hit with the smell of Christmas. Ahhh!!

Manchester Christmas Markets; If you didn't know, I'm currently living in Manchester so the amazing Christmas markets here are a huge part of my Christmas. They're here for the whole month of December and are HUGE which is amazing as it means there's always something to see. I actually went to them for a mulled wine at the weekend and it just makes me feel so, so, so festive every time I go. Also, you just cannot beat the little dutch pancakes from the markets. I have to get them every year so that's definitely a tradition of mine. Yum! If you live near Manchester or fancy something to do for a Christmas weekend away, I'd highly recommend paying them a visit as you'll be sure to leave them full of Christmas spirit.

Buying & Wrapping presents; One of my favourite parts of Christmas is 100% buying my family Christmas gifts. Christmas is a time for giving after all and I love nothing more than getting wrapped up for a day of shopping, picking out things I know the recipient is going to love and wrapping it up beautifully for them to open on Christmas morning. I love seeing people's reactions to the gifts I've bought them and love to get creative with my wrapping so it's definitely one of my favourite parts of Christmas. I bought the cute hessian sack above the other day to pop my boyfriends presents in this year and I think it's SO cute!! Make sure you check out the Littlewood Christmas range this year too as they've got some amazing gifts for the whole family. Seriously, you could do your whole Christmas shop on the Littlewoods website.

Christmas Beauty Gifts; As a beauty lover, I'm always in my element at this time of year as my favourite beauty brands release the most amazing gift sets. I always think gift sets are such great value for money and I love receiving them as gifts and buying them too! I'm planning to do a huge Christmas gift guide featuring some amazing beauty gifts soon so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for that if you need a few ideas.

Of course there's plenty more things I love about Christmas but I'd be here all day if I was to list them all. However, my ultimate favourite thing about Christmas would definitely be spending quality time with my family and friends. It's so lovely to get together with all my nearest and dearest over Christmas as everyone is always so happy and relaxed which is amazing to see. I can't wait!! Make sure you check out the Littlewoods Christmas advert which I've popped below - it's super cute and shows what Christmas is all about - knowing the loved ones in our life are happy is all we could really ever wish for. Plus, the music in the advert and Myleene Klass playing the piano are beautiful!!

I'd love to hear what your favourite things about Christmas are so let me know in the comments below of tweet me @k_leexjx using the hashtag #MakeTheirChristmas.
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