A Few Tips To Improve Your Instagram Feed

Instagram is fast becoming the 'IT' social networking site - it recently surpassed Twiter in user numbers and in the blogging world specifically, there isn't many bloggers who don't use it! Its definitely my favourite social networking site as I love scrolling through my feed and looking at all the pretty and inspirational photos. I'm also addicted to uploading photos to my own account and not a day goes by where I haven't uploaded something. Whether its beauty products, an 'ootd', my dinner, an inspiring quote or a selfie, you'll find it all over on my instagram. You can follow me here if you're interested in seeing more! 

I think the reason Instagram has become so popular is because images are more appealing than text. You could write the most inspiring / funniest or sweetest tweet in the world but if its accompanied with an image, its 10x more powerful and will catch people's attention a heck of a lot more. 

Instagram is also another form of blogging - there's a lot more 'instagram bloggers' who promote companies solely on their instagram accounts and brands are becoming more interested in how someone can promote their brand to their hundreds or thousands of instagram followers. Its also a great way to promote your actual blog if you have it linked in your bio and post sneak peeks of your new posts! With this being said, I thought I'd share a few tips I've picked up over the past couple of years I've been using the famous app. I'm not saying my Instagram account is perfect by any means but there are a few things I do to ensure its visually appealing and encourage people to click follow...

Quality over quantity
When it comes to the photos you post on instagram, quality really does matter. Much like a blog, out of focus imagery just isn't appealing and people are less likely to click follow if they see blurry images. The kind of instagram accounts I like to follow all have a similar theme - they're light, bright and have sharp clear images. A good tip I have for this is to use your actual camera to take the pictures - I often take a batch on a weekend when I've got lovely natural light and I then email them to myself ready to upload throughout the week. Obviously this is quite extreme if you're not a blogger and just have instagram to share things with your friends but if you want to make it more professional, I'd highly recommend doing this. You can even get digital cameras that you can upload photos straight to instagram from. I'm definitely adding one of those to my birthday wish list!

Keep it consistent
As I mentioned before, all of the instagram accounts I like to follow have a few things in common - their photos are light, bright and high quality. If I click on a account and see these things, I'm likely to follow! With my own feed, I tend to stick with the same filter on every photo as this gives it a nice consistent look. My favourite app for filters is VSCO cam - I'd highly recommend it if you want to try out some new filters! I also really like 'Valencia' on instagrams own filters as this gives a nice creamy candlelit finish! I also like to use Afterlight to brighten my images - I often adjust the brightness, exposure shadows / contrast and highlights until I'm happy with it. I've popped an example below - as you can see, it makes a huge difference! For this, I added a VSCO cam filter, upped the brightness and contrast and then cropped it!

Post at peak times
Its probably quite an obvious one but if you want your posts to be seen by more people, think about the time your posting. For example, if you post a picture at 2am in the morning, its less likely to be seen as people will be in bed. However, if you post at 7pm when people are likely to be home from work and scrolling through their phones, your post will be seen by more of your followers and therefore get more engagement. I usually post two to three times a day and find posting around 8:30am or between 6 and 9pm in the evening works best for me! Its best to just play around and with different times and see when your followers are most engaged.

Analyze your activity
If you're really interested in what works and what doesn't on your instagram, you can always use Iconosquare (formerly statigram) which gives you monthly instagram stats. You can find out which posts were your most liked / commented on, how many followers you gained / lost, where your followers are based and the times / days in which your followers are most engaged. The only reason I really know about this is because I sometimes use it for work but it can be interesting to have a look now and then to see what's working best for you and how your account is growing month on month. 

Follow and comment
Just like its important to follow and comment on blogs to build relationships and get your blog out there, the exact same applies to instagram. There's been so many times recently when someone has commented on my photo and I've clicked on their account, liked what I've seen and followed them back. Its important not to do just for the purpose of gaining followers or spam people with 'SFS' or 'follow for follow' type comments but if you genuinely like a photo, let the person who uploaded it know. I love having discussions with people on my posts!

Relevant hash tags
Just like leaving comments, using hash tags can become spammy if you use too many. However, using a few hash tags that are relevent to the thing you are posting is great as people who are interested in what you're sharing might see your image and like / comment or follow you. For instance, I usually always hash tag #beauty #makeup or #bbloggers if I'm trying to promote my beauty posts or #fashion #style #outfit #ootd and #fbloggers if my post is more fashion based! Its entierly up to you what you use - just make sure they're relevant and don't use too many!

I hope this helped in some way - I'd love to hear any tips you have for improving your instagram feel and promoting your images!

Lots of love,


  1. This is what I have been waiting for! Instagram has been baffling me as a blogger, how do people always get these lovely photos??? I never realised they where planned haha...thank you for the tips! I am defiantly going to have another crack at Instagram!


  2. Thank you so much for the answers I've been looking for! My Instagram will now improve massively!


  3. great points! I have been MIA for a month now since my phone broke! I'm missing out on so much and it really did affect blog stats for me. Hopefully getting my phone fixed soon!


  4. I am a little but obsessed with Instagram, loved this very helpful! :)


  5. Great tips! Thank you x


  6. Some great tips Thankyou! i am obsessed with instagram myself! xx

  7. A great post with some brilliant tips! I like & use the majority of the highly used sites. As you say, Instagram is great because of it's image focus. The aspect I think is missing is the ability to see accounts come up (like in Twitter) as you start to search for someone. Even when you are following the person in question, Instagram doesn't always bring them up! One of the things I want to work on is my photography & I'm including Instagram in this so this post will prove very useful! Xx

    Tania | whentaniatalks.blogspot.co.uk

  8. Fabulous tips, this should really help! x

    Eva | http://evasstudio.blogspot.co.uk/

  9. I love Instagram too and def prefer it to Twitter!

    Nic x

  10. Loved this post hun, I recently started monitoring my analytics for insta...just need to get myself into better pictures! Great tips xx

  11. I love Instagram, it's my favourite social networking site. Mine goes through moments where I get a lot of likes/comments then none. But I do love looking at bright and light Instagrams, they are so much more appealing x

    Through New Eyes x

  12. This exactly what I needed to see! I love your instagram. I have instagram too but I never get likes or followers! These tips are going to come in handy!


  13. I had actually never thought that instagram could boost your readings on your blog so much so thanks for the tip! And I really thought the part about taking photos with your actual camera and sending them to yourself is such a genius idea and will also save you time throughout the week! Great post as always :)


  14. I haven't really been focusing on my Instagram recently, but I definitely don't think I make the most of it. I need to set up an "Instagram Plan" I think - I'll definitely be referring back to this post to help, thanks! xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

  15. It always amazes me the amount of just Instagram bloggers I find. But I think consistency is key, and always something I look for when I follow someone.

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  16. I love Instagram! I always use the same filter - Valencia - too. Most people i follow are fairly similar, I hate the ones that are really spammy, I always have to delete several span comments from each pic!

    Lucy x

  17. this is such a great post! love it xx


  18. Thanks for the post, great tips! I couldn't survive without VSCOcam! x


  19. Really great tips! I've been trying to have a more "styled" instagram feed this year and it's so enjoyable!

    lauren / lipstick & lacquer

  20. Great tips! I've really been neglecting my instagram but am trying to start it back up again - your post has inspired me to really keep at it! cottonandcandie xx

  21. Thanks so much for these tips - have just downloaded the VSCO Cam app and I'm super impressed. I never knew you about Iconosquare either (though, I'm probably a little way off from having high enough statistics to make it a worthwhile download hehe)

    Thanks so much xx Hannah

  22. Great tips, ver much needed! Have consistent quality photos is definitely needed! X


  23. I hardly use instagram to promote my blog, but I am starting too. Thanks for the tips Kayleigh

  24. These are all such great tips, especially the one about uploading at peak times, I never really thought about that before so I'll definitely start trying it! :)

    Millie x || Millies Wardrobe

  25. I just recently figured out how to upload my edited photos that I've taken with my camera. I find it really annoying that you can't upload to Instagram via your computer though as thats where I do all my editing - Danielea


  26. I recently got the Samsung nx3000 as it allows you to send your photos to your phone/tablet or upload them to your social media and it's amazing! I've started taking group pictures like you mentioned but never thought about when I'd upload them and would usually just do it at random! Thanks for the tips x

  27. useful post :)

    I'm running a giveaway (lorac pro pallet+ the wet brush), if you're interested, check this link:
    little taste of heaven

  28. This was so helpful and useful and I agree it is just so popular and I need to get to it more I feel like.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  29. I love your Instagram account! It lead me to your blog here, and inspired me to set up my own :)
    I just downloaded Afterlight and signed up with Iconosquare - Thank you for the great tips! Xxx

  30. Really helpful! You are right that you have to care about your instagram as you care about your blog. It's also a massive source of inspirations and you can find new, amazing blogs (that is how I found your blog haha). Amazing post!


  31. Best tip on here is the activity times. It definitely matters on all sites! Great tips :)

    xo Ashley

  32. Lovely post!!!! Great photos. Would you like to follow each other on GFC?! Let me know and follow me on my blog, I will follow you right back on both GFC and Bloglovin!
    What makes you beautiful & bloglovin

  33. Amazing post! I followed your Instagram before I followed your blog, it is so consistent and inspiring. It was so helpful, definitely going to check out the app recommendations.


  34. Thanks for the great tips! Love this post!

  35. Thanks for the awesome tips, just downloaded Statigram for myself :) Trying to grow my Instagram following!!



  36. Great post and the Instagram tips are really helpful! I love using Instagram and I'm always trying to find ways to improve my photos so thanks for the tips! And just had a look at your Instagram it's amazing!


  37. Really useful tips, I'm always posting about my blog on instagram! laurasnabb.blogspot.com

  38. This was really helpful! Great tips, I have really been trying to get my instagram just how I'd like it recently so this really helped, thank you. :)

    Nina x


  39. Since Instagram is 100% visually based, editing is definitely the way to go!


  40. Thanks! Great Blog and Great tips! I'm definitely going to try those editing apps you mentioned.

  41. I'm Fast Becoming Obsessed With Instagram... I Didn't Know About Iconosquare Though... That Little Gem Looks Very Handy...*Added To My Check List*

    Becky @ BKYStewart.com

  42. i like your blog!


  43. Great post. xox


  44. Thank you for the tips! I love your instagram :) Ive started using Iconosquare since reading this and its helped out loads!
    Amy x

  45. Loved this post - so many things for me to think about as I am now starting to use Instagram so much more.
    p.s your pictures are always so perfect! x


  46. thank you thank you THANK YOUU!!! definitely helpful for me as a beginner. I just couldn't figure out how people got their instagram accounts to be so light! <3 Lifesaver


  47. Love your posts! They are very informative and really helpful. Thanks for sharing! :)


  48. I love this post - really useful if you need a bit of motivation when it comes to keeping up your social media!! xx


  49. I love Instagram so much and true that images speaks louder than words! Nice post and thanks for the tips :)


  50. I prefer editing on my laptop! Do you know any computer program like vsco cam where I can edit my images with good quality ? I used Photoscape and I'm not liking it ...

    Kisses x

  51. thanks for the tips these are so helpful! My day job includes working on IG for brands and I have been looking for a new stat tool, def going to give Iconosquare a bash!x



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